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  1. Going to upgrade to some Shure SE535’s so these are now surplus to requirements. These have excellent mid range for in ear monitoring for live performance or just for listening to music. Not for bass heads, these are a little more refined that that, the bass don’t thump, everything in evened out across the board.
  2. One of my Bitsa’s continues to shed it’s part! Fender Mexican neck which I bought new a couple of years ago with hipshot HB7 Tuners (I think!)
  3. It has a mid sweep on the eq and doesn’t have the inherent scoop which the bass driver has, , I think the eq points are a little different, works well for any instrument, I find the bass driver can suck the life out your sound a little bit where this doesn’t. and yes it has a DI. 👍🏻
  4. My clear out continues with a Sansamp Paradriver, superb pedal in excellent condition which will give warmth and grit, much prefer this to the bass driver.
  5. Pick up from my bitsa, Fender Vmod jazz pick ups, this is what they put in their American Professional line of guitars. Excellent picks these 👍🏻
  6. Leo Quan Badass 2 Bridge, in great condition. In the process of taking one of my Bitsa’s apart so this bridge is now surplus to requirements. £80 posted to your front door 💰
  7. Sold a Tecamp combo to Edward, easy and pleasant transaction and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
  8. Down to £450, bargain basement price for a combo like this!!
  9. Selling my Line 6 G70 wireless system, solid as a rock and excellent condition, comes with cables and pouch, posting will be £10
  10. Will also consider selling the Faital pro speakers separately in anyone is interested in them?
  11. Excellent Way Huge Pork and Pickle, mint condition, a lock down purchase so not much use at all. I don’t use any dirt anymore so this is now surplus to requirements, yours posted to your door for £120.
  12. These are great combos, and of all (the many) I’ve had I’ve kept this the longest and is my favourite, as I said I wouldn’t be selling it if I thought I would use it again. The Eich 500 pro with the single 12 inch speaker I have will cover all my needs going forward.
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