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  1. My TRB6 is its twin and was my first bass. Killer instruments!
  2. Tom purchased my Epifani UL310 from me. Very pleasant chap and made the transaction straightforward.
  3. The last thing I need is yet another P, but man I want this...
  4. If I manage to sell my Sadowsky and this is still around and the borders open up again...
  5. Secretly hoping your recovery beats the race to sell this beautiful bass. Good luck, mate!
  6. therealting


    You are correct sir - I now own one though, in this very finish. Won’t lie, I’m tempted to have a second!
  7. I see the BB435 has made a good impression! 😊
  8. Up for sale is my Sadowsky NYC Modern 5, from 1996. This is a PHENOMENAL bass, probably the most even-sounding bass I’ve ever played, playable on all strings all the way up the neck. The bass dates from 1996 and is fitted with a Glockenklang 2-band pre amp and Seymour Duncan / Fodera NYC dual coils. There is a three position switch allowing a choice of inner coils, outer coils and both coils, making this bass ridiculously versatile - it’s mostly MM / Precision oriented, with the characteristic mid-bump of basses with pickups further back towards the bridge (Ken Smith, etc). You can get more J-esque sounds with outer coil selection. The bridge is the popular Omega bridge recommended by Roger, and the frets are in excellent shape with the nice medium-low action I favour. The ebony neck has no inlays and is utterly gorgeous, and I think it is the key to the evenness of tone. Maple neck, ash body. The weight is very comfortable for a five string at around 3.8kg A couple video clips showing just how good this bass sounds: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJeAffcnB5d/?igshid=1xmjxzce2lkfs https://www.instagram.com/p/B_4R1eLp9bO/?igshid=1bz6pnpp8vg21 Will consider trades (particularly if you have a Sadowsky P), but please don’t be offended if I am fussy... would prefer a cash sale really. Am not in a hurry so will wait for the right deal. Collection preferred from SE London.
  9. Did you mean me? Ha, no more. One of them is about to cost me about this much in vets’ fees! Will consider trades, but not upward trades (I don’t have money to add), pop me a message. I have a 32” fiver and the B is a little rounder than 34” scale. There’s not much in it at 33” scale. I had a 34-37” Dingwall once, and the B almost sounded too tight. I ended up trading it here for a 32-35” Dingwall and I like those a lot more. That said, I generally don’t like 35” scale basses, they’re not comfortable for me to play and I find high G and high C strings don’t sound that good. 34” is about the right compromise for me, and 33” adds that extra bit of playability.
  10. For sale, my very lovely Shuker Singlecut 6 string, originally ordered and owned by @eude on this very forum. Lovely modern sounding instrument with lovely mid burp due to the pickup positions. Playability is superb thanks to the 33” scale and lovely neck. Specs: - white ash body - squareish front edge (to mimic old slab style bodies) - forearm contour, rear rib carve and rear edge rounded to 1/2" - dark amboina burr drop top - individual bridge rail units - 17mm spacing - black hardware - 2 X EMG 45DC - neck and bridge - upgraded 3-band EMG preamp with mid freq sweep - satin topcoat - 33" scale - 24 frets - medium frets - 5 piece maple/wenge neck - 20.5mm deep at 1st fret, 22mm at 12th, gentle slim C profile - plain rosewood board - 20" radius - marching dark amboina burr headstock veneer - gotoh gb707 tuners - 57mm nut - carbon fibre neck reinforcement - MOP side dots - two way truss rod - brass nut - satin finish Currently strung with Dunlop Superbrights if I remember correctly. Trades down (money my way) may be considered, although cash preferred.
  11. It looks ugly, but functionally I’d love to own that bass. I’d expect it to be a LOT cheaper than a stock JV though. These mods don’t help the value of a vintage instrument.
  12. For sale, the legendary Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 lightweight head and DB112 cabinet. The head has a few more signs of use, a small dent in the wraparound casing, but works perfectly. The cab has a soft cover and immaculate. Looking for £800 for the pair collected from SE London (socially distanced), or a little more if separated, but let me know if I’m way off. Photos to come when I’m home and get a chance to fish them out.
  13. Is the Ibanez definitely an SR506? It looks like a Bari / Bass VI type.
  14. I had a natural one of these back in the day and used it for everything. Superb instruments for the money.
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