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  1. Yeah, I love the "Sabotage" bass line 😎
  2. Hi, nice bass indeed. Does the "SECOND" stamp on the headstock mean factory second or B-stock? I used to play the first version and it truely rips...
  3. Just bought a nice shiny bridge from Lawrie. Everything went smooth and fast, deal with confidence!
  4. I'm thinking of changing the hardware to black one - it would look more sexy... 😁
  5. Price reduced to £520 Due to sudden and violent GAS attack I need to apply the 2-in-1-out protocol which I hate. The one that leaves the herd this time is a lovely relic-condition Warwick Fortress One. Made in 1994 it sports all-wenge neck on maple body, passive P+J pups wired to 2-band preamp with push-pull passive switch, gold hardware, brass nut with individual string height adjustment, Dunlop flush-in strap locks. Original white finish has aged beautifully to ivory, giving the so nice vintage look. There is one spot on the back side that was hidden under retailer sticker and is now showing original colour. Truss rod is a dual-action removable one, AFAIK Warwick still supports this feature. I can ship it within EU, cost depends on destination.
  6. Price drop to £420 Up for sale a lovely Mexican Fender Classic Series 70's Jazz Bass. Great sounding with pickups upgraded to Duncan Designed ones. Very good condition, some pick swirl on the pickguard, couple of dings on the bottom edge with one paint chip shown on the picture. I will ship it within EU, ask me for cost estimate.
  7. I've just bought a Fender Power Jazz Bass Special from Andy. Great communication and coordination, he has really mastered the art of packing. Highly recommended!
  8. I have just completed a seamless transaction with Pete and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Good attitude, great communications, swift payment. Highly recommended BC'er!
  9. Price drop to 400 quid. Up for grabs goes a nice Yamaha TRB II bass guitar made in Japan. It's the 35" scale version which gives deeper and clearer sound IMHO. Recently it had a Hipshot D-tuner installed, original Yamaha-branded Gototh tuner will also be included in the sale. Shipping within EU possible, cost depending on destination.
  10. Price reduced to £650. Up for grabs goes a nice 5-stringer GMR Tribal with stunning looks and great playability. It sports flamed maple neck with ebony fretboard, walnut (probably) center block with zebrano wings topped with quilted maple. Bartolini pickups and preamp with active-passive (true) switch and mid freq. switch. Adjustable strings spacing, currently set at 19mm. Very good condition, there are some marks from the stand on the bottom edge of the body. Shipping cost TBD on request.
  11. koval123

    Feedback for Aero71

    I have made a partial trade with Marinus and despite initial problems we managed to resolve and complete it.
  12. I had two of these and they both had holes in this spot. IMHO it's a result of manufacturing process, e.g. hanger holes for paint shop purposes.
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