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  1. Very early Jungle bass kinda sound - TASTY!
  2. Oof. Great preamp.
  3. I’d love to try it too. Maybe @GisserD can buy it and we can all have a go 🤪
  4. any trades or part-ex’s?
  5. Really ‘dead’ with no resonance and lower in volume as I recall. Not sure what the fix would have been as I’m not a luthier but I know that almost as soon as I started playing it I was like ‘nope, this is NOT an instrument that’s can be used professionally’. Shame as it looked great and seemed well built. I guess that’s the danger of custom built stuff BUT it should actually do they job it’s supposed to!
  6. I was. Bought a five string from them. The low B string was basically unplayable but his response was 'unlucky it's a custom order'. Shocking. Never gone anywhere near them since.
  7. Whoop. Didn't realise they had been discontinued so thanks for altering me to that - good to have a backup as these pedals are great!
  8. Agreed. Very impressed with mine.
  9. Finally got the cash together and it’s gone :( Boo!
  10. PRICE DROP £775 For sale or for trade - black and maple Squire JV bass (82-84 - not 100% sure of the year). In great condition with just a couple of small dings (biggest one in picture). Original white scratch plate included (this is a black Bass Doc one). It's a lovely bass, sounds vintage as it should with flats and is a lovely weight at 4.19kg. The neck is just a little too wide for me otherwise I'd keep it. Currently strung with low tension Thomastic flats - if you don't want them I'll knock £50 off and stick on some old Fender flats. It's set up for these low tension strings though so it may need a setup if you decide to change the strings. It came with normal flats on and had a nice action on it. No case as such but we can figure out the best way to courier it if we need be (I can source an old hard case or maybe a meet up). I'd really love a 5 string bass and if at all possible a single cut as I want to try playing with a high C and have always fancied a single cut. But try me. Could also be persuaded to add cash or accept a bit of cash if the trade was right. PM me with any Q's.
  11. Yes I can help as well if needs be.
  12. Agree completely with this. One recent example - I just bought a much awaited tuition book from a world class bass player (he shall remained unnamed) and whilst some of the content is excellent the overall 'journey' of the book, the way it is laid out and the ideas put across is impressively poor. Educationally it's all style over substance. I know I'm not a world class bass player by any stretch but I know how to teach and develop students that's for sure....it really is a very different skill set.
  13. For me my Noble preamp is the best I've found. It's a very specific sound (warm / organic / tube) so it sounds great with my P bass and flats (fingers style / palm muted). However it does also warm up nicely my jazz bass too. So if you like warm then it's great. I've got a small trees DI too which does a similar thing in a much smaller and more portable package - similar tube vibe but much cheaper. However I've also used: MXR DI (M81) Aguilar Tonehammer And they're both great - MXR very clean but great as a starting DI. Tonehammer does a great range of sounds and is very versatile. Both often come up second hand and are a great price even new. I tend to recommend the MXR DI as a starting point for my students - I always recommend stand alone DI boxes rather than amps - if you're using other people amps / no amp it means you can always retain your sound. I've done a lot of touring in Europe using all sorts of backline (from amazing to truly awful) so always been pleased to have my own DI box with me. Just my $0.2
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