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I was asked for an old transcription that I had previously posted on here before one of the upgrades and I realised that so many of them are getting increasingly hard to locate on here so I thought I would post them in one place so that people could find them if they wanted to have a look. I hope you find some use for them in your efforts to LEARN TO READ MUSiC  ;) The tunes with an E against them are easy to read (maybe not at the tempo of the performance but in terms of learning to read music which is the whole point of these).


1.       Jeff Berlin – 20,000 Prayers

2.       Ron Carter – Hesitation (Wynton Marsalis) E

3.       Jaco Pastorius –  A Remark You Made (Weather Report)

4.       Milt Hinton – House From Edward (Branford Marsalis) E

5.       Will Lee – Walk Between The Raindrops (Donald Fagen) E

6.       Down Time – Dave Holland E

7.        Ben Wolfe – Play The Blues And Go (Wynton Marsalis) E

8.       John Coltrane – A Love Supreme – bass clef transcription of all saxophone parts

9.       Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds

10.   Gary Brown – Cravo E Canela (Flora Purim) E

11.   Dave Holland – Dream Of The Elders

12.   Ney Conceicao – Incompatibilidade De Genios bass solo (Joao Bosco)

13.   Jeff Berlin – Bach

14.   Paul Chambers – John Paul Jones (John Coltrane)

15.   Ken ‘Spider’ Sinnaeve – Lemon Wedge (Kim Mitchell) E

16.   Scott LaFaro – My Romance (Bill Evans)

17.   Dave Holland – Serenade

18.   John Patitucci – Sing Joy Spring (Manhattan Transfer) E

19.   Henri Texier – Soweto Sorrow (Aldo Romano) 

20.   Paul Chambers – The Buzzard Song excerpt (Miles Davis)

21.   Chuck Raney – The Fez (Steeley Dan)

22.   John Patitucci – Long Story

23.   Paul Chambers – Cool Struttin’ (Sonny Clark)

24.   Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

25.   Jasper Holby – Abraham’s New Gift

26.   Paul Chambers – Dexterity

27.   Jeff Berlin – Joe Frazier head

28.   Eric Revis – O Solitude (Branford Marsalis) E

29.   Jaco Pastorius – Mr. Gone (Weather Report) E

30.   Gerry Mulligan – Song For Strayhorn Baritone Sax solo

31.   Renaud Garcia Fons – Sueno Vivo excerpt

32.   Alain Caron – Riff from Tribecca

33.   Steve Swallow – Wrong Together (solo)

34.   Steve Swallow – Let’s Eat (intro solo)

35.   Miles Davis – All Blues trumpet solo

36.   Billy Sheehan – Ladies Nite In Buffalo (David Lee Roth) E

37.   Chris Squire – Your Move (Yes) E

38.   Chris Squire – Your Move easy version

39.   Rick Wakeman – Onward keyboard part (Yes) E

40.   Ralph Towner – Four Comets One

41.   Alain Caron – Cross Checking

42.   Jon Poole – A Fridge Full Of Stars (Lifesigns)

43. Jon Poole - Impossible (Lifesigns)

44. Jon Poole - Open Skies (Lifesigns)

45. Jon Poole - At The End Of The World (Lifesigns)

46. Geddy Lee - Show Don't Tell (Rush)

47. Jeff Andrews - Sunnyside (Mike Stern)

48. Ben Allison - We've Only Just Begun

49. Benny Reitveld - Smooth (Santana)

50. Paul Chambers - Seeing Red (Curtis Fuller w. Red Garland Trio)

51 Mbanga Kumba (three bar section) - Richard Bona

52. Steve Swallow - Damaged In Transit 8 (bass line - easy read)

53. Steve Swallow - Wrong Together (opening solo)

54 Ronaldo Gringo Saggiorato - Quinta Da Pontal (Alegere Correa) - 5:4 Latin groove

55. Geddy Lee - YYZ (Rush)

56. Jon Poole - Voice In My Head (Lifesigns)

57. Jeff Berlin - Either End Of August (Bill Bruford)

58. Jeff Berlin  - Feels Good To Me (Bill Bruford)

59, Jeff Berlin - Palewell Park (Bruford)

60. Jeff Berlin - Beelzebub (Bruford)

61. Jeff Berlin - Sahara Of Snow Pts 1 & 2 (Bruford)

62. Geddy Lee - Anthem (Rush)

63. John Giblin - April (Brand X)

64. Jimmy Johnson - Panic Stations bass solo  (Allan Holdsworth's album 'Metal Fatigue')

65. Jeff Berlin - The Abingdon Chasp (Bruford)

66. Jeff Berlin - Sample and Hold (Bill Bruford)

67: Hans Glawischnig - Barretto's Way (off HG's album 'Panorama').

