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  1. I have the 212 version which is spectacular, have been thinking about adding one of these to my collection for those smaller gigs....
  2. Due to a change in my rig this is no longer required, excellent piece of kit which has never let me down. All boxed with instructions etc and in great condition. Delivered to you door for £150 Would trade for a Boss WL-20 as I want something which doesn’t need to be connected to a power supply.
  3. Pedaltrain Classic 1 in very good condition,. £50 posted to your door
  4. T Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon for sale, comes with its box and plenty of cables and connectors. Has some residue superglue on the bottom, other than that it’s in excellent condition. Yours for £50
  5. Have just got myself a line 6 pedal so this tiny and versatile compressor is up for grabs. has Velcro on the botton. Boxed and in excellent condition £50
  6. Have just got myself a line 6 pedal with a whole boat load of effects so this rather wonderful envelope filter is up for grabs Good condition, no power supply. Posted for £150
  7. Have just got myself a line 6 pedal with a whole boat load of effects so this rather wonderful valve drive with two channels is rather reluctantly for sale. Channel one does lovely fluffy tubiness, whilst channel two cranks the gain somewhat, you can then blend the two channels in either parallel or in series. Comes with the original box, instructions and power supply. will post for £10 Excellent condition priced to sell at £150 plus postage
  8. I’m probably being a bit stupid, however! im trying to figure out how to connect my stomp to the PA and to my amp at the same time, I understand that I need to change the output from instrument to line level and run a TRS to XLR for the pa, however I need to run instrument level out to the amp and it appears as though you can’t alter the output of both left and right separately, the are either both line or instrument level..... im probably being a bit thick but any explanations are much appreciated.
  9. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a stomp, before I do just so I’m clear, when doubling up am I able to have my Jazz bass and double bass connected at the same time via the left and right inputs, with different levels and effects on both of them? Also has anyone had any problems connecting to the pa via the TRS to XLR connectors?
  10. Excellent combos these, I’m still wondering why on earth I ever sold mine.....
  11. Love my spectracomp, love the one knob control and how all the other setting are changed via an app, great compressor.
  12. I have one of these, absolutely beautiful neck to play, god damn awful pickguard though...changed mine to black 😁
  13. Typical, I’ve been looking for a used one of these for a while and gave up, bought a KK baby bass last week instead.
  14. Stagg EUB stand arrived and works very well for baby bass, it’s a good piece of kit, well designed and very well made
  15. Another set of labellas gone pending payment, silks on the last set not the best but nothing wrong with the strings
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