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  1. EQ pedal

    Try this?
  2. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    Actually I meant to write free but my large bass playing thumbs once again got the better of me... Actually I’d be happy to pay a small fee to get it upgraded to V2 as it is a great sounding pedal just not quite useable as it currently stands. Maybe i’ll email him...!
  3. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I’ve got a T16 v1 and to be honest was pretty annoyed to find all the little issues that you outlined above. I’d love a version 2 but don’t really feel like paying out more cash....maybe he should offer a feee exchange?!
  4. Custom flight case builders?

    Thanks but really it needs to be a properly fitted aircraft-hold-resistant flight case a la Hiscox or very similar. It’s too delicate and not easy to repair / replace if damage did occur en route.
  5. Custom flight case builders?

    No joy with Mono - their uke cases don’t fit and they wouldn’t tell me if they were intending to release a uke bass one.
  6. Custom flight case builders?

    Great shout but I don't think so. I've emailed them about bass uke cases and if not then I'll ask them about these uke cases....usually the headstock / tuners are too big for them to fit into uke cases....we'll see! Thanks for your input
  7. Hi all, I am off on tour with my Ukelele bass later on this year and it Is going to involve at least four separate flights. I need to get a flight case built for it as there seem to be non-available on the market that fulfil this purpose. Does anybody have any recommendations of makers / companies That would able be able to do this without costing an arm and a leg? In reality I’m thinking about something similar to a Hiscox case but for ukelele bass. Anyone got any thoughts?
  8. Radial Pro DI, Pedal Train nano

    Any trades on the DI?
  9. More synth stuff

    Oh. Can you link us to anything?
  10. More synth stuff

    Interesting...I wonder why there's 40% off (stock clearance) - are they bringing out new models or just struggling to shift units? @Quatschmacher yeah monophonic is ok I guess I just didn't enjoy notes not triggering properly on the micro synth so it doesn't made me a little wary. That aside these do look great...just need to find some cash now!
  11. More synth stuff

    And monophonic. Might be fine might be not. Found the EHX Microsynth frustrating because of this....hmm lots to think on!!
  12. More synth stuff

    Wow. Checks the price. Ouch.
  13. Bit Crushers

    I'm very impressed with mine - worth the money!