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  1. Eden WTX-264 head £150

    Hi mate whereabouts are you ? Cheers Paul
  2. bass player needed

    Do you want give me your email might be easier ? Cheers PF
  3. bass player needed

    Hi just saw your add could you send me a link to your music thanks Paul
  4. "I'm sorry I have a cold "

    Monty Pythons flying circus 

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    2. karlfer


      You're not even a proper woman9_9


    3. SpondonBassed


      What a silly bunt!

    4. Osiris


      Please excuse my wife. She may appear to be rather nasty but underneath she has a heart of Formica.

  5. SOLD Tc electronic Rh450 *damaged* SOLD

    Hi im interested in the TC I was a little confused about the you tube clip ? Do you have the controls for the missing pots and what needs to be done to repair them I'm in North Dorset so meeting up between there and say Blandford would be good for me my email is [email protected] cheers
  6. One thing to consider might be to contact the Acm in Guildford.Some of the Bass tutors there might be free for private lessons I myself have started doing lessons via Skype. Hope this helps
  7. Hi I am a bass tutor I include sight reading as part of my bass course.If you'd like to discuss some tutoring or wether you think you'd benefit in this area maybe I can help ? I am currently setting up an online teaching programme if your interested. http://paulfrancisbass.webs.com/paul-francis-bass-tutor
  8. DK Music Management - Bristol Bass Player Position

    You could try this face book page for bassists https://www.facebook.com/groups/628992467283349/
  9. Paul Francis electric Upright Bassist and  tutor Paul has taught at the following institutions Musicans Institute 1993-6. Acm Guildford 1997-2012. International Guitar Festival Bass Courses Bath Spa University 2004- 2008. He has also taught for Access to music, Berkshire Music trust. Grozjan Summer Music courses Croatia 2010- Solent University Associate Lecturer 2014-2016 Acmr 2015-2016 Bryanston Music Dept 2017 Currently teaching privately,providing tailor made bass lessons for individuals or groups (beginner intermediate or advanced) Rates start at 30.00 ph call 07956424321 / 01258458880 or email [email protected] Download Educational Cv and course notes info Below PFs Bass Course.pdf
  10. lesson wanted surrey area

    Hi did you get your lessons sorted ?
  11. Hi did you have amy luck finding a tutor ? Paul F
  12. Funk/Jazz lessons required

    Hi Freddie di you get the lessons sorted ? Paul Francis Bass Tutor https://www.musicteachers.co.uk/teacher/ad1f1d134fe268613434?1517086862
  13. HomeSearchRegisterYour AccountE-ZoneResourcesLinksSupport In association with Qualifications: PGCE PTTLS Instruments: Electric & Upright Bass Guitar/Guitar Beginners only Genre/Style(s): Rock Funk Jazz Pop World Music Ability Levels: Beginners to Advanced Fee (30 minutes): £20.00 Fee (60 minutes): £40.00 Tel 07956424321 [email protected] Map Data Terms of Use former teaching institutions Teachers.co.uk Musicians Institute 1993-6. Acm Guildford 1997-2012. International Guitar Festival Bass Courses Bath Spa University 2004-07. I have also taught for Access to music,Berkshire Music trust. Grozjan Summer Music courses Croatia 2010-11 Southampton Solent University 2013-16 Acmr Bournemouth 2016-17 Bryanston Music Dept 2017-17 Paul’s tuition program consists of the following: Knowledge of Instrument Bass guitar & Amplification Different models Guitar set up Pre amps E.Q Compression Valves Solid State etc Looking at the Blues progression Using Simple I IV V progressions & ulitimately working toward dominant chords & their appropriate scales including more comlpex dominants e.g C7 C7#4 whole tone C7b9 Phrygian dominant diminished & Whole tone Jazz studies Analysing Chord charts Jazz harmony Key & Tonal centres & altered Dominants II V 1’s b5 substitution Improvisation, chromatic approach notes synthetic & exotic Scales & arpeggios extended chords Walking in 2 & 4 & Getting round the changes.Giant steps changes Rhythm studies. We shall look at identifying specific rhythms styles that can be used when comping or soloing.re visit blues progression Using Knowledge gained from earlier studies Repertoire study Exploring different genres paying particular attention to the Technical (Plectrum fingers Thumb altered tuning Keyboard & synth emulation) & Musical aspects including (style sound chart navigation using a transcription & audio). Fret board harmony Includes specific technical exercises for the Bass that are designed to help with your Knowledge of the fret board & build strength & dexterity, including Scales Triads arpeggio’s Chord analysis warm up & supportive finger exercises for left & right hand. Practical Theory Develop an understanding of how music works in a practical way Paul F Bass demo.mp4
  14. https://www.facebook.com/paulfrancisbasslessons/ Paul Francis is an Electric/Upright Bass player and backing vocalist from Camden Town North London. Now residing in Dorset. His Cv includes: Paul Weller Midge Ure London Beat,The James Taylor Quartet Ian Hunter,Steve Hillage, Maggie Bell & Chris Farlowe Paul Gilbert,Producers Braund Reynolds,Ashley Slater, Carl Verhayen, Mike Mangini & Virgil Donato, Antonio Sanchez to name a few Paul has taught at the following institutions Musicians Institute 1993-6. Acm Guildford 1997-12. International Guitar Festival Bass Courses 2004-08. He has also taught for Access to music, Berkshire Music trust Croatia Bass Camp Solent University. 30.00ph North Dorset based but can travel within reason. Paul Francis Bass tutor teaching cv 2017 (1).pdf