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  1. KiOgon

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    Slot or cross head? 🤓
  2. KiOgon

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    But don't fit it 'cos it looks better without 😁
  3. KiOgon

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    I was thinking along Bridgehouse's lines - - - - - - - then I had a light bulb moment 🤡 why not get a matching hole-less pick guard? 🤓
  4. KiOgon

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    So - it ain't got holes now has it!?
  5. KiOgon

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    No guard for me - no holes = no guard - don't go drilling it now, you might regret it forever 😎
  6. KiOgon

    PJ Pickup Weirdness?

    @york5stringer What pots/controls are you using? Separate volumes or a blend?
  7. I'd bet on it being a set up issue and no way - a buy a new bass issue! Neck - trussrod - frets - nut - bridge or even strings, that's all 😎 or it could even be just the way the E string is fitted 😃
  8. KiOgon

    J bass with precision neck

  9. KiOgon

    Real summer music

    - And of corse;
  10. KiOgon

    Good eggs on this forum

    Fixed 🤣
  11. KiOgon

    GHS Precision Flats

    IMHO they can't be beat on a P-bass, could have been made for! - My fave's for a very long time 😋
  12. KiOgon

    Good eggs on this forum

    Sweet 😎
  13. KiOgon

    Heavier Gauge Strings on a Ibanez "Skinny" Neck

    I don't think they would 'damage' the neck - personally I don't like putting heavy strings on tiny necks though, just ain't right in my book. Where have you got your tensions from? Check on the page below: http://www.daddario.com/DADProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3769&productid=205&productname=ECB82_Chromes_Bass__Medium__50_105__Long_Scale Click on Family tension chart. Cheerz, John
  14. KiOgon

    Real summer music

    True dat! Any little ting gonna be alright 😎
  15. KiOgon

    Real summer music