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  1. Feedback for knicknack

    Great comms, pedal as described, super quick turnaround. ALL GOOD HERE!
  2. Iron Ether Subterranea

  3. MXR 10 Band EQ

    I'll take the BOSS OC2 PM'd
  4. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    'To play my game boy as a synth'....literally no words for this. Possibly the best sentence I've read all year. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?
  5. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Cool. Would love to hear some sound clips / video footage of it in action. It looks amazing!
  6. Oscillator/Synth/VCO pedals (analogue)

    Which Glou-glou pedal? They look amazing. I though the Sonnus was very poor and a waste of money....
  7. Tempted...could you explain all the controls on it...?
  8. EHX Memoryman with hazarai for sale - £85.

    Interested in the MXR preamp. Will await pics!
  9. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Hmm. I didn't find it to be the most responsive of pedals to be honest. My experience of filter pedals is increasingly that they're quite delicate beasts and input level, type of string, playing style can have a big impact upon how they sound....so I sold it. I found the MXR one to be the same to be honest. Yet the Groove Regulator is fantastic, as is the Fwonkbeat. The Engima Q Balls is variable - good on some basses, suspect on others!
  10. Quatschmacher

    Just bought a Fwonkbeta pedal from Pete and could not have been easier. Great commas thoughout, next day delivery. All good. Thanks a million. Highly recommended!
  11. MXR Envelope Filter - price drop

    I'll take the Gojira. pm'd
  12. Withdrawn from sale.

    Good luck....I've yet to see one of these 'sell whole pedal board' things actually happen as everyone's tastes are so individual. I'll keep my eye on this thread in case you decide to split!
  13. *SOLD* MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

    any trades at all?