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  1. It's now 2021. Emails for business are essential.
  2. I tried a Sterling 4H that did this...years ago. It was an issue with the pickup and they had to order a new pickup.
  3. Confirmation of prices here https://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Musicman_stock.html
  4. So what select hardwoods are they using now? I'm happy I don't need to buy one at the moment.
  5. Not sure... PRS SEs and Fenders on the guitar side haven't increased as much for 2021...
  6. God knows what the Classics will be when they bring them back...
  7. The UK did use Strings & Things to distribute Musicman unless that changed recently.
  8. There is no way theyve made that mistake on every item for 2021. EBMM have also stripped back the models available but did mention a lot of this is Covid related. Thankfully I'm all set... I would have liked a St Vincent guitar at some point but we shall see what happens.
  9. https://www.andertons.co.uk/music-man-stingray-special-snowy-night-roasted-maple-maple-matching-headstock-white-pg-chrome-hardware £3k?!???
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