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  1. I got a thing called a ganglion years ago.. hard hemispherical lump near the first joint on my ring finger; calcium buildup on a tendon or something. Had it sugically removed. The doc said it would probably go away, maybe, and sometimes you can squash them away by slamming your hand hard on a table...... .... see a doc and ignore the above "advice". Presume no history of Dupreyens in your family ... as you'd have heard about it. Tends to make your finger bend before any lumps appear ( my wife and mother in law have it). Ps long haul that Messiah, especially the aptly named continuo parts. Need to be fit for that!
  2. Low D! Back before it was made illegal I used to play slap in a funk band, the guitarist for some reason wrote some tunes in D requiring a D slap pedal note. Used to down tune ( then forget to up tune ). Slapping D on a 5 just doesn't sound the same. Sometimes fewer strings works better. But I'm keeping the 5.
  3. Left hand = totally different. The scale is too big for one finger one fret. You need to use 1:2:4 right the way up to first finger on D on the G string, then, usually 1:2:3. Evidently this means more position changes and it's easy to get lost. I think some nxt basses have a little "false heel" on the back of the neck, where the neck of a double bass would join the body. Thumb on that and your first finger will be on a D on the G string. Total godsend. If it's not fitted, fit one. It's perhaps the dullest book on earth, but the Simandl New Method ( it's ancient) is a good foundation for upright bass technique. Also David Heyes "daily exercises for double bass" is a good workout. On the other hand there's a lass in my home town who never got beyond clamping her whole hand around the fingerboard ( bunch o bananas style ) and simply moving her whole hand up and down. She plays in tune, can sing whilst doing it and knows a million bluegrass tunes .... she gets loads more work than me ☹️
  4. Youd think czech-ease would be vat registered, so able to knock off the Czech vat before exporting. And there's no duty to pay on imports from the EU. Hence only UK vat to pay. Though the shipping company has to collect the vat from the importer and charges a fat fee ( plus vat) for doing so. Then the importer has to claim the VAT back again! I was at Tim Bachelor's a few weeks back and he was complaining about all the hassle of eori numbers etc, says brexit has almost killed his import business too. What a total mess. Still, if there is a demand, maybe someone with import export knowledge, VAT registration and a eori number, (bass bags perhaps), could be persuaded to be a UK dealer.
  5. Do you find you're using higher positions on the 5? I can do it if I think it out but still drift back to 1st position on the top 4 strings a lot. On the other hand, found some useful 4 string fingerings I only found through playing the the 5. Must say, the 5 string feels cumbersome after the 4s... but sure it will be worth having if I ever master it.
  6. Covid, furlough, brexit, gig shortage. The market is really slow methinks. I'd give you £100 for it but just feel I shouldn't be spending or acquiring right now. See if I can earn some money before someone else nabs it.
  7. Some of us have fat fingers! And playing a 45" scale double bass, 34" feels like jewelry. Still, this pair is lovely and tempting even to the larger fingered 😉
  8. Phase switch. If only more bass amps had them. My acoustic bass guitar with peizo pickup is a feedback monster, but it has a phase switch that kills it dead. Double bass has a realist sound clamp, feeds back badly if screwed down tightly, but I clamp it to the bridge more lightly, with a bit of bicycle inner tube between bridge and clamp. No feedback.
  9. Ugly as f#£& but Esperanza Spalding and Dave Holland play them ... So who's to argue.
  10. TC unitune as it's cheap and simple. Works well on the bridge of my double bass and finds bottom e and drop tunings to c easily. Also finds the bottom b of my five string electric when clipped to the headstock. Took ages for it to arrive though .. stock shortages.
  11. Maybe comes down to the fact that fenders are basically simple factory made instruments that are easy for anyone to make. So why buy a fender fender. Does make me wonder about Warwick Vs Rockbass. MusicMan Vs Sterling. G&L vs Tribute etc.
  12. Looks awful to me ( only own coffee tables 😉). But yes Squires Vs Fenders ... Played a random squire p in a practice studio once; much nicer feel and sound than the genuine fender jazz they also had. Truly the kind of value that puts real hand made bass makers out of business!
  13. Indeed. My full rig is 12 X 5". Brilliant with a double bass. Wouldnt recommend it for death metal though.
  14. Fender has most zing, but the stingray sounds more interesting. Surely even better slap basses out there though ( Warwick, Status, Modulus)
  15. You could sell it to the bloke who joined my orchestra last week. He had a small 3/4 laminate bass with a dodgy end pin. Last night he lent heavily on the bass and the spike and bottom block disappeared into the bottom of the bass, opening up a gaping split between the back and the ribs. Though he continued through Tchykovsky's 5th without too much trouble. This would be a real upgrade for him at potentially less than the cost of repairing the one he has. Meanwhile I directed him to "thedoublebassrooms" for a browse. But if you list it, I'll point it out to him.
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