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  1. I've just upgraded to a CS6. I also bought a T-Rex current doubler, which is installed and working just fine. I have seen it mentioned on a couple of FB groups that people have run a Stomp on a single 500mA CS6 output. I tried it and it seems to work ok, but I'll stick with my current doubler so there's no chance of any power issues mid gig.
  2. Hi, Yes, it's still available if you want it. Alex.
  3. Here's a Simple Pitch block from one of my presets. Just drop it into any one of your own. You'll need to alter the Interval parameter (the 1st one) for the required drop tuning. The lower you go, you'll feel the latency increase slightly, but overall it's a great tool to get those low notes. SIMPLE PITCH.hlx
  4. I just sold some gear to Mark. He was easy to deal with from start to finish. Recommended. Thanks Mark.
  5. FOR SALE - Epiphone Dot 335 Sunburst with Lollar Imperial humbuckers, immaculate hard case and locking tuners for only £50 more than the the price of the pickups alone. The guitar was built in the Samick Plant, Korea in July 2001, before production was moved to Indonesia and China. This guitar has since been upgraded to an incredibly high spec. With the Lollar Imperials it sounds as good as any 335 out there, and the addition of the Sperzel locking tuners ensures no drifting in pitch. All in all, a professional quality instrument at the fraction of the cost of a Gibson. Auditions are welcome. Collection preferred. Epiphone 335 dot sunburst £290 Set of locking Sperzel tuners £ 80 Epiphone Hard Case £100 Lollar Imperial PU's set £330 TOTAL COST £800 I'M OPEN TO SENSIBLE OFFERS. SALE ONLY, NO TRADES.
  6. I just sold John some gear. He's easy to deal with, another no-stress transaction here on BC. Recommended. Thanks John.
  7. Something like a dual momentary footswitch will do it. Bright Onions Pedals stuff is well built and very reasonably priced. Make sure you have a TRS (stereo) cable too. http://www.brightonion.co.uk/dual-2/
  8. Try this one too. It's a basic Flip Top, Octave & Filter preset. The EQ block isn't doing set up to do anything here, although I use an external switch to do stuff with it in my Stomp. Foot switches do the following: FS1 - Octave On/Off FS2 - Filter On/Off FS3 - Octave Tone (mid-focused octave/deeper OC2 type ) *Also, the filter and octave are in parallel. B15-OCT_QTR.hlx
  9. B15-DRV_KWB_EQ + flanger.hlx BMN-DRV_KWB_EQ + flanger.hlx These patches both use the following switches: FS1 - for the amp drive FS2 - KWB drive FS3 - Mid EQ & High EQ boost These amp models don't have cabs, add them in if you need them. You will need to dial all these blocks in to your own tastes. There is a parallel flanger in the preset too, if you use an external switch like I do, you can activate it there.
  10. As far as drive goes I prefer driven valve sounds, so I like the Flip Top & Bassman models, clean and slightly driven. And the KWB pedal works well for me too.
  11. Thanks Gareth. A cracking pedal it is!
  12. I just sold a pedal to Sean. No stress, great comms and prompt payment. Recommended.
  13. I just sold a pedal to Torquil. No stress, great comms and prompt payment. Recommended.
  14. I just sold a pedal to Kevin. No stress, great comms and prompt payment. Recommended.
  15. I just sold a pedal board to Tomas. Great comms, prompt payer. Definitely recommended.
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