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  1. Nice bass! How much does it weigh, please?
  2. Nine years ago I was given the score for Madness' musical 'Our House'. And a bass.
  3. Customer since 1984. Used to be local. Always been fantastic. Will drive up from Brighton to visit. And they have a loo!
  4. Does this count? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3396395/The-pub-Australian-Outback-tourists-attraction-David-Bowie-shot-film-clip-Let-s-Dance-there.html
  5. +1. I have a Matt Freeman bass and any other neck doesn't feel as good. Awesome value for money when these and the CVs came out. It's not going anywhere. (The other bass has long gone...)
  6. I was initially very excited by this. But now not sure as the Chinese made CVs etc. were exceptional. The necks, for instance, were better than some USA made Fenders. Wonder when they will be out?
  7. +1 or is that +3? He is one of my favourite bassists. Nothing flash but serves the song. Great sound. Especially like his bass playing on Plastic Ono Band. Love his bass, too.
  8. I know it should be one of the 60s or 70s classics albums - Home, Highway, Blonde or Blood (my fav here is Nashville Skyline)...but here's one for 1989's Oh Mercy. Sounds really atmospheric.
  9. There’s a Ghost in my House. Great song and neat baseline.
  10. I t's this bass but I can't read the make...
  11. They were great at the Brighton Centre last week. Great tonight. Bedder’s Bass is clearer tonight. Bit muddy at the show but we were sitting on the sides.
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