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  1. Trades! Thank you you very much 2x18 perfect gent
  2. KarlWhite

    A word of caution auction

    That’s awesome news I just get wary of leaving batteries in anything so long having seen what happens to the kids toys haha, nevertheless I have moved my dimension bass on now, almost finished a pj build got a passive jap jazz so need to size down my collection anyways so the two status need to go and the fender elite bass
  3. KarlWhite

    A word of caution auction

    The bass went straight to Pmt in Manchester and had a wire loose and all works perfect now. Worked before I sent it and they said it looks like it happened on the casing probably when taking the battery in and out Ash was sorted with an immediate returns label and refunded instantly i am no dodgy dealer and just want to change to strictly passive basses as the Mrs is going nuts about having rechargeable batteries everywhere hence the sale of ALL my active basses
  4. KarlWhite


    Trying to raise funds! Let’s see what happens!
  5. Up for sale 1983 natural ash fender elite precision bass hardcase not original amazing condition trades for passive USA fender jazz bass guitars deals can be made! Lancashire based 40 pound uk delivery insured
  6. Price drop to 850! USA fender deluxe dimension bass in natural ash in incredible condition up for sale. barely been used as I use my fender 83 precision elite over it and so I’m looking to move this onto a new home this is the fender version of a musicman and sounds great neck is lovely this is a great bass for anyone to use! im after a USA fender jazz bass! Sadly nothing else appeals to me at the moment! delivery can be arranged for £40 full insured uk only please! 07754324034 or message on here cheers karl
  7. KarlWhite

    PRS EB IV 2003 Natural with Maple veneer

    Pmd matey
  8. Absolute lovely bass wish i hadnt fallen out of love with jazzes! natural as well. have a bump form me Karl!
  9. im after a status t bass in seafoam/mint green 4 or 5 string. had one before and miss it! Thanks] Karl
  10. KarlWhite

    Yamaha BEX-4 Semi Acoustic With Piezo.

    has this sold?
  11. Really GASsing over one of these basses atm! i use a Status groove and t bass atm, so im willing to buy one of these to fit in with my basses! Love status please let me know if any of you have one!
  12. best price on this and is it still available? PM back if you will?
  13. Wanted either of the bass heads listed above got money ready willing to pay through PayPal and ph postage much appreciated people please get in touch!!