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  1. I only have the one Double Bass ... does that count? I'd have another one (one for jazz & Bone for classical) but by god they're huge .... and nice ones cost £10k+ each, so sticking with the same one I've had for 30 years now. Electrics ... well, compact and relatively cheap; plus curiosity. Why stick with just one?
  2. From before the invention of plywood. Well, before its use in instruments anyway. Ken Smith reckons the earliest laminate bass he's seen was from 1920/1930. These 1900 or so German basses were hand carved from ( usually ) maple/sycamore with a pine/ spruce front. I've a 4/4 one that's similar but a bit older. I was told mine was from the workshops in Markneukirchen, but could be Dresden. Both had big instrument businesses but the names of the individual makers have been lost in time. Looks like the fingerboard is not original as they were made with solid very dark ebony boards ( it was easy to get, back then). Seems a good price, obviously needs playing to be sure.
  3. Mmm, a Roger Waters signature bass .... does Dave Gilmore come and play it for you after you've gone home 😉
  4. DB fits in my Skoda citygo. DB + pjb flight case amp, stool, music stand all fit too. Add a bass guitar or two plus a bigger amp and I need the Octavia ... yes the boot lip is a pain, as is the fact that in all the modern cars I looked at the seats don't fold flush with the boot floor. Car designers just don't take dB players into account! I had an astravan for work, but the load bay was 4" shorter than my bass... grr.
  5. On line lessons by zoom/teams? Text book? Important to get that bow hold correct. Probably best to stick with one bow type once you decide which you prefer then you're learning one thing not two things. I've always used french as I started as a cellist, plus all the bassists I know use french.. but theres no advantage of either.
  6. What wait? I have all the Wals I want and more than I need. Doubt either are worth £7000 either.
  7. Both my wals and my dolphin are much the same weight - I expected the 5string mk2 to be much heavier but I guess the body is a bit smaller and the tuners lighter. all 10.2 lbs I think. though its not all about the money (whatever the song says).. it is actaully possible to do a job you enjoy, getting satisfaction out of producing something as well as you can and living comfortably enough to be happy. Meanhwile lots of miserable rich people doing jobs they hate. I don't get the impression that the owner/operators of electric wood have ever been super rich or wanted to be. Hence the cow shed in Cobham and the relatively relaxed production rates. Leave the poor guys be!
  8. Company near me called "Bass Bags". Guess what, they sell bags for double basses. If they can't meet your needs, no-one can! They can do you a custom bag any size with or without rucksack straps and with or without wheels (though they don't recommend the wheels due to the rough ride they can give the bass). NB: they do sell other stuff these days, but the current owners dad was a bass player who realised no-one could get hold of decent bags, so started a company to specifically meet that need!
  9. They're still heavy basses! Just not quite as heavy as one from the 1980s. Personally I like the heft of a good hardwood bass with solid hardware on it. Don't own anything under 10lbs. As to the orginal question .... NO NO NO NEVER NO AND NOT AT ALL. Electric Wood are are making a decent living making a good product at a low rate of supply. If they're happy with that, why should they change a thing.
  10. NickA

    Why? oh Why?

    I reckon you're right there. Here's a spaniking new Jay Heide "a l'ancienne" in sunburst. I think they overdo it, but a friend has one and I initially mistook it for a French Factory jobbie like my own ... 'till I realised there was no "real" damage.
  11. NickA

    Why? oh Why?

    I have an antiqued cello. The antiquing was done around 1900 when they made it in a French factory. The antiquing is quite different from the real damage ( my grandad fixing it with a nail, me falling down the stairs with it in 1979 etc etc). Still a nice instrument.
  12. Yes, indeed, I can do that on my cello! Some things do sound better ( or at least are more fun ) on a bass ... Bach 2 sarabande, Rachmaninov's Vocalise..... There is something about playing really low notes but still hitting the occasional high that's good. But people playing entire cello suites, at pitch, in thumb position. Why bother.
  13. Last seen bearing a fretless mk2 ( and a face mask)....but I doubt he's short of basses.
  14. Chancellor could be playing anything behind all that processing. Kahn sounded the same (better maybe) on a JJbean. Gorman was playing a pro series (?) which is a significantly different beast. Some people are convinced flea and Geddy Lee are the ultimate Wal players. For me it's Percy Jones .. and I can do a decent impression on my MK1 fretless ... But in brand X he was playing a pro2. What is this "Wal sound" of which we speak. All very different.
  15. Practically perfect in every way ;-).
  16. I've never understood the logic behind that It's about getting a clean sound and clear changes of pitch by ensuring the string leaves the fret at a good angle, so doesn't hit any other frets between finger and bridge. You can then play quiet or loud without getting fret buzz. Of course if you WANT fret buzz it's counterproductive. Our man Joe here is nevertheless playing with what he says is a low action and still getting great articulation and no buzz ... so if you're good enough... and the rest of your setup is perfect.... ..anyway, my question was about string height for max slappability. Might have a mess with my dolphin as a height change is only a couple of screws to turn. But I'm no Mark King or Max Miller and was hoping for an expert opinion. Plus I guess a bass that CAN have a low action, even if you don't want it, means it's otherwise well made & set up. So, back on topic... nice one JD!
  17. Well, I play jazz mostly. Not especially fast. I Read a John Pattituci article, also repeated by Janek Guizdala, where he said a high action is better for tone and articulation, which makes sense. I bought a Warwick dolphin a few years back that arrived with an action so low I found it hard to play (spooky) so settled on about 1/16" ( or a bit less) at 12th fret. Certainly higher than flea or John entwhistle (I really don't want fret buzz) But is that too high for good slap tone? ...only slap for fun btw. The band would have a fit.
  18. Do you want that for slap? Genuine question not any criticism btw.
  19. Those realist copperhead pickups go under the bridge foot and aren't supposed to alter the sound. So putting some slips of veneer under the feet to raise the whole bridge should work ok. Then reduce the height of the other strings. More complicated would be to joint in another bit of wood beneath the low string. I've noticed violins with a little ebony insert under the E string. But you'd need to be a very good woodworker to do it. Bridge adjusters are quite expensive to have fitted, but a really good thing to have. My bass is much improved since I can adjust the bridge height ... raised up = better tone and louder; dropped down = more mwah and easier to play ( good for Eddie Gomez impressions). Ideally I guess I'd have the perfect bridge height for body tone and volume then raise up the fingerboard for the mwah and light action. .... this level of tuning gets expensive. Anyway a higher action works better for bowing.
  20. Why veneer the headstock? The stripes are part and parcel of the construction and workmanship.
  21. I just love the look of these - sound isn't bad either 😉. There was one in that shop in Leeds ( Andy Baxters), but it had a rosewood board. This one is the full monty .. HH, 5-Strings, ebony board. Lovely. I wish I could justify another electric bass .. but hardly get to play the 4 I have ( the downside of owning a double bass and being in a jazz band ) . Really should have sold. Bump.
  22. ...plus I got a free consultation with the country's top Wal fettler. 😁
  23. I'd tell you, but don't know what to measure. Pop across to my house and you can measure mine yourself. Only across Derby. 🙂
  24. It was indeed very samey. Norway and Moldova were the only ones I remember as standing out in any way from the generic pretty person in fancy robes wailing in a language that was probably english. Oh and Iceland who had a version of the Coors. Our Sam had pretty hair, expensive looking white teeth and a nice enough voice, but I can't recall what his song sounded like. Kind of air guitar bit at the end? Played by a good session player who will get no credit I guess.
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