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  1. Thanks to Russ (EBSfreak) for pointing this out to me. I did hesitate for about 5 seconds :-)
  2. Andy, I will take this - You brought it from me in about 2007. Will send PM Steve
  3. Hello Mr.M i recognise that Sterling :-)
  4. Saw this on Facebook and thought I would share for anyone interested.... http://soundcloud.com/tracks/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=alleva+coppolo Steve
  5. birdy

    Feedback for Harry

    [quote name='Gwilym' timestamp='1323900800' post='1468621'] +1 to all the above. just bought a bass from Harry, and it couldn't be easier. thoroughly recommended cheers Harry, I am a very happy chappy G [/quote] Same Here! Easy guy to deal with :-) Steve
  6. I have this same bass but with an Indian Rosewood fretboard and it's all I have gigged with in the last 12 months which anyone who knows me will know is almost a miracle. The DN board would also be a £1000 additional option if you were buying this but you couldn't as there is none left :-) Whoever gets this won't be disappointed!! Steve
  7. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1320328437' post='1425360'] This is typical isn't it. There's me looking for an early 60's (although money dictates a refin), and this pops up around 5miles from where I live. Si [/quote] Why don't you buy it and paint it after
  8. I hope to come to this but can't commit till nearer the time. If I do come I will bring whatever I still have but pretty definately my Alleva LG4. Steve
  9. I bought Chris's Celinder Update 4. Great communication, bass exactly as described, fast shipment and well packed - perfect transaction !! Steve
  10. Purchased this a few months ago from Gareth and now need to move it on due to incoming :-) Its a great bass. Hopefully Gareth will not mind me using his original thread to describe it and there is one pic still on there - I will put some more on later. There is a very small ding on the front of the bass since I bought it so I will listen to offers close to £1000 for this plus shipping. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/117145-1980s-stingray-black-n-maple-sold When I bought this there was no case or gig bag but I will ship in a gig bag purely for safety reasons. Thanks Steve I am based near Lichfield, any trial welcome :-)
  11. I will try and make this if its on a sunday afternoon as well. Thanks for organizing! Steve
  12. [quote name='lozbass' post='1257343' date='Jun 5 2011, 02:21 PM']Some staggering basses on here at fantastic prices - however, I'm at a loss to explain why this is still here. Beautiful hand-built classic[/quote] Agreed - I played this when Flanker had it for a short period and its an amazing bass and a complete bargain!!
  13. Bought Gareth's 80's Stingray from him in an easy deal. Great communication, fast shipment, well packaged and exactly as described :-) Thanks! Steve
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