 68. Jeff Berlin - Travels With Myself And Someone Else (Bruford)

69. Wynton Marsalis - New Orleans (trumpet solo)

70. Steve Swallow - Luiza (Three Guys w. Lee Konitz and Paul Motian)

71. Jaco Pastorius - Night Passage (Weather Report)

72. Israel 'Cachao' Lopez - El Son No Ha Muerto  E

73. Steve Dawson - Dallas 1 P.M. (Saxon) E

74. Unknown - Children's Concerto (Moraz & Bruford Music For Piano And Drums)

75. Jeff Berlin - All The Greats

76. George Duvivier - Screamin' The Blues (Oliver Nelson) E

77. Jimmy Guiffre Trio w. Ray Brown - Mack The Knife (full transcription of arrangement - excludes solos)

78. Paul Socolow - Brazilian Dorian Dream (Manfredo Fest)

79. Unknown bassist - Harmonia Do Samba - Nega Do Balacobaco.

80. Jeff Berlin - Gothic 17 (Bruford)

81. Jeff Berlin - Joe Frazier - complete transcription (Bruford - Gradually Going Tornado)

82. Jeff Berlin - Unt (Kazumi Watanabe)

83. Bach Double Violin Concerto cello part

84. Chris Squire - Roundabout (Yes)

85. Paul Chambers - solo on 'Almost Like Being In Love' (Red Garland Trio)

86. Chris Squire - Circus Of Heaven (Yes)

87. Chris Squire - Close To The Edge (Yes)

88. Steve Berry - Cha Cha Con Meatus (Steve Berry Trio)

89. Chris Squire - Long Distance Runaround (Yes)

90. Wynton Marsalis - Just Friends (head and two choruses of trumpet solo transcribed in bass clef)

91. Anthony Jackson - Why Not? (Michel Camilo 'One More Once' Big Band version) 

92. Jeff Berlin - Crossroads (from the album 'Pump It')

93. Jeff Berlin - Manos de Piedra (from the album 'Pump It')

94. Chis Squire - South Side Of The Sky (Yes)

95. Jack Bruce - Heidi Goes To Town (Cozy Powell)

96. Jeff Berlin - The Sliding Floor (Bruford)

97. Jeff Berlin - Q.E.D. (Bruford)

98. Jack Bruce - Theme One (Cozy Powell)

99. Jeff Berlin - Plans For J.D (Bruford)

100. Chris Squire - Heart Of The Sunrise (Yes)

101. Jeff Berlin - Land's End (Bruford)

102. Jeff Berlin - Age Of Information (Bruford)

103. Martin Briley - Animal Farm (Greenslade)

104. Jeff Berlin - Hell's Bells (Bruford)

105. Jeff Berlin - Back To The Beginning - Bruford

106. Jeff Berlin - If You Can't Stand The Heat (Bruford)

107. Chris Squire - You By My Side (from Chris Squire's 'Fish Out Of Water' solo LP)

108. Martin Briley - Newsworth (Greenslade)

109. Jeff Berlin - Seems Like A Lifetime Ago (Bruford)

110. Aubade (Melody) - Soft Machine (link to website)

111. Martin Briley - The Flattery Stakes (Greenslade) (link to website)

112. Martin Briley - Waltz For A Fallen Idol (Greenslade0 (link to website)

113. Martin Briley - Catalan (Greenslade) (link to website) 

114. Unknown - In These Shoes (Kirsty MacColl) (link to website)

115. Anthony Jackson - Dark Eyed Tango (Al Dimeola) (link to website) 

116. Anthony Jackson - Chasin 'The Voodoo (Al Dimeola) (link to website)

117. Doug Ferguson - Lunar Sea (Camel) (link to website)

118. Steve Swallow - Alfie (John Scofield) (link to website)

119. John Giblin - And So To F (Brand X) (link to website)

120. Anthony Jackson - Friday Night At The Cadillac Club (Rhythmstick) (link to website) 

121. Jeff Berlin - Joe Frazier Round Three (YouTube video 'In the studio with Jeff Berlin') (link to website) 

