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  1. Ian ordered a loom to upgrade his Squier and I gather he's well pleased with it! A real pleasure to deal with, great comms, instant payment, highly recommended. Cheerz, John
  2. Maybe you should treat yourself and your bass to a new wiring loom with solderless installation + you'll get the best out of your new pick ups 😎
  3. I'm never far away 😎 One of my super express quikfit T'bird wiring looms will soon sort that out for you @Raptorhands Cheerz, John
  4. Andy came around earlier, always great to see him and have a good natter, great guy to have in my 'contacts list', always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for your business and the great feedback. Cheerz, John
  5. Here's a selection of wiring looms 😉
  6. Maybe appears rusty but I bet it works for adjustment, as said above - no need to have rusted threads where things should be free to move, a little grease on assembly would prevent that.
  7. It was at GAK Brighton a while ago, think it was about £2K, but you're right.
  8. A rusty bridge on a 'new' Fender Pino stopped me from buying it. Trying it in the shop I asked if the saddles could be raised a bit, the tech tried and said no sorry they're fixed, to which I said - you mean rusted in - he agreed. All the metalwork was too rusted for my liking, unplayable with a very low action so I never got a Pino!
  9. Good advice above from @dyerseve In the good old days amps couldn't handle the 'massive output' from the pick ups so a resistor was fitted to drop the levels a bit.
  10. £80? https://hipshotproducts.com/products/bt7-bass-xtender?variant=43172792392
  11. Maybe - but a good plan is to stuff any surplus clothing, outdoor wear etc.etc. in the empty case, double whammy, especialy if it's a muffle coat 😃
  12. I don't see any earth wires soldered to the pot bodies, so no decent grounding there, only the mechanical connection between the pot mountings and the tiny piece of copper tape on the scratchplate. Can't see if the copper is properly earthed either.
  13. Difficult drilling from the split end because the drill will bite/snag. If you take apart and drill from the back it would be better. EDIT: not sure if the thread in the back would allow a big enough drill to pass through without damage, it's not something I've actually tried!
  14. KiOgon


    @Waddycall changing the pots for higher value, cap. for lower value ie; from 250K to 500K pots and from 0.1 or .047 to .033 or .022uF will help 😎
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