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  1. personally I like more of a curve than less, I’m not too fussy about it but do find flatter boards a little more difficult to play.

    She’s a beauty
  3. 69 Fender P? £1650

    Can’t tell from the advert, you’d want to have a look under that pickguard, neck and pickup cavities, and the pickup / pot codes, if they are correct then no reason to think it’s not genuine.
  4. Volto

    Yes I’ve used one of those but find the volto holds a charge better, I can also charge the volto with a mobile phone charger whilst using it ..
  5. Mocha.......

    This baby is for sale in my local music shop, it was owned by the bassist from the Shadows, it’s a 1976 Mocha jazz bass, although they have rather wisely decided not to include any photos of the body, just this one shot of the headstock, probably a wise decision 😬
  6. Volto

    Just got myself a volto 2, stuck under my pedal board it powered all my pedals for 4 hours on Friday night with charge to spare at the end of the night. I use Lije 6 G50, programmable bass driver and a korg pitch black, not the biggest board in the world but this is really useful, I picked one up off eBay pretty cheap.
  7. Rotosound Jazz 77's

    Another week, another gig, and these babies are still my favourite flat string. I really like the string gauge too, the D and G are slightly thinner than the Chromes, excellent strings.
  8. SWR

    Used to have a Redhead, one of the best sounding amp ever, however it was heavy and a little under powered!
  9. Ooohhhhh Programmable Sansamp

    GIgged with it last night and it really did fatten up the sound. The lack of a mid control is not a problem as depending on how you use the bass, treble and volume controls the mids are easily controlled that way. This is explained in the manual and makes sense. i need to tweak my settings slightly as I had a slight imbalance in volume on the channels but that’s just because I hadn’t had opportunity to use it at a practise.
  10. Is it time to replace the guard on my Precision?

    Good decision made sir, you gotta keep that old tort on the old girl.
  11. So many parameters to achieve your sound

    Strings strings string, how many people have sold amps and guitars when they are not happy with their sound or feel of their instrument when changing strings makes such a huge difference. You gotta get the right strings on the right bass. i would consider myself to be a string whore and I’m constantly chopping and changing strings, and go from loving my bass and sound to hating both just as quick.
  12. Ooohhhhh Programmable Sansamp

    But how much phat lard does it squeeze out?
  13. Ooohhhhh Programmable Sansamp

    Programmable indeed, three foot switches to choose your level of lard, the fly bass rig, as fine as it is just has the sansamp on or off and any mid gig messing about is a bit out the question, but this thing is mighty fine. The deluxe has six channels but I think three is more than enough. Excellent piece of kit, very happy.
  14. Mocha.......

    What about this mid 70s beast with matching dark Mocha fretboard??