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  1. Phew. It's probably a good job you live so far away from me...
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Bought Gareth's Doubleshot speaker. Superb bloke, dead easy purchase. great coms, v happy.
  4. redd

    Neural Quad Cortex

    Hey guys. I've had my QC for about 2 months now. Upgraded from a helix LT. It's an incredible piece of kit but I haven't really even scratched the surface of it's capabilities. I've been going straight from this unit to FOH and it sounds incredible. For the first time I'm getting strangers at gigs complementing me on my sound. The only slight niggle I've got is powering up the sound to live volumes. Through a pair of studio monitors or headphones it's incredible. Pumping up the sound on stage I've found the sound gets a little flat, like it needs a valve warmth or something (this is me being RIDICULOUSLY picky!) On some of the guitar forums our six string brothers have been running the QC through a stage power amp pedal (Seymour Duncan Powerstage seems to be the unit of choice) and then using a 'normal' guitar cab, rather than a powered speaker. Just wondered if anyone had tried this. I've asked this question on a few sites now and no one seems to have tried this on bass. I've just bought an acoustic image double shot from a fellow bass-chatter and I've got a Phil Jones cab so I'm going to experiment. If I reach any eureka moments, I'll come back and share!
  5. Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone is using one of these incredible things? I'm currently running this through a QSC k10.2. just wondered if anyone had used a Seymour Duncan Powerstage to power a 'normal' unpowered PA speaker or bass cab?
  6. Sorry for the dopey question above 🙄, I meant, can you set the EQ for one channel, then save it and have a separate EQ settings for the second channel? Please pardon me, it's sunny outside and i might have had an early bank holiday beer 🍺
  7. redd

    Feedback for NickD

    Nick bought a Fishman Platinum Pro from me. Great basschatter, trusted!
  8. Platinum Pro EQ for sale: Great condition. £140 plus postage?
  9. No sir! Still got the Tonebone, the MarkBass super booster and the expression pedal
  10. Joe bought a MarkBass pedal from me. Quality basschatter!
  11. Hi folks, Whole heap of pre-amp pedals here. I've just bought a Helix and these are now all surplus to requirements. I've priced them individually and am open to offers. No trades though please. Also if someone wants them all, I can do a deal on the lot! £120 £150 - Radial Tone Bone V2 - Great preamp, dual channel, great condition, power supply is a bit damaged hence the low price SOLD £90 - Tech 21 VT bass - Great condition, no velcro, get that motown sound. Lovely little preamp, argued with myself about keeping this one for days. Comes in the original tin. SOLD £100 £150 - Mark Bass Super Synth - Lovely synth pedal with presets, edit using usb and software. little scratched cosmetically, velcro on the bottom, works perfectly - Power supply included £80 £100 £130 - Mark Bass Super Booster - took me ages to find one of these, get that mark bass sound without an amp, sounds AMAZING with a EUB. Great condition - NO OFFICIAL POWER SUPPLY SOLD £50 £30 Sonuus BSM - Bass to midi convertor, Bought on a whim, never used in anger, no need for midi pickups etc. No idea of it's capabilities WITHDRAWN! £70 - Source Audio Dual Expression pedal - works as a 'normal' expression pedal but if you have source audio pedals i believe you can control 2 of them? Again, never used to the best of it's abilities, velcro on bottom. Prices are for pick up only, I can price up postage as and when needed, Thanks for reading! ReDD
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