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  1. Couldn't tell you - bought it from the Bass Gallery as per the link in the OP.
  2. Beautiful Ibanez single cut bought from the Bass Gallery earlier this year (https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/ibanez-srsc-805). Bought for £829 plus I had to buy a hardcase (£50). So for £850 included P&P get yourself a bargain. It's a lovely bass, super low action (I"m a real stickler for this) and plays very evenly across the whole board. I just can't get away with the slightly narrower string spacing having been a Fender man all my life hence selling. Basically you're getting a lot of bass for the money and they're not that easy to come by having only been made for a short time. Only trade I'm interested in is a Fender Jazz lined fretless. Can't add any money to the trade though so have to be straight swap or plus cash. Any Q's drop me a PM.
  3. dodge_bass

    1spot supply

    Agreed - I’ve never had issues with them working loose either but I don’t use them live any more so not so relevant for me. The combo pack is good value.
  4. dodge_bass

    1spot supply

    Agreed - only thing is they’re just moulded plastic so I have broken off one of the pins which is pretty frustrating given the price of them....so just be careful if they’re in and out or sockets / gig bags etc.
  5. Pretty much that but with lots of options as to HOW broken it sounds
  6. Gorgeous. Any trades at all or just straight sale?
  7. Ridiculous bit-crusher pedal with original box, power supply etc. In excellent condition (no scratches etc) - bit of tape on the bottom. This thing is killer, but no gigs and a need to rationalise pedal collection means it needs to go. These go for close to £300 new so this is a real bargain. Stick an 8ve pedal in front of it and BOOM! £190 incl P&P. Might consider trades or part ex's - looking for a small footprint chorus pedal. Or a decent fretless neck.
  8. Anything in particular you’re looking for trade wise?
  9. Yup. Brilliant. Just been working through it. It's all making a tiny bit more sense!
  10. Amazing - sounds great I’ll check it out. Thanks @Quatschmacher
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