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  1. Lusted after one of these after I saw a Paul Davids’ review on YouTube. So cool!
  2. These look interesting with the switching. No less a force than Abraham Laboriel plays one (a 305).
  3. My dream bass as a teenager. We couldn’t afford it, but I was lucky enough to get a TRB6 MkI, which I still have and is still a killer bass. Bet this is unreal!
  4. If it’s a dream kit, make it perfect! I have an über-cheap Mapex M series that I picked up for £120 here (5 piece), and gradually added other bits and pieces to, and it is now set up with mesh heads and quiet cymbals in my front room. 20, 8, 10, 12, 14 and I have a 16 stored away to save space in the front room. Has really been a boon during lockdown! In live gigging guise.
  5. It would probably help your cause to post JPG photos rather than HEIC which don’t display automatically. If anyone is curious, it appears to be a sunburst model with tort guard and rosewood board.
  6. If you change the topic of the thread, a mod will close it for you
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