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  1. I remember once reading a round table discussion in a bass magazine with such greats as Nathan East and John Patitucci arguing about whether to bend the string before cutting it, or whether to have a straight neck or to dial in relief. If some of the greatest bassists of all time manage to restring and set up their basses differently and create the music they do, then it strikes me as hilarious how use mere mortals can declare strangers on the Internet to be wrong and our way is the only way to do it. 😂
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I assume one of the pickup selector positions is for bridge coils only, rather than two positions for neck only.
  4. Pretty sure these are the EHB rather than the EBH, may want to rename the thread as it may help prospective buyers find it!
  5. I don’t think they were the stock strings, so I don’t know I’m afraid!
  6. Awesome strings, they came on my Dingwall Super P, I’ve done loads of gigs and recordings with them and they sounds great.
  7. I would recommend contacting John East - I have one of his preamps in my TRB5P and it is wonderful.
  8. I’ve tried this little thing when doing a trade with @binky_bass, it’s a beautiful instrument!
  9. I have one of these in white, purchased off @Rumple on this very forum. It’s a phenomenal bass. If I could justify a second I would have this one!
  10. Handmade near where my parents live in Malaysia!
  11. That’s quite lovely, a very reasonable weight and a very decent price. I have Ps and PJs coming out of my ears so must resist!
  12. I think the whole idea of the Pawn Shop series was odd mods! You’ve done a great job.
  13. I have a saved eBay search for used examples, but absolutely nothing has come up for the basses. I own these two beauties, the design works brilliantly for skinny-string. A real shame it hasn’t translated to bass.
  14. @Duartehasn’t been on the site since December, so holding your breath is probably inadvisable!
  15. There was a beautiful Wal replica that was for sale on here a few years ago. I looked at it a lot, and it eventually went before I could bite.
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