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  1. Although I did buy the NS Wav 4 and a Fishman preamp, I did give a 5 string bass away today to a friend's son. Does that get me back in? 😀
  2. This time I bought a Fishman Platinum preamp from Lorenz, he sent it by post, well packaged and quick delivery. Once again, thoroughly top bloke and easy transaction.
  3. To resurrect this topic, I wish to register a personal 'FAIL'. At the beginning of the year, nothing really was happening musically with DarkSky and I wasn't feeling the love for making music. However, I happened to see an ad on local Gumtree and have joined up with a cracking piano player who wants to play scandinavian jazz, stuff like Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Lars Daniellson pieces. I have been really enjoying trying to learn how to play jazz and also use my fretless (which prompted my thread asking about brighter flatwounds through my BB800 and One100). However, I have to confess to a greater fail than just buying a new set of Chromes, but I have bought (via BC) a NS Wav 4 EUB. So that's an epic fail for the GAS Challenge for me, however on the plus side, I've got my musical mojo back. No doubt those of you on the EUB forum here will tire of my questions as I've never played one before . . . sorry in advance . . . and retiring from the GAS challenge 🙂
  4. I didn't save any cash Frank! I tried what you suggested and it wasn't bright enough. Unfortunately I saved even less cash when I bought a EUB, so I will have to go and confess that in the GAS Challenge thread . . .
  5. I have actually bought some Chromes, but haven't fitted them yet. I'll let you know what I think. Thanks for all the advice.
  6. I bought a NS Wav 4 from Lorenz, great communication and when I arrived he had the bass already set up with a combo, demonstrated it and then left me to have a fumble. A lovely chap to deal with and a very easy transaction.
  7. Thanks again Frank, I have had a play with the EQ, but will try what you suggest. I did wonder whether it was the voicing of the speaker in the One10 as well, as the SM and the BB2 are the hi-fi ones - I think taking my ST to a jazz rehearsal is a bit like overkill though 🙂
  8. Thanks Frank. Other research suggests the Ernie Ball Cobalt Super Slinkys, but I prefer real life testimonials like yours!
  9. Looking for advice . . . I'm using generic new stainless steel flat wounds (.45-100 Picato brand) on my J copy passive fretless (dark fretboard, not maple) into a Quilter BB800 (contours set flat) and my Barefaced One10 for a new jazz project. Neck, bridge and tone controls all turned up max. While the sound would be good for dub or reggae, I would like a bit more top end (as would the pianist). Any particular flat wound strings that would fit the bill? Current tension is fine, so not wanting to have a new set up with really low tension strings. Or should I have asked this question before I changed from Ernie Ball Super Slinkies (which were also dull). thanks R
  10. I think with the benefit of hindsight an NS Stick would have been better. Ever seen Don Schiff's videos? I didn't expect it to be easy though, it's just different. In a way, I think it's more suited to a keyboard player that already has the 'both hands' thing sussed, rather than a bass player. But it's a challenge and one that I haven't given up on yet.
  11. There was one listed on eBay yesterday for £550 starting price. Nothing to do with me, just in case anyone is looking. Mine stays resolutely in its case unfortunately (the lack of time/lack of aptitude excuses apply here).
  12. Funnily enough, I was thinking of selling mine . . . although it doesn't have the snazzy Eden bag. Enjoy!
  13. Sorry to hear that yours has got worse so quickly. I was the OP and was feeling a bit worried about it when I posted. Thankfully mine hasn't progressed at all and is still just a thickening in the palm of the hand, which isn't causing any problems for the moment. Other than sending good wishes, I can't add much to the discussion.
  14. Same for me. Although it will be interesting to see what happens when the Barefaced Bass Amp is released 😉
  15. Listening now. It's a lovely bass tone. Is the recording engineer who recorded the bass/guitars the (ex-IQ) drummer Andy Edwards or is it a different one? As previous posters have commented, there's something good about female Welsh vocalists - Magenta is one of my current faves as well. Anyway, a thoroughly recommended listen. Some nice modern Rush references too. I hate to mention it but surely track 3 should be titled "The Kings Are Dead" as the extra apostrophe makes it a meaningless lyric. Sorry to be a pedant.
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