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  1. I’ve been a flat man for many years having gone through TIs, chromes, pyramids, roto 77, la Bella etc.... but never tried tapes and fancy giving them a go, what’s the deal, how do they feel / sound / tension/ what are the advantages / disadvantages and what brands to people like? all advice and guidance appreciated.
  2. Creeper

    Two Notes Le Bass

    When you say the EQ knobs off, do you mean at 12 o’clock or turned all the way back anti-clockwise?
  3. UPDATE: A tube of this stuff arrived today nice and early from amazon, since my next gig is not until next Friday I thought I’d give this cream a go for it’s intended purpose, whilst I didn’t purchase it for this, it seems appropriate to see how it performs. So after my morning shower I liberally applied a pound coin sized quantity of cream to the happy sacks, there was a definite initial tingling sensation followed by a definate warming, I was a little concerned that this was going to be like applying deep heat muscle rub, however it soon plateaued to a rather pleasant warming feeling. So far so good, it smells fresh and has applied well, we shall see if it also performs on the fingers.
  4. Creeper

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Do you tend to use the cab sim when using the DI? I’ve used it when i’ve Played through my headphones and really liked it, but I’ve heard mixed opinions when used through the pa....
  5. Creeper

    Two Notes Le Bass

    I actually find I get less noise with either channel than I do from the sansamp..
  6. I started looking at liquid talc, this stuff looks like it will do a similar job, if it prevents moisture it should stop them getting sticky.
  7. I’ve never tried nylon flats before, what’s the deal with these feel / tone wise?
  8. I’ve used fast fret before and found it ok but not great, but I’m approaching this on the principle that the issue is too much moisture and heat and not a lack of lubricant, this stuff should “hopefully” make playing after two hours the same as after two minutes, we shall see. i have a set of TI flats strung on my Jazz bass for my next gig a week today, I’ve found that they play like butter for an hour and then I struggle with them, I shall see what happens.
  9. Creeper

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Yep, whilst I love my sansamp, I think this is in another league.
  10. Creeper

    Two Notes Le Bass

    I’ve been playing with a Sansamp programmable bass driver for a couple of years, however I thought I’d try out the Two Notes Le Bass preamp which has a 12AX7 tucked inside it to get those nice tubey tones and that pleasing break up which tubes can get. its a superb preamp with a clean channel and a high gain channel, you can also mix the two channels either in series, where channel 1 feeds into the gain of input of channel 2, or in parallel where they are layered together. This does give quite a wide pallet of flavours from a lovely clean tubey tone to a bit of grit and gentle break up, to full on distortion. The knobs and build quality are superb, i have found that the knobs can move a little in the pedal board box, but the controls are very intuitive. ive not gigged it yet, but really am looking forward to giving it a good blast.
  11. I think it depends on how much your fingers sweat, I don’t think mine sweat too much, but still after about 45 minutes it’s like playing on glass..
  12. Whilst I love playing flats for about 45 minutes, I find that they get progressively more sticky and ultimately impossible to play. im going to give this “below the belt” anti chafing cream a go and report back. This should stop my fingers getting sweaty and thus prevent the stickyness. It also has the added benefit that I can liberally apply to my bollocks after the first set if I find myself sweating excessively in the groin area, I should then have lovely fresh smelling bollecks and lose those sticky flats, win win.. i shall report back after my next gig 👍🏻 Below the Belt Grooming Fresh & Dry Balls, 75 ml, Fresh https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013L1WT30/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_1YB7BbRTN5QXN
  13. I got two 12 inch 8Ohm Celestion BN12-300s speakers up for grabs in excellent condition, £80 each or £150 for the pair
  14. Love these combos, they just sound so good... its crazy that you can pick quality up like this for this type of money, I suppose everyone wants light stuff these days.
  15. Creeper

    Amp B15 N Vintage 1960's Model

    Just......... wow.............