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  1. G-bitch

    [quote name='therealting' timestamp='1503847169' post='3361156'] Bought a lovely gig bag from him that I'd been searching for for YEARS. Very helpful and a gent. [/quote] Graham found a hanger for this gig bag 2.5 months after I collected the bag from him, and posted it to me with no further charge. Legend.
  2. Dingwall SuperJ 5

    Super Js are 32-35" for 5 strings.
  3. Blasius Fanned fret custom bass

    What scale(s) is it?
  4. Dingwall Super P

    Oh man, this is almost exactly the four string version of my Dingwall Super P5. So tempted...
  5. Sadowsky MV4 HPJ **SOLD**

    I bought my Dingwall Super P from wayne58 last year - he made a complicated transaction very easy and it's now my #1 five string. I'm so tempted to have this off him too...!
  6. Best option for 60's spec p bass?

    I am a big fan of Bravewood's work. Not the cheapest option necessarily, but virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, apart from the fact that IMHO they are generally much better instruments.
  7. 1983 Fender Precision *SOLD*

    That's beautiful.
  8. Should I refinish my '68 jazz??

    [quote name='Hellzero' timestamp='1504341032' post='3364171'] If you want to refinish it, it's now or never. Why ? Because nitrocellulosic colours are simply not made anymore and those stocking them are keeping them or selling them like liquid gold. [/quote] This is news to me...!
  9. Feedback for jhowhdheyieh

    Joe just purchased my Japanese Precision, both of us were very happy with the transaction. Easy comms and lovely chap.
  10. Now sold to a happy buyer. Going to miss this one.
  11. Should I refinish my '68 jazz??

    If I were you I would email John at Bravewood and see about a refinish (and relic to your taste). He did my 61 - have had it side by side with an unmolested one and his work is superb - and he now has my 64.
  12. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1504196528' post='3363338'] Closest you'll get is probably this: http://www.rondomusic.com/hxb40534natq.html Although fully appreciate it's 30" rather than 32" Si [/quote] I would totally get that if it were available here! Was looking at one of the Wingbass 30" sixers the other day.
  13. Yamaha BBVIIs Medium Scale MIJ Bass **SOLD**

    Ah, didn't see this the other day!
  14. Interesting. If it doesn't say MIJ, I'd guess it's really Chinese made... not that that's necessarily bad.