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  1. Open G string buzz

    Mine started buzzing in response to a high D last night; by the time rehearsal break came around and we had a chance to investigate - it had gone. Possibly one of the tuners rattling or maybe because I was out of tune and re-tuned so that the resonace lay between actual notes. I may never know. Beware of "luthiers" they'll probably have it in pieces all over the workshop and a £1000 bill for reassembly before you can say "err, gig on Friday?" Try getting someone else to (preferably bow) the note that makes the buzz, then listen all over the bass to see if you can locate the source. All Rabbie's suggestions are good, I'd add pickups & bridge adjusters if you have them. Also anywhere there are any cracks (eg mine has several mends around the f-holes).
  2. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    Glad to be of service :¬) :-) and a very tidy P to PJ conversion.
  3. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    I can't quite see what is wired to what, but it looks like your J pickup may be connected back to front. Ie the black and white wires are going to the wrong holes in the little terminal block. That would cause noise to add and signals to cancel. Try swapping the wires around (no guarantees). If you really want to do it properly, then a) get a stacked coil J pickup, b) twist the pcikup wires together and keep them as short as possible (better still, use co-ax cable from the pickups to the control cavity) c) use screening foil or conducting paint inside the pickup cavities and the control cavity and make sure the surface of the cavities is connected to the bridge / pickup / jack-socket grounds. A lot of people swear by copper foil for screening, but if you look inside a quality factory made bass (certainly, both my Wal and Warwick) you will find they are use conductive paint. My project J-bass has painted cavities and has been totally silent, even with standard J-Bass wiring (as you have) since I got the stacked pickups. The problem is, you NEED the pickups to pickup magnetic fields otherwise they can't see the strings, but really don't want them to pickup anything BUT the strings .. screening the cavities can only do so much as there is always a dirty great hole in the front of the pickup cavity!! If all else fails, I'm only down the road in Derby and happy to take a look for you. You'll probably find another guitar playing electronics engineer closer, but the offer stands.
  4. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    That J pickup. Is it a single or a stacked coil one? Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious: The way the P pickups work is that they are actually humbuckers with the magnets in different directions and the coils in different directions. The signal from the strings adds but the pickup from nearby electric fields cancels out. A standard J pickup is not humbucking as it only has one coil. With a full Jazz Bass the two pickups are wound and magnetised in oppposite directions so they individually pickup noise from the surroundings but when added together do not. So, if you add a non cancelling J to a cancelling P the noise no longer cancels and you get some hum. The solution is to use a stacked coil J pickup which incorporates its own cancelling. My J bass now has two stacked J pickups and is totally silent whatever balance I use, but previous incarnations were quite buzzy and did stuff lke pick up police radio and local taxis (pre mobile phones!!) If its REALLY noisy you might have some other electrical fault - eg it's accidently wired up back to front so that the earth (strings etc) are accidently connected to the amps input and vice versa.
  5. Open G string buzz

    mine did it on the open E (I think). Then it fell over, the finger board fell off, the bass bar cracked and lots of bits fell off inside. A mender man took it to bits and glued it all back together again - no more buzz. But the mender said the buzz was actually fixed by removing my old shadow pickup from the bridge. The buzz came back recently; turned out to be the outer drum of the pick-up to amp lead was coming un-screwed and its rattling was being picked up by the pickup. Another time I was making a drummer's snare rattle more causes of double bass buzzes than you can shake a stick at. many of them not connected to the bass itself. If anything will make things buzz, it's a double bass. sorry, that wasn't very helpful .... just wanted you to know that many of us have been there!
  6. Gedo Basses

    I'm not convinced that a big music department-store is the best place to buy a double bass - mostly they are getting stuff made down to a price by big factories rather than looking for quality. Maybe try a specialist (Bassbags) or a sensible 2nd hand dealer (the DoubleBassRoom). Something like this for instance : https://thedoublebassroom.com/product/1970s-czech-luby-hybrid-3-4/#.Wu-JnH8h1EY. would probably be hard to beat. I think it was this one https://thedoublebassroom.com/product/hungarian-1965-3-4/#.Wu-K-n8h1EZ that came to a recent bass bash and was really rather good.
  7. RESOLVED: Shipping a bass to Germany

