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  1. Just out of curiosity has anyone had any experience with this? Can’t find any details on the Xvive website but found this on Andertons. https://www.andertons.co.uk/xvive-wireless-in-ear-monitor-system-24ghz-(no-earphones)
  2. If I played 5 stringers I would have that one. Love my PJ Dingwall. GLWTS
  3. My god! If i had the cash i would be all over this. Good luck with the sale
  4. Love this guys lines with Coheed.
  5. I play in a tribute to The Cult called Cult Fiction. I had never done a tribute band before and the task of playing just one groups music gave me a challenge i had never had before. We aren’t a GNR or ACDC act so the demand is not the same but in 2018 we had 25 paid gigs from headliners to festivals and double headers. All fun and a different attitude to running a covers act.
  6. That has not helped my GAS for this pedal CameronJ! But thanks. Was about to plunge for a Sansamp but might save a little more now
  7. Just out of curiosity can you run a feed from an aux (ipod/cd player) to use as a practice amp into one of the inputs?
  8. Just going to leave this here new preamp from Nordstrand
  9. Ha ha i can wait. Sansamp coming soon either way
  10. This is exactly what i am planning to do. Be great to hear how you get on with this set up
  11. A noob frfr question. does ut matter what type of music you play as to what type of frfr monitor you should look at? I play in a Cult Tribute band so it is nothing heavy however there are a couple of songes which i have to crank the overdrive. My setup is: Shure GLXD Microthumpinator emperess compressor Darkglass VMT Samsamp Bass Driver (Waiting for it to arrive) I currently use a TC rig but have not liked it for a long time. I DI from the back of the TC head and go through PA at all gigs. cheers
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