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  1. Hello! No trades...to much basses..:) Location Poland.
  2. Hello! For sale next bass from my collection Maruszczyk Sputnik 5a. Totally mint condition. Made from bubbinga top , corrugated adler body, rosewood fingerboard, ash/wenge neck, all wood totally premium. Hardware ABM, Wilkinson, delano pickups and electronics, nut 45mm. Great sounding highly recommend it!
  3. Hello! For sale next from my collection Maruszczyk Sputnik totally mint condition.It was made with premium walnut top at the front and the back, rosewood fingerboard, corrugated alder body, wenge/ash neck. Haussel custom jazz buckers casted in rosewood , Delano electronic,ABM and Wilkinson hardware, nut 40mm. Totally collection item highly recommend it.:)
  4. Hello! For sale next bass from my collection..Vigier Excess II. Its totally mint condition ,beautifull finish, great playability... collection item. Comes with original case. More info: http://www.vigierguitars.com/basses-57-0.php?cat=3&souscat=15&type=tous
  5. Have to sell it quick..so... Price Drop New Price 890 gpb!!!
  6. Beautiful Leather Gigbag included..:)
  7. Mike wrote in one topic „S-s headless basses are obviously like buses - you wait for ages ...” this time he didn’t missed his ...:) Great communication throughout, prompt payment in advance and a good home for „Cazzie”. Couldn't ask for more. It was a pleasure.. Thank You
  8. Hello! For sale next bass from my collection...I present You... absolutely gorgeous Luthman Wave 4str. As always from my collection in mint condition.Very light, comfortably and great sounding bass..:) 5 piece ebony/ash neck 34'' ebony fingerboard , Premium Claro walnut top, and ash body. Delano passive, ABM,and Hipshot gold tuners. Highly recommend this guitar..:)
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