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  1. I'm huge fan of Maruszczyk basses. Over the years I owned few Jakes, but this is my first plunge into Elwood (Absolution). This bass is a beast (from the East), the range of tones is amazing and it plays like butter.
  2. basski


    Assume it comes with the case ?
  3. Nice! Got one exactly the same. Priced too low.
  4. basski


    Omg! did you leave the case overnight around Brixton somewhere ?
  5. [quote name='PawelG' timestamp='1504968585' post='3368623'] How do you know it plays great if it's never been played? ;-) Looks good, good luck with the sale! [/quote] Maybe it plays by itself ? GLWTS
  6. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1500632819' post='3339221'] Could this be the fact it's end-of-line and has probably been gathering dust and/or moisture in a warehouse? I expect a few people are bored by now of me banging on about how much I love my Diamond P/J (aka a Model T) but I've found the same thing - it's an exceptionally well-made instrument and a joy to play (though the wide, flat neck was quite a contrast to my other basses). I got mine back in 2012 and I've had no problems with the electronics. I've not tried any Shukers or Marusczyzks to make a similar to comparison to basski's above, but when I was shopping around I thought it held its own really well against the US Fenders I tried, and definitely felt a cut above the Mexican ones. That's GORGEOUS. How well-balanced are the two pickups? (I've only got a single J in the bridge position on mine!) [/quote] This was purchased by the chap I bought it from yesterday and it was one of the end-of-line clearance one from Andertons. It wasn't played much (in fact it was immaculate, still had plastic film over the pickguard). The balance is great. The positioning of the P pickups is same as for Fenders and the bridge humbucker adds a nice trebly punch to the mix. The bass is passive but the pickups are very responsive and loud. Did not yet find one thing I didn't like about it. Oh Yea, the colour ... I never fancied the basses of this colour finish, probably because it looked quite dull on the pics... however I can't stop looking at it now. With some sunlight the colour looks gorgeous, also thanks to the glittery finish.
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