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  1. It worked, and will work the right way round! Thanks fellas, why didn't I think of this before 🤦‍♂️😊
  2. Not sure why I didn't think of it!
  3. I like that idea, I will try it tonight! Thanks!
  4. The lever is right at the bottom of the headstock and pokes out ever so slightly and it rests on the left hand arm of the hanger.
  5. Thanks, that what I was thinking. I haven't been hanging the bass because I thought it could damage it. Just wanted a second opinion!👍
  6. Hello! Quick question, does anyone hang a bass with a Hipshot Xtender on a wall or on a stand where the headstock takes all the weight? It seems to me that the lever takes a lot of the weight in this situation. Anyone have any experience of this? It seems to me that it could damage the Xtender - Am I worrying about nothing? Cheers
  7. Thanks for all responses. They definitely don't feel sharp, and they are smooth to the touch. They just seem to have some sort of friction when sliding up and down the fretboard. Guess i could just be pushing down too hard but never had the same issue with rounds. Maybe they just feel different to what I'm used to and I need to give them some time to settle in. Will also try the rag tip. Cheers
  8. Hi all, Just slapped on a set of Chromes on a p bass. I like the tone but wow, they burn when you slide up/down the fretboard! I read these were smooth strings. Is this just me??
  9. Feedback for StefanoGregori - thanks!
  10. Excellent comms, delivery and strings exactly as described. Pleasure to deal with, top Basschatter!
  11. I gave up trying to clean strings. Didn't seem to do much for me. Also tried making sure my hands were clean before I played. Strings seem to last fine for practice but as soon as I sweat on them at a gig they lose that freshness. I have resorted to Elixirs (nickel) and they are actually pretty bright and stay that way. There is also a decent set of coated strings by Blacksmith. They aren't as bright as the Elixirs but are still fairly bright and have so far stayed that way four gigs in.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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