122. John Patitucci - Cool Weasel Boogie (Chick Corea Elektric Band) (link to website) 

123. Jeff Berlin - Joe Frazier Part II (Jeff Berlin - Pump It) (link to website) 

124. Jonas Hellborg - Akasha (The Works) (link to website) 

125. Bobby Sheehan - Felicia (Blues Traveler) (link to website)

126. Mike Rutherford - Evidence Of Autumn (Genesis) (link to website)

127. Neil Murray - Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake) (link to website)

128. Jeff Berlin - Scarecrow Soup (Jeff Berlin - Taking Notes) (link to website)

129. Jeff Berlin - Fainting In Coils (Bruford) (link to website)

130. Scott Sutherland - Backup Plan (Tommy Castro) (link to website)

131. Dave Holland - Wights Waits For Weights (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

132. Richard Nolan - You'll Never Go To Heaven (It Bites) (link to website)

133. Roger Glover - Bloodsucker (Deep Purple) (link to website)

134. Chuck Rainey - The Royal Scam (Steely Dan) (link to webiste)

135. John Giblin - Thunder And Lightning (Phil Collins) (link to website) 

136. John Giblin - In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) (link to website) 

137. Dave Myles - Paradise Skies (Max Webster) (link to website) 

138. John Giblin - I'm Not Moving (Phil Collins) (link to website)

139. J. Clifton MayHugh - Adidas In Heat (link to website)

140. Dave Holland - Old Folks (Pat Metheny/Dave HOlland/Roy Haynes) (link to website)

141. Juan Calleros - Corazon Espinado (Santana) (link to website) 

142. Sara Lee - Love Shack (B52s) (link to website)

143. Richard Nolan - All In Red (It Bites) (link to website) 

144. Richard Nolan - I've Got You Eating Out of My Hand (It Bites) (link to website)

145. Dave Myles/Geddy Lee - Battlescar (Max Webster/Rush) (link to website) 

146. Stanley Clarke - Love Theme from Pictures Of The Sea (Al DiMeola) (link to website) 

147. Anthony Jackson - The Wizard (Al DiMeola) (link to website) 

148. Anthony Jackson - Land Of The Midnight Sun (Al DiMeola) (link to website)

149. Phil Lynott - Don't Bellieve A Word (Gary Moore) (link to website)

150. Colin Bass - City Life (Camel) (link to website)

151, Sonny Rollins - First saxophone solo on 'St Thomas' (Saxophone Collosus) (link to website)

152. Andy West - I'm Freaking Out (Main Theme only) (Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

153. Eddie Gomez - Children's Song No. 15 (Chick Corea) (link to website) 

154. Andy West - Night Meets Light (Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

155. Anthony Jackson - Nite Sprite (Chick Corea) (link to website)

156. Stephen Davidowski (synth) - Sleep (Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

157. Walter Becker - Cousin Dupree (Steely Dan) (link to website)

158. Jeff Andrews - Lose The Suit (Mike Stern) (link to website) 

159. Andy West - Take It Off The Top (Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

160. David Paton - Sasquatch (Camel) (link to website)

161. Andy West - Cruise Control (The Dregs) (link to webiste)

162. Jack Bruce - Over The Top (Cozy Powell) (link to website)

163, Neil Murray - Down To You - Colosseum II (link to website)

