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  1. Many thanks, three - that is basically it. A guitar / bass collector will be interested in the degree of originality and wear of the instrument based on its age and / or rarity. A very rare instrument can still be collector grade even though it has some play wear and a couple of changes (although not, perhaps, if the changes are irreversible). As the Jazz is from 1971, and therefore at the very edge of 'vintage', I would expect 100% originality (ie. parts intact as though it had just left the factory) and practically no wear to speak of (e.g EXF and above). Leaving aside the nomenclature, this is an exceptional example.
  2. Up for sale is my collector grade 1971 Fender Jazz Bass with its OHSC - apart from one or two very minor dinks, it is in practically unplayed condition. Feel free to PM me with any questions or to arrange to come and view / play with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  3. Here it is again, plus another original example.
  4. Hi All, Up for sale is my 1960 Fender Jazz Bass - the first year of production for this model, known as the "stack knob". This is a rare and fabulous bass, playing with a low action and super light at 8.1lbs. The price reflects a few alterations, as follows - I have tried to include everything for the purposes of full disclosure. It has a very old refinish (I have no idea who carried it out, but it is a fantastic job) both body and neck, a refret, changed nut and the bridge pup is a 1974 (the neck pup is the original). There are numerous dings and dongs in the finish and some larger areas of playwear on the body rear. The chrome cover screws and machine head screws are replacements (the chrome covers and machine heads themselves are original). Two of the machine head screws are missing (the heads have been sheared off and so the screw bodies are still in the wood). The original pickguard has a missing tip and the brazilian rosewood neck has a grain colouring which is very dark on the bass side, getting lighter towards the treble side. Neck stamp is 11/60 and serial number 67361. Pots date to 1960. Case is a non-original hard case. Feel free to ask any questions or arrange to come and have a look. I am happy to consider trades plus cash my way but only for other vintage Fender. Cheers, Si (I have included a photo of the bass sans pickguard etc a la Jaco, as I think it also looks very cool this way !)
  5. Happy to consider realistic offers.
  6. Hi All, Up for sale is my 1966 Fender Precision Bass with its OHSC. 100% original apart from a replacement pickup ash-tray cover. In terrific condition with a few dings, dongs and rear scratches and light buckle wear. Quite an example - the sunburst is still very vibrant. Lightweight at 8lb 10oz and plays with a low action all the way up the neck. Feel free to arrange to play/view with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  7. 0353203


    Paul and I have been in contact for some years now and seeing him as he picked up a P bass on the weekend was a pleasure, as always. Top bloke and 100% recommended. Cheers, Si
  8. Up for sale is my 100% original Natural 1975 P bass with its OHSC. Light for this period at 8.7lbs. In terrific condition - a few insignificant dings and dongs and a couple of checking marks in the poly finish (lengthy one on the body rear). Pots and pups date to '75 - case has one latch broken but is in great nick otherwise. Plays fantastic all the way up the neck - plenty of life left in the frets. Looking for £1950. Cheers, Si
  9. Hi All, Up for sale is my 1963/4 Candy Apple Red Fender Bass VI with its blonde tolex case. 100% original apart from some very minor touch ups on the headstock. Original mute system (sans mute pad) and trem bar included. Rare indeed. Has plenty of checking, dings, dongs, dangs and scratches, but overall in terrific condition for her age. These basses are becoming increasingly collectable and prices have risen quickly over the past three or four years....they never quite caught on back in the day and so plenty can be found with reasonable gaps between compenent parts....this one has a '63 neck date and '64 pots as they were assembled to order. Any questions please ask and feel free to pop round for a play with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  10. The story goes that a Fender employee started writing profane messages (rather than the date) on the neck heel, Leo got wind of it and banned the writing of anything at all for a short period. A bit like my eldest son and the cover of his English Text book, then 😍
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