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  1. NickA

    Maintenance of having an oldish carved bass

    1885 German bass. Had it 30 years. Spent £136 on new strings 20 years ago. £800 on a bow last year. Two carry cases over the years .... That's it. To be fair tho, it did fall over once and the finger board fell off, repaired at great cost to the insurers ( who have since gotten their own back by charging outrageous premiums ). Whilst being mended the mender had a poke inside and declared that the fall had dislodged old repairs, so I got lots of mends re-done and a new bass bar too. Hence the £1500 bill on a bass that cost £2000. That was 22yrs ago and It's been great since. Out to orchestra every week, jazz sesh once a fortnight, no problems. Go for it, but expect big insurance bills.
  2. NickA

    £3000 for a body..Why?

    'cause it's "vintage", ie nearly as old as me! Shame he painted over the cracks and scratches .. it would be vintaged vintage then and worth even more.
  3. NickA

    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 - SOLD

    Wow. No dolphins for over a year, then a whole pod of them. Majorly annoying for the sellers, but this one is still best value. The broadneck 5 is a full 50% more than one that sat on eBay for months with no takers, a couple of years back (only down the road from me too - should have had it 😞 ). Fashions change I guess.
  4. NickA

    Bowing silver slap strings

    Ah the joys of autocorrect. I too have trouble sustainng my pizza , had to switch to lasagne. 🙂
  5. NickA

    Bowing silver slap strings

    New Dutch Bass School - trendy modern playing technique that recommends (demands?) such things as, both feet on the floor, tuning in fifths, HEAVY or WEIGHTED bows. Extreme classical players; don't go there unless intending to play cello concertos and violin sonatas on a bass. Though makes for some interesting reading. There is a bit of technique in getting the sound to start. More force on the string to start it sounding, the less to keep it going. Most people only get a screach or harmonics when first learning. Sticky rosin (Neumann) and proper horse hair on the bow ( some cheap composite bows have synthetic hair, which is too slippery) both help, some people rub a bit of rosin on the string too. Really good players use very little rosin but have very soft grippy "bowing specific" strings. I found Jazz specific strings (great sustain in pizz) hard to bow with any subtelty and had to switch to hybrids to play in an orchestra. But they weren't impossible. Persevere for a bit, and when money allows trade the strings for something a bit less specialised?
  6. PS: Apart from owning several Wals AND an ACG (which shows great taste IMO) .... how do you find the ACG compares? I have a project bass with the East ACG-01 electronics in it and am mighty impressed - probably more so than with the Wal electronics (but the project bass has only puny Delano J pickups not the mighty 8 winding Wals, so will never be quite the same).
  7. NickA

    Heads optimised for DB

    Another PJB fan here. My PJB flightcase is great with a piezo pickup; little switch to "passive" and the gain adjusted to suit. Some of you (Hapy Jack included) saw mine and a lovely AI amp at the double bass bash methinks. I probably liked the AI even better than my PJB as it had a great sound in a smaller (even smaller) box and more knobs and buttons. The PJB has no HP filter stage, you can only turn down the bass knob, but I've never felt the need; even my full sized carved bass doesn't sound boomy through it anywhere I've yet played (admittedly a smallish sample of places). Plus I wanted to play an electric (or three) through it too and reckon the PJB is better for that than the AI (or an AER .. which is another option for the very flush). For those of you with a rockabilly bent (and possibly owners of metal double basses!) the PJB may prove a little soft and HiFi sounding - dunno.
  8. More Wals for the rest of us ;¬) :¬)
  9. You won't notice the string spacing. As soon as you start to play, it will feel just fine. It is a Wal, period; and that's the string spacing they have. Never heard anyone say "well I'd love a Stradivarius Violin, but the strings are too close together" 🙂 Seriously though, they are the most amazing fretless basses and despite the weight and the rather fat neck they are very comfortable to play. I was at a Jazz session with mine the other week (a 4-string custom, but the string spacing's the same) and no other bass players turned up; I played for 2 hours with a 5 minute break to get a beer and ... well, just fine. Kinda pricey though, and this one is premium price, I guess, due to A1 perfect condition and the much favoured walnut facing which, debatably, is the "perfect" wood for a fretless wal ... frankly, and I may get caned for saying it, I doubt the face wood makes much difference (though the walnut does look and feel fantastic). Anyone who likes the sound but doubts the ergonomics should give it a try (money notwithstanding .. I've had mine 20 years and it cost much less back then!)
  10. NickA

    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 - SOLD

    I have its older brother from 2001! Ovangkol and MEC pickups. 2-band EQ with coil tap for the bottom pickup. Beautiful instrument with such a clear sound. Very comfortable to play with no neck dive whatsoever. I would need thinner fingers to properly use all the extra frets tho (27 of them going 2 octaves plus a minor 3rd up every string). ... and THIS is the only one to come on the market (at a fair rather than Japanese dealer price) since mine. Rare beauty.
  11. NickA

    Fingerboard oil

    Well, I for one was interested in the suggestions :¬) thanks all.
  12. NickA

    Fingerboard oil

    Is there any oil left in the wood after 150 years? (apart from that absorbed from my sweaty fingers)? Tried turpentine (the proper pine tree derived stuff) once, possibly less "drying"; worked much the same as vodka but smelt nicer.
  13. NickA

    Fingerboard oil

    What does it do? I've been using neat vodka.
  14. NickA

    Wow...just "wow"

    twas (reportedly) 5000DM new; he wants 5000USD used. Ie it's £3,800 which is, frankly, bit much below the price of a real alembic: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALEMBIC-20TH-Anniversary-Bass-USA-1989-Limited-200/183427435037?hash=item2ab5208a1d:g:CtEAAOSwrcxbe~7l) One of Wolfgang Kist's guitars here: https://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/EXTREMELY-RARE-VINTAGE-80s-WOLFGANG-KIST-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-HANDMADE-IN-GERMANY-/231790392237 Less amazing woodwork & lower price than the bass. This one also seems to have had the pickups replaced (check out the screw holes); but Kist Guitars really were built with DiMarzios - I guess it was what you could get in the late 70s. Seems the man Wolfgang was quite fond of them.
  15. NickA

    Nice looking Warwick

    No offence intended; I'm just a bit of a coffee table perv. Nothing like having a nice bit of wood in your hand :¬) My 2001 Dolphin Pro1 has "gold" hardware; but the "gold" rubs off revealing grey "stuff" beneath. Solid Brass, now that is a bit different.