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  1. 1964 Fender Precision Bass

    Hi rubis, Great question and yes, the lacquer on the neck does check in a similar way to the body - those pesky temperature changes, eh ? The 64 has little or no checking to speak of, but I attach a picture of the rear of a vintage Jazzmaster I own, which was clearly taken out of a nice warm case whilst standing in a freezer on a regular basis !! Cheers, Si
  2. 1964 Fender Precision Bass

    Hi All, Up for sale is my 1964 Fender Precision Bass with its OHSC. Lightweight at 8.6lbs. 100% original apart from an added ground wire. A terrific sounding pre-CBS Precision with clay dots, L plate serial number, C width neck, original chrome covers with the mute still intact. It has mojo mainly around the body edge, the frets have plenty of life left and the truss rod works as it should....the rosewood neck is nice and dark. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange to test drive with no obligation (apart from the stipulation that you must be complimentary about my coffee). Cheers, Si
  3. Great looking bass - can you confirm that the finish is original? Cheers, Si
  4. Fender Precision Bass 1960 Refinished

    Occasionally? I lie about it to my wife on a daily basis
  5. Fender Precision Bass 1960 Refinished

    In my defence I do say its a late 60 / early 61. The two numbers started to be added under the logo in October 1960.
  6. Fender Precision Bass 1960 Refinished

    Gorgeous !!
  7. Hi All, Up for sale is my Q series CIJ Fender Jazzmaster (2002-2004) in Daphne Blue with matching headstock, a very rare colour The body has a few dings, but overall in very good condition.....the neck has a couple of minor scars as can be seen in pics. Plays and sounds great. Comes with non-orig hard case. Cheers, Si
  8. Hi All, If you've lusted after an early slab board Precision Bass but can't quite bring yourself to spend those big bucks, this might be for you.... Up for sale is my light relic nitro refin late '60 / early '61 Precision with its beaten, but OHSC. A terrific player and light at 8.7lbs. Body dates to 08/60, Pots 60/47, neck 01/61. All original apart from the body only refinish - only slight issue being that the tips of the pickguard at both horns have broken off - not uncommon on this vintage of bass. The refinish was professionally carried out at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, who also refretted the bass. The neck is worn smooth and there is the ubiquitous fag burn on the headstock. Any questions please do PM me - feel free to arrange to come and view / play with no obligation - I live near Woking in Surrey. Cheers, Si
  9. Hi All, Used set of Lollar Precision Bass pickups - UK shipping included. Cheers, Si
  10. 1973 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    Now sold
  11. 1973 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    Thanks Cliff - if Leo's brother-in-law worked on it - say no more !!
  12. Hi All, Up for sale is my 1973 Fender P bass with its OHSC. Lightweight at 8.4lbs and still a very vibrant sunburst. Case in great condition. Overall in very good condition with some signs of play wear on both the neck and body - notably some "thumb" wear just above the low E string, a small patch of buckle wear on the rear, body edge dings and dongs and a decent patch of wear / scratch on the edge of the neck between the nut and 1st fret. Nothing to write home about though and none of this affects the terrific playability of this bass - very low action all the way up the neck with plenty of life left in the frets. The B width neck dates to late 72 - pots and pups to 73. Not untypical for this period with Fender assembly not being the most rigid of regimes. Feel free to PM me with any questions or to arrange to take a look / play with no obligation. Trades for vintage Fender or Wal considered and I live near the mod-father himself in Woking. Cheers, Si
  13. I've had a few questions about the neck width - it is a "B" in Fender terminology (1 5/8 inch at the nut). Cheers, Si
  14. Hi All, Up for sale is my late 73 / early 74 Fender P in its original custom colour Candy Apple Red with its OHSC. Super light at 8.5lbs. Mojo is the watchword here - if you are searching for a terrific relic with a players past.....look no further !! This bass looks as cool as they come and has clearly been lovingly played for many years - just look at the pics below. Dings, dongs, buckle-rash, edge wear, finish loss etc on both neck and body. It has had the pups re-wound (at Gruhn Guitars, Nashville) and plays and sounds enormous with a low action all the way up the twiddly end - the pick guard is a repro and the nut has been replaced. The frets have plenty of life left - difficult to say if its had a refret (the tangs look untouched) but let's assume yes....or at least a decent fret dress. You would imagine so with this level of play wear on the bass itself. The original case is in decent condition (all 3 latches work) - the handle is taped and it has some band name markings on it sprayed by a previous owner. Feel free to PM me with any questions or to arrange to come and view / play with no obligation whatsoever. Cheers, Si