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  1. Plus one for the Tascams - I have one which is at least 10 years old but great to just plonk down in the middle of the rehearsal room and leave recording for the whole session. Seems to pick up bass really well too which is an added bonus!
  2. Yup. Really common rhythm at the moment in dance tracks.
  3. Looks great at a glance — all I can say is that adding the chord symbols in to show harmony makes a big difference to any transcription. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yes he keeps cropping up on my Instagram feed. He beats, hands down, both my bass playing and beard wearing!
  5. Agreed - there's always something to learn isn't there. Nice to see a fellow Yorkie too, though I no longer reside there any more.
  6. you can get them in the UK though: https://www.andertons.co.uk/acoustic-dept/acoustic-guitar-amps/audiosprockets-tonedexter-acoustic-guitar-preamp
  7. Chromes are lovely. I've got them on all 3 of my P basses and they sound great new or really old. But if you want that sound you'll need rounds. No reason. you can't swap them out for a bit and keep the chromes - flats never really 'go off; so. you could put back on when ready.
  8. Round wound strings it is then.
  9. Agreed - the difference is all in the strings. For me it's all about the flats but both do sound really good and as always is massively context dependent as to what you might choose to use. Having them solo'd like this is cool for hearing the differences between them but it's where they sit in the mix that is really important I'd argue. Either way two great players, two great sounding basses and you've got to love funk with a pick
  10. Yes that’s what I meant sorry for May confusion.
  11. Highly recommend @Quatschmacher online tutorials! Plus the Squeezer is awesome but a total PITA to programme unfortunately. Still love it though.
  12. dodge_bass

    EHX synth9

    Yeah it would definitely do that for sure but maybe overkill
  13. dodge_bass

    EHX synth9

    Yup. It's deeply versatile. Might be overkill for just one sound. Would an octave pedal work? Post a link to the kind of thing you're aiming for?
  14. dodge_bass

    EHX synth9

    Honestly C4 is light years ahead - tape vs CD kinda vibe I'd say...
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