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  1. 58 inch Samsung Plasma TV £180

    Price drop £180
  2. Would this be too extravagant to have as a back up rig 😬🤔😬🤔 one of the best looking rigs I’ve seen, ive never heard any Phil Jones stuff before though.
  3. Mesa Walkabout 15 - ON HOLD

    My regular gigging amp, superb in every way, the 15 inch speaker really does give you quite a bit more than the 12, and this is not a silly heavy combo. whilst a B-15 is great, these babies are much more suitable to the gigging musician as I find I more easier to transport and built like a tank! i paid £800 for mine and thought it a good deal so this is on the nail..
  4. 1973 Fender Precision / price drop

    Price drop £1900
  5. 58 inch Samsung Plasma TV £180

    Still here.
  6. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    LOt to live a bit of Betty Davis, quality !
  7. This is for collection only, Samsung PS-58P96FD 58 inch Plasma TV made in 2008, excellent condition collection from Retford Notts
  8. How important is the band name for you?

    Names are hard, if you can tell people the name of your band and not feel a complete plonker, then you have a good name..
  9. Can't see Fret Markers

    I used to struggle with vintage basses on a darkened stage, those old fret markers are almost the same colour as the neck. I got a roll of luminous tape from Amazon and used a belt hole tool, one which you can chose from several different sizes and pushed out the dots and put them on the neck. They stay on for as long as you want but can peel them off when you don’t want them anymore, plus you can chose the size you want 🎸
  10. Plectrum Or Fingers

    Fingers only, I used to think that a plectrum was the easy option, then I tried to use one and bugger me it was hard!!!
  11. How many mistakes per gig do you make?

    I don’t think I have made any mistakes for a while, there have been a few times coming up to to section of music where I’m thinking I haven’t got a clue what comes next, but I just empty my mind and muscle memory seems to do the rest whether I can remember it or not!!!
  12. 1973 Fender Precision / price drop

    If anyone has a Jazz style bass they would like to put in as a partial trade I would consider most four strings and fretted Sandbergs, Fenders, Limelight’s etc.
  13. These eBay adds are back, watch out for them these are no bargains...
  14. I’ve just bought a new stand so will include the one in the photos in the price.