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  1. It's not pink, but I just picked this up used for £120 - if you know of a better jazz style bass for the money let me know.....
  2. The Jive bass by B.C. really is wonderful value for money.
  3. Tim Chapple

    Bass ID ?

    Drink on top of amp. Very smart.
  4. Still on eBay £550. That's a lot of American bass for the money! I'll stick with my Ferrites though......
  5. There was one on eBay recently.... might still be there.
  6. Yeah I could kick myself for selling this on... I felt at the time that I should have a Fender.... the Mex precision I ended up with sounded nowhere near as good.
  7. I just found a picture of my old Foundation, greatly missed
  8. Yes, my 80's Foundation was a better build - I loved the earlier bridges especially - it felt an altogether more solid bass. Sound wise I'd say there's not too much between them. Maybe the earlier bass had slightly more definition in the sound.
  9. Over the years I've owned fury, foundation, patriot and T40 models....I'd say the foundation is the best sounding bass of them all.
  10. I have an early 90's version at the moment, sounds like a jazz on steroids with the super ferrite pickups. This is currently my fifth Peavey and is my bass for gigs.
  11. So, just rescuing the thread - who has played MIJ and JMJ and can accurately compare the two?
  12. Sorr Sorry to hear that - I hope it's fixable. I have a Vista musicmaster for sale on eBay at the moment, a little more expensive, but original, and it's been nicely set up and the frets dressed. Sensible offers considered, I need to try and make my money back.....
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