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  1. Jack sent a pedal to me for repair, great comms and instant payment, perfect, a real basschat good guy 😎 Cheerz, John
  2. Needs wood knobs, they look rubbish!
  3. That looks nasty, sharp edges on anything is/are a pet hate of mine, but finding that where you are certain to put your hand is bad - very bad. Do you know if later cabs are better, has the metalwork been changed?
  4. This conjours up a picture - bass guitar, ear + superglue = taxi to A&E 😁
  5. I was just nodding off 🙄 Yeah send it down - I'll have a butchers
  6. Hi John, thanks for the enquiry, I will PM you. Cheerz, John
  7. From what you describe it's a shielding issue, here's a useful article that helps clear thing up; https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2015/04/15/solving-bass-hum-problems-grounding-vs-shielding/
  8. Here's a good article that may help - Grounding vs. Shielding) – No Treble If you need a wiring loom you can fit yourself - PM me. Cheerz, John
  9. G'day mate, have fun 😎
  10. GHS Precision Flats = made for the job and hard to beat 😎
  11. It seems like the plug going in all the way is making the jack spring contact short onto the cavity wall. Try the bass with the scratch plate lifted up out so the contacts are clear.
  12. It's my pleasure to start a feedback thread for Jackie; a Stacked Jazz kit ordered and posted on Friday - delivered, fitted and feedback left next day, Saturday. Great to deal with, polite and friendly, perfect comms and instant payment, a perfect transaction, another satisfied basschatter 😎 Cheerz, John
  13. That's OK, looks right how about the rest of it? https://www.guitardaterproject.org/fender.aspx
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