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  1. Not a problem to split I have pm'd you both. Thanks
  2. Hi Tom, apologies for the late reply. I would consider splitting, if still interested please send me a pm. Many thanks
  3. Stop it chaps I'm already in two minds about selling it! It sounds wonderful.
  4. Price reduced to £1500. Hi all Up for grabs is my mid 70's V4 head and 412 cab, all original, unmodified and I'm including the custom wheeled flight cases in the sale. Both items have been well gigged but have been regularly serviced and recently checked over. I have used this set up without PA support and it sounds huge, warm and always gets favourable comments. My only reason for sale is it's just a tad on the heavy side for me these days. A very very reluctant sale. Collection or meet up prefered, based in Preston Lancs.
  5. Thanks Mick, I can't argue with that. It's such a straightforward amp with a simple effective eq.
  6. Price reduced to £1850, see first post. Thanks chaps for all the comments, much appreciated.
  7. Price re appraisal £1850, it has come to my attention that my price is a little high compared the second gen's. My price includes the skb case which is about £135 and delivery around northwest. I have owned this amp since 2016, purchased from Lawrie Macmillan in Scotland. It's in the same pristine condition as the day I bought it, and sounds fantastic.....I've never seen a bad review yet. This one is from the first batch of 100 made for Sadowsky by Koch in Holland with 2 toroidal transformers. It is housed in a light weight shallow SKB case with clip off front and back, it weighs 42lbs or 19kg, dimensions 17" x 10" x 7". In the three years of my ownership it's had regular services with no issues apart from a recent replaced pre amp valve. The amp is 210watts @2,4 or 8ohms and has I believe 6x el34's, 1x 6n1p, 2x 12ax7' valves. It's a very reluctant sale, I know how Lawrie felt when he parted with it now but I am scaling my gear outlay down so not really looking for trades. Please come and try out and collect from Preston Lancs or I can meet up/ deliver within reason. I'm not keen on shipping valve amps of this value. I have some pics but can't upload at the moment will sort asap.
  8. Another Handbox R400 convert here. I've had my new R400 for a couple of weeks and had my first outing with it yesterday. The gig was with an old school R&B band with no pa support, so I took my Barefaced Supertwin 212 cab. We had a limited sound check due to folks watching Man Utd v Wolves in the bar. I went with gain vol at 12 o clock and master at 1, left my volume on the Overwater PJ with some in reserve and lifted the bass to 2 with treble at 12, no contour and no drive. In conclusion I just couldn't fault this amp, loads of punch and definition and a lovely warm tone. Thanks to Leszek for everything, these have to be the best value/quality amps out there. Also thanks to Wateroftyne for posting his reviews, and for his advice, spot on Michael.
  9. Just a suggestion as you're in the north, try Gary at Promenade music in Morecambe. He is an experienced player and will give you some good advice.
  10. Expecting my R400 within the next couple of weeks, thanks wateroftyne for all your help. I will be pairing it with a Barefaced supertwin, should be very nice indeed.
  11. Got to be good news, look forward to checking it out.
  12. Thanks Michael, great sounding amps.
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