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  1. There is a simple mod, removing a capacitor, that will improve the performance of the English Muff'n for bass. I went a step further and changed the capacitors in the tone stack as well.
  2. Sadowsky string price is very good however their postage charges are extortionate, 50% of the price of a set of strings.
  3. obbm


    When I worked there the locals called it "Boringstoke".
  4. I agree but I didn't much go on the Sterling colours and some of the detail. From what I can gather there is only a limited producton run. I must say I'm very pleased with it.
  5. Yes. have to agree with @Adee. It's ideal for my small hands. So easy to play. Only been able to play it through my home practice rig (Ashdown Valve pre-di, mixer and HD-280 headphones) so not been able to give it a good try out through my amp.
  6. The neck was fitted for me by Rob Green in 2005 and this bass was my go to for over 10 years. It had an almost piano-like quality sound and rarely went out of tune. Sadly it moved on a few years ago when I realised that no longer needed a 5-string.
  7. I have a Spector Shorty USA which has Aguilar pick-ups and an OBP-2.
  8. Welcome back Shep. I'm still here but mostly lurk these days.
  9. Whilst sorting out I came across a few new and unused speaker leads. 1 x 1m Speakon to Speakon using Klotz 4-sq.mm. cable @ £15.00 each 1 x 1m Jack to Jack using Klotz 4-sq.mm. cable @ £13.00 each 1 x 1.5m Jack to Jack using Klotz 2.5-sq.mm. cable @ £10.00 each 1 x 750mm right-angle Neutrik to Switchcraft Tini-4 for analogue Shure Wireless systems @ £20.00 Postage for 1 or 2 cables is £4.00 Also Sommer LLX, Klotz AC110 and Klotz Starquad by the metre.
  10. Virtually all mics have XLR males and mixer inputs have XLR females. Most mic cables are female to male so the sound man will expect to see an XLR male on your mic. It's not written in tablets of stone but it just makes life easier for everyone. Good luck with the project.
  11. This takes me back to my very first home-made bass which used the moving-coil earphones from a German flying helmet. Firstly I would use a male XLR not a socket. As far as the connections go, connect the transformer to terminals 2 and 3 of the XLR. If you are mounting the the whole lot in a metal box then connect that to pin 1otherwise I would leave it unconnected
  12. Any decent screened pair (mic cable) or Starquad cable with good quality connectors should be fine. It's the amp to speaker cables that need to be a decent size but as your sub is powered that should not be a problem.
  13. Looks to me that your amp is UK 240-volt only so could only be used in Canada with a step-up transformer however these can be quite heavy. Probably best to sell and either buy a new one over there or one in the UK with a universal power supply.
  14. I've had a pair of Japanese Metros for a few years and am very happy with them. I can't see them being up for sale any time soon.
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