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  1. Jodie got in touch re a change of controls for his Lakland, excellent comms, instant payment and a pleasure to deal with, great guy. Cheerz, John
  2. I can't imagine why a luthier wouldn't 'just do it' without any talk of 'at your risk', if he's not proficient I'd seek another luthier. Re-doing a bit of copper foil or shielding paint ain't exactly difficult either, IMO 😇
  3. @Obrienp Never seen any blend pots with long mounting thread, (not shaft - that's the bit the knob goes on). The obvious answer is to remove a smidgen of wood inside the cavity where the pot sits, carefully 😉 so more thread sticks through, if you're OK with woodwork handtools, if not see a luthier.
  4. There's a easy way, ready to drop in, no soldering and works first time, or you could spend hours trying 😉
  5. Also irrelevant, but I have a Vintage Advance Thinline Tele which is truly superb and punches well above it's price 😉 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-advance-av2-thinline-283347013
  6. It's not because they're 'Mini' so much as they're cheaper than chips, in fact potato pots might be better. Penny pinching on electrics by most manufacturers is what lets many basses/guitars down, poxy pots, jacks made out of putty and soldering by '3 year olds', you'd think! Japanese Fenders included. I've been using Bourns mini pots for a good few years now in most of my replacement looms and they are as good quality and as well made as the benchmark CTS. Just to set the record straight like 😉
  7. Alex has had a couple of Jaguar looms, apart from Royal Mail not doing what they're paid for 😒 all is well. Perfect transactions as always with a great basschatter, pleasure to deal with. Cheerz, John
  8. How much is 750 in US$ or GB£? Can't tell if it is a bargain or not without that info, but if it plays well, it looks good 😀 happy days. The Serial number on the head don't seem to match the tags?
  9. Yes Tom, Can do but it's really not a comfortable combination to use, IMHO. With pick-ups in series the blend is redundant, as would a second volume control be. In parallel of couse the blend has control over the 2 pick-ups as normal, with volume and tone. PM me for any more info please. Cheerz, John
  10. Always Audio or Log. (same pot/taper), for me (and a lot of satisfied bass chatters), 250K - yes.
  11. I suggest; remove the green wire earth connection from the top lug of the blend pot to the body of volume pot and try it. Cheerz, John
  12. I can't get the Seymour Duncan link to copy/paste.
  13. Sorry I didn't check the link before posting - my bad - that was not what I meant to post, apologies.
  14. Should be good, although I always use Log. The S/D diagram is what I usually follow.
  15. That drawing looks wrong, who wires the jack at the top of the bell plate and the blend t'other end? Wierd 😏 Try this;
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