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  1. Nice .... I tend to hire older musicians as in my experience the younger ones don't have the skill or the other things that go with being a pro, transport gear sound, punctuality, etc there is always something lacking. Maybe I'm being discriminatory ?
  2. Hi Did you find any for this is the idea still viable ? http:// http://paulfrancisbass.webs.com
  3. Yes I agree..If it was a major act I'd make the effort but for this, I doubt it
  4. Hi did you find anyone for this yet ? Regards https://paulfrancisbass.webs.com
  5. Yeah,I did look it up online and was confused by the conflicting info on the forums.I'd definitely be interested if you can transfer the licence.Please keep me informed about your progress Thanks.
  6. Hi I’m interested in the interface but wondered how to acquire the licence to run Cuebase I’ll take it if you haven’t activated the licence but I’m guessing you have Thanks
  7. My inquisitive mind has lead me on a journey of discovery, the goal of which is to discover more about  Mosfet and Bipolar amps.Are they are currently the best type of amp apart from tube and why ? bearing mind I don't have a masters in electronics



    Cheers PF   

    1. 3below


      The best type of amplification device depends on many factors, to name but a few. the frequency, frequency spectrum, input voltage, input current, output power (voltage, current).  As in most of life there is no one simple answer.  Enjoy the learning curve :)

    2. frannie01


      I will do Thanks.... 

  8. Hi I could be mistaken but when I was teaching at The Acm we had one with very low out put....Don't know how but it was operating passively no pre amp ? have you checked the pre amp section ?
  9. Hi My John East J retro 1 has been amazing up until last week and I'm still not sure if its the jack socket or the pre-amp Problems 1) The passive switch now no longer works 2) When the volume control is turned all the way up volume disappears. Anybody else encounter the same problem ?
  10. Ok Thanks,Can I have a think about it ? cheers Paul
  11. Hi Interesting looking instrument just a couple of quetions 1) how close to a double bass sound,do you get ? 2) Where are you based ? 3) price wise what are we talking between £200-300.00 ? Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Richard I'll give you abuzz tomorrow,( Thursday ) any particular time ?
  13. Hi Richard I'm interested in the Stagg but live in Dorset. Ive looked at courier prices and for the bass alone and could get a courier for between 5-10 quid , I could also look into the same for the stand ? Ive replaced the neck on one in the past which comes of quite easily so theres always the possibility of sending it that way... Thanks Paul
  14. "They were absolutely fantastic, bringing the entire audience roaring to its feet." Telegraph Peggy Lee was one of the great figures of jazz and American popular song, with a career spanning six decades. Sinatra called her 'regal'; Duke Ellington called her 'the queen'. She wrote and sang for Disney's Lady And The Tramp and had a string of hits stretching from her early days with Benny Goodman until the 1990s. In this wonderful show, jazz vocalist Jo Harrop pays tribute to the sultriest songstress of all, delivering moving renditions of classics such as Fever, Why Don't You do Right and The Folks Who Live On The HIll. Featuring Alex Webb on piano, Paul Francis on bass, Joel Prime on drums and special guest Tony Kofi on alto sax
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