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  1. Bargain and Lee is a top chap. GLWTS
  2. I’d do it the other way. Plug whatever you’re using live into your soundcard and monitor that. That way you’ll start to develop an intimate understanding of the signal you’re sending to FOH when you play live. For what it’s worth I’d always advocate using a separate DI box live so I use this to plug into my soundcard and jobs a good un. You’ll develop a really great understanding of how your bass sounds in isolation and if you do any recording of how is sits in the mix (often two very different things). Happy to chat more over DM about this if you would like.
  3. dodge_bass


    S'cool, I was just bemoaning my missing it. Glad you shifted it.
  4. dodge_bass


    Still available?
  5. dodge_bass


    Eee what a bargain. Won’t be here long.
  6. dodge_bass


    My immediate thought as well!
  7. I think this might be the first time in my life someone has called me a genius. No doubt it will be the last. But that's fine. Once in a lifetime is enough for me Yeah, the first set I had were see through - hard to find when dropped and I was always struggling to figure out which ear they would go in. So second time round went for coloured. The open mouth thing though when getting the moulds is genius - I've noted with my actual in ears that the fit is better when I open my mouth - makes for a long gig with lots of drool if I keep my mouth open though....if I ever get any more made I'll be sure to do that.
  8. Even better get different coloured ones - I got Red for Right so I can easily grab them on a dark, noisy stage and stick them in & no faffing around trying to figure out which is left and right. Strings is a brill idea too. Overall ACS plugs via Musicians Health. They are brill. Job done!
  9. The Three Leaf Octabreve and the OC2 are both killer octave pedals. Search over! Source Audio C4 is insane as a synth pedal. Search over! Empress Compressor is brill for bass. Search over! There’s still a few pedals to try out but basically my pedal GAS is currently at an all time low.
  10. Bought off here as new a few weeks ago as always wanted to try one. Turns out it's not exactly what I was looking for so am moving it on. This pedal is as new with original box - not easy to come by. Price includes shipping. Any questions drop me a PM. **price drop and willing to entertain trades**
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