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  1. Ha... well the neck is made of aluminum, but it's not crazy heavy, however it's certainly not a 60's Jazz weight..... I believe it comes in at 10.85 lbs
  2. hey all! So bought this quite a few years ago now with the intention of learning upright but have gone down the synth bass road instead it’s a really great instrument for the price, ideal for dipping into the upright world before having to spend big ££ Never gigged and honestly only played it about 10-15 times when I first got it, its just been sitting in its soft case ever since (it comes with said soft case) I think it’s time to give up my upright dreams collection only from Reading or Chippenham
  3. I love this thing and would love to hang on to it. it really does sound amazing and super unique! plus they're rather rare now... but unfortunately I now need to free up some cash and i have a few too many basses...... it's in very good condition ( though the previous owner did swap out the nut, but the original nut has been put back on.....) The two i've seen for sale in the last few years have gone for around £1600-£2000! Personally I feel thats a lil too much plus I would prefer a quicker sale. collection only (either Reading or Chippenham) Neck: Walnut & aluminum neck with ebonoid fingerboard & silver dot inlays. Frets show some wear, but have plenty of life in them. Forked aluminum headstock with Schaller tuners in perfect working condition. 1 9/16" metal nut; 31" scale length. Body: Solid walnut body with two maple strips. Badass bridge with adjustable saddles. Schaller tuners in perfect working condition. Bass weighs 10.85 lbs. Pickups: DiMarzio bass humbuckers with cream bezels. Dual volume & tone controls with black speed knobs. 3-way pickup toggle & two coil switches for the pickups. Pots date to '80. All electronics are in perfect working condition. Massive sound - like a piano with tons of resonance & dynamics!
  4. Hi there, do you know what the weight is on the 210 Trace also is it one of the old ones or new ones??? Cheers Luke
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Yeah I think I might just do that. But one last BumP!
  7. It seem to be selecting at random witch ones it wants to put up. I will try later with more!
  8. Travis Bean TB2000, this is an early one #23 of only 1020 made. I have never seen another of these basses in this country, so if you are looking at one you will not have to pay tax the rather large shipping cost from the states. For those of you who do not know what this bass is. It has a solid metal neck running thought the whole body, this in turn gives you a very big sound that will cut through any mix! trust me no other bass sounds like this! check em out [url="http://www.travisbeanguitars.com"]http://www.travisbeanguitars.com[/url] it has some scratches on it, mostly buckle wear. but it's in good nic considering it's over 35 year old. I will post some pic's in the next day or two. I'm looking for £1800 Or a trade and some money, I play synth as well Cheers Luke More pic's futher down!
  9. Yo Yo dave if for some reson this deal not complete i would am very interested as I have the 212 version, this would be the perfect add on
  10. Hi, just thought i should introduce my self, I'm 22 live in reading doin a bass degree, well in to my funk and soul and pretty much all things cheesy. and i play a 5 sting alembic epic through an SVT PRO 4 and its all about marcus miller!!
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