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Ampeg BA300/115

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It seems that Ampeg have dropped this pretty cool amp from their line up. Why? I'm not sure.

It potentially puts out around 300w (solid state) and has a 12AU7 valve pre-amp which does actually produce a warm valvey tone.

This will allow you to practice with a drumkit and guitards up to about 100w.

Will come with a spare JJ valve and Roqsolid cover and has only had light home practice use. Anyone who knows of me knows that my gear is mint.

Ampeg say the following:-

[b]RMS Power Output:[/b] 300-Watts Class-D
[b]LF Driver:[/b] 1 x 15" speaker
[b]HF Driver:[/b] 1 x HF horn w/ Level control
[b]Preamp:[/b] Tube (1x 12AU7)
[b]Tone Controls:[/b] 3-Band EQ
[b]Mid Tone Control:[/b] Style
[b]Ultra High / Ultra Low switches:[/b] Yes
[b]Variable Compressor:[/b] Yes
[b]Line Out:[/b] Yes, tube-driven balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼" TS w/ Level control, Pre/Post EQ switch and ground lift
[b]Effects loop:[/b] Yes
[b]Removable casters:[/b] Yes
[b]Dimensions (W x H x D inches):[/b] 21.25 x 21.5 x 16
[b]Handling Weight:[/b] 60 Pounds

I am happy to take pics for anyone who is genuinely interested (PM please) but it looks just like the pic on the Ampeg website.

Postage (at your cost) is not out of the question but meeting up 1/2 way or mutually agreed pick up would make more sense.

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I have one of these with a flightcase and I did have it for sale last year to help fund my Aguilar GAS but didn't get any real interest so decided to hang onto it.

I use it as a spare / rehearsal room rig / smaller gig amp.

It sounds great to be fair and has plently of useful features inc a reasonable DI.

It's more than powerful enough for most pub type gigs without PA support. The adjustable horn is handy with the 15" driver.

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