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  1. After trying a range of bass strings I have settled on D'Addario ETB92 tapewounds as my preferred choice on both my Jazz and Precision basses. I love 'em. They can can be mellow, but they also have some bite. They are easy on the fingers and on the frets (and fretboard if fretless). And they last a long, long time. So far, so good. 

    This weekend I put some new tapewounds on my Precision. The A, D and G strings were as I expected - smooth and just like the ones on my Jazz. However, the E string was different - it was rougher (I can feel the grooves) with some of the metal shining through. This is unlike the E string on my Jazz. What can I do? 



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    2. Reggaebass


      This is giving me gas for another flea jazz 😁

    3. Mister RLP

      Mister RLP

      Sorry - but they are very nice. I keep thinking about selling but then coming to my senses at the last minute. I think the necks are particularly comfortable. Pickups rather good, too. 

    4. Mister RLP

      Mister RLP

      Update: An E string arrived today! D'Addario customer service sent a new one - from New York! I thought it would come from UK customer services. Very impressed. The string matches the other ones in looks and touch. Very happy. 


  2. We don't put prices on our website but the price is around £65 at most dealers in the UK. Good point on the dimensions. I've just done a quick measurement and its about 1.75 inches wide and under 5 inches long. Adam.
  3. http://www.daddario.com/pwProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=4115&productid=1116&productname=Chromatic_Pedal_Tuner&sid=0e2d43a1-a29b-462f-88de-9093712d6844 Just saying Seriously though, it is narrower than most other tuners on the market which, when we researched, was found to be the important things for players. It wasn't necessarily the height / length of a pedal that concerned players but more the width. Super fast tuning and easy to read. Adam.
  4. Thanks for the feedback / review. I'm pleased you noticed some of the positive aspects to the strings, such as the excellent tuning stability. You are correct on lifespan. A coated string will nearly always last longer than an uncoated one, it comes down to feel and tone and which you prefer / what you need from a string. Glad you tried them out so quickly!
  5. Winners are now in the first post and have received a PM. Adam.
  6. Thanks everyone for entering, this is now closed, winners will be announced in the next few minutes in the first post. Adam.
  7. Hi, they should be very smooth as it is essentially 'ribbon' wound. They should not be rough or sharp at all, please send me a picture and let me know if they are sharp. Thanks, Adam.
  8. Great responses guys. Just 48 hours(ish) left to enter!
  9. Hi. No problem, let me know your findings. If you have any difficulties drop me a message! Adam.
  10. How would you like to win a free set of NYXL for your bass? We are offering five members of Basschat a set each. All you need to do is comment below and tell us: - What strings you are currently using - Why you think NYXL might be the string for you Winners will be drawn on Wednesday 26th September and announced here. Bonus points for creativity Prizes will be posted once all addresses have been collected. WINNERS madshadows Moog atsampson Bleat Bigwan
  11. Hi guys, thanks for tagging me! Sounds unusual. Is the residue oily / viscous, or is it more of a dry powder (when you say graphite)? Adam.
  12. I've now spoken with [email protected] If you guys ever have any issues drop me a message on here. If I don't reply it is because I am out of office (which is quite often) but I will reply as soon as I get back. Adam.
  13. Hi Bazz, No they are not coated. There is lots of information floating around on NYXL but in a nutshell: Reformulated 'NY Steel' core: - Vastly improved tuning stabillity - Retains bright tone for longer - Crunchier tone with inherent boost at around 1.5 - 4khz (modernising overall tone) Reformulated Nickel-Plated Steel wrap: - Less corrosive / longer lasting - Slight louder / more output Thanks for your loyal custom over the last nearly 40 years!! Adam.
  14. Glad it was a good experience! You are right, we don't market them as a longer life string but the majority of people (including myself) find they last much longer. The reformulated alloy is less corrosive to start with which certainly helps, but the real deal-maker is the strings retain their overall brightness for much longer, so as long as you keep them physically clean and playable, they should sound fresh for a long time.
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