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  1. Before you chop the ends off open up the jacks and make sure the black conductive plastic screen is well clear of the central signal wire.
  2. NL4 plugs do NOT fit NL2 sockets NL2 Plugs DO FIT NL4 sockets.
  3. First pub gig for me in about 8 years and first gig with new band. For those who know the expression it was a bit like the Curate’s egg. On the plus side my Sadowsky Metro UV70 sounded great through the Ashdown Pre-DI and Bose L2 PA. I had one of the speakers next to me for monitoring plus Backbeat for bass and Eich stool for drums. On the negative side I’m finding it very difficult using pre-recorded drum tracks compared to a live drummer who I can watch and communicate with. At the moment I have no trust in the drums, a bit like getting up with a novice drummer at a Jam night. Timing is fine, just a bit erratic. The most recent tracks are fine but some were created by the band leader during the first Lockdown when the bass parts were played on his keyboard. We’re on the case and will be addressing the issue this week. It’s good to be back.
  4. Everybody is over-thinking this requirement. The simplest and cheapest solution is a 2 into 1 mixer cable. A pair of jack sockets into a jack plug incorporating a couple of resistors.
  5. Neither do I. The Elvis tribute I used to play in had short-sleeve uniform shirts however usually it's a loud shirt with the sleeves rolled up to 3/4 length over a plain T-shirt or black shirt and loosely knotted white tie, both with black moleskin jeans.
  6. I'd completely forgotten about that one. I can't even remember when or where but now you've reminded me I did feel for you at the time.
  7. The stand is Konig & Meyer (K&M). Excellent quality, well engineered, very solid and considerably better than my previous one.😀 Edit: It looks like it's this one - 14000 Drummer's throne »Gomezz« | König & Meyer (k-m.de)
  8. For years I'd practiced sitting on my home office chair. It was only after post Prostate operation problems that I took to sitting down for most gigs. Firstly I got a drum throne and fitted a butt-kicker to it driven from a mix of bass and drums. Then a much taller bar stool with the same device attached. This worked fine as I was always at the back next to the drums. Last year I concluded that I would never gig again to I sold the bits. Recently I've found another band and mentioned that I'd like to sit and play to which the others said, "what a good idea, so will we". In recent weeks I have been trying to recreate my monitoring system and bought an Eich active drum stool. Absolute magic. Everyone, keyboards, sax, bass, vocals and drum tracks, goes through the PA. We have no monitors on stage, so I have the drums in the stool and my bass through a Backbeat. Works well for me.
  9. Sadowsky Black Label have black silks. Nice strings. I use them on my UV70.
  10. Since my hearing started to deteriorate I have always been able to watch and feel the drums however my new band currently use pre-recorded or sequenced drum tracks so there is nothing to watch or feel. As a way round this problem I recently invested in an Eich DBC400R Active Sub-Woofer Stool, a sitting down version of the Bass Board. Yesterday's rehearsal confirmed that it was the right thing to do as I could finally feel the drums and lock in with them. In a similar way to In-Ears the Eich is getting the drums from an Aux Bus of the mixer via a power amp however I noticed that there were quite a few variations in incoming levels. It's not practical to keep tweaking the power amp all the time so I was thinking that perhaps I need to put some kind of limiter in circuit to provide some sort of automatic level control. As this not an area of expertise I would welcome any suggestions for suitable kit that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg as the Eich has somewhat emptied the piggy bank.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Seeing this new arrangement got me thinking so I've just had a look at a spare Backbeat circuit board that I have. The 1/4-inch two jacks are wired in parallel so the connections to the Backbeat are a loop-through and it just sits across the signal path and, as they say, takes a sniff of the bass output signal. That being the case it would be quite possible to replicate the new arrangement by making a cable with a right-angle jack for the instrument with 2 cables coming out, one going to an in-line locking jack socket, the other to the Backbeat input. Now where did I put my soldering iron?
  14. If you wan’t a thump in your back then keep your Epi cab and use a Backbeat.
  15. I know from my days in the Broadcast Industry that proprietary cables are a very negative selling point. For such a mission-critical component users always want an alternative source.
  16. Or if you have a strap mounted transmitter then you'd need another cable going back towards the BackBeat, so two cables again. I see no benefit in the new style whatsoever.
  17. My guess is a two circuit cable of unknown performance using the tip and ring of a TRS jack at the BackBeat end. The other end splitting into 2 cables, one with a jack for the instrument and the other a jack socket for the output. In other words a single cable version of what I have but with much less flexibility in terms of customer customisation.
  18. Having got somewhat fed up with the jacks pulling out of my Backbeat I set about making a clamp system to hold them in. At the same time I followed Higgie's idea of two short cable which live with the Backbeat and strap. I thought about all sorts of ways to do it and the simplest way seemed to be using the nuts on the jack socket to anchor the clamp to the case. I found Neutrik jacks were too large and difficult to anchor however these Amphenol jacks have a convenient shoulder to clamp against. No problems so far.
  19. Have to connected that adaptor to the power source that blew the Helix and checked the polarity with your meter?
  20. Have you connected that adaptor to the 9-volt supply that blew it and checked the polarity with your meter?
  21. If you only use the combo on its own i.e. without an extension cab then it doesn't matter which way round you connect it.
  22. I haven’t gone away. I just don’t have much to say these days.😉
  23. Well I now have my Stomp and very interesting it is. Had to upgrade to v3.11. Seems incredibly easy to use with the editing software. There is however one big problem with it. I want to use it as a sound interface and to listen to iTunes through it. It works fine for about 3mins and then it all stops. Same with media player. Never had a problem with my Steinberg interface. Has anyone else had this problem and is there an easy fix before I send it back?
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