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  1. ratman

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Once you've unzipped the downloaded file, you can also drag & drop the IRs into slots in the Editor IR list.
  2. ratman

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Only compliments so far, and I like what I hear too. I'm mainly using the Flip Top and Bassman models but I also like the AC30 and Plexi models on bass. When using amp sims I run straight into my head FX return so I bypass the preamp and just use the power stage into my speaker.
  3. ratman

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    You can get the 2.5mm to 2.1mm barrel adaptors here, 32.5p each. The power jack & adaptor will stick out a bit though, I've got my board patch box up against them so I don't knock them or snap them off. https://www.rapidonline.com/truconnect-cn-dca-002-2-1mm-to-2-5mm-dc-power-plug-adaptor-85-2916 I'm running my Stomp (and a handful of low current draw pedals) off a 1-Spot with no problems.
  4. ratman

    Feedback for KiOgon

    I just bought and fitted a new loom for my Jaguar. I had already bought one for my Mustang recently so I know that John's work is top notch. Great service too. It's so good to know that the stuff hidden under the hood is quality and will last a lifetime, unlike the cheaply made stuff that comes as stock. His solderless connectors make changing pickups so easy. He includes an easy to understand wiring diagram, and even supplies the little screwdriver needed. Nice. Thanks John.
  5. ratman

    Will the TC Helix do a good chorus?

    A bit like the Aftershock, LA Lady and Kingmaker, the modulation pedals all have the same choice of effect types.
  6. ratman

    Will the TC Helix do a good chorus?

    I used to have SA Lunar Phaser. You can have a different effect on each preset.
  7. ratman

    Feedback for Stealth

    I just bought a pedal from Simon. A peasant and hassle free process. Definitely recommended. Thanks Simon.
  8. ratman

    MIDI Control for Zoom B3

    I love it. Now I can make better use of the MS60B in my effects set up.
  9. ratman

    MIDI Control for Zoom B3

    I ended up taking Dood’s Kenton MIDI/USB Host off his hands recently. It’s on my board receiving MIDI PC messages from my Boss ES5, and changing patches on my MS60B. It works a treat.
  10. ratman

    Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    For my van, yes.
  11. ratman

    Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    I am insured with Musicguard and I had to make a claim earlier this year. They were very helpful and paid out without any problems.
  12. ratman

    Feedback for Osiris

    Sid & I did a pedal trade. He was helpful and a pleasure to deal with all the way, even when Royal Mail took their time delivering him his half of the deal. Thanks Sid.
  13. ratman

    Feedback for GisserD (Darren)

    I just sold Darren another pedal. As ever it was a smooth and hassle free BC deal. Thanks Darren.
  14. ratman

    Anyone near Ilford, London?

    I’m not too far away from Ilford and happy to help.
  15. ratman

    WITHDRAWN- TC Corona Chorus

    I'm keeping this a while longer.