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  1. I agree, the Moollon headstock is very sexy.
  2. This is very cool. Which is your fave? https://bassmagazine.com/artists/watch-jonathan-herrera-play-18-different-basses-on-one-track
  3. I wish I had something to put these on, they’re really gorgeous. Half tempted just to get them “in case”, ridiculous though that would be!
  4. Damn he knows how to make a bass! That lightly reliced finish too.
  5. As Roger himself says - chambered body and more options. Otherwise the Metros are just as good as the NYC instruments.
  6. My Warwick Alien 6. Don’t even have to plug it in
  7. If the buzz is when you play lower down the neck, you need to loosen the truss rod. If it’s higher up the neck, you need to raise the saddles. Intonation will need adjusting afterwards.
  8. Too true, but you really have to hear a Sadowsky in a mix to appreciate just how good it is.
  9. I think Lee on here has one of these amongst his many Sadowskys
  10. There you go, see what you think of the different strings on this baby. @AndyTravis He was such a gent, even signed and set up the guitar for me. @Al Krow Yeah, but the BBNE2 is just one of the greatest basses ever.
  11. Oh I almost forgot - my 61 with a replacement roasted maple / Brazilian rosewood neck from Bravewood. So beautiful it actually hurts to look at.
  12. Yup, the NYC has P/J configuration, the Metroline normal J/J. I actually used to have an NYC S-type too. Got stolen when my house got burgled, sadly, along with my Dingwall Super J, Bravewood 56P and Godin MultiAc Nylon SA. Here’s a photo from the day I bought it.
  13. Since @AndyTravis posted a photo of his fine pair...
  14. It’s nowhere near as bad as mine, don’t worry!
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