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  1. Thanks @dub_junkie. Do you know what the weight is?
  2. If this is still here in April when I visit a Glasgow, I’m interested but would need to try it as some thin necks make my hand cramp up (had to sell an Ibanez SoundGear for that reason).
  3. Because these have a J pickup that’s properly balanced with the P 😊
  4. What sort of strings does it use? The scale length is identical to the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass, so I’m curious as to whether it also uses similar phosphor bronze strings, or bass ukulele type strings.
  5. He bought one a few posts up 🙂 This one.
  6. Very tempty... I sold my sunburst Revelation fretless on here a while ago and I miss it!
  7. Sean kindly sent me some toggle switch bobbles for free. Gent!
  8. I guess they had to balance that with missing out on having it at Winter NAMM at all. That’s where many of the distributors and buyers around the world do their business, so missing it could have been much more disastrous than Internet punters giggling 😊 I will say I’m surprised they didn’t just sand the headstocks down in the custom shop and apply a logo quickly. Perhaps Roger - a scrupulously ethical and moral man - felt that would be dishonest and he’d rather keep it real. Lots of companies show prototypes at NAMM with handwritten labelling and the like. If they sound and feel good enough, then the aesthetic details are sorted out in time to meet shipping deadlines in the summer etc. Regarding NYC / Metroline - Roger himself has always said that the Japanese ones are just as good as the NYC ones, just missing chambering and some of the options. I love my MV4, it’s been around the world and is so so so good.
  9. @wateroftyne It does seem like a silly thing to overlook, but I imagine they had a shedload of things to pull together and get right in a short period of time. I’ve been to Roger’s shop and met him, it is a small operation (and about to get smaller of course), so I imagine he and his team have had a lot to juggle with the downsizing and all. Quirks on NAMM prototypes are fairly typical. He must have decided that the rest of the instrument’s quality speaks for itself. Much better to have people at the show saying how great they sound and play, and when retailers start stocking them it will be easy enough to look at the photo and see that the headstock logo has been fixed.
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