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  1. I have a Gypsy Rose project that needs finishing if of interest, I have too many medium scale basses at this point.
  2. These are in the wrong category, this category is for complete basses.
  3. These are in the wrong category, this category is for complete basses.
  4. I meant I should have nabbed them when I came to pick up the bass!
  5. Agreed, but I’m more talking about the amp that doesn’t always work, the guitar with the switch that goes dodgy mid gig. We’ve all had it happen at some point or other, pros learn that they can’t afford this sort of thing to happen more than once
  6. On the flipside, I have done gigs with musicians who were incredibly capable, but with gear which was constantly unreliable. Having expensive beer doesn’t necessarily make you a better player, but they can make you a better person to hire than someone who is equipment is it up to the task. This is not to say that inexpensive instruments cannot be made to be reliable.
  7. Pretty sure the bridge pickup says “Noiseless” and so is Fender rather than Nordstrand. Nice bass!
  8. That’s a little beaut! Shame you’re so far away.
  9. It’s... so... pretty...
  10. Go on then, I’ll sling an extra tenner towards the food bank at which I volunteer. PM sent — oops, just seen that it’s sold. Never mind —-
  11. Ormsby Hype GTR 7-string in Dragon Burst. Excellent very clean condition, no scratches or dings that I can see. Plays beautifully. - quilted maple top in “dragon burst”, blue to pink fade. - mahogany body, very comfortable arm and body bevels - 5-piece maple / bubinga set-neck (that neck joint is gorgeous) with fanned-fret / multiscale ebony fingerboard - 24 stainless steel jumbo frets, as new, excellent fret access - 27-25.5” scale, so a tight low B string and a singing high E, wonderfully balanced, great for low and drop tunings - currently tuned in standard (BEADGBE) with 9s - satin black Hipshot hard tail through-body bridge and locking tuners - satin black volume and tone knobs with rubber grip rings. Coil tap on tone knob. - 3-way pickup switching - Ormsby pickups (I think the De La Creme model, excellent clean, crunchy and distorted) - Ormsby-branded lightweight hardshell case £1,100 or would consider a trade for a Strandberg, Suhr, PRS Silver Sky, or similar S-type instrument. Might also be tempted by a similar value bass, I am picky but feel free to try me. Collection or meet-up preferred (SE London or nearby).
  12. Contemplating the yawning gap between what I can afford and a sensible offer
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