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  1. Oh yes, love spitfire, had one on a precision, I’m tempted....
  2. Now these are great, my guitarist has the red one and its awesome..
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Stackpole pot from 1974, all works as it should and in decent condition, serial number is 3047449. This came out of a 71 Jazz that had pots changed and I replaced them with the correct period ones. I also have a late 80s pot which came out the same jazz which I will throw in as well.
  5. One of the things that surprises me about the new basses being made is the quality of the finishing of the wood, the binding, the blocks, the frets on my VM Jazz is superb, I have a USA Geddy Less Jazz which is a beautiful bass and which retails at £1900, my VM Jazz cost £120, and whilst both play and feel wonderful, the difference in the build quality of necks and body to my eyes is minimal... the hardware is a different matter..
  6. Considering the precision machines that are used in the construction of basses these days, and the finishing off of the neck and body is excellent, is the main difference the just hardware?
  7. Well since I picked this up for £120, I’ve had a bit of spare cash to mod it a little. So far I’ve put on a badass 2 bridge, swapped out those teeny tiny little pots for some CTS pots, put some Hipshot HB7 tuners on, next will be some decent pickups, at which point the only original bits will be the body and the neck....: It does raise the question that at which point, if at all, does this become better than a mim Fender Jazz, since the neck and body are all computer cut to perfection these these days regardless of where they are made, and the necks and body’s of the Modified Vintage Models are finished off so beautifully, is it only the hardware which makes the fender Mexicans or US better? And if we swap out the hardware for some quality kit what are we left with which is inferior?
  8. I’ve had the 12 before and currently have the 15, both are great, turn that gain up and you get some awesome phatness... these are still the best combos out there.
  9. You get great bang for your buck with these, and you just can’t beat black blocks and binding on a maple neck..
  10. I’m having it, I just need to save up. Can you put it on hold for say......:. six years😬😬😬
  11. She’s a beauty, looks in great condition. I just love to see some good old fender tort, looks like someone lit a fire in there
  12. That’s a lovely bass, I regret selling my Sandberg ☹️
  13. Thought I’d dress her up for the evening, looks great but a bugger to play with all that chrome getting in the way...
  14. Despite trying several drummers this is still a vacancy.
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