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  1. It went this morning. The problem with BC is that one becomes more and more accustomed to quality gear and anything less is just not acceptable any more. Looks like I'm going to have to order a custom 30" Jake when I've sold something.
  2. obbm

    Half Rack Tuner?

    Boss used to make one as part of their half rack range. They come up for sale occasionally.
  3. Today I took delivery of a 30" scale Precision from a well known budget manufacturer but this is just not right. How are they able to get it so wrong? It's going back tomorrow.
  4. Yes it was my regular bass for many years until I switched back to 4-strings.
  5. You mean this one @ped Sorry but I can't remember who bought it.
  6. It could, of course, be that these highly modified instruments were just stage props that never worked. They were created for use when the groups mimed which is evident by the lack of microphones and guitar leads.
  7. obbm

    Sadowsky UV70

    Not for a while yet. We have a house to sell.
  8. obbm

    Sadowsky UV70

    It'll be lot further when I've moved to Cornwall.😁 I could meet you at the bottom of the M1.
  9. obbm

    Sadowsky UV70

    Sorry but I don't know, it's whatever they make them at.
  10. obbm

    Sadowsky UV70

    Hi, my bathroom scales say 4.3Kg.
  11. As part of my downsizing prior to moving: Sadowsky Metro UV70 Jazz Bass Ash body Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Sadowsky pre-amp with VTC. comes with Sadowsky semi-hard case. Collection or meet-up preferred No trades as need to buy short scale bass.
  12. I love the sound of my '73 Precision strung with Rotosound flats however, as my small hands are getting older and slightly arthritic , I'm finding the stretch on the 34" scale a bit too much, so I'm considering finding or having made either a 32" or even a 30" Precision. How much of that trademark Precision sound will be lost by doing this and is there an acceptable compromise?
  13. Old Blue Moses, a former blues rock band playing a party in the Park for the local radio station. Despite the caption this was recorded 15 years ago in 2004. Not so much a band, more of a coach party. Music starts at 1:50
  14. As part of my downsizing prior to moving 2003 USA made Musicman Sterling Natural finish Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard Black Scratch Plate No case or gig bag Collection or meet-up Will consider trades involving short-scale basses. £900 There are a couple of dings on the front as can be seen here.
  15. If you're on Facebook you might like to watch this, It's the opening number from the Blackpool show. https://www.facebook.com/trevor.barry.376/videos/10156736515728601/
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