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  1. Sorry mate, just seen the photo above. Removed the head but the strips stayed on the cab.
  2. I’ll be completely honest, I can’t remember pal.
  3. Evening all, Once again I really fancy a fretless Jazz. In the past I’ve only tried the Squier VM fretless Jazzes, however, I’ve seen a Harley Benton deluxe one on here and always fancied the Vintage ICON ones. Having only personally tried tried one out of the three, can anyone shed a little light on the others? Cheers, James
  4. Currently using Rotosound Nexus 40-100. Would love to try a set of the NYXL strings. Currently using D’addario strings on my upright and love them. Haven’t tried them on my electric bass yet but would love to see how they sound when paired with my carbon necked precision.
  5. I use mine for upright, but not as a combo. I took the head out so I could have it as just a cab. Works and sounds great to me.
  6. It was these ones buddy... https://m.thomann.de/gb/pyramid_bass_ukulele_strings.htm
  7. Morning all, Quite some time back I managed to pick up a Harley Benton bass uke as "decoration only". It arrived and after a quick inspection, decided there was nothing wrong with it. So I set about playing it, it came installed with some horrendous rubber strings which I told myself I'd grow to like. They were bearable and I endured them. What I couldn't stand about this bass was how intonation went out the window on anything below the 5th fret on the E. Deciding that a luthier would cost more than I paid for the instrument (and some), I decided to use it as advertised...a decoration. It sat on top of a bookshelf in the living and that was that. During the week I sat down to come up with a price list for our band (we go out as anything from a 2-7 piece, electric or acoustic) and remember the uke. Thinking that if I sorted it, it would be perfect for pubs with tiny gardens, where an upright would be impractical (much like the gig we'd just been offered for this Sunday). First port of call was to look on here for a solution. First one I came across (and came very close to doing) was a complete de-fret. I'm used to playing an upright and the dodgy fret intonation wouldn't be an issue anymore. Let's not get too hasty, even if I de-fret it, I'm still going to be stuck with those awful strings. Straight on to Thomann and ordered a set of the Pyramid silver coated strings...along with a wee gigbag should I be able to get it working as it should. Old strings off and in the bin, followed by the arduous task of threading strings up through the body. Once I'd done this I'd learnt that there was a bag of washers in the string packet that had to go on, so off they came and the process repeated. Before I get too carried away, let's bring them up to tension and see if I like the feel/sound. feels like a regular bass string - brilliant, sounds like an acoustic bass guitar - can't complain, tension and playability are spot on and hang on...is that my E string working as it should?!? Intonation issues resolved. Hurrah! I've retuned it every 30 minutes to settle the strings but I'm chuffed to bits. Working bass uke that I actually want to play now, it also means that I can add mini garden gigs to our price list. Bass uke, singer/guitarist and a Roland busking amp each stacked on top of each other in the corner. IMG_0627.HEIC IMG_0628.HEIC
  8. I like it, but then again the only thing I have to compare it to is my TC BH550. It does what you want, it reproduces the sound well and with a play around with the compressor toneprints, you can get a decent volume out of it too. Personally I’ve found the headphone amp better in a live monitor situation than I have as a headphone amp on its own (weird I know). Im aware that this isn’t much help, but makes perfect sense to me.
  9. Yup, that be me. Still use it and love it. Had a play last night for a quiet practice as the Mrs isn't well. Depending on the provided back line I might use it tonight at a gig too.
  10. Jimryan

    T shirts

    Because Mrs Jimryan has too many cushions as it is 😛
  11. Jimryan

    T shirts

    Afternoon all, Had a clear out of t-shirts I don’t wear/haven’t worn in forever and thought someone on here might want these ones. If not they’ll go out with the bins on Monday. They’re all brands I don’t use/won’t use with the exception of the Rotosound one which came with an endorsement but they sent two. The music man one was a free gift with a Bongo I bought years ago (never should’ve sold it. Especially as they discontinued that finish, really should get another one...I’m getting off track now). Ashdown - Small Rotosound - GONE Marshall - GONE Musicman - GONE Like I said, if they’re not gone over the weekend they’re out with the bins on Monday, just after postage and they’re yours...they could do with an iron though.
  12. Afternoon all, Back in December I got myself a Dingwall. It was sold as candy purple (black cherry according to Dingwall) and since getting it, it’s always appeared to be black or purple depending on light. Well with the lovely weather we’re having, I’m sat in the garden and decided to polish my basses. Did my Precision first and nearly blinded myself with an oly white finish in strong sunlight. Popped back indoors to get the Dingwall and the minute I stepped outside it was a different bass altogether. Anyone else’s bass completely change colour in strong sunlight? First photo is my bass the day I got it/the way it looks most days, compared to the second two which was taken about 30 minutes ago.
  13. I’m telling ya, it’s a great idea...
  14. Another useful little idea. I’m going away to London for the weekend. Packed a bag and noticed that the zip has come off. Don’t worry though, a pedaltrain nano+ bag can hold a shaving bag and all your weekend essentials.
  15. Morning all, So, what did I think of it? Love it. For a few years now I've been using the BH series amps so knew I'd be happy with the eq section. Also on the BH's I've always got one toneprint set to a spectracomp and always on. So again, knew I'd be happy with that too. Yep, you're right. He's got a BH and a spectracomp toneprint, he probably has the other toneprint set to an OD, so why bother buying a spectradrive? The real selling point for me was the headphone jack. A few years back OBBM made me up a joint Headphone and jack lead and never really got any use out of it at the time. Along comes the spectradrive. Perfect. Ive now got myself a trendy little preamp/compressor/drive which doubles up as a monitor and has the added bonus of freeing up two toneprints on my amp. So, back to last night. Arrived at venue, set up as usual, with the addition of the spectradrive. From the picture above I've got my upright going to the input. Output goes to a Roland bass cube (little battery powered one). Di goes to the PA. Headphone out goes to my head. That's when I had an idea. We normally keep a phono/jack lead in the PA just in case. Thought I'd have a go at running that from the PA's recording out straight to the aux in on the spectradrive. Perfect. I've now got my monitor set up and can hear everything. Take my monitors out and go to set my bass down whilst the guitarist finishes up. That's when I noticed something that contradicts what has been said in this thread. The guitar and vocals are now coming out of the Roland. Moved the lead from output to thru and that resolves that. No more aux in coming out of the output. Did the entire gig with monitors in and had a great time. Not had a chance to try it with my electric basses yet, but it works and sounds great with an upright. Can't test it with my electrics for a few days as I'm off to London for the weekend and my guitarist was that impressed with it last night, that he wants to test it for himself. All in all, for me it's perfect. It was bought with monitoring in mind and it fulfilled its duty perfectly, it performed exactly as I wanted it to. Looking forward to trying the toneprints on it.
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