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  1. Just completed a trade deal with Gerry and all extremely straightforward - 100% recommended. Cheers, Si
  2. Hi All Up for sale is my original custom colour 1973/4 black Jazz Bass with a new Fender hard shell case. It looks and sounds terrific. Has a few blemishes, dinks, dongs, scratches etc….most notably a worn patch on the rear body next to which is a circular area where no doubt a sticker once resided which has affected the finish (see my photo which makes it looks far worse than it is) Plenty of life in the frets and a nice low action. Feel free to inspect with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  3. Needs must, Paul, needs must 😉
  4. Hi All, 1983 Fender Jazz Bass with non original hard case, with a few changes to make it look more of a vintage model. Looks and sounds fantastic, though, helped by the installation of new electrics including EMG pickups (see pics), so routed for a battery. 1983 was a transitional year for the Jazz and this model would not have had ashtrays, a thumb rest, a chrome plate, so new holes to accommodate those add-ons, plus holes to add tort guard. Plenty of life in the frets. Happy to consider trades. Cheers, Si
  5. Hey Paul, sounds good to me - discounts for previous customers apply 😊
  6. Up for sale is my 1965 Fender Precision Bass with its OHSC, as it left the factory. Has numerous dinks, dongs, scratches, checking etc but overall is in fantastic condition. Feel free to arrange to come and have a play with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  7. I'd better put my '62 Jazz up for sale then 😂
  8. ....and if I win the lottery...I'm keeping it 👍
  9. Hey Warren - hope all is well. Ermmmm, tell your friend that yes, I do, but not for sale as yet 😍 All the best, Si
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