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  1. As it is, my Sadowsky doesn’t get played enough! Sadly I don’t think this will fit on that...
  2. Ah, I went the other way, started with a Combustion and found I am much more at home on Super scale, had a matching pair of Super J and Super P until the J got stolen in a burglary.
  3. I’ve been curious about those for a while, would be very interested in comparing one to my Super P.
  4. Yeah I was pretty surprised too. I guess Jazz basses tend to sell more, but there has been a P resurgence of late.
  5. Worth a read, if you haven’t already.
  6. I waited a long time to get my medium scale 80s Squier P! It’s just amazing. @Rumple whom I bought it from had Gypsy Rose ones which he got quite inexpensively, but I never managed to find a decently priced one and then he sold me the Squier so I stopped looking.
  7. Sorry, he plays a P35 with Dunlop flats! Just saw him last night.
  8. That’s a very straightforward repair for a decent tech. You could even do it yourself with glue and a clamp.
  9. A friend of mine uses them on his P34, not sure if the bridge design is the same. Does it work through the body?
  10. The ratio of core to wrap makes a difference, which is where a custom maker like Newtone comes in.
  11. @eude Those look gorgeous. Am enjoying your old 33” Shuker singlecut 6, but I can’t help but think I’d like a 32” or 31.5” even more.
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