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  1. Aye, it's me fellas - SCRATCH-IT! is the plates 'brand' under the umbrella of GIG.INK just in case it didn't make sense. Indeed, my plates are no frills to some but I've found the straight edge & single ply really makes your chosen image sing & the range of designs is quite literally limitless; plus of course the chaps at Jack's & Sims can offer traditional multi-ply masterpieces so horses for courses . . .
  2. Hey hey hey - DEElighted to have been involved sir - always so good to be involved in a real personal project - great work sir 👏
  3. Yes, the original MIJ & MIA Geddy Lee plates are indeed different - only by a bit, but enough to make them non-interchangable. However a 'normal' MIM/MIA Fender Jazz plate will *just* fit a MIJ Geddy Lee - it's slightly out but still goes on with a bit of gentle persuasion . . . Cheers Tim
  4. You sir are a gentleman - y absolute pleasure & delighted to have been involved :-)
  5. This is music to my ears No problem at all with that sir - just drop me a line whenever you're ready.
  6. Hey martthebass, Please have a look at my website: www.gig.ink - as although I can cut plates to any shape & have many many many templates on file, I don't offer 'traditional' multi-ply plates - my plates are effectively single-ply & essentially the beauty is that you can have any image on them, from subtle to in-yer-face - but plain colours are no problem & I do have a library of images including pearl that you'll see on the website by having a play in the SCRATCH-IT NOW section. However, if this isn't a deal-breaker than pricing for a Mustang plate is £34.99 all-in to your (UK) door. Drop me an Email to: [email protected] if all appeals . . . Cheers Tim
  7. This. Is. Special. Love your work Andy
  8. Just PMd you Rikkers :-) Thanks for kind words Andy - much appreciated :-)
  9. [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1500738986' post='3339902'] Bit wide for me, sadly. GLWYS! [/quote] Oh well, thanks anyway - still for sale!
  10. [quote name='prowla' timestamp='1500659065' post='3339477'] The logo is done very tastefully! [/quote][quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1500675494' post='3339619'] It is, isn't it [/quote] Thanks fellas
  11. [quote name='Daz39' timestamp='1500639005' post='3339268'] Hmm. Curiouser and curioser. I have a Columbus P-Bass on which the fretted neck is both a) heavier than ought to be legal, and is far too baseball-bat for my liking. Reckon this has the same attachment alignment? Is there a pic of the back of the bit where it fits in the pocket (is that the heel? I dunno) [/quote] It is/was an Encore Daz so I'm not sure if it's a direct comparison, but no, I wouldn't say it's any heavier than any other neck & the profile is standard P too - however pics as requested: Cheers T
  12. [quote name='Daz39' timestamp='1500624873' post='3339129'] What are the fret lines filled with to make it smooth? Is it a heavy neck? [/quote] I used a really dark wood filler Daz - so the lines look black - & no, although the scales have currently disappeared I'd say it's a 'normal' weight - not noticeably heavier than any other. Cheers T
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