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  1. Maaan that is beautiful! Do you have any sound clips of it? I would be interested but I have a Marleaux fretless 5 to sell before I can buy another are you interested in trades?
  2. Are you open for trades?
  3. Marleaux is very famous for their amazing fretless basses, and this one is no exception. This is actually a very special bass, the only existing bolt-on mBass made by Marleaux. It is a bolt on as that is usually the preffered construction for a more balanced fretless sound. The bass is in absolute pristine condition with no dings or marks. I am only selling it because I need the money. Specs: - 34" scale, - 5 string lined fretless 24 fret marks - tree peace maple neck - ebony fingerboard - mahogany body - figured pear wood top with wenge accent veneer - delano quad coil pickups - marleaux 3 band eq with active-passive switch - includes marleaux rigid gigbag, strap locks, tools and marleaux booklet - includes two removeable ebony finger ramps This bass costs new around 4800€, Open for trades/partial trades.
  4. Hahaha, it is a very old paint type, based on milk casein, and finished with natural oil. I dont think your cat would like to bite it, but, we never know hehehehe
  5. Thanks for the input yes, the logo is a wood piece. back of the headstock has the signature, city and date. frets are of course possible to add, but there would be an uncharge of course
  6. You can check on instagram, our website is under maintenance. Maa guitars is based in Sweden. I can consider trades for basses, amps, etc, send me a PM and we can see whatbis possible.
  7. Both look amazing! Are you interesrwd in 5 string fretless also?
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