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  1. Hi I have had two Bergantino NV115s which I'd like to turn I have turned into something else. Cheers Martin!
  2. That's great, thanks very much! I'm trying to de-pedal my rig and get everything into a rack, otherwise I could just take the outputs into a Boss LS-2 and mix them there but it's just more stuff to carry around, more wires, more outboard PSUs etc. Before it shipped I'm certain I read somewhere that production models would have a switch to route both preamps to a single output but I guess they just never got round to it. As you say, not many of us run stereo systems and to be honest I know that when playing live GL's bass takes up five channels on the mixing console, so there's a lot more going on there than just the two outputs from his SansAmp anyway. So all the other controls still work as they're supposed to? The saturation control still works on the Deep side and the respective controls for the Drive side do what's advertised? Thanks again, really appreciate your help on this 👍 W
  3. Hi all Does anyone have one of these and if so are they using it with the approved rear patching hack that allows a combined signal to appear at one output? The very helpful folks at Tech21 told me... If you’d like a “quick” method for mixing the channels, you can run a short cable from the Deep section’s 1/4” Output, set for 0dB (button pushed in) to the Effect Return with the 50/50 mix engaged (button pushed in). Then run from the Drive section’s 1/4” Output to your amp, and/or the Drive XLR Out to the PA. Start with both Level controls at 12:00. The Drive Level will now serve as a “master volume”, and the Deep Level will allow you to “blend in” the clean signal. ...but I'd really like to hear from someone who's used it like this before I raid the piggybank. Many thanks! Wiggy
  4. Hi Karlfer Is this still around and are you open to cash offers? D
  5. Hello 'Chatters I present for your consideration a Custom Shop Jazz in their 'Heavy Relic' finish, what's left of it being Fiesta Red. I've had this about four years, having it bought it secondhand from Coda Music and it comes with its certificate, unused CS case and untouched case candy - it's a lovely Jazz but J's just aren't my thing. It's quite light too, under 9lb I think. Ideally I want to turn this, via straight swap or trade, into a MkII or MkIII Yamaha Attitude Limited bass in seafoam green. I realise this is probably a very long shot so worst case I'll snaffle the readies and then go shopping. Please note that I am looking for face-to-face deals only as I want the purchaser / swapper to be completely happy with this before we touch hands. I'm in the UK midlands and happy to travel / meet within reason. Thanks for looking! Wiggybass
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_fkux6Ha9g Not just a bump - THE Bump ;<)
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