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  1. [quote name='scannerman' timestamp='1481494885' post='3192745'] Sh*t With Resistors or in my case.... Speakers Want Replacing. Not as bad as Horrible American Rubbish That Keeps Exploding.....again, by experience! [/quote] The SM amps were classic and the Goliaths were great cabs. The PAS chassis were decent for the time but when you go for a supposed custom spec, and the recone units becomes scarce you've basically condemned the cab to a set of new chassis'....which for a 410, is expensive. In the U.S, recone kits were supposed to be available, so that would sustain the cabs, but in Europe that was impossible, and een SWR couldn't help. I never found a chassis fit to replace anyway..altho plenty of people said the Eminience 2510 was good, but I didn't like it. The weight save was nice..the sound wasn't, IMO. I think a few people could suggest a decent enough match through WinSD tools but you still need to factor in how many units do you replace? Other than that...they had the really good period and then others took over. In the late 80's/early 90's they were the benchmark along with Eden.
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    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1481480025' post='3192597'] No, no - we're prepared to travel. At least we were, but it was quite a while ago when Steve suggested it. I'm sure that he'd still be able to be persuaded: after all, an all singing all dancing band comprised of the pick of the pros from your extensive contact list playing songs that everyone wants to hear in a venue that values great talent and is set up to deliver the definitive live music experience is well worth travelling for. We'd even buy tickets - no need to put us on the guest list. And I'm sure we could rake up a few more too - Kent is not[u] that [/u]far away, after all. As long as we're not gigging that night for what in your circles is an insignificant amount of money, I'm sure we'd be as keen as mustard. Just PM me your gig list for next year and we'll see what we can do. [/quote] You're first on the list of invites, of course Send me your details,
  3. JTUK


    My, my, someone spends way WAY too much time on the internet trying to track people down. I know you said it took you hours in another thread.
  4. [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1481151615' post='3190171'] This should be good... [/quote] my thoughts exactly
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    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1481463438' post='3192436'] Neither me nor anyone else, really. A long time ago Bassman Steve fro Portsmouth asked for a list so we could come and see you - never happened. [/quote] When I'm down that way. I'll let you know.
  6. Getting positive and unsolicited comments from musicians in the audience is definitely a nice thing. You'll have to know what you are doing for that so the credit is down to you. Well done.
  7. For me, I'd get the idea out of your head that the Fender Jazz 5 is the benchmark.. All the best Jazzes I've played have been clones of the Fender which is why there is such a market. People 'need' a Fender, but they don't want one made by Fender.. IMO.
  8. JTUK


    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1481325830' post='3191615'] But they are buying what I and lots of others like me are selling - at our price point. The fact that my band and lots more like it are busy enough proves it. It might not be your bag, but that's OK with us, because we don't want to do what you do. However, you don't feel that there is enough of a market for you doing what you do at the price point you want, so your "solution" is to regulate things so we can't do what we do at the price point we do it, so that the only option is folks like you at your end of the market. And I think that's just wrong on many levels. As others have said, if you really are [u]that[/u] good you should have no difficulty picking up enough well paid work not to have to worry about us. The truth, however, may be that you think you deserve better paid gigs or more of them than you can get, and are simply looking for someone to blame: "it's all because those pesky weekenders are spoiling my market with their gigs at the Dog and Duck. If it wasn't for them, all those people would be only too happy to fork out £15.00 a ticket to come and see us at the megabar in town and we could play there every week and earn great money" One word, slightly old fashioned but it fits, Poppycock. [/quote] Fine, you have your price and you are sticking with it. Other than that, I don't recall you at any of my gigs so I very much doubt you'll know anything about them at all.
  9. Playing with a drummer... go with the lead. Whoever has it, the other plays a complimentary pattern... Lock in usually means you play his parts... but if he gets flowery, maybe you shouldn't and stick with the basic pattern...and if you are all overt the place, he shouldn't be. You and the drums are the foundation...every else is a degree of dressing. In the pocket.. that'll be a whole can of worms..
  10. JTUK


