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  1. you don't see one for ages then loads come along at the same time ..... although, this one is listed twice, by the same person, at two different prices. I wonder what you get if you pay the extra £545 ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Overwater-5-string-deluxe-progress-III-Custom/233131124588?hash=item3647b2a76c:g:9CIAAOSwBZ5cYGDE:rk:4:pf:1&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Overwater-5-string-deluxe-progress-III-Custom/233127274433?hash=item364777e7c1:g:Ov8AAOSw2QxcXEMU:rk:8:pf:0
  2. NickA

    Scott Devine Overwater

    Celeb endorsements are just off putting ... Makes me think it's the endorsement not the bass that's being paid for, when actually one might ask "why did the celeb sell it"?
  3. NickA

    Scott Devine Overwater

    hmmm .... stick an East P Retro in that and it would be a lovely bass indeed. On the other hand our fellow forumite Oldman will sell you a twin pickup active overwater (with an extra inch of neck) for much the same price. Tempted, been thinking about a 5-string ... but yet another boutique bass, shouldn't, not really ..... but still ....
  4. NickA

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    Yup, visibility is fine (compared to the AstraVan I use for work, anyway). I wouldn't have believed it worked until someone on another thread pointed out the method. I will admit that my 4/4 bass is quite a slim one - not one of those HUGE fatties you can barely reach around - but who plays those anyway; everyone I know has a 3/4. I have an Octavia estate too, into which the double bass slides with ease with the seats down, but unless taking double bass, electric bass and the big amp too, the CitiGo is actually simpler, as no seats need dropping and the passenger seat reclines by flipping one lever, whereas the Octavia has a knob of many (many) turns to achieve the same thing.
  5. NickA

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    My full size double bass fits in my Skoda CitiGo *with a PJB flightcase amp in the boot). The trick is to recline the front seat all the way; the bass then goes in bottom end first with the body resting on the vertical of the back seat, the neck then goes down the footwell. Check it out - 2 minutes in. Any car will do!
  6. NickA

    Lowering the Action on DB

    Bin there, done that, worked a treat. Sure a top notch soloist would not agree, but for my amateur classical scrapings and attempts at Jazz, it's fine. Certainly nicer than it used to be; easier to play, better pizz growl. Can't bow as loudly, but I have the biggest and loudest bass in the orchestra, so not really an issue.
  7. NickA

    warwick thread

    Nailed it. I thought there was something odd about it. It's a huge slab of an instrument whereas I always think of Streamers as being quite svelte. Might sound fantastic of course ....
  8. NickA

    warwick thread

    No, I cannot explain £3500. I told the man in the shop that I'd been thinking of buying a 5-string streamer, but that the owner wanted £1650 which seemed a bit high .. to which he replied, "hmm £1200 would be more reasonable ..." whilst this beastie was hung on the wall behind him :¬) Ebony topped basses though: rare things. I've only ever seen (in photos) one Wal and one Alembic. Wenge neck with a maple fingerboard is odd, seems all back to front!
  9. NickA

    warwick thread

    Visited the bass gallery in camden this afternoon. Good shop. They had THIS: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/warwick-custom-shop-stream-stage-1 Not seen a £3500 second hand warwick in years (they had another streamer for £6500, but it was one of those "someone famous once owned it" jobbies) Both way beyond my budget so didn't dare ask for a go. NB: why does the fact that (eg) Pino Palladino owned it and played it make a bass more valuable - it isn't rarity, as he seems to get through them like tissue paper, and surely he only sells them on when they're knackered!
  10. NickA

    Help - Carbon fibre endpin

    We use carbon fibre on boats because it's light and because it bends a long way before it breaks (which it usually does somewhat explosively) ie it is nice and flexy. The Glasser pin sent me by Burnsbass is under repair (first attempt failed during load testing sadly); it's a tube with 10mm outer and 8mm inner diameters; it seems pretty stiff but I guess if you have a small bass and or play (modern style) with the bass well out in front of you - then it would flex more than a stout metal or wooden one. And looking at the girth of Ben Bastin's pins, I am not suprised they are stiff!!!!! The Glasser pin does have a very nice, very sharp, machined metal spikey bit on the end, which I reckon would make a nice hole in anyone's hardwood concert hall stage (!!) but as we are all obliged to use bits of carpet, rubber ferules and other such devices - it may not come into play unless you were attacked on the way home. Glasser could use a solid carbon rod (what's called a pultrusion) or better still, a pultruded rod wrapped in cross-weave - THAT might be stiffer, and rather stronger, but would cost him more in materials. 10mm diameter rods and tubes are about £12 /m btw, so most of the cost of a glasser pin is probably that nice metal spike (and the Glasser NY sticker). PS: NeilP .. does the rubber end of your Ben Bastin pin stick to the floor well? It looks too fat to go in an anti-slip device, so I guess needs to work all on its own. Ta.
  11. For classical players at least, I think Simandl is a pretty standard technique; every classical bass player I know claims to use Simandl ... .... but then admits to ignoring it from time to time (pivots and stuff aka Rabbath technique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/François_Rabbath) Went to a National Youth Orchestra concert during the week; all sitting, all seemingly Simandling. Went to a gig by a great Jazz bass player the other month (Liran Donin) and couldn't work out WHAT he was doing - whatever it took to pull a great sound out I think - and he was standing up! I expect Mr StringNavigator will pile in from Canada before long, telling us all that "THERE IS NO METHOD BUT THE STRICTEST SIMANDL" (on electric as well as double bass) - he has yet to dictate on the matter of sitting or standing I think - but as the picture in the front of my copy of Simandl's "new method" has a picture of Gary Karr STANDING and says "Notice that the weight of the performer is equally distributed on both feet" I expect he stands. I'm getting old and shall sit.
  12. I'm told "the man" himself is coming to the next Midlands Bass Bash - hope he brings a bass or two.
  13. I used to stand to play all the time. Then I had some (classical) bass lessons, partly around the fact that the bass would rotate and or I'd nearly drop it when moving from 4th to thumb positions. The tutor asked why I didn't just sit down. Now I sit on a stool with one foot on the ground. All classical players sit (some with both feet down, most with one foot down), most Jazz players sit. Most Blues and Rockabilly etc players stand. I guess it's about how stable you need the bass to be to apply the technique you need for the music and how much you want to dance about. Started off with an old IKEA bar stool or resting my derrière on the back of a chair. Now progressed to a proper bass stool with a foot rest. These are REALLY good: https://www.thomann.de/gb/km_14044.htm Now and then I'll go to a Jazz session without a stool and stand for a couple of hours - but I'm not good enough a Jazzist to ever get into thumb position whilst improvising. (PS: I note that derriere complete with accent is not a rude word, whereas AR$E gets changed !!)
  14. " Don't you think, they are making huge profits !?! " But hang on; these guys are trained and skilled craftsmen. They deserve to make money more than any hedge-fund manager does. Well, I reckon so.
  15. Seriously? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Guitar-Portable-String-Beginner-Aid-Tool-6-String-4-Fret-Model-Bag-HR5/223309097476?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151016114640%26meid%3D50e28247bb204e0fa93781185772833b%26pid%3D100507%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D223309097476&_trksid=p2045573.c100507.m3226