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  1. Definitely not for me. I think the Sire basses look much nicer. Disappointing.
  2. The DG high gain just sounds like a generic guitar in metal to me.
  3. I'd use the Markbass with a VT pedal and sell the DG... Keep the other one.
  4. https://shop.music-man.com/sterling-bass-black-with-figured-roasted-maple-neck-herring-bone-inlay.html?utm_source=GuitarLive LOVELY!
  5. God that guys demos winds me up.
  6. Just FYI - Andertons have a habit of putting quite optimistic dates on their ETAs....unless they have changed significantly it is also a pain to just put down a deposit. I mean, who wants £1000+ tied up in something that is late by a few months....
  7. Most of the 'signature' models by Musicman (guitar side) are extremely unique, and are not pre-existing designs. Even the artist versions of say the Stingray guitar have significant changes. Examples: - Albert Lee SSS/HH, - St Vincent - HH or Mini HHH.
  8. Putting Epiphone prices to shame!
  9. It is definitely intentional.
  10. I definitely don't have a desire for a Sadowsky as much as I used to. It's a really bizarre arrangement.
  11. Tech 21 Sansamp BDDI V2. Aguilar Tone Hammer.
  12. More money, but a more exclusive model: https://www.thomann.de/gb/sadowsky_metro_will_lee_rv5_vtn.htm
  13. I put Sadowsky up there as top line P and J basses, with exceptional QC and modern fit and finish. Maybe these should be noted as prototypes....because they don't look finished to me.
  14. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sadowsky_Metroline_4_Blue.html
  15. Kinda wish I kept my GP12 SMX 400 head or whatever the model name was. Bought new from Electro music. Once Trace sent me some different fuses it NEVER missed a beat. NEVER. I would have liked to have kept it for the fact it was so loud and reliable, and had a great clean clear tone. However, the Genz Shuttlemax 9.2 I have does basically the same so it had to go. Shame.
  16. What a brand name...and the logo. Why?!
  17. I never realised they stopped making H and HS Bongos.
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