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  1. It’s pretty simple. Just have the ‘minimum value’ higher than the ‘maximum value’, and you’ll decrease the parameter value as you sweep the pedal forward.
  2. I bought a wireless unit from Dave. Great comms, prompt postage and a well packed box too. Another easy BC trade. Thanks Dave.
  3. I just bought another loom from John. As always, it's assembled beautifully and from top quality components. Definitely recommended as an upgrade to the standard 'made as cheap as possible' factory loom supplied on most guitars. Thanks again John.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This bass is being sold by somebody I know. I was there when he bought it, and I can vouch that it's a stunning bass to hold and play. The fit & finish is absolutely top drawer, just what you'd expect from a Wilcock. It also sounds really good. It's in the Gatwick/Horley area if anybody wants to try it out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373612691357?hash=item56fd0d3f9d:g:RbgAAOSwAIxgxJZU
  6. Not yet. I have a Stomp, so the number of blocks I can use is limited. Even with the recent step up to 8 blocks I don't bother with IRs. Back in the good old days before modellers we mostly used to DI the amp or bass anyhow, so no cab sound ever got to FOH. I think my Stomp presets sound great through my PA. If I had a Helix or an LT I'm sure I would use IRs but I don't at all feel like I'm missing out the way I use my Stomp.
  7. I'm using the Princeton amp model for some of my clean bass tones now. It sounds fab.
  8. My 66 is one of the few pedals I'll never sell.
  9. I just sold some MIDI kit to Claire. She's a breeze to deal with. Another easy BC transaction Thanks Claire.
  10. ratman

    Zoom MS-60B

    The Line Selector, when engaged with the footswitch, brings into the signal path any effects placed in the chain after it. It can turn on multiple effects at once.
  11. I bought some scratch plates from Alex. All in, an easy process with great communication. Definitely recommended. Thanks Alex.
  12. I just bought a MIDI splitter from Adam. Top packaging and speedy delivery. Thanks Adam!
  13. I used to own an Aftershock. Once I'd got my Stomp I sold the AS, the Stomp does all the drives I need well enough.
  14. That's no issue. It says on the website - 'Please add "Please ship 120V version" in the comment section while entering your order online and please allow 48 hours prior to shipment for us to modify your purchased product accordingly.'
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