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  1. Obeche as a body wood?

    When my Dad chose the woods for my first bass in 1964/5 he brought home Obeche for the body and Sapele for the neck. It made a fabulous sounding Pear shaped/Teardrop fretless. Wish I still had it now
  2. Pit Bull Precision

    All wood is beautiful, I wouldn't be swayed by first appearance - stick with your plan A - if you want a solid colour - do it!
  3. Deleting Posts

    Exactly what I was thinking, I also started a thread about the missing edit in PMs but _ _ _
  4. Best wishes with your build and congratulations for taking it on! When I was 14, with 3 mates we all started playing - with cheap acoustic guitars. Luckily my Dad was a carpenter/cabinet maker and he helped me made a bass for me. He knew which woods to use and ''we' made a pear shaped, copied from what I had seen the Rolling Stones using that was 1965 and I'm still playing today, just about, but the bass is long gone. When you're ready for the electrics, give me a shout and I'll help you out with a wiring kit to suit you, your bass and your budget. Good luck and keep us informed of progress. Cheerz, John
  5. Precision Bass E String Tension Issue

    I can't comment on your choice of cheese graters I only use Flatwounds, favourites - GHS Precision bass 45-105 IIRC on P-basses and strangely enough TI JF344s on Jazzes, that's what works for ME
  6. Precision Bass E String Tension Issue

    @Muppet I couldn't agree more about strings suiting basses, horses for courses, also strings that suit players Have you also had a very close look at the bridge especially the E saddle? Nut is often the cause, could be too tight or loose for the gauge, string wound down the tuner post as far as poosible, creates a decent break angle, tuner components all tight?
  7. Ibanez SR jack plug problem

    Without wishing to be rude - that looks a cheap and nasty lead anyhow, get a decent lead with a proper plug on it and you'll kill 2 problems in one. OBBM here in this parish is renown for his top quality leads https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/12-obbm/
  8. Ibanez SR jack plug problem

    Yes the adapter will complete the circuit and shorten battery life without the cable plugged in, but if you found the fit of the cable end into the adapter was tighter than the adapter into the socket (if you see what I mean), that would be a bonus
  9. Ibanez SR jack plug problem

    This sort of thing? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-X-RCA-Phono-Female-to-Male-6-3mm-6-35mm-1-4-Jack-Adapter-Converter-Plug-Gold/351182925380?epid=1056357321&hash=item51c4222e44:g:FBYAAOSwXshWrNEf
  10. 10 detent 250/500k pot

    @ alembic1989 Are you thinking of the 'click washer' ayatem used under the tone knob on the Fender '60 stacked Jazz controls?
  11. Edit option gone?

    Yep I'm certain it was there a few days ago, I've definitely been using the edit since the big changes. Now another abnormality has occured! I haven't received notifications of replies to this thread, even though I've been automatically added to the following list and it has come through in my daily digest
  12. Edit option gone?

    I noticed in PMs the edit function that used to be along the bottom ain't there any more? Is it something I've changed? Cheerz, John
  13. Do up current bass or buy a new one?

    As said before, get and try as many as you can, should be a good few shops within your reach. If you find a bass you love and feels right, sounds right - it will give your playing a boost - so a win win situation.
  14. Excellent Sherlock how did you find that?