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  1. https://www.andertons.co.uk/music-man-stingray-special-snowy-night-roasted-maple-maple-matching-headstock-white-pg-chrome-hardware £3k?!???
  2. What?!?? Is this serious?! £2,750 for a black single H Stingray?! They are great instruments but I just hope this is a mistake.
  3. I think they did a good job... Much better than the current demos online. BF should send them their pedal.
  4. £1200!!?? I'm surprised during Covid that people are still picking up countless instruments.
  5. These issues should not have got anywhere near the general market.
  6. I've bought pedals from these guys and everything has been perfect. They've just released a new pedal and this is how I would do a few vids: https://www.stonedeaffx.com/shop/qboost/ Small boutique English company as well.
  7. I think going into pedals is a great idea, box packaging is cool but yes probably needs to be standardised with more safety. Price is reasonable. Good pedal designer. However the demos just make it sound thin and to me like every other bass attempt at fuzz and drive. Think that needs addressing when it's competing against a lot of pedals and indeed some fully digital ones that sound absolutely amazing.
  8. Definitely not for me. I think the Sire basses look much nicer. Disappointing.
  9. The DG high gain just sounds like a generic guitar in metal to me.
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