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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Has anybody managed to get a convincing OC-2 sound out of the Stomp? I've never owned one so I have no first hand experience of how they sound. I'd be grateful of some settings to get me in the ball park.
  3. I had an expression pedal for a bit but I found that I was mainly using it to change parameters from one value to another. I can do that with a switch.
  4. For me, once I had used the Stomp for a couple of months, I decided that it would be my main effects unit. (although I do have a breakout box on the board to connect my 2 Stomp FX loops to a second Nano board with a couple of choice pedals on, if i want to. That's the 3 unused jack sockets in the photo). No more wondering whether to take the big or small board to a gig as I now take the Stomp board to every gig. My sound, at every gig, with no comprimises. I sold off 90% of my pedals, boards etc this summer and I raised a lot of cash. So deciding what route to go with external switching wasn't detemined by budget, I had money to spend I first tried a DMC Micro which was great but a bit limited with what it can do. Then I found out about the MC6. It's functionality is insane and it does exactly what I want. Cost wise, what I've spent may be close to the price of an LT but my whole board is still way smaller & lighter than an LT. 6 blocks is fine for me too. And I can effortlessly carry my bass, board & a bag on the tube or bus to gigs in central London where backline or cab is supplied, and in some venues I just DI and use IEMs. This board makes my life a lot easier in so many ways.
  5. I use a Stomp now exclusively for all my gigs. My board is a Metro16, one of the smallest I've ever had, and it sounds great. I'm in London N4 if you want to come over to see how I use my set up & have a try out before you buy.
  6. That's very true. I guess I've found my way to do things to suit my needs. I personally prefer that 1 switch does 1 thing - I like having the screen labelled to tell me clearly what is at my feet. With 30 Banks available there is no shortage of options with the MC6.
  7. I think we are both on about slightly different ways of doing things on the MC6. What I mean by assigning a switch to a Bank change is to press a switch once, and that takes you directly to the Bank. If you just want to do Bank Up or Bank Down then I think pressing A&B and B&C is the easiast way. Don't forget that each Bank consists of the 6 switches you are looking at (Page 1), and a (Page 2) further 6 switches, so 12 switches available in all per Bank. You can assign a switch to change Pages within a Bank. I use the same switch on Page 1 & 2 to toggle between the pages. That leaves me 10 switches per Bank, ie 5 on each page, left for other functions within that Bank. I hope all this makes sense. That's why I love the MC6, it's an immensley powerful and versatile switcher. They made the desktop editor simple to use too.
  8. You can change banks by programming a switch to do it.
  9. External switches really expand the Stomp. I started off with a basic dual switch. Now I have a Morningstar MC-6 and it's insane. I have loads of functionality available to me now and my board is still way smaller & lighter that a Helix or LT.
  10. I just got another (I think this one is now my 3rd) loom from John. As always, the build is neat and tidy & he always uses quality components. The screw in solderless connectors are fantastic. No more soldering, changing pick ups is so easy now. John also replaced a year-old pot that failed from another loom for me FOC. It goes without saying, but he is definitely recommended by me. Thanks again John.
  11. KZ AS10. They are under £40, but they are stunning. 5 way drivers too. I’ve had mine for a few months now and I’m so happy. The low end is awesome. Do yourself a favour and take a punt on them. Save yourself hundreds. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KZ-AS10-5BA-HiFi-Stereo-Earphone-5-units-Balanced-Armature-Driver-In-ear-Headset/123319069726?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=423718172480&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Paired up with a Behringer P2 belt pack you can have a great sounding wired IEM set up for £70. https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_powerplay_p2.htm
  12. I had A RunOffGroove Ginger made for me by (the now defunct) VFE Pedals. It’s wonderful. The break up sounds like an old valve amp and I love the general character of its sound. The Mojo Mojo is amazing too, and a steal at the price.
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