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  1. Hey Paul, sounds good to me - discounts for previous customers apply 😊
  2. Up for sale is my 1965 Fender Precision Bass with its OHSC, as it left the factory. Has numerous dinks, dongs, scratches, checking etc but overall is in fantastic condition. Feel free to arrange to come and have a play with no obligation. Cheers, Si
  3. Realistic offers certainly considered
  4. I'd better put my '62 Jazz up for sale then 😂
  5. ....and if I win the lottery...I'm keeping it 👍
  6. Hey Warren - hope all is well. Ermmmm, tell your friend that yes, I do, but not for sale as yet 😍 All the best, Si
  7. Hi All Up for sale is my 1966 Fender Precision Bass with its original tolex case. As it left the factory. It is in terrific condition with a few dings and dongs, some finish checking - playing with a low action all the way up the neck. Lightweight at 8.8lbs. Any questions, feel free to give me a shout. Cheers, Si
  8. Thanks BaggyMan - I'm happy to listen to decent offers, although possibly not that decent !
  9. More than happy to forgive your ignorance.
  10. In answer to numerous PMs - just under 8lbs 4oz......
  11. Hi All, Up for sale is my 1961 slab board Fender Precision Bass with its OHSC. I have owned a number of P basses stretching over its long years of production and in my opinion, this period are the finest. Overall, it is in great condition with the dinks, dongs, scratches, playwear etc etc you might expect. The sunburst is still really vibrant and it plays with a low action all the way up the neck. There are a couple of very small areas on the body rear which have been rather crudely touched up and the rear of the neck has possibly been re-finished, it is difficult to tell but let's assume yes. The rest of the bass is stock with neck date 10-61, pot dates 35th week of 61 and body pencil date May 61. The original case is in terrific condition. Feel free to PM me with any questions or to arrange to view / play with no obligation. I live near Woking in Surrey. Cheers, Si
  12. Hey Muzz - yes, you are spot on.....just a shame my timelord action can't stretch to my hundreds of kids getting grants rather than fees at Uni !! All the best, Si
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