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  1. Various Pedals

    True but it’s a good price and I do have more than one board....
  2. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    @Quatschmacher Sorry - not been near my desktop - will fire over rhis afternoon will check that album too / thanks!
  3. Various Pedals

    Sorry. Actually I’m 2nd in line!
  4. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Yup - for me mixing it in with an 8ve -1 signal is a total game changer - moves you into a whole new world of synth bass sounds Yes those tunes would all be great for this type of sound / effect!
  5. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    @Al Krow you could try using 8ve & bitcrusher for playing superstition for example? That sounds pretty good - it’s not quite the sound but it’s not bad and puts the bass firmly into synth / moog territory? What kind of material are you playing?
  6. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Thanks - lovely comments. Yes the lofi machine is cheap (and a little noisy) but once it’s in the mix, with 8ve thrown in it just kind of adds to the overall synthy vibe I’ve got the Malekko bitcrusher as well but at nearly £200 the Lofi machine does a similar job at a lot cheaper price!!
  7. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Here are two tracks from the Slowlight Quartet (as was). You can probably hear similarities to that 2nd track (dinosaur) it’s just going a bit more electronic....
  8. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Hey, Yes I always use the compressor at the end to iron out any spikes / excessive peaks you get from using synth / envelope pedals. I generally use flats and have spent a lot of time working on an even RH technique that along with the natural compression / flattening effect from flats means I don’t need much compression for normal finger style playing. In terms of with / without - well the second track (dinosaur) is simply OC2 without the bit crusher so there’s your answer! Ive got the v1 T16 - pretty disappointed with it due to the volume drop but am saving up for a T47 as that will do the job I reckon and then I don’t need to use a boost pedal with the OC2 (which also looses some volume with just the -1 8ve soloed).
  9. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Thanks - yeah I love how it changes the attach and roundness of the sound & forces me to think like a keys player playing bass! Well these two tracks are actually two separate projects! One is a live project with a singer called Beth Macari (just joined about a month ago). the second is a project that came from a jazz quartet I led for a while - we now live in the UK / Finland / Montenegro so the three of us collaborate at distance....
  10. Various Pedals

    I’ll take the Mooer. Will drop you a PM
  11. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Drop me a PM with your email and I'll send it over now!
  12. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Right....to keep this topic going here's another one....this time with a Moog inspired bass solo over the outro (3mins ish onwards)...again all thoughts appreciated! This is just an OC2 - all wet signal 1 8ve down. A bit of compression & EQ on the DAW after recording. Its not the finished article just a decent demo at the moment! If it was live I'd use a boost pedal to bring the volume up a bit and of course some compression to keep it fat! Dinosaur demo with SYNTH BASS & solo.mp3
  13. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Yeah! What pedals are you using here - nice break at 1min 15. Also...that RH technique - I've never seen anything like that.....how has that developed and does it allow you to create more interesting bass parts / approach playing with a slightly different mindset?