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PRS EB IV 2003 Natural with Maple veneer

The Burpster

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2003 PRS EB IV bass. Owned by me from new and used on probably a dozen occasions so as good as mint. Selling because I have too many and not enough time to play them. It is a Stevensville made bass and not an SE, so quality is as high as any PRS guitar  you will have picked up and played. Hopefully then you will understand when I say it feels like it was made just for you and not mass produced. It has a veneer maple top and despite being finished in clear lacquer looks really sweet close up. Neck plays like a P Bass (so good for larger hands) but also very smooth to the touch. Frets obviously have zero wear and it is remarkably easy to set up to a low action. 

Has nice neutral tone when strung with D’addario chromes but with the 18v pre amp and new batteries will cut through any mix. 

Happy to ship or post at your cost and your choice of courier but needs to be insured for obvious reasons. If in the UK would prefer a meet up to do F2F so you can see what you are getting ort if within travelling distance of Lincoln then more than happy for you to try before you buy.  






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I got myself another one of these earlier this year or I'd have been in touch.  They really are astonishingly consistent, well put together basses.  If you want the Jazz bass sound without the Fender lottery of 'potential' issues, these really are worth a look/listen!  :)  

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