164. Geddy Lee - Limelight (Rush) (link to website)

165. Mike Rutherford - One For The Vine (Genesis) (link to website)

166. Jeff Berlin - One Of A Kind Pt. 2 (Bruford) (link to webiste)

167. Percy Jones - Cambodia (Brand X) (link to website)

168. Paul Martinez - Malice In Wonderland (Paice, Ashton and Lord) (link to website)

169. Joe Dart - Dean Town (Vulfpeck) (link to website)

170. Jack Bruce - KIller (Cozy Powell) (link to website)

171. Jack Bruce - El Sid (Cozy Powell) (link to website)

172. Geddy Lee - La Villa Strangiato (Rush) (link to website) 

173. Rob Palmer (Bilbo) - Yardbird Suite (The Good Things) (link to website)

174. John Paul Jones - RFamble On (Led Zeppelin) (link to website)

175. Jimmy Haslip - Sonja's Sanfona (The Yellowjackets) (link to website)

176. Jerry Duplessis - Killing Me Softly (The Fugees) (link to website)

177. Chip Jackson - July (Al DiMeola) (link to website)

179. Jack Bruce - Sweet Poison (Cozy Powell) (link to website)

180. Geddy Lee - Red Barchetta (Rush) (link to website)

181. Jack Bruce - The Loner (Cozy Powell) ( link to website)

182. Leland Sklar - Whenever I See Your Smiling Face (link to website)

183. Jeff Berlin - Emeril Kicks It Up (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

184. Geddy Lee - Vital Signs (Rush) (link to website)

185. Jeff Berlin - Sean En La Madrugada (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

186. Tony Reeves - Time To Dream (Greenslade) (link to website)

187. Tom Fowler - Aurora Pt.1 (Jean-Luc Ponty) (link to website)

188. Jaco Pastorius - Suite: Golden Dawn (Al DiMeola) (link to website)

189. Jaco Pastorius - Las Olas (head and bass solo) (Flora Purim) (link to website)

190. Geddy Lee - Freewill (Rush) (link to website)

191. Herbie Flowers - The Eve Of The War (Jeff Wayne)

192. Herbie Flowers - Horsell Common and The Heat Ray (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

193. Herbie Flowers - The Artillery Man and The Fighting Machine (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

194. Herbie Flowers - Forever Autumn (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

195. Herbie Flowers - Thunderchild (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

196. Herbie Flowers - The Red Weed Pt.1 (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

197. Herbie Flowers - Parson Nathaniel/The Spirit Of Man (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

198. Herbie Flowers - The Red Weed Pt. 2 (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

199. Herbie Flowers - Brave New World (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

200. Herbie Flowers - Dead London (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

201. Herbie Flowers - Epilogue Pt 1 (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

202. Herbie Flowers - Epilogue Pt. 2 (Jeff Wayne) (link to website)

203. Geddy Lee - Tom Sawyer (Rush) (link to website)

204. Geddy Lee - Witch Hunt (Rush) (link to website)

205. Geddy Lee - The Camera Eye (Rush) (link to website)

206. Jeff Berlin - Sean En La Madrugada (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

207. Gary Willis - It's Only Music (Gary Willis) (link to website)

208. Dave Holland - Blue (Dave Holland Trio) (link to website)

209. Dave Holland - African Lullaby (Dave Holland Trio) (link to website)

210. Larry Klein - You Dream Flat Tires (Joni Mitchell) (link to website)

211. Dave Holland - Perspicuity (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

212. Dave Holland - Walk A Way (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

213. Jerry Watts/Eddie Jobson - Nostalgia (Eddie Jobson) (link to website)

214. Dave Holland - Easy DId It (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

215. Chris Wood - Julia (Medeski, Martin & Wood) (link to website)

216. Tony Reeves - Bedside Manners Are Extra (Greenslade) (link to website)

217. Tony Reeves - Pilgrim's Progress (Greenslade) (link to website)

218. Tony Reeves - Sunkissed You're Not (Greenslade) (link to website)

219. Steve Swallow - Your Song (bass solo) (Pietro Tonolo) (link to website)

220. Paul Chambers - Dear Old Stockholm (Paul Chambers Quartet) (link to website)

221. Jeff Berlin - Two Thoughts (Mariano Augutoni & Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

222. Mark Egan - Walk In (solo) (Elements) (link to website)

223. Chris Squire - Changes (Yes) (link to website)

224. Will Lee - Going Home (Gary Burton) (link to website)

225. Robin Phillips - Shout (Solstice) (link to webiste)

226. Robin Phillips - Seven Dreams (Solstice) (link to website)

227. Miles Davis - Walkin' (trumpet solo) (link to website)

228. Geddy Lee - 2112 (Rush) (link to website)

229. Stanley Clarke - Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant - excerpt (Return To Forever) (link to website)

230. Nick Beggs - Luminol (Steven Wilson) (liunk to website)

231. MIke Oldfield - Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) (link to website)

232. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) (link to website)

233. Jimmy Woode - Such Sweet Thunder (Duke Ellington) (link to website)

234. Jeff Andrews - The Vine (Mike Stern) (link to website)

235. John Giblin - Everybody Loves You (Jon Anderson) (link to website)

236. Dylan Wilson - Riot (Richie Kotzen) (link to website)

237. Steve Rodby - Beat 70 (Pat Metheny Group) (link to website) 

238. Jimmy Johnson - Tricycle (Flim & The BBs) (link to website)

239. Jaco Pastorius - Refuge Of The Road (Joni Mitchell) (link to website)

240. Sting - Moon Over Bourbon Street (Sting) (link to website)

241. Darryl Jones - The Dream Of The Blue Turtles (Sting) (link to website)

242. John Giblin - Song Of Seven (Jon Anderson) (link to website)

243. Dill Katz - Little Annie Ooh (Barbara hompson's Paraphernalia) (link to website)

244. Jaco Pastorius - The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines - Live (Joni Mitchell) (link to website)

