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  1. Looking forward to this and seeing what you think.
  2. Hessy's before it closed down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIusO4xMMU
  3. This is brilliant as I always wondered where my guitar came from as it was used rather than new. I wonder if the distortion unit was added by a previous owner. The tuners had been changed as can been seen by the original tuner holes on the back of the headstock. The guitar coming from Japan makes more sense than what my dad told me - or what Hessy’s told my dad - that it was German made and there were a lot of German guitars being shipped through to Liverpool.
  4. I have one of the Bozo guitars. Bought for me for my 13th birthday from Hessy’s in Liverpool. It wasn’t really what I was expecting but I’ve grown to like it. It’s fairly heavy for a guitar but is really well made. Electronics more complicated than a normal guitar as it features a distortion unit powered by at 9v battery - although this doesn’t work any more. Must get this looked at. Really interested to know there were bass versions.
  5. If the build/sound quality is like the Betsy bass this is a fantastic bass. What’s the weight of the bass?
  6. I love Chromes and were the first flat wounds that I had on my P Bass and Rick. However, I then moved over to D'Addario Tapewounds and TIs due to lower tension.
  7. +1 I've got TI Flats on my Flea Jazz and it sounds and feels just right. The right strings find the right bass. Round wounds on my Betsy. Flats on the Flea. This is a lovely bass you are selling.
  8. Found this review yesterday:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYV7vH_ZXmk
  9. That is so cool. Nice. Love it.
  10. Hi George. Sorry to hear about your bass. The swines! Completely 'get' going with Fender Vintera 60's + flats and a Lakland covering the modern tones. One of the best basses that I have every heard (apart from lots others, of course) was a green Lakland p-bass in Guitar Guitar. Almost bought it. (Not sure if it sounded good because it was green like some on this forum might suggest!) However, I walked out with a Fender Standard Fretless. I had been listening to Jaco on the drive up to Epsom...Mistake. I think the setup of these basses and pickups are done in house in the UK before being shipped out. Yep - just checked: Completing the circle, every new Betsy bass will have its pickups installed and be set up by none other than Chris Ward, still taking care of business in the Bass Centre workshop after 35 years!! Might explain why the set up was good and the action was low. I am really enjoying it as it has surprised me. I am a real lover of 60s/70s music and thought that flat rounds were all that was needed. My experience of round wounds (especially on Jazzes) have been they are too bright and brittle - if that makes sense. However, I am finding the Betsy different. The Elites are sounding good. It has punch - for sure - but it just sounds great. Right, if that makes sense. I love the EMGs, too. I can really connect with the sound the bass is making.
  11. Thanks. First experience of EMGs. Really loving them. Now, what would the Flea bass sound like with them in...
  12. What was the real thing like to play?
  13. Good call. I've tried a few of these and really, really liked them - both how they feel and how they sound. Enjoy!
  14. Agree. Love 'Rattle That Lock' - especially the title song (cool video as well) and 'Today'. He's covered 'Today' on his Lockdown videos. Be good if he could do 'Rattle That Lock'.
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