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  1. I've just seen a rickenbacker cloud 😊 no I didn't get a picture - you had to be there 😎
  2. Sad news, condolences to family and friends, RIP John.
  3. Looks great with the off white I reckon - CLASSIC 😎 and very nice too 😊
  4. Looks exactly as Mr @Teebs has pointed out, a stray black wire needs re-soldering to the jack socket. Alternatively, new looms are available 😊
  5. Welcome mefgames, lots of us old guys around here 👍
  6. Great tune and tone - rocking the deathburger 😎
  7. " Would consider exchange for a small diesel automatic car but no rubbish please." I've got a genuine low mileage Aston Martin small diesel automatic car I could swap for that 😂
  8. Vedran ordered a Jazz bass kit, complete ready to drop in, great comms. instant payment, a true pleasure to deal with. Woth mentioning Royal Mail - good job on the delivery, attempted less than 72 hours after posting here, can't be bad. Recommended, great basschatter 😎
  9. Great 7 year old thread resurrection 👍
  10. This is world class Mojo, how it used to be 😎
  11. A lad brought a Affinity P to me for a setup, couldn't believe how good it was, he paid £179 on offer with a Rumble 15 amp unbelievable value! Was it good enough to learn on he asked!!!!!!
  12. Couldn't agree more, RIP Freddie 💗
  13. Thanks UPS, that's the way to do it, custom build ordered 20-05-2019, hand made, delivered today, less than 20 hours from Italy to my door. Status Date Location Activity Current Event Delivered 05/23/2019 3:52 P.M. BEXHILL-ON-SEA, GB DELIVERED 05/23/2019 7:20 A.M. Crawley, United Kingdom Arrival Scan 05/23/2019 6:35 A.M. Crawley, United Kingdom Destination Scan 05/23/2019 5:30 A.M. Stansted, United Kingdom Departure Scan 05/23/2019 3:39 A.M. Stansted, United Kingdom Arrival Scan 05/23/2019 4:30 A.M. Koeln, Germany Departure Scan 05/23/2019 1:53 A.M. Koeln, Germany Origin Scan 05/23/2019 12:39 A.M. Koeln, Germany Arrival Scan 05/22/2019 11:16 P.M. Tessera, Italy Departure Scan Past Event Shipped 05/22/2019 7:54 P.M. Tessera, Italy Export Scan Past Event Label Created 05/22/2019 11:09 A.M. Italy Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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