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  1. Just a quick update folks, this amp has now been serviced on 8/6/20.
  2. All black for me, the flight case look is a little 80's I think.
  3. Hey Chris I can't fault the 4x12 at all, never been disappointed in fact I've had a lot of compliments at gigs from other players. I've never used it with a 2x15 so can't help you with that I'm afraid. Hope that helps.
  4. https://youtu.be/iBMVq7jB19o This should give you a rough idea chaps (recommend volume turned up with headphones)
  5. Thanks for your comments chaps. Lawrie, I've never regretted that long early morning drive up to bonnie Scotland. I hope you're well. If the SA200 sells I will no doubt miss it as much as you have, there's nothing quite like it.
  6. Including the shallow light weight SKB case which retails around £135 It's in the same pristine condition as the day I bought it on this forum in 2016 and sounds fantastic.....I've never seen a bad review yet. This one is from the first batch of 100 made for Sadowsky by Koch in Holland with 2 toroidal transformers. It is housed in the SKB case with clip off front and back and weighs 42lbs or 19kg, dimensions 17" x 10" x 7". In the three years of my ownership it's had regular services with no issues apart from a recent replaced pre amp valve. The amp is 210watts @2,4 or 8ohms and has I believe 6x el34's, 1x 6n1p, 2x 12ax7' valves. UK basic uninsured shipping £20 Insured shipping advised, estimated £120
  7. Bass wah in good condition, one or two small scuffs and no feet. Original owner modded to reduce play in wah travel, works well. Reduced to £55 including basic UK shipping
  8. Resurrection and price reduction to £130
  9. That's a shame, I'm not able to drive for a meet up even due to recent hernia surgery. Sorry I can't help.
  10. Super punchy 600W lightweight cab 8ohm 22" x 17.5" x 12" Black grill front 11kg/ 23.5lbs Only used for occasional rehearsals so almost as new, no issues. Roqsolid padded cover. Collection only from Preston Lancs for now, due to imminent hernia operation and recovery.
  11. Yes still available, It's quite simply the best amp I've ever had and is every bit as good as the Jule Tardis. For me the Sadowsky has the edge, the SA200 is all valve and has build quality second to none. I would be keeping it forever but have a few health niggles and have had to go for lighter options. Thanks
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