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  1. Absolutely the best, My Little Bastard Serial No. 1 had a well deserved freshen up recently, thanks a million Dave !
  2. Welcome here, some nice gear there ! 😎
  3. Now I can't get Tina Weymouth out of my head 😃
  4. What's the gauges? Hotwires are lighter than GHS, I think all my GHS Precision flats are purple windings, Hotwires definitely black.
  5. Sorry to hear that Lozz, but if your health benefits then you can look back on some really great times and find some 'lighter duties' in the futue. All the very best John
  6. You want a Jazz pick up through a tuppeny halfpenny pre amp to sound like a proper passive P-bass? I don't think so 😎
  7. I've made a couple of wiring kits for Benedict, great guy to deal with, spot on comms. and instant payment, Perfect! Cheerz, John
  8. Ideal for powering all your mobile gear, will provide a whole day's 12V power for just about everything I reckon! Strap one on the bottom of your trolley and away you go. With a bit of ingenuity you could rig up a panel with Cigar Lighter, USB's, Lights, Various outputs as required. 1/2 price mobility scooter batteries, MK 12v 75ah previously owned, as new, just removed from new scooters, were fitted as standard to brand new Drive Royale Scooters but will fit many others and have many other uses. Specification: MK AGM 12V 75Ah Size 260 L x 168 W x 214 H, Approx 24Kg. Sealed GEL Cells, no leaking or venting. Fully charged and ready to go. I have 4 batteries available at £50 each, fully charged and ready to go, cheapest I can find on ebay etc. are at least £100 each. Collect only, please be aware each battery weighs approx. 24Kg. If you want to arrange a courier, entirely at your own risk and expense, I will pack them in their original boxes. Cheerz, John SOLD Thanks
  9. I'm selling 4 batteries atm 24Kg each and been asked to post them! The ad clearly says collect only, 24Kg each etc. However I have offered the interested buyer a reduced price on the 4, - £20 to help pay for courier, but he will have to arrange it at his own risk. Can't say fairer than that I reckon.
  10. Another perfect transaction with John, great guy to deal with, highly recommended. Many thanks for the repeat order, Cheerz, John
  11. I made a custom loom for Jon, great comms. and instant payment, great transaction, pleasure to deal with. Then we had a bit of bother getting things working right, until he found he had been sent the wrong pick up! Many messages later - all is well and congratulations Jon for working through it Cheerz, John
  12. Gavin ordered a loom, perfect transaction, comms. spot on and instant payment, couldn't wish to deal with a better fella😎 Cheerz, John
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