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  1. So, just rescuing the thread - who has played MIJ and JMJ and can accurately compare the two?
  2. Sorr Sorry to hear that - I hope it's fixable. I have a Vista musicmaster for sale on eBay at the moment, a little more expensive, but original, and it's been nicely set up and the frets dressed. Sensible offers considered, I need to try and make my money back.....
  3. Now on eBay, offers accepted.......
  4. Gretsch totally trounces the jag, but make sure to avoid the single pickup Jet.
  5. Bit of a potted history of bands and projects and the recordings I have salvaged over the years
  6. https://youtu.be/rK-o-imFyVY A cover of the Arc Angels song - recorded in Cornwall UK, in a one day session April 2018. Archie Fugill - Guitar Bill Smith - Vocals Alan Williams - Drums Tim Chapple - Bass.
  7. Hi Stephen, can you tell me what gauge strings are on my Indian SWB1?
  8. Yeah - My thoughts too - I'd like a second Mustang to keep roundwounds on, but I'm unsure that the JMJ is a better option. It's undeniably pretty, but at a price. I'm thinking I'll wait until the second hand ones hit the market......
  9. Anyone here on Basschat tried both? - I'm down in Cornwall and a trip to a dealer is a bit of an expedition.
  10. Justin Meldal Johnsen signature model ( road worn/ made in Mexico).
  11. Thanks for the feedback - I really love my MIJ Mustang, its my main bass - I'm wondering if the JMJ will add anything to what the MIJ already does (apart from maybe looking prettier).
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