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  1. dodge_bass


    Definitely not less than £200 for the OC2? Just double checking.
  2. dodge_bass

    Oc2 Volume Drop

    Sure can. Ready and waiting...
  3. dodge_bass


    Any trades at all?
  4. dodge_bass


    These are great. Got one recently. Very impressed. GLWTS
  5. dodge_bass

    Feedback for grahamd

    Bought a pedal from Graham - great comms, super quick delivery, well packed and pedal as described. Many thanks - highly recommended.
  6. FX pedals for sale. P&P £5 on top - next day delivery. Think I’ve got the boxes for all bar the boss pedal. All in working order, fee scratches from use. MXR fx loop pedal (not a recording looper pedal!) - £40 Boss CS3 - £40 EHX Micro POG - £120 EHX Enigma Q Balls - £90 PM me for more info.
  7. dodge_bass


    Pm’d Re looper
  8. dodge_bass

    **SOLD** Crowther audio Prunes and Custard

    Any trades at all?
  9. dodge_bass

    I bought an ELF

    I think I might win the award (if there was one) for tiniest touring rig? Elf plus 2x8 cab and Uke bass. In fact my pedal board is almost the same size as the cab Deeply impressed but this little setup. Band isn’t too loud (folky esque stuff) and this reslly holds it own!
  10. dodge_bass

    Triplets, how do you count them?

    Sorry but I don’t think that’s enormously helpful. ‘Feeling’ something comes right at the end of the process once you’ve broken down, understood and internalised the thing you are working on. For triplets. I would suggest starting with quaver triplets and get those down - crotchet triplets are much harder. If you’ve understood quaver triplets that’s a great starting point. The Bellson rhythm book is useful but isn’t necessarily the most logically structured in terms of developing your understanding. My personal preference would always be to get a good teacher who would work with you. Feel free to PM about this.
  11. dodge_bass

    SOLD 3 Leaf Audio GR2 Envelope Filter

    Any trades at all?