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  1. No worries. If you change the subject of the thread to include the word SOLD, the mods will lock it for you.
  2. @fretmeister Quite possibly! Thoughts on the pickguard, everyone? Brass? Gold-anodised aluminium? Black/white/black? Tort?
  3. @Mikey D Yes I believe he uses it too, it’s the Nova headless system from Brazil.
  4. We have a winner! Fairly major mod obviously, and cost me more in parts and labour than I actually paid for the bass itself, but I **REALLY** like the way it’s turned out and now intend to follow through with a new preamp, aged brass knobs and a new pickguard... possibly aged brass too? Kudos to Tom at Feline Guitars who did the work - it looks like it was originally designed and built this way. Photos added to original post.
  5. @BassApprentice A new less shiny bridge is indeed part of it! I’ll see if anyone spots the other bit before I post a further photo.
  6. Got one of these recently, and was impressed enough with that I am planning a raft of mods to make it a really killer instrument. Today we start nice and subtle, almost undetectable. Can you see what has changed? More photos:
  7. Have had something pretty major done to mine... update coming later this evening!
  8. Price reduced, now offered at £599 for this beast of a bass.
  9. That’s why I have three Hipshot detuners sitting in my hardware box...
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