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  1. If this is an unhelpful distributor in the UK it further proves why they shouldn't exist. It just costs us more for the end product. When the distributor became involved, Aguilar products went up by £170-200. Id get involved with Aguilar's social media asap.
  2. Aguilar DB112 or 212... Superb.
  3. I agree. Whilst I do enjoy some of the more intricate funky stuff, there is a lack of good old rock/metal/alternative. A lot of big players in that world of music are very interesting and have some cool intricate bass lines. Example - Matt Freeman - Rancid.
  4. Personally I don't like the way SBL constantly markets in an aggressive manner. I never signed up to payments but I signed up by email and decided the emails were annoying me so I unsubscribed. He is very talented but I wouldn't want him to teach me.
  5. I'd encourage Ashdown to give us their stance on the pedals....I assume they are made in the UK for £250 + (custom shop?).
  6. Yeah....I agree. Nathan is a great player....on guitar and bass....but something just doesn't work in terms of wowwing me with things....
  7. Do Cort make the new Markbass basses?
  8. To be honest, bass players like a nice fuzz pedal that's very flexible, and yes, compressors are useful to us, but I'm not sure those compressors are demo'd correctly or are necessary. They could have worked with a niche boutique fuzz builder/collaborated and come up with something awesome fuzz wise. Maybe with Thorpyfx.
  9. By the way, I've seen full on puncture holes (very small ones) in many brand new old school style cases, normally Fender. Some of them are actual manufacturer holes (G&G cases can have these) for the tolex application, or so I'm told.
  10. I honestly can't believe they sent you the same knackered case out like that. If it were my business I'd be embarrassed, write the costs of it off, refund you and let you keep it.
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