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  1. Top top top top quality gear..... sold mine like a fool.....
  2. Got a second set on these to sell, excellent condition. Also have a set of Dr legends flats too...
  3. Lovely bass, I have a 72 Jazz which is rather wonderful.
  4. According to my luggage scales she weighs in at 25.2kg or 55lbs
  5. If you buy this you won’t be disappointed, I bought the other one but can’t convince the boss I need two!
  6. Bought an Eich BC112pro from Adam, fantastic communication and arrived the next day, item just as described, like new. great basschatter..
  7. Could meet up Nottingham / Leicester or Sheffield, as I often get there with work.
  8. Dunlop Flatwounds 105, these are great flats, one of my favourite, however I’m finding that I prefer a lighter gauge these days, so will trade thes for a lighter set if anyone has any, or a set of TI Flats, or delivered for £25. Great thing about these is that the silks have a plastic / silicone coating so will still look new when you put them on. i have two set of these.
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