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  1. Must admit that looks damn cool. I think these will do well.
  2. That is might impressive, more so the pedal board! I hear JAM pedals make some damn fine gear.
  3. If I need a new bass amp i'll be getting a Genzler.
  4. I have one and I'd never sell it. Unique and incredibly well made.
  5. I actually think that sounds fantastic. Full, gritty and aggressive. Way better than some of that Lobster guys really high end Jazz-like basses that sound a bit....too polite. If there is one thing about Musicman I always rely on, its that they REALLY know how to make a pickup.
  6. That's lovely! As mentioned in the other thread it's more like two P bass pickups!? Edit - this was in response to the other thread! DOH
  7. Oh I didn't realise! I think it looks great. I am a fan of natural Musicman basses. You can't use any old tat for a natural bass as it needs to have some pleasant grain! He's a great player but I don't really listen to him. But I must say his single H tone is more my thing; sounds fantastic! Re: Price - have you seen the c**p Gibson are churning out for £2.5k now?
  8. I honestly think the whole thing has been completely overblown. Now those youtubers are making money from long streams talking about it!
  9. Awful. I don't have anything against Kiss or Gene, but this seems to be a daft decision. Poor QC again as noticed above. Both of my Gibson guitars cost under £1k and for that price they are worth it. The current insane pricing is just bizarre.
  10. They may as well have just replaced it and took the old one back to review/part out. The time wasted by them has probably cost way more. I think the dealer model is almost dead now. Most of them don't really do anything or even properly sort repairs.
  11. I've never heard a bass tone excite me as much as a Ray. I love a P bass but the first time I heard a Ray and realised what it was (I was about 13) that was it, sold. They both sound great if i'm honest.
  12. That's very similar to mine, and around the same age. I absolutely love it and stopped looking at other P basses.
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