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  1. Up for sale goes a rare bird: electric - acoustic Kramer KFB-2. It's been most likely made in 1987 and represents the Ferrington line of guitars and basses designed by the Nashville-based luthier Danny Ferrington. The idea was to create an acoustic guitarwith the feel of an electric. It is deep sounding with a very sensitive preamp. Neck is straight with low action, no fretwear, one tuning machine not original. The spruce top has slightly bent over years but it's pure cosmetic and doesn't affect playability. I will ship it within Europe, ask me for cost estimate.
  2. Thanks Joe, it is indeed nice in many aspects. Forgot to mention in the listing that it's been made in 2002 and recently got set-up, cleaned and waxed.
  3. Up for sale goes a lovely and well-known 4-string Warwick F.N.A. bass. Ash body with a beautiful flamed maple top, ovangkol neck with wenge fretboard, active electronics. Very good condition, some minor scratches are present but nothing beyond normal use. It comes with Rockbag heavy-padded bag convertible to gig-bag backpack. I will ship it within Europe, ask me for cost estimate.
  4. If only it was... 6-, 5- or 3-stringer (yes, they do exist), 32" or 35" scale, black or gold-plated hardware, a lot lighter or a bit heavier than 4.07kg, maple fretboard, fretless perhaps, .... ... it would be mine already! Seriously, I'd love to take it and have funds available but also promised my better half to reduce and not to increase the number of bass guitars I possess... And she remembers my promise Have a bump!
  5. Since it's more like a project bass my expectations goes down along with the asking price
  6. Sooo nice... Is it truss-rod-less version?
  7. Price drop to £370 Up for sale goes a lovely vintage Ibanez Musician MC 940 factory fretless 4-stringer. It's in a very good condition for its age, missing only original preamp (I got it like this). Currently wired passive V-V-T and it sound HUGE. However, it will accommodate any 5 pots pre-amp (remaining holes are neatly covered). Pickups are very sensitive and sustain is long due to NTB construction. I've tried to document all the cosmetic flaws on the pictures. The weight is about 10 lb / 4,5 kg. I will gladly ship it (limited to Europe), ask me for cost estimate.
  8. Hello, is the quad Barts set a proper longer/bridge + shorter/neck? Thanks!
  9. True, nowadays it's a broken truss rod or twisted neck... 😐
  10. Yeah, I love the "Sabotage" bass line 😎
  11. Hi, nice bass indeed. Does the "SECOND" stamp on the headstock mean factory second or B-stock? I used to play the first version and it truely rips...
  12. Just bought a nice shiny bridge from Lawrie. Everything went smooth and fast, deal with confidence!
  13. I'm thinking of changing the hardware to black one - it would look more sexy... 😁
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