    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1481309399' post='3191461'] Which is great, except that the vast majority are in that bottom layer.....but that's OK because you've got an all star band with the pick of the pro's in your area and a giant tour bus. Still, no-one said that life is fair. Except that the unfairness, as you see it is towards your direction at the moment, but as that seems to be from the majority towards the minority, I think you're right, it won't change. Thank the Lord. And as for the function band start - yeah, I can just see Billy the teenage Wannabe Rock Star (and I'm not denigrating him, he may well make it and we've all got to have aspirations) turning to his mates he's played with since school and saying; "I know we've got a really good Rock/Garage/Post Punk/Hardcore/Rap thing going, but I'm off to try my hand at the Masonic Lodge function band circuit 'cos that's where it's at, boys" rather than "Shall i see if I can blag us a gig in the Dog and Duck and we'll get all our mates to come?". But of course, in your world there'd be no Dog and Duck gig. What a dull world that would be. Thank the Lord (again!) that it will (hopefully) never happen. [/quote] The function band thing is exactly what I did at that age. The guys I was playing with..who were probably more advanced never got out the bedroon as far as I know. So yes, I went that way because I wanted to gig. I was in two function bands by the time I was 20 and it taught me an awful lot. Not so much playing, but about the 'business' side and the fact that a band is a team. You are only as good as your weakest part and you work hard to cover that. But...also...people in bands need to understand what people like about them, or want to go and see. It doesn't so much matter what that actually is, as long as you recognise it and develop it. It is ultimately no use what so ever pursuing something that doesn't work as you end up playing to empty places and the whole exercise is dispiriting unless you are oblivious to your 'worth'... and I don't always mean financially. If people aren't buying what you are selling...then look at why. And if you don't do that, you probably wont deserve a gig anyway.
  11. JTUK


    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1481289385' post='3191252'] And my disagreement is also about the realism of the fee. Small places can only pay small fees. JTUK [b]would argue that they should not be having music anyway, it should all be regulated by licences[/b] and if your venue doesn't hold 200 people so you can pay a grand for a band (see what I did there?) you should not be able to put on music. Well balls to that. How is anyone ever going to get started and grow a band, then, and hone their act? I agree that undercutting to get a gig at someone else's expense is poor form indeed, and should be frowned upon (from a great height) but I struggle to see how that happens in the market of pubs and clubs. Sure, if you have a regular once a moth residency I could see how that might happen, but we play most places no more than three times a year, and I suspect that that is how most of us work. If you go lose a residency like that I can see it would be really annoying, but I'd be interested to know how often that really happens. Most pro's I know play small gigs for not much money as long as they don't think the urine is being extracted. Case in point: a very good pro bass player I know is doing a friends full on combined 60th and his daughters 21st soon with her very good function band for what I'm sure will be a very good fee. She has also appeared at venues I play at with a couple of other small bands this year, and been on the same bill as me at a small festival gig. None of those gigs pay much, but she has never complained to me about it. She knows they are what they are - you either do them or you don't. [/quote] Ideally, yes, but this idea is often undermined by bands themselves. You can try self-regulation or you can enforce it. The only real movement to enforce it would be from the taxman and/or Health and Safety concerns, I'd say. Plenty of musicians would want it, but know it is pretty futile to fight against it, it isn't worth the money to get upset about it...and tbf, they benefit from low paid gigs anyway..in that they rock up and just play. It is a pretty easy gig for £xx cash on the night. So, I am pretty realistic about the chances of it getting any regulation..ie. zip..! but, Ideally... music would be valued more than it is..and decent rates would be paid. Obviously, the market to suffer would be the lower end and we'd have to live with that.. As for getting a start... join a function band asap If you are lucky, it will be a great place to start and teaches you loads. It would probably give you enough discipline to avoid a hell of a lot of the issues that make threads here these days.. Like volume, front person, reading an audience, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.
  12. The actual playing can have power and energy even if you aren't flying around like loons. I'm not sure you can sound great without something coming across, tbh...so you need that 'connect'. How you 'force' the singer to be a frontman is a skill not so many have as well. I'm not sure how contrived you can actually be...if you don't have it, you don't have it. Flat is flat, IME.
  13. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1481146584' post='3190117'] Having spent many an hour working in a dedicated bass retail environment I can confidently say that less than 10% of our customers had ever heard of, or spent any significant time on, BC. Simply didn't register with most of the people we came in contact with. [/quote] I'd expect this too and a quick head count of bass players I know, I wouldn't argue with the 10% figure.
  14. JTUK


    Too many pubs doing too much music to too few crowds. Do I think it would be good if there was a degree of regulation? Yes. I'd have the venues licensed for Music rather than the free-for-all it is now. The places that spend the money for this would be the ones that generally work. They would be the right size, hopefully, have decent electrics and the LL could charge a some sort of premium on his beer and wouldn't have 9 pubs down the road to compete. The 'better' bands would be used in these places (those that sell decent amounts of units) That would be a start for me... but do I think this will happen. No, not officially, but I do think there are plenty of places that want to stand 'above' the crowd and try and do things correctly. Do I think it would raise fees... ? hmm, not so much if bands have the tendency to be desperate enough to undercut and get in there but the the venues might self regulate the bands anyway..and some just will not be suitable- for quite a few reasons. But if the standard is good and people recognise this and attend, which generally they will for the right band and event, then fees will rise because the LL will want to keep this going and this makes that place stand out from 80% of the others. I believe this kind of happens anyway around here, thankfully, so we are getting there anyway...
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