    Oh tell me about it; I pointed out to him that my 150 yr old db was held together with fish glue and he said "yeah well, it'll fall apart eventually". I then wrecked the neck trying to plane the shards of ebony and glue off the maple. New neck and board required; from now gone guitar maker Alan Marshall at Northworthy - but at least the truss rod works now .. and it's a very nice neck (super slim but still very stable) and back then was only £170. Alan no longer makes guitars let alone basses, but his acoustic guitars cost £1000s if you can find one.
  8. RESOLVED: Shipping a bass to Germany

    My dad was at one time (amongst other things) responsible for mending the 'cellos of Huntingdonshire schools. There was often a pot of something smelly on the kitchen stove consisting of little grey pellets simmering in slimy juice; I always thought it was boiled down fish bones or something; certainly smelt that way! It was probably this -> https://www.axminster.co.uk/liberon-pearl-glue-ax22992 . The idea is that it comes un-stuck under the influence of steam. Bloke at Andy's Guitar shop put an ebony board on my first electric bass - when I tried to remove the board to get at the truss rod, the board broke. I asked what he'd used and he said Araldite, cause it won't come unstuck. The good man spoke the truth .. it f*&ing didn't!
  9. Show us yer fretlesses!

    Now with added East-ification. Sounds great; better than my Wal in some respects! 8 knobs, no less (the switches only fill some holes) and all of them useful.
  10. How well do low end DBs hold their value?

    £1100 for all that! Good deal. Is that bridge really not at right angles to the strings? Could be the photo, but it might be squiff or it might have been set up "clever". This is something I thought about a while back having realised that on my electric bases the strings are all different lengths as the bridge is adjusted to keep the strings in tune across the frets (or lack of frets, though that's less of an issue) despite different pressures being needed to hold the different thickness strings down. The bridges of classical guitars have a very complicated slant carved into them. So why not do that on violins, 'cellos and basses? Well apparently one reason is that its really hard to seat a bridge on the belly of the bass if it has to be at an angle and the other is that we all learn to compensate for the lack of super accurate tuning (without frets it's less of an issue etc). anyway every double bass I've seen has its bridge at right angles to the strings. But maybe your setup is done like a fretted instrument, in which case it's clever but different. Might play more easily in tune across the strings. .. or it's the photo .. or someone knocked it!
  11. East Pre-Amps

    What John East says! Set the top pickup to deep and bassy and the bridge pickup to bright - then blend away. The big thing over the Wal tronics is the adjustability of the treble pass through and the filter resonance. Playing the Wal this evening and wished I could pull the resonance knobs out .. sort of half way. Makes my Warwick's EQ based knobs (treble and bass, cut and boost) seem positively stoneage.
  12. ... and you don't want a distorted bottom. :¬)
  13. East Pre-Amps

    Bought the acg-eq-01. Spent an evening fiddling around trying to fit it inside the bass; completely changed my mind the next day and in a couple of hours, with a little bass surgery (dremel, sanding disk, lots of Padouk dust) IT'S IN!! Now have a bass with EIGHT KNOBS (and three switches which do nothing but fill holes). The suprising thing is the bass frequencies - I'd expected clearer high frequencies (passive setups load the pickups' inductance and lose high frequency content) but what really stands out is the extra and clearer bass, and the control of it via the filter gain adjustment. Also, even if you go for a lot of bass and high frequency cut, then high frequency pass-through allows harmonics and "pick attack" to come through. I honestly reckon that the acg-eq-01 is better than the much fabled electronics in my Wal .. and would love to hear what a Wal would sound like with East tronics in it ... not that I'm about to vandalise my own one to find out!
  14. Yes INDEED, thank you folks for a great day out. Such a lovely day we could have held it outside! But the Baronial Barn and roaring log tree fire were fun and the barn had a great acoustic too. Enjoyed playing other people's basses, finding out what these much praised Silver Slaps and Spirocore Weichs actually play like .. and a go on Owen's Steinburg EUB too (lovely thing, well made and nice to play, even if not a real DB). And yes, a very nice sounding laminate bass .. my prejudices challenged yet again. Good to hear other people playing my old bass too - as someone said, "doesn't really need an amplifier". .. and no, the old SAAB did not make it home; alternator failure at M1 Jct 16, recovery to Derby on a truck. Sadly now waiting for the scrap man to come; but at least I was with her when she died. :¬( :¬(
  15. That is one HUGE armchair you have.