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  1. Combined cost of equipment

    I was about to agree with this until I started to list what I had actually bought new . . . I have spent far too much for what I need (for example my (purchased new) BF Super Twin has only ever been to 2 rehearsals), but hey ho, I'd only spend it on something else. At least with second hand gear, you can normally sell for pretty much what you paid for it, unlike cars, boats and horses.
  2. Physical Music Sales Advice

    nimbit.com will also sell physical merchandise, although we've never used this. It's likely to be relatively expensive for small numbers of CDs.
  3. Sending money to Canada

    I've just got one too for overseas transactions, they are offering free delivery for the cards at the moment, seems like a good idea.
  4. Hack An Amp?

    To be fair, the original article didn't have the update saying that a software update would fix it. I did read it. But you're right, it's a non-issue now apart from the enduring ironic hope of wanting to turn the guitarist down without their knowledge/assent!
  5. For those BCers that have never listened and voted in the Composition Challenge, please have a listen and take part. Voting finishes tonight. This month's tracks are all great pieces of music in their own right. Having entered previously, I know that a lot of effort goes into writing these pieces and for 7 people to write and perform music just for 9 people to cast votes is a little disheartening! Come on, support your fellow BCers.
  6. Hack An Amp?

    Can the vulnerability be used to turn the guitarist down mid-gig? If so, that's useful!
  7. Voted. Always interesting interpretations of the picture!
  8. SOLD .... Chorus pedal..HARTKE HC33

    Is this still available or was it a duplicate post?
  9. Eden I90 Bass chorus pedal - on sale for £29

    Checked the website and it's back up to £99. Pity, I would have tried it at £30, but not at £99. I'll just keep an eye on the Effects for Sale forum . . .
  10. February Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Ah, but does it sound better on vinyl through a tube amp?
  11. New 5-string options

    There are a couple of ACG five strings for sale on the forums here. I have 2 ACGs and they are amazing basses. This one is amazing value for a hand-built instrument (nothing to do with me by the way):
  12. Well, being a previous entrant in the composition challenge (under my previous forum name of RalphDWilson), I know how much work, angst and creative juices go into producing entries! It's the least I can do to listen and enjoy, even if I'm not entering.
  13. Incredibly difficult to choose. All so good in different ways. Thanks for all the hard work, much appreciated here. It does look like I'm in a tiny minority of preferring the links rather than the embedded tracks, but that's probably due to my (previous) way of deciding which tracks to vote for , which was to open all of the links as separate tabs in a browser and then start eliminating them - the last 3 tabs open are the ones I vote for! I'll just have to start a scorecard . . .
  14. NRD

    I've been lusting/GASsing for one of these . . . although my iMac is only a 2013 one, so I wasn't sure if the Equator software would be too much for it. Nice work!
  15. Recording on the iPad, a newbie question

    Are you certain that the B3 will work with the iPad? I had a quick google and it looked as though some people hadn't managed to make it work. I haven't used the cheap Camera Adaptors, but you can get Focusrite iTrack solos second hand for around that sort of money, although possibly not the latest version with lightning.