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  1. Yes, radiators will be installed.
  2. Looks like the wife and I are going to renovate the building in our garden into a proper office and music area. Double glazed windows, and a decent door - but I am still concerned about storing all my gear in the garden. Anyone here have a similar set up? Have they employed any other security measures? I have considered installing a cage to lock my gear in - but I've no idea where one actually buys a security cage!
  3. Wow, 1916 is one of my favourite albums. The title track is just amazing.
  4. Hi. Possibly stupid question here, so apologies in advance. The TC Electronics Corona Chorus pedal. I know Duff uses (or used?) One. Can't see a bass specific one. Is it the same pedal for guitarist and bassists? Thanks
  5. I always tried to learn exactly as the recording, but soon learned the drummer wasnt going to play the same. It annoyed me when certain drum fills weren't there or accurate bass fills no longer fit so just played what suited the new drum line
  6. Paul Gray from The Damned and Eddie and the Hot Rods. I love his bass lines and he so rarely gets a mention. Seems like a really nice chap too.
  7. Ali McMordie from Stiff Little Fingers. Original bass player who stayed untill they split. Came back when they reformed but left a few years later and was replaced by The Jams Bruce Foxton. Bruce stayed for about 15 years (I think) and when he left, Ali came back.
  8. I had to chase them down through Facebook, but my amp arrived today. A week since ordering, but an absolute bargain.
  9. I bought an Ashdown combo Fri night. Recieved a confirmation email and nothing. Sent an email yesterday morning which bounced back, phoned and was told they would call be back in 30 mins. That was 23 hours ago.... Anyone actually recieved their order or any further correspondence? Thanks in adv
  10. Unfortunately you can't by the neck directly from Fender.
  11. Sorry if this is wrong place to post Does anyone of any companies who make necks to the same spec as the Nate Mendel sig bass? It's the perfect middle ground btween a jazz and a standard P for me, and I want to put one on a home build. Thanks
  12. Hi Does anyone know where I might get a new neck with the exact profile/demensions of the Nate Mendel sig bass? Doesn't have to be Fender, could be another company making that profile. Thanks in adv. Dan
  13. Combed20

    What laptop?

    Apologies if this is a frequently asked question, but as the bsnd are unable to record, we want to try some home recording. Guitarist sends his idea to the drummer who adds via electric kit, he forwards on to me to add bass and then i forward to singer! Can anyone recommend a laptop (not Mac) and software?? Thanks in adv
  14. We use Teamup as well. I say we, but half the band don't bother and moan when I book a gig they are unavailable for. First world problems, huh.
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