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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Just noticed the knobs too, got a couple of them kicking around already. It's a sign!
  3. I've started sanding down my 425X with a view to staining it and hopefully end up with this colour...
  4. I should mention, these are used...
  5. Well, I got my SVT 7 yesterday... Killer. It's the sound I've always wanted. Love that I can turn the horn off and have that warm, punchy sound I've always wanted but never quite had. I mean, I always dug the sound the Portaflex rig put out but it was never like this. Can't imagine needing a 2nd any time soon. I practically have to bolt everything down in my music room if I have it above 10 o'clock. Also handles sub octaves on the E (with my Octabvre!) like nothing I've ever played through. I imagine I'd poo myself with anything more.
  6. Here's hoping that's not the case with the SVT 7 😬
  7. Yup, and that they have. Picking up my SVT 7 on Sunday, hoping its 600w is going to make it purr like it should instead of clipping like it does. The PF500 and 115LF together are great, a lovely little combo. Was not expecting things to turn out this way. Was driving me mad at first, thought 'surely it's not the head...'. I guess it's testament to the clarity and no nonsense handling of the Barefaced cabs, really.
  8. Also: just plugged in my BH250 to see how it plays... wow! With the PF500, I was getting loads of hiss when using the horn, now it's silent and booming! Not tried with the pedals yet but it's the head, just as Alex suggested.
  9. Right, thanks for confirming, that's what I was getting at, just less eloquently =D I'm going for an SVT 7 Pro I just scored for £350 with a flight case. Twice the wattage of what I've got right now, let's see how we go!
  10. Okay, you're right. One10 with a BH250, used for mostly clean playing with flats. Alt. Pop soul kinda stuff, whatever that means. Easily handles what I use it for. Would even use at a gig through PA as it's a decent monitor. BB2 is for bigger gigs with effects. Same band with one subby synth moment. Another band that's more ambient electronic r&b kinda thing. 5 string plays well with BB2 and PF500, does the job but it doesnt like the Octabvre or my Manta Filter. I now believe it's the amp that is clipping over the cab. Hence, I need a bigger head 😃
  11. I appreciate what you're saying, thing is I'm more talking about the power it needs to handle sub octaves. After looking into all this, it appears to me that in order for the driver to work efficiently with the added low end, the amp needs to have an appropriate amount of juice to keep it going. For regular playing, yes, the amp is fine. To properly handle the extra lows I'm feeding it, I need more power.
  12. But I didn't say it was louder, I said it was a monster...
  13. Ah, time... a concept my mind is familiar with but my impulsiveness is not. If the smaller rig sells before the head is replaced then I'll have to grab whatever I can afford! Plus from the looks of things, the Fusion is the one for me.
  14. My first real rig was a 2nd hand GK 400RB with matching 4x10 and I did love it but I somehow managed to kill it. It was pretty knackered when I bought the whole thing tbf, only cost me £300 all in. I would be up for trying GK again actually. Thing is I don't see many of them around ridiculously cheap =D
  15. I mainly play with flats, I like it full and thumpy with a bit of a punch. Don't play much in the way of slap or scooped sounds. I do like pedals though so needs to be something that can give me plenty of thump but also handle things like filters, chorus and sub octaves. Think somewhere along the lines of Pino/Tim Lefebvre/Juan Alderete I guess. But probably 75% Pino/Jamerson kinda tones.
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