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  1. Misowaki

    Yamaha BB1025x - Black, Good Condition £500 ovno

    Man, I have the 425X and am amazed how nice it is for what it cost, can only imagine how this one compares. Another bump for this winner.
  2. can supply with one of these guys if needed No I can't anymore, went with my fretless.
  3. Ah, the PF20T, subject of the initial skirmish.
  4. So after having not used it in months and only a handful of times previously (about 5 or 6!) I turned it on the last week to find a thin, brittle sound. Tried re-biasing as explained in the manual, nothing. It's still under warranty but Polar are just saying 'send it back' without confirming whether the tubes are covered under warranty. Anyone had a similar experience and resolution? I don't want to send it back and end up footing a bill that could be avoided by just taking it for a service.
  5. Hey man, is this still available? I have a potential part-ex Fender and I'm only in Walton...
  6. Misowaki

    Epiphone Rivoli - Natural - PRICE DROP

    I see, would've thought OP would've edited then but if that's the case, alas!
  7. Misowaki

    Epiphone Rivoli - Natural - PRICE DROP

    Hey man, is this still kicking about and would you now potentially consider any trades if so...? (I did see 'no trades' but thought worth asking as it was listed in August. I know that's kinda annoying but, don't ask and all that =D )
  8. Not getting enough use so time to move on. After something a little different or a part-ex on a Japanese Fender P/J. Trades/part-ex that will be of particular interest: A high end Yamaha BB. I love my 425X so am very interested in a Japanese made one. A Barefaced cab (large one like a Super/Big type) A decent high powered head, particularly interested in Aguilar/Fender/Ampeg. Gibson Ripper or decent copy (like the Ibanez beauties) On that note... most old Ibanez lawsuit type copies A decent semi hollow that doesn't feel like a toy; Epiphone Rivoli or Jack Casady type, Gibson Midtown etc. (no pencil necks plzzzz) A 'lesser' P or P/J (Japanese Fenders are especially welcome round these parts!) Anything decent that doesn't look like a medieval weapon/clipart shapes. The pictures don't really show but it's a light lacquer and you can see the grain through it. Any knocks or dings aren't easily noticeable but all pictured. Can add a Hipshot drop tuner for a bit extra if wanted. Active bass with the passive switch, I took out the battery to make it a kill switch. I made a shim for it to lower the action, if you don't like it it's easily removed. Noiseless J pup does a good job. In general, it can't be faulted for sound or playability or quality. I'm mainly playing P bass with flats these days and this one will get the occasional outing on a pop session but otherwise it's sat largely unused. Trades will have to be meet up/collection. Postage can be arranged by buyer. Can source a case at cost or something can be arranged if need be. Any questions or offers, give us a shout. I may not always see messages on here so give me a call or text if you prefer on 0779 091 8561 Cheers, Andrew
  9. Ahh maaaaaan, selling mine was a huge regret. Wish I had the cash =( Good luck!
  10. Misowaki


    You know how it is. GAS got the better of me and I decided 'I must have a fretless', played it for a month and had a blast then let it languish in the corner whilst I played basses that actually suit the work. Just after what I paid for it but it needs going so reasonable offers considered. Sounds really nice actually, quite impressed by the Hohner pups. Strung with flats, of course. Previous owner had it set up for left handed so I put a new nut on there. Also came with some witch hat knobs instead of the regular knurled metal guys you see it wearing today. Can supply either. Hole in the lower horn where they'd put the strap pin. Some light lines have been scratched (delicately) more or less where they should be. Plays well, sounds good, quality usable fretless for the money says I. Just not getting played and I'm still broke off the back of Christmas =D Just realised the last photo sucks, can send clearer ones if need be 😃 Based in Walton On Thames, just past Kingston (SW London/Surrey). Trials welcome. Not after any trades on this, I'm afraid. Cheers
  11. That's literally the only reason I need it gone, so I can buy something that isn't an absolute bastarding beach to carry up a stair case! Otherwise, yeah, it would stay put.
  12. Need to downsize quickly so will consider trades for a 1x12 combo or part ex on a Fender cab. Could probably do with a service as it's been a while but works as it should. Dated as February 1995, great condition for a 23 year old amp. Louder than hell and quite the beast. Low/high output modes which I believe takes it from 25w to 100w or thereabouts so you can play it at home or use it for recording with no worries. But it still is loud. Sounds as you'd expect it, lush cleans, beautiful reverb. Channel 1 is the 'vintage' gain and channel 2 the more modern gain (ie. LOUD). You're welcome to come try it out, based in Walton-on-Thames just past Kingston (Surrey/SW London). I can deliver within half hour or so for £30. Comes with foot switch and dust cover (although I forgot to take a pic with it). Manual and schematics for more details can be found by googling 'ampwares evil twin'.
  13. Me too! =D Fingers crossed will be here this week.