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  1. Thanks mate! Think it might be @RnRDave! I’ve already had two PMs showing interest, so sounds like I’ve priced it about right.
  2. Discontinued Fender Mustang bass in Olympic White with tort pickguard, crafted in Japan. Alder body, maple neck with rosewood board. Really lovely instrument with a deliciously warm tone especially with the D’Addario black tapewound strings currently on it. The bass has been cared for, but is in generally good player’s condition rather than collector’s condition as there are a few dinks and scratches, particularly by the back neck plate (which is very inexpensively replaced), around the belt buckle area and on the headstock. There is also a finish crack in the usual Fender spot: I’ve had it checked and it is purely in the hard poly finish rather than into the wood. I add these photos in the interest of full disclosure, but it really is a lovely, easy-to-play bass that you will love. £699 cash or bank transfer collected from SE London (I live in Greenwich and work in Croydon if that helps). Trades considered, but I am fussy.
  3. A beautiful MIM 2018 Fender Stratocaster in tobacco burst. Equipped with HSH pickups, vibrato bridge, maple neck with ferro fingerboard. Apart from a few very small marks in the finish, and some polish swirling on the pickguard, this is in excellent condition. The guitar has had its frets dressed and polished, fingerboard nourished with oil, and set up to play with a lovely low-medium action with my favoured D’Addario 9-42s. Collection or meet-up only, as at this price it does not come with a case. I live in London SE3, work in Croydon and commute daily so could meet someone en route. Trades considered, but I am fussy. Thank you - someone is going to really enjoy this beautiful guitar, and it could be you 😊
  4. For sale is this rare, discontinued and sought after big boy, the delicious Cali 76 compressor, based on the legendary 1176. It took me ages to find one in this condition, and I’m not expecting this to hang around for very long. Pristine condition - not a mark that I can find on it anywhere. Dual lock stuck to bottom for pedalboard mounting, but can be easily removed if desired. Will run at 9-18v if you want extra headroom. LED display showing gain reduction, works fantastically well for dialing in. Complete with box, stickers and instruction sheet. £575 collected from SE London - I live in Greenwich and work in Croydon so may be able to meet up or deliver along that route. Would prefer not to ship, but it is an option we can look at. Would prefer cash to trades (possible trade for C4 with cash my way, or a Kemper Stage with cash your way), but feel free to try me.
  5. Photo of cab added, plus slight price drop. Will add photos of head when I manage to find it (I clearly have too much gear).
  6. I also have two of these (and two Behringer B205s). The Behringers are more compact and don’t need a brick power supply, but these TCs have effects, mount directly on a mic stand and have better projection and to e. They all serve their purpose really well. If I needed another, I would jump on this deal.
  7. Oh my god this is tempting. I have three sunburst Bravewood restorations (2 Ps and a Strat) and they are stunning, so that Jazz is calling me. Looking for anything trade wise?
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