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  1. HI all, Recently started up side project rock n roll band. Currently playing pubs but starting to break through into the rockabilly/jive scene. We have gigs booked through to December and a dep drummer for now. The original drummer wasn't quite cutting the standard and moved on of his own accord. Three chilled out guys just wanting to find a good grooving drummer to get the band moving along. You're probably best off messaging the facebook page as I'm not the band leader as it were. https://www.facebook.com/revblacksrocknrollrevival/
  2. I've been offered 900 as a trade in value on my next bass, time is now to grab a bargain as it will be traded in at the end of the week
  3. Wenge isn't black either. tis stained Mahogany
  4. Amazakoe body with a one piece mahogany neck and pau ferro finger board.
  5. Mint condition with mayones gig bag. Aguilar DCB pups and Aguilar OB3 18volt pre. Test drives welcome, no trades please I’m reducing not expanding. I’m selling as I have two of these and prefer my other with single coil pups. I have nothing but the gig bag so postage would be an issue, collection ideal. Demo vid will follow when I get time
  6. Is this my old bass? it must be with that pickup config and scratch plate. No expense was spared when I put this together, be assured it's a quality axe
  7. You would be seriously hard pressed to find a better 1/12", 5", 2" cab around. I have two of these, a 2x12 and soon a 1x8. I can play a wedding gig to a crowd of 100 with just the 1x12 without it farting out. If I use the 2x12 or 2 x 1/12's and my Gk fusion 800. gain is at 3, master is on 3 and it is boarding too loud there. These aren't mass produced cabs, they are hand built no expense spared cabs and the quality and sound reflect that.
  8. Thanks bit too far for a test drive sadly, glwts!
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