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  1. Those Strandbergs are incredibly expensive for what they are. But the Tech 21, why not!
  2. The problem is, to get that level of neck figuring you have to pay a lot. I imagine that neck alone is about £500 due to the rarity. Added to that, IMO only a Musicman sounds like a proper Musicman. You can get very good humbuckers and pre-amps but they are never the same. Whilst no resale prices are decent, it's a rare Musicman, so it should retain value a lot better than a small builders one off. I imagine even Shuker would charge £2.5k for this.
  3. This lower price might help, plus a choice of 4! https://www.andertons.co.uk/music-man-2019-bfr-stingray-h-vintage-sierra-fretless I actually think that price is fairly reasonable for a very limited and unique bass.
  4. That 5 string sounds fantastic.
  5. Fantastic colour....and I love the SR5 shape and pickguard. You definitely got the good end of the deal!
  6. That paint job is lovely. Leave the red!
  7. I had the same issue with my GP12400SMX. That was the only issue I had with it for years!
  8. I think you'll see the same for a lot of tech, including manufacturers like Apple.
  9. This is why I need a Helix again.
  10. Unfortunately, despite how interesting it is to see demos, most of the professional demos are paid for. Otherwise, why would they do it, unless they are musicians with financial stability and they just enjoy it... I've seen Darkglass products jump to higher and higher prices. £400 for a distortion pedal is absolutely INSANE. They have become 'the' distortion tone for more metal/heavier tones....and personally I think it just makes all basses sound very very similar. It sounds almost metallic and processed. The craze is: fanned fret bass, shed loads of Darkglass distortion, normally some sort of dual pickup bass....then the bass riff almost sounds like a djent style guitar riff. I still prefer Tech 21, if I'm honest. Also, you can get a Helix Stomp and probably get exactly these tones or close and thousands more.
  11. Black? Hmmm....not very interesting....should have done something like shell pink.
  12. Maybe for now, but as the current prices rest in place for a while, people might want a second hand one and thus demand will rise, which will mean the value could be a little better 2nd hand compared to what it used to be. Same with Rays. You can't buy one for less than 2k ish now.
  13. P basses are great for digging in!
  14. I was, I guess, lucky to invest in most the high end Musicman and Fender stuff I wanted before significant price hikes hit about 3 years back....with the problems with the £ etc. A new 5 HH Bongo (albeit not a cool limited run like the above) was less than half that new. Still doesn't detract from the fact the linked bass is stunning.
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