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  1. Thing is I've got a 210he and 115lf that I use together when needed and they're rated to match the head. Barefaced say that a One 10 is "Safe with up to 500W if you're running fairly clean sounds" which I wont always be so wouldn't want to risk that. The plan is One 10 with the PF20T or a tiny head I can chuck in a bag for small gigs/as a stage monitor and eventually get a Super Compact or something a little larger (matched for power, of course, dunno if the Compact is as of writing) for when needed but I have the Ampeg cabs for now. Might chuck the PF500 and 210HE combo up for sale here. Much as I love it, I also love the idea of rolling up to a gig with a cab in hand and everything else on my back instead of cars and multiple trips. Also means I get to actually have a drink post gig! 👌👑🍻
  2. Sweet, nice one, I'll look into that! Cheers
  3. That does look ideal but yeah for that money, may as well buy a small head 😃
  4. Yeah I did think that straight after posting actually but I still like the idea of a small amp that will fit in the gig bag for when I'm feeling lazy 😃 The Trace Elf looks pretty sweet too size wise.
  5. So I've just ordered myself a Barefaced One 10 and am thinking of either downgrading my PF500 to get something like a TC BH250 or Markbass Nano Mark or something but then thought... would a little power amp work from my SCR-DI? Anyone know if this is possible/a practical way of getting a little amp head in a bag without spending another £200-300? I normally take a Spectracomp, Polytune and the SCR-DI to a gig so a little power amp would do the trick if it's doable but then so would a BH250 with toneprint and tuner built in and leave the other bits at home... I know I could just chuck the PF500 in a bag/double bass case and be done but I like the idea of something smaller. I have a PF20T too which I'm sure will sound phenomenal through the One 10 but in case I don't fancy driving to a gig, wanna be able to basically have everything in one bag and the cab in my hand. Anyone got anything to say about either head or the power amp thing? Either of them any good? Cheers
  6. I thought that at first but when I took it to rehearsal after about 20 minutes of play, it really started to growl. Maybe it just needs a little more time to warm up?
  7. Misowaki

    *SOLD* Ashdown LB-30 Drophead 15H

    Haha, how did we not figure this out sooner?! =D Glad it's gone to a good home, hope you didn't get in trouble with the wife!
  8. I tried my PF20T at rehearsal the other night. Used the cab from the rehearsal room (some Hartke 15" I believe). Was almost maxed out, Gain at about 1 or 2 o'clock, bass at about 4 and volume around 3 to be heard against kit, keys, 2 guitars, trombone, trumpet and vocals. With the gain there, had to play gingerly to stop it going from a purr to a growl but it held its own against all that. I'd have no qualms gigging it with PA support at a larger gig or by itself with a smaller band. The difference with a second cab when playing at home is pretty huge too so if I could be bothered to take 2 cabs, would be fine for most regular gigs.
  9. Misowaki

    *SOLD* Ashdown LB-30 Drophead 15H

    £750 anyone? I'm actually quite surprised this isn't getting snapped up...
  10. Misowaki

    *SOLD* Ashdown LB-30 Drophead 15H

    Price drop to £800 ono
  11. Misowaki


    Yeah man, thing's complete, never actually put it on the bass I got it for, which I no longer have.
  12. Offers considered as it has to go asap but no trades, thanks. I'm already losing money here so someone please buy it soon so I can pay my road tax and car insurance =S You probably know how rare these are. Head is handmade in Essex. 30 watts, all tube. I bought this on a whim after finally entering the world of tube amps. A very expensive whim. It has to be said, this is the only Ashdown amp that's ever sounded good to my ears. But not just good good; the kind of good that has you cackling gleefully after playing for about 5 seconds. Maybe it's just battered old rehearsal room gear that hadn't sold me on them but this is a beast. Was hoping to keep it but as life has a habit of kicking you in the penis when you're smiling, I've got to let it go. Only had it a few months, left the house once. It's basically brand new. You are of course welcome to come try it as it won't be posted unless you want to arrange all that and take the risk. That said, I'm willing to deliver within a reasonable distance. If it's more than a 20 minute drive, we can discuss. I'm in Walton -on-Thames. The spec as told by Ashdown: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/lb-30-drophead-15h Power Output 30 Watt Speaker Outputs Jack Socket Frequency Response 30Hz to 16kHz High Instrument Input 450mV Low Instrument Input 150mV DI Output Line Level - 1k Impedance Minimum Load 4 Ohms EQ Simple passive Bass, Middle, treble and EQ rotary controls Effects send Valve driven Instrument level Effects return Valve recovered Pre-amp Tubes 1 x ECC83 1 x ECC82 Output tubes 4 x EL84
  13. Misowaki


    Yep, still kicking about
  14. Do it! I love my pf20 and that's plenty loud with 2 cabs. Would've gone for the 50 but already got the pf500.