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This Sunday!

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  1. Out of curiosity, how do you find the Nordstrand compared to the stock pickup?
  2. Close String Spacing Basses - 4 string. - 16mm?

    Oh I’m not suggesting you buy it - just thought you might be amused by it!
  3. Close String Spacing Basses - 4 string. - 16mm?

    If you want a really crazy 14mm spacing bass, you should try my 8-string Conklin in the Classifieds...
  4. Close String Spacing Basses - 4 string. - 16mm?

    I also struggle with the original Thunderbird shape. The D-bird balances very nicely, Sheldon has given strap placement and headstock design a lot of careful thought and experimentation. They sound pretty immense tuned down in the 3-pickup configuration. edit: I just realised you said sitting down. I haven’t tried it seated, admittedly.
  5. Close String Spacing Basses - 4 string. - 16mm?

    D-bird Standard, surely 😉
  6. Jazz Bass Ramp - 73mm spacing

    Did this sell in the end?
  7. SOLD - Mike LULL P4 - 2010 - 7,4 lbs

    Oh WOW.
  8. D-Tuner Sadowsky Metro

    That needs to be in the wanted section. You got me really excited there...
  9. Feedback for --- lynxus69

    Purchased pickups from Marcin and arranged to meet up in person to collect and have a chin wag about our basses. Great bloke and very hospitable. Would deal with again!
  10. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    Oh believe me I know - I have a Sadowsky Metro J, and two other basses with Sadowsky pres in them. I really want a Sadowsky P though!
  11. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    Oh man... if this were a P...
  12. Tapes on a Jazz?

    I have tapes on my MIJ Mustang. The one issue I’ve had is grounding on one gig - because the tape winding doesn’t conduct, I had a horrible earthing buzz that I could only get to disappear by touching the metal bridge or controls. Very annoying!
  13. Pick a Precision pickguard

    I think it looks just fine with a maple board. My Sadowsky has a 59 burst, maple board and tort guard and she’s gorgeous!
  14. LED fretboard inlay

    Phone torchlight works just fine. You can also buy replacement UV LED torches on eBay for a couple quid.
  15. LED fretboard inlay

    I have Luminlay on my Sadowsky and my two Dingwalls. I also have SIMS Custom LEDs on my Conklin. Doing Luminlay from now on.