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    If Carlsberg did wiring kits ;-)
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  1. KiOgon

    You can only have........

    Start with 1, 4 string fretted most useful and stick with it until you are so good you need a better bass! 😎 By then you might know what you NEED/ It's all you need 😄
  2. KiOgon

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Go Andy Go 😎
  3. KiOgon

    Feedback for jimbartlett

    I made a P-bass wiring loom for Jim, complete pleasure to deal with, spot on comms. and instant payment, perfik! Cheerz, John
  4. KiOgon

    Mini switch ON-ON-ON or ON-OFF-ON

    @fleabag Do you have somebody in mind to do the wiring? 😎
  5. No I don't think anybody makes them. Can obviously be done with separate blend, then s/p on a tone or volume switvh/ pot or a toggle switch. Cheerz, John
  6. KiOgon

    Keytars.. who owns one or has played one?

    I picked one up that was left ready to go in the demo room in Bonners, within a minute I was thrown out 😃 🤣 😲
  7. KiOgon

    Madness NYE

    Well found @anzoid that looks a superb bass with a excellent set of build photo's too!
  8. KiOgon

    Madness NYE

    Doesn't look like the head shape or logo shown in their ad?: http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/bruce-thomas-profile.html
  9. KiOgon

    Madness NYE

    +1 😎
  10. KiOgon

    Feedback for ToneFree

    Jeff got in touch re problems getting the tones out of his Flea bass. I did a rework of his pots and pieces - leaving him a happy chappy! A real pleasure to deal with. Cheerz, John
  11. I suppose the string changing is OK - but that's not really 'playing' bass is it!? 😃😄😎
  12. KiOgon

    Seller says it's a Fender

    Yes I got a reply - New message from: hawkeye1922 (54) Hi John, I've just added the full serial to the description, and there are some more photos. Thanks for your interest! Paul So I reckon it's pukka, let's see what it goes for! Edit: The serial number checks out on guitardaterproject.org
  13. KiOgon

    Seller says it's a Fender

    Yeah working now, I asked for serial number, will let you know!