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  1. I'm not familiar with Darkglass equipment but from the diagram, text, and manual it would seem that with the Microtubes engine disengaged the clean signal goes straight to the compressor.
  2. Be careful! Most twin channel amps are 2 pre-amps and a single power amp. What you need is a single channel pre-amp and 2 power amps, each with its own volume control. Alternatively use 2 x bass heads and route the effects sends to a switch or mixer and then back to the effects return. You then have individual control of each power amp volume and can switch between the 2 pre-amps.
  3. Although the spec sheet says the Mooer can handle speakers they don't say how much power (amperes through the switches) it can take before it explodes. It's probably fine for low wattage guitar amps however I doubt that it can take 500-watts from a bass amp. I would contact them and ask what the upper limits are. In answer to point 2, I've never come across a speaker level mixer. If you are running a bass amp at a modest 200-watts and you want to attenuate that by 50% then 100-watts is going to be absorbed by the attenuator/volume control which means it will get very hot. Think about how hot a 100-watt tungsten light bulb gets. There are such devices for guitar amps such as these (https://www.thomann.de/gb/attenuators.html) however they will not handle bass amp power outputs. As I said previously the simplest, easiest and cheapest solution is to run a second power amp/bass head in parallel with your bass head. Not what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps.
  4. Boss LS2 is designed for instrument level signals not speaker size volts. If you want to use it then it needs to be before any power amps so you would need 2 power amps, each of which would have a volume control so the LS2 becomes superfluous.
  5. It's a shame but I am unable to view the image however checking my records I believe that these were made at different times. I'm pretty certain that they are Y-cables designed to send the single output of a pre-amp to the two channels of a power amp.
  6. Talk to Flightcase Warehouse. They made one like that for me a few years ago. That Ebay seller can provide the rack-trays but be careful with dimensions as they do 2 different widths.
  7. Have a look at this company's offering https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3U-10-5-inch-266-mm-Half-Rack-300-mm-DEEP-STACKABLE-AV-AUDIO-CABINET-CASE/290886863893?hash=item43ba354c15:g:RRUAAOxyTP1SPEUT I use a 4U half rack bits to drive my pleasure board. Good quality components.
  8. Very nice Nik. What's the weight?
  9. Price drop to £290 collected or meet.
  10. If you tell me what length you need I can make you one. PM me the details.
  11. 1973 Precision Sunburst body with a few scars Maple neck and fretboard Tort Pickguard Serial Number 392*** 8.2lbs 'B' neck with 40mm nut Strung with new set of Labella 1954 Flats Bridge and pickup covers. Original case and case candy £2500 Sorry no trades as downsizing due to impending retirement.
  12. Not at all possible. I use a remote 9-volt supply which power all these pedals satisfactorily. When I get it out to use on Wednesday evening I'll take some more photos if anyone is interested.
  13. I'm using a Mooer Firely M6 case. It is very compact, in fact it packs away inside the tool case I use for my cables. They also do 4 and 5 pedal options. They seem to be out of stock in many places however there is currently a Firefly M4 on Ebay at the moment which might suit you well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mooer-M4-Firefly-Case-Micro-Mini/223484707520?hash=item3408ba02c0
  14. Really need the space so price drop to £300.
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