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  1. Looking to spend up to £600 on a decent combo amp, preferably around the 500w mark. Looking at the Ashdown Rootmaster 210 but can't find out anywhere if it's 500w standalone or with an extension cab. Can anybody shed any light? Any other amp suggestions, please comment! Thanks M
  2. £2.50 would probably cover it
  3. Great tuner. Has been gigged but looked after. As you can see from the pics, there are a few scratches but this is only cosmetic and it works perfectly. Will include a Boss 9v power adaptor as well which cost 15 quid. Although, the plastic around cable has come away which I've currently covered with electrical tape. Still works fine however. Can post if a few quid extra is paid. Based in Port Talbot, South Wales
  4. As new, never been out of the house. Comes with box and instructions etc. Can post if you put in a few quid extra. Located in P. Talbot, S. Wales.
  5. Bought this about 2 months ago and never used it so is in new condition. Cost me around £30 so grab a bargain. It's extremely comfortable and definitely makes a difference if you have a heavy instrument. Payment through PayPal or bank transfer. Will post for free.
  6. I recently did a part ex with Ian (my bass and cash his way) for a 79 Precision Bass. Ian's comms throughout was fantastic, we talked via WhatsApp and he took extra pictures of the bass for me which was great. He also called me to discuss the courier using UK InterParcel which was much appreciated as I had not used this service before. Upon receipt the bass, it was exactly as described and I love it. Can't recommend Ian highly enough for any deals your thinking of doing with him - he's a top guy and a credit to this forum. All the best Martin
  7. She's lovely and I would love to keep hold of her, but I am really GAS'ing for a 70s P.
  8. Fantastic bass here which is in excellent condition - no dings anywhere just light surface scratches from playing. I'm only selling this because I am a P Bass man and after trying out a couple of new different basses, I want to get my hands on one again. I have fancied a 70s P bass for a long time and ideally would like to do a part ex for one, this plus cash your way of course. Feel free to message me with any other P Basses which you have up for trade. I've just purchased a brand new Gator tolex case which will be included which cost me £109 alone, but happy to lower the price if this isn't included in the sale. Sale value - £750 Trade value - £800 As mentioned above, looking for a 70s P Bass - would have to be a late 70s one as that's all money can afford at the moment if part exing. Based in South Wales but happy to meet half way for the right deal. Thanks Martin
  9. Hi all I’ve got an Ashdown rig which I’m using at the moment and I’m just wondering what power I’m getting from the amp. It’s an ABM Evo iii RC head and an ABM 410t cabinet (8 ohm) - both made in the UK. The amp states it’s 575 watt (off the top of my head) and I’m just wondering if that’s the power I can get from it? I know Ashdown are on here so it would be great if you could advise. Thanks Martin
  10. Been looking at these recently as I’m looking at getting some lightweight cabs which are reasonably priced. Anybody tried the Montage Bass 300 cabs?
  11. Well I’m glad I got the b1on guys. It’s heads above the amplug.. no nasty hissing noise just pure tone! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
  12. Thanks matey, was a pleasure to deal with you 👍
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