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  1. I was expecting you to say they were too soft!! I use tomastik dominant nylon core strings on my 'cello and wouldn't think of going back to steel (titanium Larson's maybe), so I know where you're coming from ... but for pizz on the double bass it seems the stiffer and higher tension the better it sounds, Charles Atlas course required for thumb position tho!! Be interested to hear how it goes gigging super soft strings. Good luck.
  2. It's also on Mr Morewood's own site ..https://elitevintageguitars.com/category/wal-bass-pro-ii-e/ Better photos and, yes really, a jg build plate. seems the last two jg basses (1152 and 1153) were pro 2es. This then could be the FIRST Pro2e ( well, some of it) And it's ash not "mahogy".. Thanks to Mr Raggarts Wal history ... from which I have cribbed with impunity 🙂
  3. Know OF him. Through similar Wal selling attempts. He usually has two or three Wals, they are often proclaimed to be for sale, but prices are rarely mentioned. This Wal, specifically, has an unexplained replacement neck ( no bad thing for a player, tho a collector wouldn't like it ) also has a knob missing which, in this case means the shaft is broken or gone; needs a new pot soldered onto the PCB and short of 3d printing one , a new knob would be hard to find. At around £3000 it might be a decent budget way into Wal ownership for someone prepared to do or commission repairs & renovation.
  4. Ah the great and well known Joey Morewood. For a man with so many lovely guitars and basses he appears to know nothing about any of them. Disingenuity I fear, in pursuit of a greater margin. Wouldn't touch this bass with a bargepole at anything near that price.
  5. Out of interest and following another thread on mittels Vs weichs, .... what didn't you like about them?
  6. The wedge on mine is a much more subtle affair! About 5mm thick at the thickest bit, so no effect on the neck profile. Certainly a very skilled job, but much lower impact than taking the whole neck off. Also it allows for adjustment of the side to side angle of the fingerboard, ie you can change the action more on one side than the other which is usually what's needed on an old bass built for gut strings being converted for higher tension steel. It's still going to cost a few £100 - normally the kind of thing you negotiate into the price when buying from a dealer .. ie "I'll pay you £5k for that if you change the action, fit a new bridge and add a new set of spiros"
  7. You may not need a neck reset. They can put a wedge under fingerboard leaving the neck as is. Mine has one put in by Malcolm Healy when I bought it. Made a huge difference to the playability. For complicated reasons the action ended up too high again and I was advised to have a new wedge put in ... I sawed a cm off the bridge instead and it's just fine, no change in sound, just easier to play ( especially in high positions ). I think somewhen I may go to a mender and have an adjustable bridge fitted, can tweak the mwah on the fly then - and crank back up for classical stuff.
  8. 2nd / 3rd hand strings received from @Clarky today. Thanks mate. The bass indeed sounds huge (it IS quite large) - but it's the extra attack, sustain and articulation that are so nice to have back! The Helicores (though bowable) are dull and thuddy by comparison. Thomastik Spirocore - there is no substitute. Others may be more subtle, but these babies swing! Dont try slapping though, they'll have your thumb off.
  9. Those perpetuals have a good write up: "Extremely energetic with very little effort and a juicy right hand feel when played pizzicato, yet strong and complex with good stability under the bow." Maybe true at the price (though still less than Eudoxas!) Anyway, that's an offer too good to refuse. PMd you. Why do the Ds always give out first? Just cause it's the longest string and there's more to fail?
  10. Had a look on his site (https://thedoublebassroom.com/) whilst poking about for cheap basses; everything he lists is over £3000 (and very well priced at that for the quality). Does he have a hidden back room (a "bargain bassment" perhaps?). +1 for an old and well setup ply bass btw No setup will make a bad bass into a good one, but even a good bass won't work without being properly setup and, unlike an electric bass, it's not something you can do by yourself . Decent dealers and owners will sell basses that ARE properly set up .. Thomann etc probably not. Worth factoring in when comparing prices.
  11. Realising that I have only Jazz to play until September; I decided to take the D'Addario Helicore Hybrid strings off my DB and put on my old set of Thomastic Spiros. The Spiros have been sitting in a box for 20 odd years (!!) and when I dug them out I found that the D string has a knot in the peg end (must have snapped some time) and the E has gone AWOL. So, off to my local bass shoppe on Monday to buy at least a new E .. probably a D too ... oh sod it, probably a whole new set (£166!) Has anyone tried both Siprocore Medium and Spiroco Light (weich)? What is the difference in sound? I think my spiros date from when spiros were spiros and the three different tensions weren't an issue. I quite like the idea of a lighter string that's easier to hold down - but don't want to sacrifice tone. NB: the bass is a fairly hefty 43.5" scale German affair - solid and loud with a big fat tone when bowed, and pizz sustain that goes on and on and on and ..........
  12. I'm not really sure £600 is enough to get you into a double bass. Double basses cost £1000s not £100s. A £600 double bass is kind of the equivalent of a £50 electric bass - there is just so much more material in them. The cheapest new bass at Bass Bags is £1100 (not set up) or £1280 (perfectly set up) The cheapest new bass at Thomann is £598 (and a new set of strings for it will be another £100 or so, full setup around £150) Still: toe in the water and that. Sounds like the plan is to play acoustically, in which case something half decent would be good - but if the band will let you hide a small amp, then fitting a magnetic pickup (yet another £100) gets around most issues with the bass itself and just amplifies the strings; it will sound a lot like an EUB, but look more authentic and get you closer to the day you want to spend bucks on a really nice double bass! Second hand will give you a better bass for a given cost ... generally. In time you may end up spending money on it; but it spreads the cost at least; a quick scan through the usual places, shows only this at under £600 ... but it might actually do the job. This one? https://www.gumtree.com/p/double-bass/double-bass-3-4-michael-poller-beautiful-condition-/1348333529 (reviewed here on an old thread : Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  13. Meanwhile here is the wonderful Esperanza playing her CzechEase (her full size bass has a nicer tone - but this is not something you'd complain about).
  14. I guess that's one reason I bought it. The boot is tiny but the car is surprisingly voluminous for its external dimensions. Literally has "a wheel at each corner" which keeps wheel arches out the way. I load the bass bum end first through the passenger front door, pushing it in far enough that the neck then slips into the footwell. Lots of vids on line of people doing it. Here's the one I learned the method from. Note the bit about supporting the body using a pillow or the headrest, so the weight doesn't go on the neck. The neck will "probably" survive but it bends the tuners.
  15. My 4/4 fits in my Skoda Citigo and frequently does, along with stool and music stand! Recline front seat and feed it in neck down the foot well and bum side on the back seat upright. The bloke at Bassbags reckons he can fit a bass in anything, though a BMW 3 series saloon was a challenge!
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