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  1. If it’s important to pay attention to a bass part I’ll write it out,I find it helpful to see as well as listen. It also gives you a record of it for future reference. Musescore is a free score writing app available for both Mac and Windows
  2. Worth keeping an eye for though ?
  3. Hi finally got round to checking this out,looks like its been dis continued ?
  4. Ok That's Brilliant.really helpful....Thanks
  5. That’s exactly the info I was searching for.I’m finding it a little difficult deciding wether or not to get rid of my gear now as it will be a complete change for me Do you still have your separates? Thanks
  6.  Thoughts ?? 

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    2. SpondonBassed


      "On my radar along with Carvin’s Mach100 that I believe this is based on."

      Linkage for that:


    3. Dood


      Ahhh thank you for that!! :)

    4. SpondonBassed


      You're welcome.

      They both look interesting and if I'm honest, a bit too good to be true.  I am prepared to have my mind changed if I see some discussion from owners.  I can't see me having a use for one though.

  7. Found this on you tube can’t wait for a more powerful version
  8. Hi Thanks for all the info much appreciated!!
  9. IVe also discovered this not quite powerful enough for the bigger gigs but .....there’s hope !
  10. Yes that all makes , sense apart from the 15s ( just lazy I guess )😁 although for touring purposes id definitely consider it ! Listen that’s been most helpful much appreciated thanks
  11. Ok that’s handy to know,I’d like to know 1) how transparent the sound is with the bass no amp sims 2) how it sounds with the sims added. i realise every instrument responds differently just like to get an impression Thanks
  12. To be honest my trace Elliot head plus 4x10 on top of the 1x15 are well-behind me these days and I have to carry my stuff around now no more road crew I’m afraid the smaller the better at my age 😁
  13. Ok nice I’ll have a look ill post any findings Cheers
  14. Nice one succinctly put.I tried the same idea many years ago......all the frequency controls went on my amp but it stlll powered up so I just used the 3 band on my music man to get the tone i needed. I liked it and have been achieving the same results by going directly into the fx return and by passing the pre amp occasionally.My Genz has given me a certain amount of transparency but FRFR sounds like the way forward for me Cheers
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