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  1. Anything Genzler. To be honest I use my Stomp with a Headrush FRFR 1x12 for both bass and guitar. But that is only a 1x12.
  2. I managed to get some amazing prices on brand new ordered in Musicman basses (and guitars)....for about 5-6 years. My SR5 Classic Natural was around £1650 ordered in new. A SR5 HH was £1400. These were brand new orders I had to wait for. Roughly 2014. Then my priorities changed and I realised I had more than enough. I love what they are coming out with but I can't personally see myself outlaying £2500+ on a Musicman for a while now, unfortunately. Covid/shortages/supply/demand have all added to the issues we see now. Still a great brand. No idea if we will ever see the pre-Covid stock levels again.
  3. Off topic, but crazy to think you could get a USA Stingray SR4 for around £1000-£1300 about 4-5 years ago.
  4. Still responding to support help on an older product - got to give you a pat on the back for that agedhorse.
  5. These seem incredibly cheap?! £287 for a a RM-800 EVO II?! I assume that included delivery and any tax/import duty? A
  6. It's a good move and Fodera are a very high end brand, but Mudvayne....I can't them them seriously. Along with a lot of the nu-metal era....apart from a few.
  7. I think it's partly a joke/clever move to attract attention and show their fans of similar age that the Dad thing is cool. I personally think he looks better....I never liked that daft semi hip hop thing he tried hahahah.
  8. Why don't they just do a Mexican take on their USA Vintage style models? E.g. classic colours like shell pink/sonic blue/sunburst in a nice non-road worn nitro finish, put some good USA Fender pickups in, and only have a gig bag. It seems a lot of the attraction to basses like the MIM Flea bass is lost...e.g. excellent quality USA pickups and a cool finish. If they want the more modern take, say the Jazz 5, don't make them active, just put great modern pickups in (USA custom shop range).
  9. That is stunning. I imagine a lot cheaper buying direct as well. It seems like the concept of a dealer is slowly disappearing.
  10. It's not even really a style I'd listen to much and I think the whole band sound fantastic. He is an absolute beast of a bass player and his tone is spot on. Rather this than more Bonamassa (sp?) blues boredom.
  11. It's now 2021. Emails for business are essential.
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