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  1. Unrelated question, but have yoi tried attaching the tick to the transit, and if yes, did it work? (I have mono(s) and a tick for my basses and am thinking of getting a transit for my guitar, but I would need to carry the tick with it for t gigs)
  2. that looks great! and 33" is indeed amazing (my choice nowadays) if I didn't already have a 6 33" to sell here I would be interested hehe
  3. Open for trades or partial trades with 4 string basses, preferably short scale and passive basses but could consider normal jazz basses, stingrays, etc
  4. would you be interested in this for a trade?:
  5. Ow dammmn. I want this, but I need to sell my bass first
  6. Hi! Cool, I will send you a private message
  7. now 2900€!!!!! ((2490£) I can't believe I am going so low on this price, but I need the money)
  8. Ow, I wish you were accepting trades...
  9. now price drop to 3000€ for sale (3500€ trade value)
  10. are you open for other trades than MTD?
  11. Beautiful bass! Good luck with the sale!
  12. price drop to 3100 now :)
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