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  1. For sale is my rather lovely Squier P in sonic blue:- - Fender 3 ply white pickguard - Original bridge “ashtray” cover, thumb rest / tug bar (classic of the 60’s era), - Rosewood fretboard, - Maple neck - Fender hi-mass bridge for increased sustain. I have only had this bass for a month and it has only had one previous owner. Reason for sale is that I've got a real hankering to get an early 70's P or probably more likely an American Professional II, I've been playing bass nearly 18 years now, recently turned 30, it's just time to get the bass I actually really want!! That being said these early Classic Vibe P's are wonderful, I actually performed my entire 3rd year Jazz recital on one years ago. Early models such as this one feature a rosewood neck as opposed to the cheaper alternatives on newer models, not to mention the hi mass bridge which is a really nice touch. Such a lovely finish, easily holds it's own against for more expensive models both in sound and looks - and rather sought after these days due their quality and the fact they are now discontinued. Currently string with a pretty old set of D'addario chromes for instant Jamerson/Pino vibe. A few minor dings as can be seen in photos. Collection in person within a reasonable distance of N1 London. Here’s something I recorded a week or so ago.
  2. I think not and the only basses they have in stock that I'd be interested in are out of my budget - I’m looking for an early 70’s precision.
  3. No I have tried, it was part of a trade deal, the bass I traded has gone already!
  4. For sale is my Xotic XJPro - 01. I brought it just over two weeks ago from the Bass Gallery in Camden. I am selling it simply because it is not the bass for me - I had thought I wanted to get an active/modern 5 string jazz style bass but I am definitely more of a passive P bass type of guy and I am primarily a double bass player, and this bass is far too nice to leave sitting around as a back-up. It is a wonderfully easy bass to play, the neck in particular feels super nice. It has a really nice set up as it so fresh from the shop! It is strung with a set of DR Pure Blues strings. Condition is as new. Here's a link to the Xotic website - http://xoticbasses.com These models were only available for a limited and are discontinued now, so do not expect to see therm come up very often! Such a high quality bass particularly at this price point. Comes with a very stylish case. Pickup or meet up in London, within reasonable distance of N1 only. EDIT So, I made a new demo video for the bass - reason being that I had not been playing much bass guitar when I made the last one, so my plucking fingers had gone a bit soft and I don't think I was getting as a good a sound as usual. I have been playing much more the last couple of weeks (mainly on my P bass), so my fingers have toughened up a bit. Also, this time I went through the DI on my Markbass 121 combo - EQ all flat, no filters applied on amp, just a bit of a bass boost on the Xotic's preamp, and tiny bit of compression applied in Logic. Apologies for the naff slapping at the end! Would be interested in trades for Fender P's (preferably early 70's), or 4 string jazz basses too.....not very imaginative perhaps!! Sales_Receipt_5909_from_The_Bass_Gallery.pdf
  5. Late 19th Century German Double bass 3/4 size. This is a blockless double bass likely crafted around the turn of the 20th century and is a very nice example of what are known as Tyrolean basses, named after the area they were crafted in around southern Germany. I have owned the bass for 3 years and it has served me very well during that time. I am selling due to an upgrade. I have spent a decent amount of of money on improvements to the bass and these are listed below:- - New fingerboard with wedge to improve over-stand of fingerboard over the body. - New ebony saddle at the bottom of bass, as well as new tail-wire. - New bridge The bass is currently strung with Evah Pirazzi Weich strings. The instrument in south east London and you are very welcome to try the bass and ask any questions beforehand! The bass comes with a basic soft case. Open to offers!
  6. Well someone ought to be snapping it up then Thanks
  7. Price drop to £250!!! For sale is my Markbass SA450. I purchased this amp about 5 years ago second hand. I have gigged with it fairly regularly since then. It is a great amp and I am only selling because I am looking to downsize to a combo amp. These have been discontinued by Markbass for a while now and I believe they are fairly hard to come by. The spec for amp can still be found on the Markbass website. http://www.markbass....-detail/sa-450/ The amp shows some signs of cosmetic wear as can be seen in photos. Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/zBge0
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