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  1. Hello! Looking for some hype or not Today I will have an opportunity to look touch smell and finally play F-Bass VF5. Second owner made in 2008 year. Not so mint after few gigs signs scratches at the back. I think price is good? 1880 gbp or 2100€. Recently bought Sadowsky RV5 I’m curious if its different beast. I also own 5str Fodera Monarch and Sputnik which I’m trying to sell .... Any owners or fans? Is it a good price .. and great instrument? Any advices? Thank You..:)
  2. Trades are welcome..Sadowsky 5str please..:)
  3. metallum

    Meris HEDRA

    have one but...hard love hate relationship..:\
  4. For sale dual band comp from Lehle highly reccomend it
  5. For sale mint Lehle Basswitch Sonic Spark
  6. For sale great comp Darkglass Symmetry not longer produced due to lack of high end components.
  7. Mint condition...Pigtronix Mothership 2..
  8. For sale mint condition...check this out ..:)
  9. Nice bass..:) but not looking for this type..Thank You
  10. I have too many guitars GAS syndrom:) but 4str Sadowsky.. only this trade option
  11. Will give later today.. logistic problem..:)
  12. For sale rare beauty.. Luthman Jazzette. It's in mint condition 34'' scale active/passive Glockenkland 2 band. Bolt on ,body alder, maple neck, eye poplar top ,chambered light weight. Collectible item.:)
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