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  1. Absolutely! All good. Haven't had the chance to play her live yet but impressed the band members in rehearsal recently.
  2. This is cool. Thanks for posting. Bass Collection Signature? Would they do one?
  3. Great minds think alike re Flea/Herbie Flowers. I bought the JMJ Mustang new but the neck came more roadworn than was expected (damaged) so it went back, unfortunately. Great bass though.
  4. I don't intentionally collect signature basses - they just seem to accumulate. More likely they have a) a great playability that suits or b) they have earned their keep. I don't go looking for signature basses on the whole. The three basses I currently have are: A black/maple Matt Freeman precision. I had no idea who Matt Freeman was/is when I bought it - it was a damn good bass. Still is. Now struggler's with TI flats. A Fender Flea jazz. Now I have heard of Flea...Admire his skills and playing but not a huge fan of RHCP. I picked up one in Andertons when I was looking at fretless basses just to see what all the fuss was about. Wow. Great pickups, nice neck, etc. The music teacher (gigging musician) at my school thinks it's the best bass he has ever heard. I sort of got it as I wanted something close to Herbie Flower's bass. The Flea is strung with black tape wounds - although not in this pic. Now, that is a signature I would be interested in. Next Bass Centre signature? A Betsy bass. This may be the one I got because it's a signature. I wanted a more modern sounding bass in contrast with the two above. This has the stock strings (Elites) still on it. Plays like a dream.
  5. https://youtu.be/HyMm4rJemtI Ashes to Ashes.
  6. I liked the bassist and guitarist who were trying not to laugh at various points. Made me smile - so thumbs up from me. 🤪
  7. Active. They have a 9v battery hidden under the control plate. They sound great. So, I could swap the EMGs from Betsy to the Flea... From Bass Collection - http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/bbm-betsy.html Like its namesake, the new Betsy is loaded with EMG's superb, low-impedance J pickups. Guy's original got an active upgrade during early rehearsals with Pink Floyd in August '87. "I said to my tech, Syd Price, one day, ‘These pickups are a bit quiet, maybe we should think about getting some new ones?’ - and the next morning, it had EMGs in it. I shouted ‘What the f*ck have you done? You can’t put EMGs in a ’64 Jazz!’ but when I plugged it in, it sounded amazing!"
  8. Ok. That's good to know. I'm almost tempted to try the VVT configuration with the EMGs on the Flea bass. Simpler, maybe?
  9. Good point. Question - would the EMGs be compatible with the stack knob controls?
  10. I like the EMGs in my Betsy so much I did think about a a set for my Fender Flea Jazz bass, too. Good idea or not?
  11. I tried transcribing this today so that I could try and play it. Nope. No chance. Here's his website... http://www.rogiervanwegberg.com ...and who he has played bass with: http://www.rogiervanwegberg.com/artists.html
  12. Brilliant. Thanks for sorting this out. Will give it a go.
  13. Sorry, it was the chap in my link who is the pro. Can't seem to find a way to attach the YouTube clip to the post. Any ideas? Wondering how he makes it look so effortless. Lots of ghost notes? Edit : Youtube: 'Share', 'Copy' Basschat : 'Paste' That's all, Folks.
  14. This is rather good. Great tone. Stumbled on this whilst watching the above vid. Would really love to be able to play like this. Good to find out he is a pro. Don't feel so bad now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3U-QNIYqXM
  15. Black Mono Betty Guitar Strap Short (40"-46") for sale. Never used. £25 including postage - UK only. https://monocreators.com/products/betty-guitar-strap-short-black
  16. Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp - as new. Came as part of a subscription for BGM and not needed. Comes with the original packaging and Blackstar sticker! Retails around £58 new. More info at: https://www.blackstaramps.com/uk/products/fly-3-bass Price includes UK delivery.
  17. Blackout by Bowie. The Welcome to the Blackout (Live London '78) version. George Murray is a legend!
  18. I can vouch for how good the Guy Pratt Betsy bass is. See my review here. I've had mine since June and alongside my Flea Jazz and my Matt Freeman P Bass it ain't going nowhere. The neck is lovely and the EMGs make it sound great.
  19. Looking forward to this and seeing what you think.
  20. Hessy's before it closed down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIusO4xMMU
  21. This is brilliant as I always wondered where my guitar came from as it was used rather than new. I wonder if the distortion unit was added by a previous owner. The tuners had been changed as can been seen by the original tuner holes on the back of the headstock. The guitar coming from Japan makes more sense than what my dad told me - or what Hessy’s told my dad - that it was German made and there were a lot of German guitars being shipped through to Liverpool.
  22. I have one of the Bozo guitars. Bought for me for my 13th birthday from Hessy’s in Liverpool. It wasn’t really what I was expecting but I’ve grown to like it. It’s fairly heavy for a guitar but is really well made. Electronics more complicated than a normal guitar as it features a distortion unit powered by at 9v battery - although this doesn’t work any more. Must get this looked at. Really interested to know there were bass versions.
  23. If the build/sound quality is like the Betsy bass this is a fantastic bass. What’s the weight of the bass?
  24. I love Chromes and were the first flat wounds that I had on my P Bass and Rick. However, I then moved over to D'Addario Tapewounds and TIs due to lower tension.
  25. +1 I've got TI Flats on my Flea Jazz and it sounds and feels just right. The right strings find the right bass. Round wounds on my Betsy. Flats on the Flea. This is a lovely bass you are selling.
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