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  1. lovely set of Fender Jazz Yosemite pickups, these are the ones Fender use in their American performer series of guitars, these have a lovely growl, yours posted for £60
  2. My second wireless system for sale. Simple M5 wireless system, I’ve been using this around the house and and at practice and it’s never had any issues, despite the multitude of wireless internet devices all over the place. This is a good cheap wireless set which is sold on Amazon under different brand names for far more than this! £35 plus postage gets you this.
  3. I can only have so many wireless sets, and so unfortunately this one has to go, it’s a rather superb Sennheiser XS pedalboard wireless set which has the tuner, mute and XLR built into the receiver. It’s an uncomplicated plug and play design with no intricate menus and sub menus for you to navigate, this does all the channel scanning and selecting all by its self, just plug it in, turn on and play. The battery on the transmitter will give you a good 5 hours plus, and using the USB C cable it comes with, can be connected to the pedal which acts as a charger. Only purchased is October last year so as you can imaging it’s not really had much use! Perfect cosmetic and working condition and as it was the day it came out the factory other than a bit of Velcro stuck on the bottom. £120 plus postage gets you this simple and wonderful wireless system.
  4. Let’s see some old banged up basses, let’s say nothing after 1990 and nothing which has been faked, just old basses which have had a hard, honest and well gigged life, and are now being loved in their old age. No closet classics for this thread! I will start with my 72 Jazz bass, she’s certainly had a hard life but she’s now getting the love she deserves now she’s nearly 50. Looks like she’s had the bridge ashtray on for most of her life as the original Olympic white is still actually quite “white” under there as it is under the pickguard, also some lovely wear on the maple fretboard. someone in her long life obviously thought that wearing a rather large and meaty belt buckle was the fashion of the time! She still plays lovely though and is fortunate to have survived to nearly 50 with no mods or alteration. Still have the original ashtrays but I don’t dress her up in her Sunday best very often! She was also lucky enough to come to me with her original case, also quite battered but still serviceable.
  5. Bought Walshy’s roasted maple jazz neck, she’s a beaut and arrived in good time, thanks 👍🏻
  6. PM me with what you got, I’m pretty open minded re: P or J as long as it’s not white! I only have Jazz’s at the moment but do like a P too!
  7. I’ve bought a couple of these for Jazz bass, excellent pieces of kit and very easy to install. I would highly recommend.
  8. Yep, 10.85 lbs is certainly at the top end of what I would consider using for a comfortable nights playing..
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Like a fool I sold my S2 many years ago, absolutely love this....
  11. Every time I see these come up I just have to comment, they give some of the best power to weight ratio out there, and used these are now a pretty decent price. Great pieces of kit. good luck with the sale.
  12. Would also consider a nice stingray, happy to put a bit to if necessary. 💰
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