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  1. Flats every time for me, call me crazy but - like big gauges on a big old 1 3/4" neck, medium gauge on the 42/43mm, 'modern necks' and guess what - - - From GHS Precision 55 - 110 to TI Jazz JF344, 43 - 100.
  2. Often - Trade Chemicals Ltd. [email protected] or search ebay for best price.
  3. No wars intended, I buy 25Kg bag or 10Kg tub as and when, use the same for everything, but particularly in my Koi pond to maintain the KH as a pH buffer, our tap water is less than 1, barely shows on any test kits.
  4. CaCO3 it's all the same, some may be finer ground, Shake and Vac has been suggested here!
  5. Caveat emptor mon suet! The shop may not have known, even the previous owner may not. Unless sold specifically as stock/unmodified, not a lot you can do really. Could try having a word with the shop/seller but - - - Yes they're different pick ups, does it play OK? have you looked underneath them?
  6. Added pics and price for P-bass kit. Cheerz, John
  7. What is/was the apparent blurred text beneath the Fender logo? Serial Number?
  8. A simple way to try "bypass" on any bass, all passive, 2 tone caps to choose or bypass and a kill, in one switch.
  9. Sounds like some new sort of commode to me, might be useful 😎
  10. Made in Japan = best ever live recording, will never be beaten IMHO 😎 When the bass comes in on SOTW it's enough to blow your speaker's bollx off 🤯
  11. Far from ignoring you, I appreciate feedback like that. If it is difficult for 'mr average', (apologies), to do something and I can make it easier then I will, you're probably not the only one 😃
  12. If getting 2 wires in 1 connector is a problem, I can always fit a extra terminal for earth/shielding wires? Let me know please 👍
  13. When your bass isn't delivering the sounds you want and was put together saving every penny possible on components and the lack of skilled workers? That's only around christmas and special holidays when my elves come and help in my man cave 🧚‍♂️ You might get a kit mounted on part of a cardbord box that used to contain a magic liquid, that's what he means 😄 He's only my half twin 👱‍♂️ Different is working properly, as it should 👍
  14. I assume you are asking about the video? @gary mac
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