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  1. I use my Quilter Bass Block 800 into a BF One10. Quiet enough for practice and I've used the combination when playing EUB and electric bass with a symphonic band, plenty loud enough. You could overtax the OneTen if you turned the Quilter up too high or used too much distortion but I don't. Although perhaps a little too 'vintage' in the tone with not very much high frequency sparkle for the combination.
  2. If they can't sing in tune now, they are unlikely to get any better, even more so if they don't have any honest feedback. I've been in the same situation and walked (by pretending I had an offer to join a band doing stuff I really wanted to do i.e. not covers). Did I regret not playing with a band? Yes, but only in the short term until I did find something that inspired me. For the OP, I've now twigged your username - I could change mine to solo4865 now 🤣
  3. So here's the update. I managed to restrain my GAS urge until December and I ended up getting a £700 Stentor Andreas Zeller from a local bass teacher that had taken him through the Glasgow Conservatoire. It plays very nicely and my NS Wav EUB is now firmly back in its case! It was delivered in March - the earliest we could do it legally in lockdown so I didn't get the chance to play before purchase, but I took the view that a bass teacher's personal instrument would be reasonably well set up and playable, as it indeed is. I'm glad I didn't go down the Bass Bags route for a first bass, just because of the ratio of delivery cost to instrument cost. I'm well into the Beginner's course on Discover Double Bass now, and getting some sounds that are nearly musical out of the bass.
  4. I didn't buy anything in 2020. However, I will be picking up a Double Bass (not purchased through BC) as soon as the lockdown rules are eased in Scotland.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I've now checked my Super Twin and it doesn't have any sharp edges.
  6. @Lozz196 quite a few - 12 others according to Wikipedia including 'Animal Magic' and a lot of film scores including 'Dr Strangelove'. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurie_Johnson PS. What's headlining? 😀😀😀
  7. I spoke to Mark (?) at BassBags - a thoroughly nice chap although @NickA's comment about talking you into spending more than you planned seemed 'on the money'! The hire would be a good way to go except that where I live, the delivery charge and collection charge (based on mileage) would probably come to more than a 'beginner' mail order bass. I think I'll sit tight for a while, although they do have a list of people possibly wanting instruments near Glasgow, so they could possibly do a 'cost-sharing' delivery run which might make it more economic. Thanks everyone for your help.
  8. Thanks for all your thoughts. I hadn't seen that BassBags did rental, so I might well investigate their hire and delivery charges. Failing that I think it would be sensible to bide my time - but that's no fun is it? 😂 I'll keep you updated.
  9. I am really enjoying playing my NS Wav 4 (with German bow, for those of you that contributed to my previous thread). I've never played a proper double bass and I am wondering about it. Although Scotland isn't technically in lockdown yet, most of the Central Belt is restricted, such that the only local bass I can find on gumtree (a £700 Stentor Sudent 1) isn't accessible to me under the current rules, either travelling there or trying it out. Would I be totally completely off my head barking stupid to buy a 'mail order' bass such as one of the Bass Bags Eastman luthier-set up models or similar from Thomann or Carswells? Should I just be patient and hold on to my money until happier times? Any advice welcome. 😀 Although now I've re-read my post, I think I know what advice I would give myself. 🙁 Ralph
  10. I have a NS Wav 4 with NS standard strings (to the best of my knowledge - it was bought on here). If you'll excuse the composition, playing etc, here's one of my recordings of it (a composition that didn't go anywhere and my collaborators didn't find much inspiration from it either), DI out from a Quilter BB800 amp, and I don't think there was too much processing of the bass, though I will check. Please skip to 1:30 to avoid ambient noodling. I hope this helps you. It is my first EUB (first upright bass of any sort actually) and collaborators have said how nice it sounds (through Quilter and Barefaced One10). Unfortunately I'm at the other end of the UK from you, so letting you have a go on it isn't practicable. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjnavsbjyygo0pj/TransitionToReality.mp3?dl=0
  11. Mrs Saints bought me an early birthday present, a cheap 3/4 size German bow just to see how I got on. It's like night and day. Previously I was struggling to finish Ex 2 in the Simandl tutor without pain with the French bow. With the German bow, it's much more musical and there's a lot less tension in my hand. It's not perfect, but at least I can practice to make it perfect now. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. I bought one to see what the all the fuss was about P basses, having only played Jazz basses before. I still have it, it comes out occasionally, it records quite nicely and plays well enough without much tweaking, but I haven't felt the need to buy another P bass. Would I get rid of it? Probably not unless it was a local sale as packaging costs/courier costs would make it uneconomic for the buyer.
  13. Agreed. My bass teacher had already recommended that series of videos. Probably this!!!! Thanks all for the suggestions and help.
  14. Thanks. As I see it, I'm unlikely ever to be auditioning for an orchestra. Thanks, I'm doing some more research, some useful videos out there. The hand issue is tension/cramp/thumb joint discomfort, and the musicality issue is probably just beginner's bad playing, although I do seem to sound the first harmonic (+1 octave) rather than the fundamental on the open strings with a bow. I'll also ask my previous teacher if he teaches German - I guess he assumed that seeing as I turned up with a French bow, he might as well teach what I had.
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