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  1. Just to mention originally I'd said the bass had a 35" Cale neck it is in fact a 34.25" scale.
  2. Another £100 reduction for this beast of a bass. Now £1690
  3. Up for sale is my beautiful S Cut Mayones Caledonius. It is in immaculate condition, not one ding or mark on it. It plays beautifully and has a wide range of wonderful tones. It has a 34.25" scale neck and has fret markers added by the Bass Gallery in London. It is active/passive and when in active mode is powered at 18 volts. Aquilera Pick ups. The cut away neck provides incredible access to upper tones. Any questions please PM me.
  4. Hi Anth, Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I must improve my I.T skills Very best wishes Paul h
  5. Hiya, Can't find your reply Im afraid. Can you resend? Cheers Paul h
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