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  1. How much would you be after for either? Happy to receive PM if you’d prefer.
  2. @Manton Customs You definitely know more about these things than I do - all I know is that Feline get my bass and guitar actions to absolute perfection for what I need, and I know they do these on mine in conjunction with a refret or full fret level, crown and dress.
  3. True, oops. I will say that my BB435 is alarmingly close in terms of quality especially for the money. Am aware that the OP already has a BB or two, but for anyone else on the lookout for a 5-string PJ, it doesn’t get much better.
  4. I bought an SKB Bass Safe and use it for flying with a gig bag. A Vertigo will fit inside with the foam removed, otherwise most padded soft bags will go in. I’ve also seen people put a gig bag in a keyboard hard case. I love my Mono bags (I have more than 10), but if you value your bass at all, do not check your bass using one.
  5. Hmmm, been interested in shorter scale Precisions for some time - absolutely love my medium scale P. What’s the weight?
  6. My Sadowsky has a little bit of fall-off built in on the highest frets which really helps. My techs of over 15 years at Feline Guitars routinely do this themselves on their guitars, on refrets and fret levels, and they have done this on most of mine with superb results.
  7. Dingwall Supers are available in P/J config. I love my Super P5, probably my favourite bass of all time.
  8. It is indeed, the other one is in much better nick and has a cover. Send me a PM
  9. Lovely. I have a Motion B-III and it is extraordinarily good.
  10. Fairly certain these are 35” scale
  11. 32” is generally considered medium scale, which is my favourite. This is lovely.
  12. You have a J-style bass and a P (well, PJ) style bass, so you’re good to go gearwise. As others have said, choose the neck pickup, roll down the tone knob and enjoy.
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