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  1. I've recently re-bonded with a 1973 P that I bought about 10 years ago. I used it a few times but it had some dodgy frets so it sat in its case for a few years and I used a Sadowsky HPJ instead. At one point I thought I'd sell it but decided against it. Glad I didn't. Eventually I got it re-fretted and plecked at Chandlers in Kew and fitted with a set of Rotosound flats. Like many Fenders it had a dead spot on the G-string but when I bought it there was this headstock shaped brass plate in the case. A "Fathead". It fixed the problem. It now sounds just like a P should and is a joy to play. It's now a tough choice between this and the HPJ for the next gig.
  2. I do believe you are correct. This time I want a maple fretboard just like the 1996 one I once owned.
  3. First outdoor gig for several years yesterday afternoon at the Lostwithiel Gin Festival. A relatively small event but a very good crowd who obviously appreciated the music. Great covered stage and PA set-up however it was in a well shaded part of the ground adjacent to the River Fowey. There was a very strong cold wind blowing straight through the stage so it was [email protected]@dy nithering. I sat around wearing 4 layers and gloves for an hour before our set and I was still cold. In fact my hands were still cold at the end. Ridiculous because at the other end of the ground there were no trees, brilliant sunshine and quite warm. Still it was Cornwall after all. I took my trusty Sadowsky PJ, Backbeat and a recently acquired Tech21 Fly-rig so I was travelling light for our 90-minute set. One great piece of news is that the band leader has decided we should dispense with his drum tracks and find a drummer. Hallelujah.
  4. You could well be right about that. I don't know what thy were using back in 2009 and I'm not an expert.
  5. 2009 MIJ Sadowsky Metro UV70 4-string Jazz Bass Guitar Natural Ash Body with Maple Neck Rosewood Board with White Blocks and Binding Sadowsky Hum Cancelling Pick-ups with 1970s positioning Sadowsky pre-amp:- Volume Pan Bass Boost Treble Boost Vintage Tone Control Active/Passive Switch Strung with new set of Sadowsky Black Label stainless strings. Weight: 4.3Kg/9.5lb. Comes with Sadowsky semi-hard case Consider trades : LINED FRETLESS Fender/Squier Precision bodied 4-string, P or PJ, with 41mm or less nut Musicman USA 4-string Sterling (Not Sterling by Musicman) Lakland Daryl Jones 4-string
  6. Had the great pleasure of seeing our own casapete's ELO Experience at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro last night. Due to the Hall being completely rebuilt into a superb 1300 seat theatre over the past few years they'd not made the long haul down here for some considerable time. It was pretty much a full house and we were not disappointed. A great evening with the audience in fine voice. Needless to say I caught up with Pete before the show for a chat.
  7. Know exactly what you mean about body size. I get on well with Precisions but not Jazzes. The only J I ever felt at home with was a Lakland DJ4. Also like MM Sterling’s, USA original version, but not Stingrays. Never got on with my DB, far too physical.
  8. I'm also 5'6" with small hands. Back in the '60s I learnt on a short scale Framus Star bass which suited me well. When I returned to playing many years later I opted for a full scale Jap Precision on which i cut my teeth. I then remember buying a 5-string Fender Jazz from USA Ebay, the one with 5 tuners in a row. Firstly the neck was so wide it was almost impossible for me to play and the G tuner was so far away that I couldn't reach to tune it. Needless to say it went back on Ebay fairly quickly. A full size 34" scale bass is the business. If it was all right for Suzi Quatro then it's all right for me. Over the past 30 years many 34" scale basses have come and gone however more recently I've been trying various short scale versions but they just don't feel right. My muscle memory has adjusted to the 34" scale so they just feel slightly dinky. They've all gone too apart from the Rob Allen Mouse which just sounds so good although I have to watch where my fingers are all the time otherwise I over-reach. Not good when playing to an audience. Anyone know of a comparable 34" Fretless which could replace it?
  9. I remember chatting with you at the bar. 😀
  10. Back in the early days of BC's predecessor, Bassworld, there were 2 Bass Bashes just off the M1 near Northampton which is fairly central. It was well attended by people from all over.
  11. Hi Steve Nice of you to pop in and good to hear that you are well. I remember bumping into you at Bass Direct once when I was collecting my Berg 610. Now that was probably around 2007/2008. I know what you mean about GAS addiction, fortunately I've cured myself of that these days.
  12. In an earlier interview he said he was singing a song that he’d never sung before and at the end of his set I thought I heard him mutter that he was told to sing it by the BBC. I wasn’t over impressed by the direction. Too much looking at the audience or computer graphics on Buck House and very little of the artists who were working their socks off.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Fourth gig for the new band last night at The Victoria Inn, Four Lanes, near Camborne. With football on the TV we expected that the pub would be empty but it picked up quiet quickly. Considering we don't play your standard pub covers the punters managed to dance their way through most of our two sets. Sadly there were a few mistakes but we put that down to the fact that we don't gig enough so we've got to get things right for the Lostwithiel Gin Festival next month. At the end of it we had a very happy Landlord and a return booking. This was the first time I've ever played a whole gig on a fretless. It worked out really well and the rest of the band loved the tone. Thank you Frank for introducing me to the Rob Allen Mouse.
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