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  1. Please add me to the queue on the off chance it falls through!
  2. These are fab - I have the Motion III, it is both a joy to play and sounds amazing.
  3. Yup, slim necks are a problem for causing my fretting hand to cramp up!
  4. Really wish my left hand could manage Soundgear necks without cramping up - that is gorgeous.
  5. Me three. I use my Dingwall Super P5 for most of my flatwound 5-string P duties and my TRB5P for my roundwounds ones so I definitely don’t need this… but…
  6. I remember, when I was looking around at acoustic bass guitars, that these were THE ones to get. I don’t think I could now justify getting a third when the existing two constantly get ignored for my upright or electric upright, but part of me is tapping me on the shoulder and saying “PLEEEEEEEASE?!”
  7. That looks lovely. Would look lovelier next to my fretted one… 🙈
  8. Intrigued by these. How do they compare to the Pedaltrains? Looks very similar in dimensions to my Classic 2.
  9. True, in the course of a recital each piece might only use one or two of the strings. I guess it’s similar to how I might only use the B string on my 5-string basses once in certain songs. This is probably a better example of the sub bass strings being more fully utilised!
  10. Classical guitars can have more strings for extended bass, similar to harp guitars. I have an 8-string short-scale classical guitar handmade by Swedish master luthier Georg Bolin. Here is a 10-string being put to wonderful use.
  11. These really are terrific basses. I was just playing my modified 205 a few minutes ago, it has become my “around-the-house” bass as it is so comfy to play… and this in a house that has two Dingwalls, two Sadowskys, two 90s Japanese TRBs and two pre-CBS Precisions… they really are that cool!
  12. I have one of these, it’s a surprisingly nice amp for the size and money!
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