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  1. I've come to the sad conclusion that my Handbox all-valve WB100 amp may never get used in anger again as my future gigging options are looking pretty minmal, so rather than have it sitting in my garage for years I have decided to move it on so someone else can enjoy its woderous tone. It is in excellent condition as it has only done a few shows and rehearsals. It comes with a padded Roqsolid cover. I no longer have the packaging for it so it'll be collect or meet-up within a reasonable distance from my home. £650.
  2. Valeton Dapper Bass Multi-Effects Strip Tuner, Compressor, Overdrive, Fuzz, Pre-amp, Octaver, Chorus, DI. Home use only. Never gigged. Compete in original packaging with PSU and User Manual £75 posted
  3. You always try attaching it to your guitar strap and make a Turbo Backbeat.😁
  4. Nice one Stew. I've made 2 Bass boards, one with 2 of those transducers and one with 4 of them. I also used to use a ButtKicker clamped to a stool when I couldn't stand for long periods after surgery. As ped says you have to try it to believe. Your next project is to productise and market it.😉
  5. Sadly the latest version of the double four is mains only. When I have time I'm going to take a look inside.😉
  6. Labella Medium Scale 750N Black Nylon Tape Wound 50,65,85,105 33 1/3" from ball end to silk on E string Cut 2+2 for 30 3/8" scale Spector Shorty Used for few rehearsals £20 posted Status Hot Wire Medium Scale, Single Ball, Half Wound, 45,65,85,105 - SOLD Brand new and unfitted. £13 posted
  7. Not really. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Krisdonia-25000mAh-Portable-Charger-Projector/dp/B078XRBQKB/ref=asc_df_B078XRBQKB/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309981988222&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6200007401106781183&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045489&hvtargid=pla-423306057529&psc=1
  8. It looks to me as if the Hotone wants more current than the 500mA that BoXking say it can supply at 18-volts, probably closer to 1-Amp which is why the AC supply is rated at 2-Amps. Although the Boxking is rated at 12800mAh that is spread across all of its outputs 11 outputs. Unffortunately there doesn't seem to be any detailed published specification. If you want to continue down this route then you'll need something like a 18-volt Laptop Battery which can provide the necessary current rather then a pedal psu, however they are considerably more expensive.
  9. What is the specification of the Hotone AC Power supply? i.e. How many amps can it deliver at 18-volts?
  10. Just a few thoughts. Did you charge the Boxking first or use it straight out of the box? The 4-ohm cab will draw more current than the 8-ohm so if the battery is incapable of supplying it then it will drag the rail volts down and give distortion. I have recently been looking at getting a PJB Double 4 and PJ says many batteries have a short circuit protection to stop them blowing up or catching on fire so the current capacity is limited.
  11. I'm the last person to ask about this as my hearing has been defective for many years so i'm not in a position to make serious objective comments. I know what a rig should sound like to me. I'm probably going to shoot myself in the foot but the NV115 is 3dB less sensitive than the other 2 cabs so it needs driving a lot harder to achieve the same output. That was very noticeable when using the Handbox however the overall tone was clear, deep, well balanced and nicely old-school and all from one cab however with a weight penalty. I can get a similar tone from the other cabs with suitable EQ tweaking but the advantage to me is that they are smaller and lighter. A couple of years ago I tried a pair of BF One10s but they just didn't sound right. The CN112/210 combination seems to be the best compromise in terms of weight/size/tone.
  13. Thanks for the heads up but the CN-112/CN210 pairing works well. I suppose I really ought to get a Berg amp but I'm quite happy with the Handbox for gigs and an Ashdown Retroglide for rehearsals. Hopefully we will finally move early next month so who knows what the future will be. I suspect I will never gig again but at least I can have a blast at home. Hence the need to move the NV115 on as it will never get used and it will be too far away to sell. Any offers?
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