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  1. Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp - as new. Came as part of a subscription for BGM and not needed. Tried it to make sure it was working. Comes with the original packaging. Retails between £59-69. More info at: https://www.blackstaramps.com/uk/products/fly-3-bass Price includes UK delivery.
  2. Now that I have fewer basses I only need one gig bag - so moving this on. Carefully looked after. More details here: https://monocreators.com/products/sleeve-bass-guitar-case-black Price includes UK postage.
  3. SOLD. D'Addario ETB92M Tapewound 50-105 Medium Scale Bass Guitar Strings I bought these from Amazon for £45.99 last week to see what they were like on a string through short scale (Mustang bass). Nice. Not gigged, just played a little at home. £25 including postage.
  4. Update: gigbag still not arrived. DPD have tried to deliver it twice but still not followed instructions to leave with a neighbour if not in. ahhhhh!
  5. There are some still listed on other sellers's pages. Maybe it's Andertons that have discontinued them. The Flea bass is still available. Would love to see a Klaus Voorman p bass if Fender were to bring out another artist signature bass: Or maybe a Guy Pratt jazz bass:
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. All sorted now. Well, almost - issues with DPD not being able to leave a parcel (bass on Monday and gig bag today) with a neighbour (even though I've requested this on their app and by phone...but that's another story). I sent the photo of the damage and Andertons, to their credit, said it was damage and not intentional relicing. They also said the JMJ Roadworn bass is now a discontinued product so there is no option in ordering another one. (Have been out that long? Are the new range of Vintera Mustangs replacing this?) They have discounted the bass by £40 and sent the gig bag. Which I am happy with.
  7. As a convert to Mustangs - this is nice!
  8. Andertons sorting out the gig bag, too.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The E and A strings are also damaged (sharp) near where the ding is. Attached better pic. It's superficial (doesn't stop me playing it) but bothering me. Silly, eh, on a roadworn bass!
  10. Good point re roadworn. Andertons in Guildford. They are brilliant. Used them since the 80s. Great customer service - always happy to help.
  11. Evening Well, I finally pulled the trigger on one of these. Rather like it! Just a quick question if you've got one of these, too: are the marks on the side of the fingerboard part of the roadworness or are a later addition? e grateful for your thoughts. It didn't come with a case. Should it have done?
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