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  1. Hi I Like the sound of your advert and what your trying to do.I'm planning on getting more work on my upright.Ive been working with another folk artist from Salisbury helping to promote he's cd and enjoyed working in the live folk environment I've also discovered through this project that's it's quite a difficult scene to break into and wondered what plans you had to do so.Sorry To be nosey Cheers Paul F
  2. I usually can't get arrested most weekends but the last 2 days have been hectic.Yesterdays Dorset midsummer festival with Blues Commotion was fun,well for me least and the precision didn't complain either ! There were a few phrases I went for that didn't come off but that's to be expected and a common problem when the "ego" kicks in ( see Kenny Warners book "effortless mastery" for clarification ) I stinky poo you not but I sware I heard a girl scream when they announced my name through the pa and yes it could've been blind terror! anyway, we finished at 5.15. I then jumped in the car having left my iPad and mike stand at the festival but more worrying was the lack of stopping power I.e the brakes on my car !! There was a decision to be made do I risk life and limb to drive from Dorset to Luton with very little breaking power. I hate letting people down so reluctantantly continued my journey, needless to say 3 frantically nerve wracking hours later I arrived at the gig with 5 minutes to spare and a nervous group of musicians ( who i'd never met before waiting for me) Luckily they were a great bunch of guys and helped me load in set up and even got me a drink,bless em.The gig went ok It took a while to get into the right head space but 1/2 way through the 1st set the music started to take shape (a blend of punk classic rock and some soul tunes thrown in for good measure.) I won't go into the return journey as its to distressing but I arrived home at 3am unloaded the car re loaded with my acoustic bass set up for an early get in at my Sunday lunch time jazz gig Trafiic in Dorset was horrendous today and with my braking problem meant my 45 minute journey took 1.20 mins making me late yet again with 10 mins to spare this time (wow lucky me !) The gig however was great,just a duo with me on upright and a fantastic pianist called Dave Shattock on the grand piano and they fed and watered us (Sunday lunch stylee) Well that's it really. I do love playing but miss the fun excitement and protective custody of touring where everything is taken care of and people adore you,women wanted to sleep with you and give you pharmaceuticals as well as other things.Id hate to think those days are over (well i can do without the women drink and drugs these days ) but to think that more low paid gigs,broken cars,long and stressful journeys and drunk un appreciative audiences lay in wait is to say the least a little disheartening.
  3. Hi Thanks for that a valid point.I'm more interested now as I get older in making music defined by my instruments not necessarily the genre although obviously that is an important part.I'd like to be somewhere that has a national stake in its artistic heritage possibly Scotland or Ireland.Another mitigating factor would be the "cost of living".I know I may taking a naive approach but its something I feel I have to investigate. Thanks again Paul
  4. Hi, yes all true...Liverpool was lucky enough to have the docks and that allowed an influx of musical influences outside of the uk to slowly become part of our cultural norm.On the flip side London these days is outside of the price range (in terms of housing and renting) for most working musicians (who don't have the support of the Bank of "Mum & Dad") It harbours a "closed shop" mentality regarding any new (or old for that matter) musicians trying to break into the music scene has lots of live music venues but pays very little.I'd like to think there is an alternative to that..Hopefully.....Cheers PF
  5. Hi Thanks for the info I'll give a more detailed reply soon as I'm all quoted out Cheers PF -:)
  6. Yes thats true,I'm finding that a problem here in Dorset...I'm kind of fed up with that and just want to make "good music" but also have a better quality of life in general, Thanks mate....
  7. Yes The Midlands has been there since "Sabbath" but I never new that about Bristol. I'm about 2 hours away and barely get to visit or work there. I think the problem maybe that Facebook users promoting gigs bands etc...only seem reach out locally So that anyone outside any particular county, never get to hear about what's going on.
  8. Hi yes Iv'e briefly looked that way but will investigate further! there were some lovely cheapish places on the "borders" but wondered if it was comutable to Edinburgh.Thanks so much for your comments,ya never know I may end up moving there so we could hopefully say" Hi"
  9. frannie01

    screws for Tc bh250 head ?

    Hi does anyone know where I can get the screws that attach the bh250 to the cabinet.The original one were lost by the last repairer and they are a weird shape and size Ive not had much luck Thanks Paul
  10. Hi I've been thinking about re locating from the the southeast,having been here all my life,but would really like to know musicians thoughts on the subject including best work opportunities including music teaching local music schools, night life, avoid areas, cheaper housing, travel, infrastructure etc... its big subject but I would welcome any comments Thanks Paul F
  11. frannie01

    NAD & TC BG250-208 head removal

    Great !!
  12. frannie01

    NAD & TC BG250-208 head removal

    Hi are you interested in selling the 250 ? Cheers Paul
  13. frannie01

    Eden WTX-264 head £150

    Hi mate whereabouts are you ? Cheers Paul
  14. frannie01

    bass player needed

    Do you want give me your email might be easier ? Cheers PF