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  1. I’m just down the road from you in Shooter’s Hill!
  2. Thanks for the input. I think on balance it is a good idea to reserve this for polishing and cutting etc. I don’t mind spending a little more for something that will last, and buying a dedicated router for routing tasks. Are there different shaft size standards? In terms of aftermarket bits, etc?
  3. Anyone here have any expertise in Dremels and rotary tools? Is it worth paying for the brand? Corded vs cordless etc? Would be cool to be able to do simple routing with it, for pickups etc. I know Dremel sells a router attachment as well as a drill press attachment etc. (I already have a Bosch cordless drill but I know they’re a bit different)
  4. @thack If you’re interested in 6-string Jazzes (and there aren’t many), I do have a good one up for sale in the classifieds at a bargain price 🙂
  5. I think they were Dunlop flats if I remember. This is a lovely bass. Tempted to get it back!
  6. I also replaced the horrible phosphor bronze strings on my Warwick Alien with La Bella tapewounds - I went for white nylon golds.
  7. I’m even wondering what a triple P might sound like...
  8. I’ve owned more than half a dozen fanned fret basses and guitars... and that is next level bonkers.
  9. Pretty close to being my dream bass. Wish the timing was better!
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