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  1. Since when did Squier basses get so expensive??? I havent seen a second hand one for under £200! I remember buying them new for under £200 about ten years ago!!

    1. PunkPonyPrincess


      am selling a Squier bass for under £200

    2. anzoid


      Just sold one for under £200... wish I could have got over £200 for it :D

    3. Ruck


      Im definitely not looking in the right places then!

  2. Wow thanks everyone! Problem solved!
  3. Thanks but none of them are big enough.
  4. I currently have a Pedaltrain Terra 42 with flightcase I will be using eventually (Got it secondhand on this forum for an awesome deal). However the flightcase is a bit cumbersome! Pedaltrain do not sell the softcase for it separately.... Can anyone think of a alternative to the Pedaltrain Terra 42 Softcase? Im thinking Warwick gigbag, you know, the one thats inbetween a hardcase and softcase and gutting that to fit the pedalboard in. Pedaltrain pedalboard measures at 42" x 15" x 4"
  5. Been on the phone to Status Graphite for 2 weeks now trying to determine if their necks will fit a AVRI 63 precision bass. Got to wait another two weeks now.  Anyone else know if a AVRI Body is the same as a standard fender body? Cheers.

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    2. Lesfunk


      Yes they fit

    3. Rich


      On the phone for 2 weeks? Man, I wouldn't want your phone bill. :lol: 

    4. Ruck


      Yeah I chuckled when I read that back... Thanks guys didnt want to buy one if for some reason the AVRI were slightly different thus leaving minor gaps either side where the neck starts to taper. 

  6. Hello I am curious about the dimensions of the Yamaha Pickups in this bass. Would I be able to fit other brands of pickups in this bass without further routing? Oh and is the string spacing really 18mm? Many Thanks!
  7. In love with my new TE AH1000-12. Using it with a Micro Thumpinator pre-gain stage to free up a ton of headroom and MXR Smart Gate in the FX Loop to kill the noise from high compression level fun.  Sheer Bliss!

    1. TheGreek


      If you turn it up we'll all be able to hear it and can give an opinion.😍😍

      Love a Trace Elliot

    2. Rich


      Is that with the Barefaced Big Twin 2 still? It must be loud enough to wake the dead. In Australia.

    3. Ruck


      Yes Rich,  Although the GK 1001RB still holds the crown for the least uncompressed loudest amp Ive ever heard (Whilst remaining pretty clean).

  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. If you fancy selling the P-Retro Separately send me a PM! Cheers.
  10. Ah my old IE SubT! Ended up acquiring two more after I sold that one...
  11. Post EQ it is then from now on!
  12. Indeed! I usually have this on my GK 1001RB but unfortunately was Pre-EQ DI. I run the Flea EQ: Lows: 8 o'clock Low Mids: 9 o'clock High Mids: 11 o'clock and Highs at Noon. Pre-Shape and Presence 10 o'clock though. This with my Fender Precision Deluxe and Barefaced Big Twin II is the tightest punchiest lows Ive ever managed. Even got an Auralex pad to stop the booming on hollow stages, seems to work a treat.
  13. I think he is remarking on his own experience as a sound guy
  14. I'd just wish they'd say something like "Hey man is your sound suppose to be a undefined drone of sub bass?"
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