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  1. Thanks bud, it’s been a while 😋 horses got in the way.....LOL. They are like a big secret to me, no-one unless they have had one, gets them. There is a very good reason some of (if not most of) the top guitarists have a PRS in their collection. 🙂
  2. Had a couple of enquiries about trades. I need to free up space and funds so trades arent really on my radar with this one.... 🤔 But thank you anyway to those that have asked! 😊
  3. 2003 PRS EB IV bass. Owned by me from new and used on probably a dozen occasions so as good as mint. Selling because I have too many and not enough time to play them. It is a Stevensville made bass and not an SE, so quality is as high as any PRS guitar you will have picked up and played. Hopefully then you will understand when I say it feels like it was made just for you and not mass produced. It has a veneer maple top and despite being finished in clear lacquer looks really sweet close up. Neck plays like a P Bass (so good for larger hands) but also very smooth to the touch. Frets obviously have zero wear and it is remarkably easy to set up to a low action. Has nice neutral tone when strung with D’addario chromes but with the 18v pre amp and new batteries will cut through any mix. Happy to ship or post at your cost and your choice of courier but needs to be insured for obvious reasons. If in the UK would prefer a meet up to do F2F so you can see what you are getting ort if within travelling distance of Lincoln then more than happy for you to try before you buy.
  4. Last bump before considering ebaying it..... Shame really.
  5. Thanks BITF, it is a good little combo. Close to Mesa tone without the weight or expense. I am willing to accept any small PJB products in p/ex BG75, Cub, Briefcase, Flightcase.... Bob.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. It seems that Ampeg have dropped this pretty cool amp from their line up. Why? I'm not sure. It potentially puts out around 300w (solid state) and has a 12AU7 valve pre-amp which does actually produce a warm valvey tone. This will allow you to practice with a drumkit and guitards up to about 100w. Will come with a spare JJ valve and Roqsolid cover and has only had light home practice use. Anyone who knows of me knows that my gear is mint. Ampeg say the following:- [b]RMS Power Output:[/b] 300-Watts Class-D [b]LF Driver:[/b] 1 x 15" speaker [b]HF Driver:[/b] 1 x HF horn w/ Level control [b]Preamp:[/b] Tube (1x 12AU7) [b]Tone Controls:[/b] 3-Band EQ [b]Mid Tone Control:[/b] Style [b]Ultra High / Ultra Low switches:[/b] Yes [b]Variable Compressor:[/b] Yes [b]Line Out:[/b] Yes, tube-driven balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼" TS w/ Level control, Pre/Post EQ switch and ground lift [b]Effects loop:[/b] Yes [b]Removable casters:[/b] Yes [b]Dimensions (W x H x D inches):[/b] 21.25 x 21.5 x 16 [b]Handling Weight:[/b] 60 Pounds I am happy to take pics for anyone who is genuinely interested (PM please) but it looks just like the pic on the Ampeg website. Postage (at your cost) is not out of the question but meeting up 1/2 way or mutually agreed pick up would make more sense.
  8. You may have picked up a common theme here....? As an avid 'tinkerer' but a remote pupil of dan Erlewine I have to agree and add my support to those comments above. Any warping caused by moisture change in he wood would be very minor in an instrument of this age and stability. Warping is a lateral twist (across the strings rather than inline with them) that is normally a fatal condition, however is almost exclusively found in really heap budget instruments that source wood from the likes of European beef suppliers..... As much I'm not a fan of Fender QC they would not use a piece of maple that had not got a correct grain pattern for a neck. I like others agree that it is a pretty neck. Again as others have stated his neck needs a proper fret dress from someone who does know his arse from his elbow........
  9. [quote name='Spoombung' timestamp='1362336140' post='1998575'] Well it's all subjective, but a 'baseball bat' neck, a top horn that doesn't reach to the 12th fret and a bottom horn that curls in like a fender are all things I don't like but I concede there are some people, like yourself, who like that. If you've got 7 of them that means you must like them... so I bow to your greater experience. I'm not trying to start a war or anything. [/quote] No probs bud, I cant be arsed with confrontation anymore and hence I hung up my Mod hat. I'll grant u that the neck looks thick but in use its nowhere near as deep as say a Warwick or Ovation Magnum. Its not as fast a neck as a J bass but then its not like big Fender neck - kinda a compromise. The top bout doesnt need to extend to the 12fret if the Neck is light -,and it is so it balances perfectly where it is. The bottom bout leaves plenty of room even for a hamifisted tw4t like me to play at the dusty end ot the neck without restriction or uncomfortable stretching. I conceed that at 6'1" and 110kg I am a big unit but in my hands they feel as close to perfect that you can get with the traditional layout bass....
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