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  1. I had two of these and they both had holes in this spot. IMHO it's a result of manufacturing process, e.g. hanger holes for paint shop purposes.
  2. I've just completed a seamless transaction with Justin. He's a top chap to deal with, maintains superb contact and great support. Highly recommended!
  3. I've just completed a very successful transaction with Alan. He's a top chap to deal with, maintains superb contact and great support. Highly recommended!
  4. Yes, it's still very much for sale...
  5. Probably due to geographical location limitation of the sale 😑
  6. Now available for only GBP 550 = EUR 620 Due to unexpected need for funds I'm selling a nice 4 string Warwick Corvette Proline. It's a 1995 model with a perfect neck profile, brass saddle, removable truss rod, Ash body, all-Wenge neck, traditional Warwick craftmanship. It was passive (MEC Dynamic Correction pups) but I have upgraded it with Bartolini pups and NTBT-918 preamp. Now it's a killing machine. It has factory-fitted flush-in Dunlop straplock ferrules installed, corresponding straplocks will be included. It also comes with a thick padded Rockbass by Warwick gigbag and wide leather strap. Shipping cost within EU would be around GBP 25. It will be well boxed and insured for shipping.
  7. Hi Rolf, down-tuning affects only the E-string, for the rest there are only fine-tuning screws. The switch is a mid-frequency shift (mids boost/cut offset). This particular wiring version doesn't have active/passive switch, there is possibility of installing it. All other questions answered via PM. Cheers!
  8. It comes with a sturdy reinforced gigbag but for shipping I can get some old-but-still-working hardshell case.
  9. Up for grabs goes another custom made GMR Bassforce 4 string bass in very good condition. It features Walnut body topped with Zebrawood, all in high gloss finish. The neck is 5 piece Maple-Wenge (veneers) with Rosewood fretboard, it is fast and very comfortable to play (satin finish, neck profile closer to J-bass). Hardware-wise it sports Bartolini J-type dual-coils pups and Aquillar 3-band preamp, Steinberger drop-D bridge and Shaller tuners. Ebony nut is 40 mm wide. Minor signs of use, great sound and playability. It comes with a used sturdy reinforced gigbag. PayPal payment possible (buyer covers the fee), shipping cost within EU would be GBP 30. It will be well boxed and insured for shipping.
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