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  1. Thanks Nik, was lovely meeting you! Maybe next time under better/more normal circumstances 😁
  2. I've owned two of these bad boys, lovely basses and a decent price too!
  3. Zender is still pretty active AFAIK. He's definitely got a bunch of stuff listed on his website that I wasn't aware of http://www.zendermusic.com/
  4. Interested in trades for a rosewood board Fender neck (P or Jazz) with block inlays or sunburst P bass body. Or a Source Audio C4. Maybe something else I haven't thought of. Try me!
  5. I'd also messaged him a while back and I got responses initially but then went dark. Hope he's okay...
  6. Some answers to questions I've had that might be of interest: String spacing is 18mm, Gotoh 404SJ-5 bridge, steel saddles. No case, collection or meet up preferred. Could even deliver if close enough and paid up front. If not possible, I'm happy to remove the neck and package for shipping (sorted by buyer).
  7. FWIW, if wrapping you want to leave about a half cm or less from the bearing edge to allow the head to sit. Use some contact adhesive and a couple of clamps and you're good to go. If you want a cheaper option, that fake sticky back veneer type stuff you can buy on a roll at Wilkos would also work.
  8. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders - £80 ONO inc. postage Still attached to the Squier pots if you want them *sold* Bridge pup, Fender Standard - £35 £30 £25 inc. postage AFAIK is the same pup in both USA and MIM Standard. A quick search tells me it was used in the Road Worn, Classic 60's and earlier Hwy 1 series. Bobbin says 048613.
  9. I thought there would be more love for this guy. Any offers?
  10. I'm not opposed to shipping it but I'd leave that to you to arrange. I'm happy to remove the neck, pack it securely and give the relevant details to make it easier.
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