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  1. dont suppose the 4X10 is still for sale is it? cheers
  2. Yeah looks like the bars are saved for the Americans! great bass none the less!!
  3. From Brian at Lakland while we use a traditional steel truss rod in our skylines, there are no reinforcement bars.Our US made basses, on the other hand, use graphite reinforcement bars in the neck.
  4. You're right mate - the skyline series - https://www.lakland.com/decade.htm Flat-Sawn Rock Maple Black headstock
  5. Not sure what the actual rod is made of but they feature two graphite reinforcement bars running alongside the rod - https://www.lakland.com/tech.htm
  6. Hi there! I dont know is the honest answer! I'll have a google and report back with what I find.
  7. Friday bump and price drop to £550 Looking for a quick sale! pm an offer!
  8. bump! feel free to PM an offer! got my eyes on something else so looking to sell quickly!
  9. [quote name='Lunden88' timestamp='1509137700' post='3397012'] What preamp is installed? Cant seem to find an active version on Laklands website [/quote] Uploaded a preamp pic to the post at the top!
  10. [quote name='Kirky' timestamp='1509182566' post='3397152'] Cash on collection....but where are you based? Sorry if I've missed it. [/quote] Hi mate, Doncaster South Yorkshire
  11. [quote name='davidak' timestamp='1509178520' post='3397121'] Thanks a lot for the answer, bit too heavy for my long gigs. But have a free bump for a great bass! [/quote] No worries! cheers David!
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