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  1. I haven’t actually played it for a while as I got a bunch of other basses which have captured my attention. Will get it out again one of these days!
  2. It’s a shame you’re at the wrong end of the country, looks a nice guitar and a fair price.
  3. Paul sold me a gigbag in an easy transaction. Lovely chap! Thanks again!
  4. I have a single iGig too, in a harem of Monos and Incases. It’s very good. Would have this if I could remotely justify it.
  5. If that was a shorter scale, I’d be all over that. Bargain.
  6. It may be worth seeing where you are located, since you would prefer pick up. Love these basses, good luck with the sale!
  7. Basically I had three Calis at the time…
  8. NOW SOLD 2012 Paul Reed Smith DGT (David Grissom Tremolo) Standard. This is a pretty rare PRS model, and although it wasn’t technically a limited edition, it was only made in 2012 making them quite hard to come by. I feel a little bit silly putting this up for sale just a month after buying it, but having recently acquired a maple 10-top version which a slightly better fit for my particular needs, it seems even sillier to have this much money tied up in the guitar that would always be second choice. This is, however, an incredible guitar. The best feature is undoubtedly the pickups - David Grissom and Paul Reed Smith spent a year and 40 prototypes refining them into probably the best humbucker pickups I’ve ever heard. The sweet spot for me is rolled back to 7, and they are very responsive to volume tweaks and pick attack. PRS has a fantastic partial-coil-split system that maintains body with single coil sounds, giving good approximations of Strat tones in the neck pickup and Tele tones in bridge and middle positions. The only mod I have had done to this guitar is swapping the push-pull coil split pot on the tone knob to a push-push pot. This means you just have to tap on the knob to toggle between split and humbucking modes, which helps in the heat of gig battle when the knobs can be a bit slippery. The original pot is still in the hardcase, and I am happy to have the mod reversed for a committed buyer. Woodwise, the body and neck are both mahogany, and the rosewood fingerboard houses moon inlays and the jumbo frets favoured by David Grissom (they are a crucial part of what makes this guitar so incredible to play). The finish PRS used on their 2012 models was their V12 formula, and this is the only DGT Standard in Vintage White finish in the UK. The Phase III locking tuners and PRS trem bridge keep truly excellent tuning stability - after the strings settled, I literally didn’t need to tune the guitar for over two weeks, through six gigs and two rehearsals. I have had Dunlop Dual Design straplocks put on, but the original ones are in the case and I can have them put back on if preferred. Condition is very good, with a few signs of use as pictured. There are two paint chips on the front edge of the lower bout, one small and one absolutely tiny, and there is also a small paint break dent in the same area. There is also a mark in the paint near the back edge, and some shallow swirl scratches on the back on and around the trem cavity and control cavity covers. There is also some use wear on the brushed nickel pickup covers. None of these are apparent from the front or from player position when the guitar is in use. From an audience and player point of view, the guitar appears pretty much as new. This is a serious purchase, and I am happy for a serious buyer to try the guitar out in person. If you are nearby, I am happy to bring it over for you to try through your own setup, or I have an excellent pair of Waza Air headphones that would allow this pretty much anywhere. £2,200 cash collected from SE or South London. This includes the original PRS hardcase, all hang tags, QC tag and case candy. Trades considered (with cash adjustment) for a PRS Hollowbody. Feel free to try me with other potential trades, but I am fussy. If it doesn’t sell, I will not be disappointed to keep it! #MyPRS #PRS #PRSguitar #PRSguitars #DGT #DavidGrissom
  9. I used to own this bass, it didn’t quite fit my needs as my hands need a chunkier neck to avoid cramping (it’s why I can’t play Soundgears), but for the vast majority of people who appreciate a slim, fast, playable flat neck it is absolutely incredible!
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