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  1. Pexels.com free videos, some good stuff there.
  2. Done remotely with the guitar recorded separately...bass parts done first which is nice
  3. Here's a remix with the drums up and a longer heavier end section...
  4. I had one of the first Highway One basses, back when they had a standard bridge, skinny neck, easy player, but a rather generic pbass sound. I almost ditched the Classic 50's because of the wide neck, I got it used just before lockdown..... since then I've found myself picking it up more and more - it has great character to the sound, and to my ears the wider maple neck adds to the tone. I still feel a little clumsy on it, but am now sticking with it. Here's a recording I did with it using a Zoom R8 recorder.... it has Roto flats on it now, which seem to suit the wider neck.
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