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  1. dodge_bass

    MXR M81 preamp?

    These are excellent. Clean preamp / DI’s. I have them on two boards and have nothing but praise for them. If you want something more coloured / vintage sounding then don’t use it, otherwise you’re onto a winner!
  2. A good nights sleep always helps. It’s a HUGE downer when you’ve been excited and then it’s not right / broken - zero fun. The ELF is ace!
  3. Shame. Mine worked fine right out of the box with no issues. Sounds like a dodgy valve to me. That's the risk with valve stuff though - I turned up to a festival gig t'other week, 2K Aguillar tube head...hmm wow I thought this is going to sound great...couldn't even get a sound out of it...dodgy tube apparently.... Get it fixed / swapped - you won't regret it and I don't thin you'll find much better for the price!
  4. That I could not say as I’ve yet to try mine. The 20 I suspect might be ok for very small gigs, the 50 slightly bigger gigs but probably isn’t that powerful....but as I say haven’t tried mine out in anger yet!
  5. I’m deeply impressed with mine because it has its more flexible than say a REDDI And you can drive the gain more or less depending upon your personal preference
  6. I’m using the pf20t for recording only and it’s absolutely spot on. It doesn’t need a load so seems designed for silent studio based recording. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Plus you can take clean and valve outputs at the same time.
  7. dodge_bass

    Built-in DI vs External DI?

  8. dodge_bass

    Built-in DI vs External DI?

    Interestingly nobody here has mentioned the idea of keeping your own sound? For me the key thing is that if I’m using my own DI box I’ve got more control of my sound at all times. If I’m working abroad I often have no idea of what amp i’ll be given (sometimes great / sometimes awful) and what DI box might be provided. I’ve played what I consider to be good venues who have provided £10 DI boxes....! If the amp (and or DI) is absolutely shocking then at least I have the comfort of knowing that the sound going to the FOH is excellent because it’s from my own high quality DI box so I just have to suck up the onstage sound. Secondly with an external DI box you can send a signal to the FOH which is ‘full’ and then EQ the onstage amp as required - in some venues this is really useful without changing the FOH sound. Yes you could argue this could be done with a pre-EQ switch but often for me who knows what the quality of the in-amp DI is. Thirdly - strikes me that most amps aren’t going to contain the highest quality DI anyway so spending money on a good quality DI seems to me a good investment long term. Fourth - having my own DI allows me to record myself at home and make sense of exactly what signal I’m sending to the FOH in a live situation. (Fifth - this is a niche point, but if you use an external DI you can then use the amp DI pre-eq to record the bass live as well - often do this to check my sound and it’s a useful thing!). If you always use the same amp and you like the DI then great. I don’t so prefer to keep my sound in my DI rather than in an amp. **I’m just sitting on the train home after a tour of Germany, DI in hand luggage. Different amps (see pics) every night of last week but same sound with my DI. Works great for me**
  9. dodge_bass

    Filter & Synth Sounds - Let's hear them!

    Last one for tonight. OC2 & bit crusher Mother Garten SYNTH BASS TAKE END.wav
  10. dodge_bass

    Filter & Synth Sounds - Let's hear them!

    Ha. You have sharp eyes. Yes 5. I've got 3 on 3 separate boards and one floating around for recording and messing on with. I've also now modded two of them which is cool. But this one is boxed so y'know thats cool! I've had and moved on: Bannana - issues as noted Markbass SS - editing URGH EHX Microosynth - too monophonic for me at the time but would like to try again Currently using: OC2 Chunk systems Octavius Squeezer (such an editing nightmare but some of the sounds....oh boy!) Gojira 8ve pedal - dirty! Prunes and Custard - dirtty in a fuzzy synthy kind of way Currently trialing: TWA great divide - jury currently out Broughton synth voice - jury currently out
  11. dodge_bass

    Filter & Synth Sounds - Let's hear them!

    Not to worry - I've already said I'll buy it. Not sure I need another one, but well, it's boxed and I haven't got one of those!! Yeah, it's the stability thing that I keep coming back to. It's a great sound by itself or brill as the basis for more complex sounds. I think a lot of the boss stuff is a bit outclassed these days but this still holds it own and then some.
  12. dodge_bass

    Filter & Synth Sounds - Let's hear them!

    This is great. I was in a live 10 piece DnB band in the early 2000's - had some success musically but I was permanently frustrated by not knowing where to start getting these types of sounds. Fast forward 15 years and I've got quote a few at my finger tips...but using the hot hand like this for those amazing whammy bits is inspired. AWESOME.
  13. dodge_bass

    Filter & Synth Sounds - Let's hear them!

    Here's a pass with the OC2 with just the -1 8ve on for reference. This is the chorus groove for a dance-pop tune. Nowt flash but I love the way it's stable and has the super synthy sound esp. on the 8ve figures. OC2 boy chorus.wav
  14. dodge_bass

    ***WITHDRAWN*** Boss oc2

    Dammit. Boxed as well. Pm incoming.... ( @Al Krow!!)