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  1. Likewise David, wish we'd had more time to chat. Don't forget to check out Alan Ferber's Album The Jigsaw ( or it might just be Jigsaw) either way its on iTunes. Some great contemporary Big Band charts there. If you're on Facebook look me up under Paul Hornsby, its a great way of sharing new bands and tunes etc. Ben Wendel was playing at Ronnies last night as part of his European tour. Here's a link to one his charts off his recent album...... well worth a listen. Awesome compositions/arrangements and soloing from the whole band. Check it out here : Stay in touch Paul h
  2. Hi' I'm quite often over your neck of the woods but if you want to see and play the bass why not come to Newport. I make a nice cuppa.
  3. Strymon make incredible pedals and the Big Sky is one of these. Incredible spaces some credible and realistic and some absolutely out of this world. Every parameter is adjustable and saveable. All of these units can also be controlled via MIDI too. Amazing in solo spaces. Simply LUSH.
  4. This has to be the ultimate in modulation effects from deep chorus, Flangers, phasers and everything in-between . Beautiful audio quality, great quality easy to programme and stacks of incredible presets to start your personalised creations from. Grab a great bit of kit that will last a lifetime.
  5. These pedals are the business re quality, flexibility, ease of use and programmability . The unit has had very light use and is in perfect condition.
  6. For information, The neck joins the body of the bass via 6 bolts. This maximises the the transfer from the neck to the body creating that luscious tone associated with these basses. Beautifully crafted.
  7. That's such a shame, but it's not a problem at all, as if it doesn't sell at this price I keep a wonderful instrument. To be honest I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing anyway. I hope you get to play one, one day, but time and tide wait for no man. (or woman). Best wishes Paul Thanks for the love. Here's Vincen Feeling the love.
  8. Final reduction. Now £900. Grab a bargain before its withdrawn.
  9. Hiya, thanks for getting back in touch. Yes definitely interested. I have a bass on the site that I need to sell. So I have a bit of interest. I'm hoping it will sell soon unless you're interested with cash your way. Will be back in touch. Best wishes Paul
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