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  1. Hello! I'm reducing my collection. For sale georgeous bass in mint condition.. Custom ordered Luthman. Made of an old walnut, mahogany, wenge ,palisander and ash. ABM hardware, custom Haussel pickups closed in two parts of wood Mahogany and wedge, Delano preamp, woody knobs, satin finish, 34'' scale Very comfortable and versatile instrument.. Highly recommend It !!!
  2. For sale rare Steinberger Spirit active with Aquilar preamp. Its totally collectible item, great sounding..perfect shape.One of best fitted headless basses very comfortable. Highly recommend it.
  3. Reduction of collection. The Status Energy5, 5 string active bass guitar with a bolt on neck featuring 3 graphite rods inserted for rigidity and strength. The guitar has status' own hyperactive soapbar pick ups (x2) which are good and powerful and full of tone, in my opinion warmer and fuller than the all graphite neck versions. It has a rosewood finger board with nickel frets with fret markers on the top.Highly recommend it..
  4. Yes...it does..:/ But I can choose Aquilar G4 or Bartolini same size pickups. When drilled it covers all the holes after recent pups.. So for 5 string Spirits its the best option.. Thank You for help..:) My oldschool spirit is really well made. So I can invest a little..:) It's the most comfortably exercise bass I had..:) while watching TV..:)
  5. Hello! I think its the best place to ask about Status Graphite Energy. I have an opportunity to buy one only few clicks away from my place. Any feedback please...make some hype or not..:) Price 500 GBP Thank You!
  6. Not a problem..Aguilar DCB G3 but it needs drilling?
  7. Hah! Yes..massive attack calling for help/advice..;)
  8. Yep!..It's totally not standard size..:( Just finished restoration work..Love this bass..VERY comfy playing..It has Aquilar preamp.. Bougt it as a travel buddy..:) It was in terrible shape
  9. Just bought Spirit 5 string XZ25.. Any ideas of pickups replacing..It's a little bit mess with 5 string. EMG HB? Aguilar DCB G3? Can't find exact answer. Don't want to make drilling work .. just replace Thank's
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