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  1. NickA

    Got wood?

    Not mine, but the only p bass I've ever had gas over:
  2. I've been working on 5-string for a year now. The extra string issue goes away in time though my smallish hands still struggle a bit with the extra width of fingerboard. Harder is learning to play in all the new positions it opens up instead of slipping back into first position and open strings. You CAN play it as a four with extra deep notes, but I think that's not the main point. 6 weeks to learn a new instrument is perhaps a bit short? Especially if you're and old dog (like me) doing new tricks.
  3. NickA

    Got wood?

    Is that: a walking bass-encyclopedia or a walking-bass encyclopedia? Love the workmanship on that Smith btw. Tempted to buy one just to stroke it. Incredible value for the quality of work.
  4. NickA

    Got wood?

    " ^^^ that's just showing off " I've an unstained acoustic too but forgot I had it.
  5. Great amp for double bass 😎
  6. Galvanized industrial flooring scratchplate!!
  7. Went to see soft machine last year; Roy Babbington was playing a Squire PJ bass. You don't even need a fender if you're good enough! I do like my Warwick and Wals tho. Warwick's are crazy good value too if you buy second hand, depreciate like super cars from new tho ( goodness knows why, fashion I guess ).
  8. Look at the CBSO and everyone is using a French bow; likewise the LSO, likewise my amateur outfit; in fact I've never even met any German bow users. Look at the Berlin Phil however and they are all using German bows. French bowers need not apply. Is it easier to hold? Less crampy? Evidently works just as well as the French sort, once you get the hang of it. Looks awkward to me.
  9. Great Basses. You can do anything with one of those. They even put the "precision" pickup the right way round!
  10. Sanderberg California vm. Nice bass. Tried a 5-string one one in wunjo, but it was a 35" scale and too big for my short fat hands. 😞
  11. Stealth black stingray? Going to buy one of these one day 🙂
  12. That BB 2000 I traded for the fretless Wal. Had some stupid one in one out only need two basses policy. Nuts.
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