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  1. I've had one of these for about 18 years but it's never been used much. The tone stack is a traditional Fender design, the same as many pre-amps/amps. The bass and treble controls are boost only and the mid control is cut only so flat should be min bass and treble and max mid. I modified the voicing of mine by changing the capacitor values to match the Alembic F1X.
  2. Backbeat G1 complete with case, original Euro-charger, lead and instructions all in original box plus UK 13A charger. £120 posted to UK
  3. Song: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Band: Saxa Venue: Shoals Brewery, Porthleven Bass: Sadowsky HPJ > Genzler Magellan 350 > BF One10 and PA
  4. Steve bought the last of my Bergantino CN cabinets. Faultless transaction once again and he confirmed that it had arrived safely. Thanks Steve
  5. Davie answered my wanted ad for a Behringer P1. Turns out he had one lurking in a drawer. All agreed very quickly and it arrived in a couple of days. What a star.
  6. Herbie came to a SE Bash some years ago and confirmed it. He played on it twice and got paid twice. He gave us a rendition of it live with him on DB and with Dave Swift playing Bernie's famous Fender Jazz.
  7. If you plug a DC cable, the 2.1mm co-axial cable, or even just an unwired plug into the external DC socket it will disconnect the battery.
  8. Now have adequate packing material so am able to ship within UK.
  9. What happened to the original SB14 neck?
  10. Dare I suggest a Bergantino CN210?
  11. I never saw this line-up but I saw Jet Harris with the Jet Blacks in Slough in 1962 supporting Little Richard and Sam Cooke.
  12. I have a 100-watt Nobsound, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274444339477, which I use to drive an active stool or a platform with drums. I think the Eich could be an uprated version of this although the price hike is a bit alarming. The 19-volt power supply is 60% the size of the amp so it's all a bit messy. I've modified mine so the speaker outlet is now a jack rather than terminal posts however the input is still a phono. I have yet to try it with a bass through a decent speaker.
  13. I seem to remember that it was certainly less than £100. Maybe someone with a better memory can correct me.
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