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  1. Precision bass loom, Bourns 250K Log. Audio Mini pots. 6 mm splined shafts for push on knobs. Switchcraft Jack socket, PolyDrop .047uF Cap. 2 way screw terminal connector. Fits any P-bass including Squiers and others with narrow control cavity routing. Complete with hardware to suit pick guard / control plate mounting or through body up to 6mm, connection details and screwdriver. The Bourns pots are top quality and have a lovely smooth firm feel to use. A great replacement and upgrade for cheap and nasty pots and Jack socket in many basses. Comes with wiring instructions and screwdriver. £22.50 PayPal Friends/Family please, includes delivery UK. EU £5 extra, other at cost. Cheerz, John
  2. I reckon if you can master Hit me with your rythm stick, you can give yourself a gold medal 😃
  3. My case is slightly different, I chose a specialist courier, accepted their quote for a 'specialist job', £72 - not your average cheap as chips service. I don't have any problems (touch wood) with the regulars, Hermes, Yodel, DPD, TNT and others, even Royal Mail!!
  4. You would think getting a bass, amp, cab or practically anything delivered by couriers is hard work, you want to try getting a Mobility Scooter! Unbelieveable. Name and shame = SilverSprint Transport and Warehousing, advertised on ebay as specialists in mobility scooters etc.etc. They couldn't run a bath. 24th July I ordered a delivery after reading their BS on ebay. It took them until 13th August to collect it, it has sat in their warehouse since. Should have been delivered this morning 8.30 - 11.30 but no. I've been arguing online chat with them for practically 3 hours since, told it would cost me £224 extra to get it delivered tomorrow, then finally got a call from the company director. Many apologies and excuses, a £40 refund and promise of delivery Friday 9AM guaranteed! We'll see!
  5. My Mum went mad! I was only released from hospital 12th August after 3 months in traction, had to learn to walk with crutches and was only allowed to go because my best mate promised to look after me - which he did 👍 I had already seen Jimi twice, he was my main reason for going, he was stoned like everyone else and so so good, terrible what happened 6 weeks later 😮 couldn't believe it. My mate still has his IoW folding chair, we each 'borrowed' one from somewhere and brought them home - don't ask me why - I think we might have had a drink? 😄
  6. Saw the documentry on BBC4 last night, well woth watching if you have any interest or are of that age 😎 unbelievable how it actually got going. I was 18, never even dreamed of going to America, but made up for it the next year at The Isle of Wight 😄 Sorry - I can't see when it'll be repeated, maybe on iplayer, I dunno. image: https://proxy.freeview.co.uk/739x415/528021323.jpg Woodstock - Three Days that Defined a Generation Friday 16th, August, 10:00pm - 11:25pm image: https://www.freeview.co.uk/app/uploads/cdn/3/channel/bds-bbcfour.png BBC Four For three days in August 1969, half a million people from all walks of life converged on a small dairy farm in upstate New York. They came to hear the concert of their lives, but most experienced something far more profound: a moment that came to define a cultural revolution. This documentary tells the story of the lead-up to those three historic days, through the voices of those who were there and the music of the time. It includes extraordinary moments from the concert itself, iconic images of both performers and festival goers, and tells how this groundbreaking event, pulled off right at the last minute, nearly ended in disaster and put the ideals of the counterculture to the test. Read more at https://www.freeview.co.uk/tv-guide#Uf2HpE4y4fADHPkF.99
  7. No just overflow storage these days - and before you ask - no it's not full of basses 😝 it's Kaz's retreat anyhow!
  8. The caravan I reckon 😃
  9. Shirts.Ruby.Later = here😎 Seriously! Brilliant app 👍
  10. My playstore can't find it 😣 is it just me? Cheerz, John
  11. @Cuzzie " Now, what I would like would be neck on its own on, and switch to both on together with a push/pull. " Yes you can do that, but with both pick ups on you'll have no balance/blend between them = less than ideal!
  12. @bassfan I have the DP127W in my AVRI Blonde White '57 P it sounds immense and each note is crystal clear, IMHO the perfect passive P sound, but of course you can F unk it up with pedals etc if you must 😎 Not got the J's in anything ATM, but they are equally brilliant and of course you get the 4 wire option of coil splitting. The pair also work seriously well together in series mode too!
  13. https://www.thomann.de/gb/dimarzio_dp126_basspickup_set.htm You could do a lot worse !
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