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  1. dodge_bass

    Loop switch

    Ah yes the power is just for the LED as I recall? I have a Southampton pedals one that is the same. Enjoy
  2. dodge_bass

    Loop switch

    I’m late to this party but BRIGHT ONION ALL THE WAY - I’ve got various of their pedals and they’re all sweet.
  3. Lovely basses these and deal with confidence with @GisserD - top basschatter!
  4. @bassist_lewis most of the Tech21 stuff will do a good job of recreating that Motown sound effectively. Aside from that the Dave Hall stuff has an actual valve in it and is really effective. I played in a funk / soul band that toured for a decade so I've been down this path! Ultimately I've ended up with a Noble but the Tech21 BSDR and the Aguilar Tone Hammer do a brilliant job at a much lower price (and good size too). You'll pick either of those two up fairly easily and cheaply second hand. Here's a recording - P bass / flats and Tech 21 DI. Not a bad sound I'd say : )
  5. Brilliant (!)....hope you get it sorted soon.
  6. These are EXCELLENT! I have two plus one of the newer smaller ones.
  7. Lee is ace to deal with. I'd have this if I had the cash.
  8. Careful or one of the moderators will have to come and poo-t a stop to all this derailing.
  9. Same. Preamp / DI sends the tone I know is excellent to FOH and then any onstage issues can be dealt with by using the EQ on the amp which doesn't affect the DI-d signal. Also means I can do lots of home recording with the DI and really get to know how it sounds so I can be super confident I'm sending the best sound to FOH. And likewise any time you're flying or sharing rigs you know you've got your own tone with you. Win win win.
  10. The EHX POG is very clean and tracks very well too but still introduces a bit of a synth like sound.
  11. Sold my Empress to Bunion - great comms, paid immediately, all good. ENJOY!
  12. Agreed. I didn't get on with the FI so much but I know how much you rate it and you are a man who KNOWS!
  13. The Source Audio C4 is what you want to lay your hands on - the EHX Mono synth is old hat really now compared to what the C4 can do. I had one a while back and encountered all of the issues you mentioned and so got rid of it. The C4 is game changing IMO.
  14. Can you give some more specific examples?
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