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  1. Do it! I love my pf20 and that's plenty loud with 2 cabs. Would've gone for the 50 but already got the pf500.
  2. Misowaki

    Aretha Franklin wasn't the queen of soul.

    Given that it was a record label, I'd be willing to put money on saying it was/still is a record label.
  3. Misowaki

    Aretha Franklin wasn't the queen of soul.

    But Motown's a record label that put out loads of some, if not most of the most widely recognised Soul music regardless of whichever exceedingly specific boxes people like to use... You know what, to paraphrase you, horses for courses. I'm gonna leave it there.
  4. Misowaki

    Aretha Franklin wasn't the queen of soul.

    Uhh... Just... wait, it's gonna take me a long time to get my head around this one...
  5. Misowaki

    Aretha Franklin wasn't the queen of soul.

    I feel like I'm poking the bear here but what then do you make of James Brown as the 'Godfather of Soul'? He was known more for his funk years than his crooning early days but still gets the title. For me, it's always been Otis. Otis, via Michael Jackson, got me into music in general. Natural progressions and that led me to where I am now but seems a bit like taking a dump on a recently deceased indisputable legend for the sake of opinion. It's a meaningless title really, a sales pitch, but she is quite easily one of the most influential artists of all time and if musical monarchy is decided by the people, she's easily the queen. Never mind that she was making music a decade before Anita (not to discredit here, I consciously know but one of her songs). Almost akin to calling Charles Bradley or Sharon Jones the king/queen of soul when they passed. Charles Bradley is the only artist that I've literally cried (emooooooo) every time I've seen him, live or on video ffs. That makes him the king of my soul but what does that mean to anyone else? About as much as the rest of this rambling message, probably.
  6. Just want to say, Paul is a great teacher. He taught me at ACM many moons ago and I've returned for private lessons to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I point vaguely in the direction of what I want to improve, he has it all laid out on a plate waiting for me. I digress with something vaguely related, he ties it all back up. Couldn't recommend him enough.
  7. My 20 through the pf210he and a pf115lf sounds mammoth in my bedroom... reckon it would more than hold its own in a rehearsal at least so don't see why the 50 wouldn't work for smaller gigs with no pa support.
  8. Should anyone want to comission or build their own...
  9. They say 7-10 days normally but previously they've come within the week.
  10. Stoked for you, man. Glad they came through and you got it sorted. Swan were really decent too, I did them a sketch with all the dimensions and they've now got them on the site to order. Nice enough to give me a discount for the sketch too! Link here for anyone interested. https://www.swanflight.com/ampeg-pf-20t-head-flightcase.html
  11. As far as I'm aware, no official case exists. I guess they assume yo'll be buying the PF115HE? Found a pic that doesn't have the central strut the 210HE has so that probably answers my earlier question. Castle cases do what I assume you mean by a box case https://www.castlecases.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=183_26_76&product_id=1901 Cage is pretty sturdy on the head and I imagine case manufacturers would have some decent hard foam shaped around the protruding bits to keep it snug (any Swan cases I've had have done a pretty decent job of that kind of thing). Swan have asked for the exact dimensions because of its weird shape so it seems they're taking that into account.
  12. Just an FYI for anyone considering the PF 20/50T: if you have a fliptop cab (specifically the 210HE at least), the head won't fit inside the cab so you'l need a case for it (got a quote from Swan for about £106). I don't know if they changed this with the newer cabs? Would've thought that given it's modelled on the B15 they would have made it so the tube head can fit inside the cab 🤷‍♂️ Maybe it's different with the 115? Also, annoyingly, the PF20T won't sit atop the 210HE because of the handle... so it's either flip the lid and put PF20 on PF500 or just use the 115. Or actually... if you have a detachable lid case, flip that and put head on top of that. That should work, I hope.