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  1. Sorry, I miss read that, however what you say is incorrect, the bridge on this cannot be lowered or raised, the action can however be altered by changing the angle of the neck.
  2. I’m not familiar with other EUBs so can’t compare, but it’s pretty easy to play and as Petey says the neck can be tilted to alter the action.
  3. I’ve picked myself up a good acoustic so this is now a cash only sale
  4. Would trade this for a good acoustic, something like a Martin D-15M 👍🏻
  5. I’m downsizing my pedalboard to just a few key pedals so this is now up for grabs. Decent condition and keeps those expensive pedal nice and safe. posted to your door for £35
  6. Rotosound pressurewound strings , 105-45 have been on and off a couple of times but found i much prefer flats. Plenty of life left in these as not had much use at all. posted to your door for £15
  7. Headphones amp for your bass, just plug your bass in for some private practice. You can also use as normal headphones and has an aux in for playing along to tunes from your iPod. Excellent condition Posted to your door for £35
  8. It took me some time and quite a bit of Googling to find the perfect gator bag for my Mesa Walkabout head, however this was perfect. Its a Gator club DJ gig bag for storing LP’s, however it couldn’t be better for the Walkabout, since I sold my Walkabout for something lighter this has been sat gathering dust, it has plenty of pockets for your bits and bobs too. So if you want a top quality bag for your head, or somewhere to store 35 LP’s this is for you! This is in excellent condition and will be posted to you door for £35 let me know if you want any more photos.
  9. DR lePrice drop, either set of strings delivered for £20
  10. I’ve decided that TI flats on all 4 basses is a little excessive and I should at least “try” something else, these are now available, some lovely smooth TI flats, silks are a little frayed but it just adds character! £25 posted to your door.
  11. Sold a tuner to Bunion, smooth transaction and prompt payment 👍🏻
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