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  1. Definitely Billy Sheehan. He’s had the biggest impact on my playing back in the early days and still is showing no signs of letting up 😊🤘🏼
  2. For Sale: Line 6 HX FX multi-fx unit Think you all know what this is capable of and for those who don’t..... this is effects only, not amp modelling so, check the Line 6 website for full details 😉 I’m the original owner since new and was only purchased for a possible run of shows that never happened. Therefore, it has never left the house and only used a couple of times, immaculate condition, never on a pedalboard etc. and still has the plastic covers on the screens. Packaging also all in immaculate condition with power supply, usb cable and all paperwork still looking shiny and new. Selling for: £320 ***SOLD***
  3. Price adjustment: Now £295 (including UK postage)
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, didn’t get a notification Is just one algorithm that comes with the Core. Others need to be purchased once you create an Eventide account.
  5. Eventide H9 Core (check the Eventide site for the list of presets onboard). Bought new from Guitar guitar for a project last year, used briefly a couple of times, then has been sitting in its box unused ever since (I owned another previously so didn't need to spend much time with this one). In perfect working order, boxed with all original paperwork etc. and immaculate with screen protector still on and no velcro underneath. Selling for: £295 ***NOW SOLD*** Not interested in any other trades right now. Thank you. Feel free to search my Feedback page on here for buyer confidence 👍🏼😊
  6. Up for sale is my Ibanez Soundwave 20 practice amp. Have had it for a few years just for the occasional living room practice when my main rig wasn't at home. Sounds pretty good and gets plenty loud enough for home use. Still in great condition and working well, just not really needed anymore (as my Aguilar rig is my main 'go to' haha). Ideal for beginners to get started but also perfectly good for anyone needing some decent volume at home or for small band practices. Selling for [s]£50[/s][b] £40 [/b](Collection in London) Tech details: A terrific practice or backstage amp, the Ibanez SW20 Sound Wave Bass Amp has a closed-back cabinet for enhanced low-end, plus an 8" coaxial speaker for wider frequency response. Bass, mid, treble, and presence controls let you dial up the sounds you want, and a limiter keeps you from shredding the speaker. Other features include a variable input with 10dB gain, CD inputs for play-along, and a headphone out for silent practice. Features Excellent for practice or backstage use Very compact 20W power 8" coaxial speaker Bass, mid, treble, and presence controls Built-in limiter Variable input with 10dB gain CD inputs for play-along Headphone jack for silent practice
  7. Pedaltrain Nano with softcase. Bought new for a one-off gig in September and unused since. So, immaculate condition with Velcro carefully fitted and all original packaging/straps/paperwork etc. No longer needed as I’m only keeping one pedal for the foreseeable future. New price from Guitarguitar in September was £42.99 Selling for £30 ***SOLD***
  8. Only used a few times at home and for 2 gigs as I sold my DB410 speaker cab a few months ago (not much use without a cab). Therefore, immaculate condition, working perfectly and always kept in the gigbag so, dust-free. Absolutely love this amp but am rarely playing at the moment. Includes power cable, all original packaging and paperwork/stickers. Current New Price: £763 TH500 + £60 Aguilar Gigbag Selling for: [s]£600[/s] [b]£580[/b] (including U.K. Shipping) Am based in London (EN5 Home, E1W Work) so, can arrange a meet up instead of Postage if you're nearby. No Trades
  9. TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay/Looper Love this pedal but having temptations for the Strymon Timeline (even though it can’t do the Space delay which is all I use Lol). Excellent condition with no dents or scratches. Still have the original box too. New Price: £194+ Selling for: £120 ***SOLD*** Digitech Whammy Ricochet Only 3 months old. Works great on Bass (Doug Wimbish has one on his board) and very compact. Has both Polyphonic and original Whammy tracking modes built in and is ultra-compact. Bought for a gig but decided to keep the board small and use my Eventide H9 for double-duties instead so, only used a couple of times at home. Immaculate and boxed as new. New Price: £125 Selling for: £95 ***SOLD***
  10. Give me a shout if the sale doesn't go through 😊
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