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  1.  Thoughts ?? 

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    2. SpondonBassed


      "On my radar along with Carvin’s Mach100 that I believe this is based on."

      Linkage for that:


    3. Dood


      Ahhh thank you for that!! :)

    4. SpondonBassed


      You're welcome.

      They both look interesting and if I'm honest, a bit too good to be true.  I am prepared to have my mind changed if I see some discussion from owners.  I can't see me having a use for one though.

  2. Found this on you tube can’t wait for a more powerful version
  3. Hi Thanks for all the info much appreciated!!
  4. IVe also discovered this not quite powerful enough for the bigger gigs but .....there’s hope !
  5. Yes that all makes , sense apart from the 15s ( just lazy I guess )😁 although for touring purposes id definitely consider it ! Listen that’s been most helpful much appreciated thanks
  6. Ok that’s handy to know,I’d like to know 1) how transparent the sound is with the bass no amp sims 2) how it sounds with the sims added. i realise every instrument responds differently just like to get an impression Thanks
  7. To be honest my trace Elliot head plus 4x10 on top of the 1x15 are well-behind me these days and I have to carry my stuff around now no more road crew I’m afraid the smaller the better at my age 😁
  8. Ok nice I’ll have a look ill post any findings Cheers
  9. Nice one succinctly put.I tried the same idea many years ago......all the frequency controls went on my amp but it stlll powered up so I just used the 3 band on my music man to get the tone i needed. I liked it and have been achieving the same results by going directly into the fx return and by passing the pre amp occasionally.My Genz has given me a certain amount of transparency but FRFR sounds like the way forward for me Cheers
  10. Yes I did wonder about that
  11. Hiya Thanks for your response The reason for the FRFR should I get it right would solve so many problems....I tend to switch between several different basses.acoustic. electric. passive. active.I use a Zoom B3 for everything tuner compressor amp sims D.I etc and have patches set up to deal with the different out puts on each instrument.I don't really need a traditional amp head as such any more all I want to be able to do is amplify the sound of the Zoom or whatever super cedes that in the future.plus having a speaker angled up toward you kind of makes sense to me.It is however all academic at the moment...
  12. Yes I was wondering about that THanks
  13. Ok Great I get some of what your saying but not all,But yes your right 12s would be a better bet I'm using 2 at the moment,in your opinion does the art deliver a true 800 watts then ?
  14. Unfortunately the sound man woman will usually concentrate on the obvious Voice kick drum snare guitars what have you and maybe you'll get some sub woofy bass in the wedge if your lucky ...
  15. Ok Cool, I'm wondering how the bass will sound with the headrush...Plug your bass in and let me know 🙂
  16. Hi yes Thanks for your comments your right from what I've heard the RCA does sound great actually I've got an older Genz Shuttle 9.0 and 2 x NYC 121s which are fine but having just got hold of the Zoom B3 I'd really just like to run the amp sims and fx from there.plus going from the p Bass to upright then 5 string or even fret less is a pain tweaking eq's and volume levels etc...I now have patches set up for all of these instruments. I've tried a Gen 1 Mackie with the Zoom but wasn't that happy with that sound, so I'm looking to The FRFR or powered speaker/monitor option or even the bassics A900 power amp with the Zoom and my existing cabs.... I just dont know !!!
  17. Hi I'm almost, well 75% I'd say committed to switching to FRFR cabs. The head rush being 1 of many.....apart from the obvious ( the unwillingness to accept change ) Is there anyone who has gone down this route that now regrets the descison, if so why ? Thanks https://www.gak.co.uk/en/headrush-frfr-108-active-guitar-cabinet/923305?gclid=Cj0KCQiAs67yBRC7ARIsAF49CdUy1OMiwcGPwYrmbe98EvbovNRHSbES_ExLqcN8J8LK1AJMyBhzxq8aAhSQEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  18. frannie01

    Zoom B3

    I've just got a B3 now discontinued.I've been using the Mb60 stomp box live until now.I love the software editing of patches and the ability to download and save ,Usb connection to my mac allows recording directly to my DAW(Garage Band) essentially an audio interface.You have to really plan your banks of fx as only 3 are available at any given time but with a little thought this Isn't a problem..I've found it to be little noisy especially the compressors but if you lower their gain then that's sorted. Its uses for me are 1) Playing the upright live.The b3 can give you more control over your sound be it compression, pre amp, cab sim or eq( it will never replace a good set of mics but we all know the problem of miking up an upright in a live situation. Tc have a chorus effect called "The widener" does what it says on the tin and fantastic for spreading the upright sound around the stereo spectrum. I've recreated this with the ensemble effect, which is really neat for the upright 2) Enhancing the fretless.It's been a good send in this dept.The Bass now has a unique voice well Jaco really but without the chops.. I could go on. Iv'e set a patch for the Jazz bass based on Marcus sound and the P Bass sounds like it's come straight out of detroit well circa 1965. In conclusion I've never really had a great studio sound as most engineers understandably can't read your mind when you have a sonic idea in your head.With the B3 I can now rock up and have several options at my finger tips unfortunately with studios closing down and Digital recording available to all I can't see this happening soon. Great piece of gear though...
  19. http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/frazer-wyatt-speakers/1469 Ive used back in the 90’s and at times just plugged the stingray in and used the basses pre amp to sculpt the sound I presume they’ve been discontinued
  20. Excellent just waiting for the Bravo it should be here before Xmas Cheers
  21. Sorry, I meant that I've returned my Re union blues In order to get the Blake. It works out to be 1/3 of the price of the Re-union and I might just order 2 of the Blake's instead ? My issue with was with the Ebay seller who has a no return policy on the Blakes and I was enquiring wether or not you'd got yours from the same place and wether the seller could be trusted Thanks
  22. Hi,I really Like the look of these,so much so that I've just cancelled my order Re Union blues order,but the ebay seller I'm dealing with doesn't have a return policy. Is it the same seller you got yours from ? Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333430816553?ViewItem=&item=333430816553
  23. Current eBay link for Blake Bass case
  24. Nice .... I tend to hire older musicians as in my experience the younger ones don't have the skill or the other things that go with being a pro, transport gear sound, punctuality, etc there is always something lacking. Maybe I'm being discriminatory ?
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