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  1. Hi, folks Up for grabs goes a nice used Mayones BE4 Custom 4 string bass in very good condition. It's the recent BE4 model that features bolt-on (5 bolts) construction, 5 pieces mahogany-maple comfortable neck on amazakoe (aka ovangkol) body in natural wood oil finish. Custom order was for the fretboard - here it's ebony with wooden (rosewood imo) dot inlays. It was made in 2007 and has the profiled/curved body profile much like in Spector or Warwick basses. Electronics is a factory-installed Bartolini JJ pups and 3 band Bartolini EQ (NTMB 918F). Original Mayones-branded gig bag goes along. Outstanding build quality, great ergonomics and very little signs of use. Shipping within EU+ possible, ask me for cost estimate. Note that due to some complications in my private life I will be able to ship it only after 14th December.
  2. @danbowskill yes, it's a proper jazz bass neck with modern-c profile.
  3. @[email protected]: thank you for your kind words. Indeed, it's a great sounding, versatile and lightweight bass in immaculate condition.
  4. Up for grabs goes a very nice Ibanez SR 1200 VNF Premium. It's in mint condition, I couldn't find a single scratch or mark on it. Neck is super-slim and fast, frets have rounded edges for additional comfort. Nordstrand Big Singles pups and Ibanez 3-band preamp with active/passive and mid-boost switches. With these you can get wide array of sounds, from modern slap bells to classic warm and punchy tones. Along comes it's original hsc with case candy and Ibanez guitar multi-tool. Have been strung recently with Elixir nano-coat set. Sending within Europe possible, ask me for cost estimate.
  5. @SzunaP: true, it's 4,7 kg @Deepbass: maple body gives brighter highs and stronger upper midrange than ash. Lows are slightly warmer on ash. I've also noticed stronger resonance with maple-maple combination.
  6. Up for sale goes my another made in Japan Levinson Blade, this time a B3. The differences between this and B4 are body wood (maple on B3 vs ash on B4) and finish (solid color on B3 vs transparent on B4). Used but still in a great shape, straight neck, low action, responsive truss rod. It sports maple body in a beautifully aged white finish, one-piece maple neck with ebony fretboard and unique active circuitry with additional hum-cancelling coil. It carries some small dings and scratches from normal use. Gary Levinson's Blade basses were one of the 90's super-jazz designs and IMHO one of the most successful. Sending to Europe possible, ask me for cost estimate.
  7. Another quick and seamless deal with Justin. Great communication throughout, prompt payment and friendly atmosphere. Deal with confidence!
  8. Hi, it's not. I've left it abroad when I was returning from my Summer leave hoping to bring it back some time in October. Unfortunately COVID stroke back and I cannot rejoin with it, hopefully will get it back in December.
  9. koval123

    Adee's feedback

    I've just bought a lovely Washburn B80 from Ade and it was a quick and seamless deal. Great communication throughout, item as described and packed to survive a hurricane Deal with confidence!
  10. @tomthebass 4,8 kg on my traveler's scales.
  11. @funkyfingers thank you very much. I'm just trying to be nice 😄 BTW another price drop 'cause it has to make room for another purchase...
  12. I've just sold my Ibanez PL5050 to Adam and it was a quick and seamless deal. Great communication, prompt payment, pleasure to deal with. Thank you Adam!
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