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  1. obbm

    Sadowsky RV4 PJ

    Fantastic basses. If I didn't already have one I'd be after this one. Have a bump.
  2. obbm

    Ampeg Valve Amp Ohmage Question?

    It will be absolutely fine on the 4-ohm setting Nik. BTW the correct term is impedance, the word ohmage does not exist. 😉
  3. I used mine at rehearsal on Wednesday night. just wonderful through the Berg NV115. Nice compliments from our sound guy too.
  4. obbm

    World class musicians in a pub

    This idea reminds me of this:
  5. Technically I see nothing wrong with the concept. Fitting it all in would be an interesting challenge but not impossible. It just depends on the size of the components. As for powering, if both pre-amps are 9-volt then a 9-volt supply would be right. If the pre-amps are able to run at 18-volts then it would make sense to use an 18-volt supply and give yourself more headroom.
  6. obbm

    Thoughts on short scale basses?

    Depends on your budget. Anything from £100 up to almost £3000. For a Jazz have a look at the Bacchus mini Jazz. There used to be dealer in Petersfield in Hampshire but I'm not sure if he does them any more. There are several short scale Ps. Also have a look at the Spector Bantam or Shorty, especially if you can find one with a Wimbush neck.
  7. obbm

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    Almost 20 years before he wrote the theme to The Professionals Laurie Johnson composed and recorded the theme to "No Hiding Place" BTW how do I insert a YouTube clip?
  8. Gloria - Them (1965) Gloria - Laura Brannigan (1982) Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen (1984) Glory Days - BBM (1994) Good Times - Sam Cooke (1964) Good Times - Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers (1965) Good Times - Aretha Franklin (1967) Good Times - Chic (1979) Good Times - Cliff Richard (1989)
  9. obbm

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    At one of the Bassist magazines bass days at ACM in Guildford Mo explained how he actually did the slap part. Apparently he couldn't slap but they managed to work out how to get that sound. A very entertaining talk.
  10. And before any of those there was Money by The Beatles which was in itself a cover.
  11. obbm

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    In a former band the guitarist and singer, whose band it was, kept continually criticising a new drummer and keyboard player even shouting at them during gigs. I took great exception to their bullying attitude, after all it was supposed to be fun. The guitarist was often making mistakes so I was mentally and verbally prepared for when they eventually turned on me. "Until you can play a complete gig without any mistakes you have no right to criticise me or my playing". I decided to jump ship before the situation ever arose but that phrase is stored away for another day.
  12. obbm

    Ryder Guitars - Help

    You might find some info at this old thread.
  13. obbm

    Using headphones on stage

    Eich make 3 different sized platforms that are cheaper than the P & D or you can make your own. I made my own using ideas from this. https://www.bassic.de/threads/bass-shaker-platte-selbst-gemacht.14849010/ Drivers and rubber mounts from Ebay. Wood from Homebase. You can use any spare bass amp to drive it. I bought a used Markbass Nano which is perfect and also acts as a spare for my main amp.
  14. obbm

    Using headphones on stage

    Sorry about the hearing loss. I can sympathise. Have you thought about trying an Eich Bassboard to augment the IEMs. It certainly helps with the low end. Although your hearing has deteriorated your other senses should be intact and I find that being able to feel the notes up through the feet is extremely helpful.