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  1. This is a great point. If the organiser of the event isn't running a safe event, it's time to stop the show
  2. I don't think so, but I'll check with the other - thanks.
  3. My band are playing a festival in a couple of weeks. For the fist time ever, we've been asked to provide a certificate of our public liability insurance cover. I know next to nothing about insurance - but I assumed it would be the festival to provide all required insurance cover. Any one know anything about public liability? Thanks in adv.
  4. I did a few gigs with a cover band and the singer insisted on having her ipad as a saftey blanket. The problem for me wasn't the ipad itself, it was the dead time between songs as she fiddled with the damn thing or attempting to slow down or speed up the app during the song to match the bands speed. Having an ipad in stage is one thing, but the endless farting about with it was just ridiculous.
  5. We use Teamup as well. Everyone is responsible for updating with their unavailability. If the teamup calendar says no one is unavailable, I book the gig.
  6. I don't want to attempt samding it and respraying myself. If I can find someone to do it, who isn't too expensive, it's certainly a good option. Thanks.
  7. I'm tempted by the new Sire P5. Fretboard seems like a dream - but I really don't like the colour options on the body. Figured I could sort that by literally covering it in stickers. Wondering how to do this and avoid them peeling. Do po people put varnish over them or something? Cheers
  8. If you frequently change your setlist, put venue and date on them. We had a guitarist play from an old one and start with the wrong song... Mark leads and cables with coloured tape. End of the night, my torch is looking for leads with a red marking . I have a power lead and 2 speakon cables coming out my amp. These are cable tied together and marked. Haven't left any cables behind since doing this and I used to lose power cables regularly. To the point I bought a load in bulk....
  9. Any update from the OP? Any updates on what happened?
  10. I have the Fender Nate Mendel sig P bass and I absolutely love it. I also have a Fender MIM maple P bass which I use as a back up. I put SD quater pounds in the MIM to try and get as close the Mendel tone as possible. The MIM is quite a bit thinner in sound, especially when I roll the tone up. I'm wondering if changing the pots could help?
  11. Internal Radio by Ginger Wildheart?
  12. Second gig back on sat evening. Chaotic day with family in the lead up, so no suprise didn't have the most energy come stage time. Felt awful sunday morning. Took a test and..... I have the Covid. Assuming caught it (or passed it) at weds practise as drummer has tested positive also. Now in the garden cabin for the next ten days. Stay safe people!! And yes, I had been double jabbed.
  13. I've an Orange Terror and never had this problem (though I do play with a pick). I'd get the amp checked before you invest in a new amp. Unless you're looking for a sound different to what the Terror offers?
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