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  1. Guessing that was recorded on a £1500 hand crafted one? How does yours sound? Sound clips!
  2. Bought my MK2 via reverb; though I found it on the Facebook page before the buyer directed me to reverb. Only 5% Commission and all went very smoothly. The good thing, for buyers, is that the buyer pays reverb before shipping but reverb only pays the seller when it arrives. Don't know what happens if the buyer claims not to have received it... I should think this bass will sell like hotcakes to the USA, despite them having to pay sales tax AND import duty. Cheaper than a new one and no 3yr wait... plus the myth that old Wals are somehow better than new Wals.
  3. Is that stuff ok with varnish? If so citrus degreaser might do it too. Cleaned my cello strings with cellulose thinners when I was much younger ... you can still see the spots in the varnish it dropped on 45 years later.
  4. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pay-less-import-duty-and-vat-when-re-importing-goods-to-the-uk-and-eu#what-you-can-claim-relief-on ..it's been away rather too long Except, special dispensation on the 3: year limit for:. "collectors’ or heritage items originally manufactured in the UK and returning from overseas after re-acquisition by a UK dealer or investor, for example collectable items of furniture or ceramics" Wals pretty collectible these days!
  5. NickA


    5min is enough for me. Just to loop 16 bars of walking bass to practice over. I'm no KT Tunstall!
  6. NickA


    Hey, thanks for that. I couldn't find that info anywhere. £50 on a ditto then. Unless there are better loopers. Bass direct have a ditto x4 for £95 ... But it's too big for my tiny pedal board.
  7. Luckily no jobs coming up in North London ... Otherwise I'd be unstoppably "drawn" to Camden ... and we know what happens then.
  8. Damnation. Getting gas now. The gallery have three of them, all around £3k, but all maple board with frets .... guess they'd fit an ebony one for another few £100 ...... ..No... don't even think about it.
  9. Ahh basschat. Who needs East Enders. Thoroughly enjoyable thread😁.
  10. 1976 = vintage?. Holy shite, what does that make me?! Nice bass though; natural ash and ebony stingrays just look "right" somehow. Just curious .... How does it sound compared to a modern EB one?
  11. My bass was set up specifically for jazz pizz (Malcolm Healey did it many many years back), but I manage bowed classical stuff too ( amateur orchestra, NOT solo!). The max scoop is about where you'd play an E on the G string and it's a little more than 1mm maybe 2mm on the E. Bass tech at Tim Toft violins thought they could improve the sound and playability by fitting a higher bridge and re- angling the fingerboard with a bigger wedge, but didn't mention changing the scoop. However us "modern" jazz people are trying for lots of mwah sound, hence the low action ... Is that what you really want if the eub sounds too " fretless bass"?
  12. NickA


    Decided to loop some bass lines to attempt soloing over ... There's a small loop function on my tc electronics flashback delay effect. Trouble is, the volume knob not only makes the looped recording quieter, it makes the "through" / dry signal quieter too. Not the case with any of the delay functions where the volume only affects the wet / "effect" signal. Am I doing something wrong? Are all loopers like this? If I drop £50 on the TC Ditto dedicated looper, will it be the same?
  13. Just to be clear .. the acg-eq-01 I have is not in an ACG bass. I bought the amp direct from John East and put it in a bitsa project bass. The electronics in new ACG basses are obviously more developed & refined. Also have a Wal with their version of the same thing ( pull switches instead of adjustable knobs) Personally I'm totally sold on having an " EQ" for each pickup. Otherwise I'd have no on board EQ at all and just use the amp to adjust the sound. Great thing about ACG basses, you get the choice!
  14. ..but the eq-01 is what I could buy from John 😁. And I really like that hp pass through feature; like the Wal's " pick attack" but adjustable.
  15. No problem with mine. The second set I bought had a few spots on, easily removed with a scotch brite pad and didn't come back. Nice strings, but a bit "coloured" ( ie have a sound of their own ) . Took them off my fretless as it altered the sound too much.
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