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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Seeing this new arrangement got me thinking so I've just had a look at a spare Backbeat circuit board that I have. The 1/4-inch two jacks are wired in parallel so the connections to the Backbeat are a loop-through and it just sits across the signal path and, as they say, takes a sniff of the bass output signal. That being the case it would be quite possible to replicate the new arrangement by making a cable with a right-angle jack for the instrument with 2 cables coming out, one going to an in-line locking jack socket, the other to the Backbeat input. Now where did I put my soldering iron?
  3. If you wan’t a thump in your back then keep your Epi cab and use a Backbeat.
  4. I know from my days in the Broadcast Industry that proprietary cables are a very negative selling point. For such a mission-critical component users always want an alternative source.
  5. Or if you have a strap mounted transmitter then you'd need another cable going back towards the BackBeat, so two cables again. I see no benefit in the new style whatsoever.
  6. My guess is a two circuit cable of unknown performance using the tip and ring of a TRS jack at the BackBeat end. The other end splitting into 2 cables, one with a jack for the instrument and the other a jack socket for the output. In other words a single cable version of what I have but with much less flexibility in terms of customer customisation.
  7. Having got somewhat fed up with the jacks pulling out of my Backbeat I set about making a clamp system to hold them in. At the same time I followed Higgie's idea of two short cable which live with the Backbeat and strap. I thought about all sorts of ways to do it and the simplest way seemed to be using the nuts on the jack socket to anchor the clamp to the case. I found Neutrik jacks were too large and difficult to anchor however these Amphenol jacks have a convenient shoulder to clamp against. No problems so far.
  8. Have to connected that adaptor to the power source that blew the Helix and checked the polarity with your meter?
  9. Have you connected that adaptor to the 9-volt supply that blew it and checked the polarity with your meter?
  10. If you only use the combo on its own i.e. without an extension cab then it doesn't matter which way round you connect it.
  11. I haven’t gone away. I just don’t have much to say these days.😉
  12. Well I now have my Stomp and very interesting it is. Had to upgrade to v3.11. Seems incredibly easy to use with the editing software. There is however one big problem with it. I want to use it as a sound interface and to listen to iTunes through it. It works fine for about 3mins and then it all stops. Same with media player. Never had a problem with my Steinberg interface. Has anyone else had this problem and is there an easy fix before I send it back?
  13. Thanks Stew. The Stomp arrives today so we’ll see how I get on. I was resigned to the fact that at. 75 I would probably never find another band, especially in a new area where I knew no-one. However someone I chatted to whilst walking the dogs knew someone who knew someone who had a band and was looking for a bass. I made contact, went along to a rehearsal and that was it. Nice folks and interesting music, slightly funky blues. Strong Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo influences. First gig next month, COVID permitting.
  14. I've never been a great one for effects however I recently joined a new band and have decided that a few of the numbers could benefit from some effects. I should add that I will not be using a backline and will go directly into the Bose PA. Currently my board is Tuner -> Spectracomp -> Mooer Chorus -> MXR Envelope -> Thumpinator -> Sansamp BDDI -> PA. I need to have a couple of effects set up plus the ability to switch quickly from fingerstyle to a slap tone. In the interests of flexibility and compactness would I benefit from replacing the board with an HX Stomp.
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