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  1. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1486578025' post='3232988'] Hang on, I didn't think you could do remote changes via MIDI...! This could change things... [/quote] SA Soleman...already in my buying list
  2. Connect to computer...Download SA editor...check the presets...this is a good starting point. These beast possibilities are endless...very easy to get lost
  3. Add a beautifil RMI SONIC SPARKS...aand...buumpph !!
  4. funkydario


    FS/FT my LEHLE SD. Got a tube preamp and this little box can go. used as preamp or DI , dead quiet , your sound get brilliant more present.. Boost add bottom and the SD brings additional harmonic content. It's a beautiful and DEAD quiet DI , sound guy will smile hearing what comes out. PRICE IS TO YOUR DOOR [attachment=237016:20170130_194319.jpg] [attachment=237017:20170130_194329.jpg]
  5. Sorry..didn't see the modified post.😂😂
  6. second in a row....beautiful pedal..easy transaction Thanx Trill
  7. I've decided to keep this...but one of my old basses ( one that I regret to have sold )..just surfaced on the net. I've recorded some audio , this beast sounds really great. I will post pictures later today. Shipping to your door included.
  8. Hi It's a short that was shortened ? Pictures ? Shipping To France ? Thanx
  9. The way I like the most...easy and smooth !! Thanx Rory !!
  10. funkydario


    Hi everybody Selling the following RMI SONIC SPARKS - As NEW condition [s]130£ [/s] now 110£ Shipped [attachment=235922:T-16.jpg] [attachment=237402:20161210_193702.jpg]
  11. Obviously no interest....so I'll keep it
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