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  1. obbm

    Feedback For Phil_T

    Phil bought some Bare Knuckle pickups. It was a smooth flawless transaction. Thanks Phil.
  2. Most will know what these are otherwise from their advertising blurb: Powerful Bass Performance The Bare Knuckle '58 Split P Bass Pickup Set provides a strong bass tone thanks to the hand wound 42AWG plan enamel wire. The Split P offers a more controlled high end and slightly scooped mid. With a higher output, the pickup generates a stronger performance that packs a relentless punch. Features A vintage hot split coil bass pickup offering an exceptional punch Suitable for multiple genres including blues, country, jazz, and reggae Flat profile with hand bevelled Alnico V magnets to cancel out hum Solid black appearance Alnico V magnets arranged with opposing wind direction and magnetic polarity Scatter-wound enamel wire to create a stronger tone in the bass Specifications Colour: Black Output: Vintage Hot DC: 11.6KΩ * Magnet: Alnico V These were only fitted for a short while and never gigged. £65 posted.
  3. Valve Overdrive Pedal without Power Supply Runs on 9-12-volts AC or 12-18-volts DC. Comes fitted with 6N2 valve but can be changed to 12AX7/ECC83. £25 posted or swap w.h.y?
  4. Both sold pending the usual.
  5. Stew, when you daisy chain cabs together the speakers are connected Cable#1 Amp(1+) -> Cab#1(1+) Amp(1-) -> Cab#1(1-) Cable #2 Cab#1(1+) -> Cab#2(1+) Cab#1(1-) -> Cab#2(1-) This puts the two cabinets in parallel, so if both cabs are 8-ohms then the total impedance that the amp see is 4-ohms. If you want to put the cabs in series so the total impedance is now 16-ohms then you need to make a special cable that goes. Amp(1+ -> Cab#1(1+) Cab#1(1-) -> Cab#2(1+) Cab(#2(1-) -> Amp(1-) The box does this internally and allows you to use regular Speakon cables to connect them up.
  6. Bought for a now redundant pedal board project this T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon is as new. It has never been out of the house and has never been gigged. To quote T-Rex, the Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all the advantages of other Fuel Tank power supplies, plus an unprecedented 4 separate voltage options. 6 separate outlets (use up to 5 simultaneously) Your choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC or 12V AC power Isolated, 300mA outlets (1,500mA total) Switchable 115V or 230V mains Comes with original packing and all the original cables which are unused. £80 posted to the UK.
  7. Ergonomically these are great however although I've tried to like them I far prefer my Berg 12" and NV115 cabs. Effectively brand new (used only a few times at rehearsal) Barefaced One10 and Barefaced cover. Black Metal Grille version. Original shipping box and all paperwork. I have 2 of these for sale. £290 each. Can ship at cost or meet within reasonable distance of GU10. Consider trades involving Bergantino CN112, Vanderkley EXT112, Barefaced Super Midget, Barefaced Super Compact or perhaps other cabs using 12" or 15" speakers. Quilter not for sale.
  8. obbm

    Ohmage calculation thread

    Your QSC will be fine in bridged mode driving your 6-ohm cab. Some years ago I used to use a QSC PLX-1602 to drive a 3x10 (5.33-ohm cab). Never had a problem and loads of headroom. The RM-1450 has the potential to deliver in excess of 1000-watts into your cab, it just depends how far you are prepared to wind up the volume control.
  9. obbm

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Excuse if this is obvious but why do you need a separate DI box when the DWZ receiver has a balanced XLR out?
  10. obbm

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    After years of playing without effects I've finally got around to building myself a pedalboard. Nice aand compact at 440mmm x 240mm.
  11. obbm

    Half rack width power amp?

    I had a similar requirement last year and ended up using a Markbass Nano. I seem to remember that SWR produced a half rack power amp. What sort of power are you wanting?
  12. obbm

    Small Tuner Pedals

    Interesting however your web site gives neither dimensions nor price so how can I compare it with others?
  13. Depending on the sensitivities of each cab and the internal configurations you may find that one cab is louder than the other.
  14. When you daisy chain cabinets you are actually putting the two sets of speakers in parallel, not in series. Daisy chaining an 8-ohm cab with your existing 4-ohm cab will give a combined impedance of 2.67-ohms. It is possible to make a special cable to put the two cabs in series which would give you an impedance of 12-ohms.
  15. Excellent as always. Great pictures.