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  1. Creeper

    Feedback for StefanoGregori

    Stef just bought some strings from, paid promptly and kept in touch. Top basschatter 👍🏻
  2. Creeper

    Mark Bass woe

    I let my Mark Bass CMD121p with NY extension cab be used for the back line at a festival yesterday, my band were last on and when I turned the amp on when we came to play nothing happened, the power light comes on, and the the DI was fortunately still working so I got feed back through the monitors, but nothing through the amp. I thought it may have overheated and tripped out but when I got home today still the same. Any thoughts?
  3. Creeper

    Show us your Tort....

    Being a little obsessed with Tort pickguards, here are my 72 and 69 Jazz bass Torts, feel free to list yours with the date and what it’s off, it will be interesting to see the differences... Top three is a 72 Tort from a Jazz bass Bottom two is a 69 Tort from a Jazz bass
  4. Price drop, £25 deilvered, brand new in their wrappers...
  5. Creeper

    feedback for lee650

    Lee bought some strings from me, an easy simple and quick transaction, a pleasure to deal with 👍🏻
  6. These are awesome, I swapped mine for the 121p combo with the NY extension cab, but would go back to this quite happily.
  7. Creeper

    Heat and setups

    I’m an habitual setterupperer (if that is a real word....) and tend to have a regular play around with my set up most weeks, so the hot weather just means I get to do it even more 😁👍🏻😁
  8. Sorry folks these are sold.
  9. Yep, I have no use for the spare string that some of our bass community use 😁
  10. Never used and won’t be used as I only play flats these days, £20 delivered
  11. I’ve settled on Rotosound Jazz 77s so these are not going to get used. Brand new an unopened, these are 50-105 gauge ECB82 £30 posted, save yourself £10 on a new set.
  12. Creeper

    Feedback for Harrythebassdawg

    Just sold a 73 Precision to the Bassdawg, he’s a pleasure to deal with and I hope to do business again.
  13. Creeper

    Tort on Black........

    I must say that the necks on these USA Geddy Lees Jazz basses are superb...
  14. Creeper

    Tort on Black........

    What about silver knobs or is just going too far??????