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  1. Hi I’m selling my Stagg Eub its served its purpose I rarely get called for its use as I’m pretty much all Acoustic Upright these days. I’d say it would be great for anyone switching to the Upright for the 1st time or its fantastic for a rehearsal where Upright is needed and you have limited space in the “ motor “ There are full details on staggs website and loads a clips on you tube but I tend to read the Amazon reviews when considering buying a new product it plays fine has interesting tonal variations and the useful headphone out and mp3 in for silent practice,it comes with case a bit tatty and stand ( adapted snare stand) There is noticeable damage to the body and head but doesn’t effect the sound so please check pics. ok that’s it pick preferably or can deliver for petrol within 50 miles Paul
  2. Upright pick for sale (unbranded) These came with my old Upright which I’ve sold.These would be ideal for some one putting together a starter the only identifiable marks I can find are and the jack is made by switch craft M1354E12683 pv
  3. Hi I’m trying to find out the make of this Upright pick the only identification is this M1354E12683 pv Thanks Paul F
  4. When did bass chat start charging to advertise equipment for sale I have seen any advance warnings for this ?

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    2. ped


      2012 I think....

    3. TheGreek


      Ped, when I looked at your post I read:

      Then I realised that it was when you posted...

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  5. HomeSearchRegisterYour AccountE-ZoneResourcesLinksSupport In association with Qualifications: PGCE PTTLS Instruments: Electric & Upright Bass Guitar/Guitar Beginners only Genre/Style(s): Rock Funk Jazz Pop World Music Ability Levels: Beginners to Advance Prices Remote Lessons via Skype/face time etc £20.00ph in person Fee (30 minutes): £20.00 Fee (60 minutes): £40.00 former teaching institutions Teachers.co.uk Musicians Institute 1993-6. Acm Guildford 1997-2012. International Guitar Festival Bass Courses Bath Spa University 2004-07. I have also taught for Access to music,Berkshire Music trust. Grozjan Summer Music courses Croatia 2010-11 Southampton Solent University 2013-16 Acmr Bournemouth 2016-17 Bryanston Music Dept 2017-17 Paul’s tuition program consists of the following: Knowledge of Instrument Bass guitar & Amplification Different models Guitar set up Pre amps E.Q Compression Valves Solid State etc Looking at the Blues progression Using Simple I IV V progressions & ulitimately working toward dominant chords & their appropriate scales including more comlpex dominants e.g C7 C7#4 whole tone C7b9 Phrygian dominant diminished & Whole tone Jazz studies Analysing Chord charts Jazz harmony Key & Tonal centres & altered Dominants II V 1’s b5 substitution Improvisation, chromatic approach notes synthetic & exotic Scales & arpeggios extended chords Walking in 2 & 4 & Getting round the changes.Giant steps changes Rhythm studies. We shall look at identifying specific rhythms styles that can be used when comping or soloing.re visit blues progression Using Knowledge gained from earlier studies Repertoire study Exploring different genres paying particular attention to the Technical (Plectrum fingers Thumb altered tuning Keyboard & synth emulation) & Musical aspects including (style sound chart navigation using a transcription & audio). Fret board harmony Includes specific technical exercises for the Bass that are designed to help with your Knowledge of the fret board & build strength & dexterity, including Scales Triads arpeggio’s Chord analysis warm up & supportive finger exercises for left & right hand. Practical Theory Develop an understanding of how music works in a practical way
  6. my youtube channel

    My Cv includes Paul Weller Midge Ure London Beat,The James Taylor Quartet Ian Hunter,Steve Hillage, Maggie Bell & Chris Farlowe Paul Gilbert & Producers Braund Reynolds,Ashley Slater Carl Verhayen Mike Mangini & Virgil Donato, Antonio Sanchez to name a few. TV appearances have included Top of the Pops & various others around the Globe. I'm Currently working on my 2nd CD & also composing for various online Music libraries.

    Bass p.jpeg

  7. frannie01

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    I found this news quite distressing RIP Aretha
  8. frannie01

    TC Electronic BG250 208 for double bass?

    Hi This looks great and extremely cheap....!! Thanks for posting this !! I for 1 will definitely be looking into getting 1 of these and would love to hear about your experiences with it ...
  9. frannie01

    TC Electronic BG250 208 for double bass?

    Loving the lights....... great picture !!
  10. frannie01

    TC Electronic BG250 208 for double bass?

    Hi Ive been using the 2 x8 with the 250 head for over year.Not sure if its my ignorance but the so called DYNAMIC TONE CONTOURING FILTER SECTION really doesn't work for me be.(eg by reducing the bass frequency in the -db direction your overall volume drops dramatically I want to loose the frequency not the volume level !!) and with no standard 1/4 trs fx send or return there is no alternative input (for say a mic ) The inbuilt tuner is great although doesn't fully track the signal from the upright p/u If I were to buy 1 of these again( not sure I would) I'd make sure I had 1) an additional quality PRE AMP TO boost the piezo p/u level and a high quality p/u ....... 2) or top quality mic and pre amp These 2 items alone would cost you the price of a dedicated 2nd hand acoustic combo !! Finally if you get a high quality p/u and adequate pre amp I'm sure this combo would be fine for most small gigs but I'll be looking for a dedicated amp that can cope with the input of an acoustic instrument ..I've not mentioned any brand names but they'll be easy enough to research on the web... Hope this helps ?
  11. The ineffable case of the screeching upright ? One for Shelock Homes no doubt !! 

    Its been the most audacious set up in the history of set ups, more leads than Trumps connections to the Russians ! more eq'ing than err....Woodstock ! and more screeching than.......well anyone on Britains got talentless.And that my friends is the common tale of Perfoming with an acoustic instrument night after night.

    You maybe interested to learn that pointing the mike in the right direction helps....or not  

    upright mike placement 1.JPG

    1. SpondonBassed


      I'd have sweated myself into a kind of slow panic.  Funny how the mind tries to visualise all sorts of complicated scenarios to account for set backs.

      One of those D'oh! moments I suppose?

    2. TheGreek


      "ineffable" - does that mean you can't swear about it? 😉😉

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      My DB only screeches when I approach it with a bow ;)

  12. https://www.kimcypher.co.uk Kim Cypher Saxophone and Vocals Paul Francis Upright Bass Phil Doyle Piano Kim Cypher is one of the UK’s most exciting female saxophonists, vocalists and composers, having developed her own unique ‘funky’ style of saxophone playing, built upon influences by great players such as Gerald Albright, Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis, Andy Sheppard, Dean Fraser, Courtney Pine and Grover Washington. Kim trained alongside American saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis (saxophonist with James Brown and Van Morrison) and internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist Andy Sheppard. Kim’s vocal style has been influenced by the great Billie Holiday together with a wide range of vocalists including Imelda May, Caro Emerald and Liane Carroll.
  13. frannie01

    Veronique Jolly Trio Sat 4th Of August

    http://www.veroniquejoly.co.uk/ The Veronique joly Trio Lake Drive Hanworthy Poole Dorset 19-00 23-00 Veronique will be perform her set of tunes,Jazz with a parisienne edge and featuring Rob Palmer Guitar Paul Francis Upright Bass