245. Bryan Beller - Norman (Godsticks) (link to website)

246. Rob Palmer - Witchcraft (Simon Brown Trio) (link to website)

247. Philip Catherine/Larry Coryell - Homecomings - head chart (Philip Catherine/Larry Coryell) (link to website)

248. Dave Holland - Moon River (Frissel, Jones and Holland) (link to website)

249. John Scofield - Filibuster (John Scofield) (link to website)

250. Geddy Lee - Xanadu (Rush) (link to website)

251. Darryl Jones - Protocol (link to website)

252. Darryl Jones - Techno (link to website)

253. Steve Howe - Vivaldi's Concerto in D Maj - 2nd Movement (Steve Howe) (link to website)

254. Rubens Sabino - Soy Loco Por Ti America (Gilberto Gil) (link to website)

255. Rob Palmer - Que Vale La Pena (Albino Cubana) (link to website)

256. Chris Squire - Into The Lens (Yes) (link to website)

257: Jeff Berlin - What I Know Now (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

258. Jeff Berlin - Three Nighter (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

259: Ravel - Bolero (melody) (link to website)

260. Andy Gonzalez - Tango Apasionado (Prologue) (Astor Piazzolla) (link to website)

261. Jimmy Bain - Stargazer (Rainbow) (link to website)

262. Benny Reitveld - Smooth (full transcription) (Santana) (link to website)

263. Reginald Veal - How Long? (Wynton Marsalis) (link to website)

264. Steve Rodby - 45:8 (Pat Metheny Group) (link to website)

265. Anthony Jackson - Spanish Eyes (Al DI Meola) (link to website)

266. Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen - Airpower (NHOP/Philip Catherine) (link to website)

267. Darryl Jones - Time After Time (Miles Davis) (link to website)

268. Zev Katz - Mr. Fone Bone (Bob Mintzer Big Band) (link to website) 

269. Chris Squire - Tempus Fugit - (Yes) (link to website) 

270. John Wetton - Starless (King Crimson) (link to website)

271. Anthony Jackson - Joe Cool (French Toast) (link to website)

272. Rob Amster - The Waking (Kurt Elling) (link to website)

272. Joe Mondragon - Fever (Peggy Lee) (link to website)

273. Neils Henning Orsted Pedersen - I've Got Another Rhythm (NHOP/Allan Botschinsky) (link to website)

274. Jeff Andrews - Chromazone (Mike Stern) (link to website)

275. Jeff Berlin - Foxy Morons (Dennis Chambers, Jeff Berlin, David Fiuczynski and T. Lavitz) (link to website)

276. Main theme - Odissea Veneziana (Rondo Veneziano) (link to website)

277. Kyle Brock - Country Bass solo (Eric Johnson) (link to website)

278. Jairo Moreno - Triangle (Ray Barretto) ( link to website)

279. John Mole - What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp (Gary Moore) (link to website)

280. John Mole - Flight Of The Snow Moose (Gary Moore) (link to website)

281. Chris Squire - Five Per Cent For Nothing (Yes) (link to website)

282. Percy Jones - Vimana (Nova) (link to website)

283. Geddy Lee - Moving Pictures - complete album (Rush) (link to website) 

284. Herbie Flowers - Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War Of The World (link to website)

285. Jack Bruce - Over The Top (Complete) (Cozy Powell) (link to website).

287. Anthony Jackson - Not Yet (Caribe Live version) (Michel Camilo) (link to website)

288. Charlie Haden - The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines (Mingus Dynasty) (link to website)

289. Jack Bruce - Tickets To Waterfalls (Jack Bruce) (link to website)

290 Jeff Andrews - Gossip (Mike Stern) (link to website)

291. Jeff Andrews - Time In Place (Mike Stern) (link to website)

292. Jeff Andrews - Before You Go (Mike Stern) (link to website)

293. Tony Reeves - Chalkhill (Greenslade) (link to website)

294. Tony Reeves - Bedside Manners Are Extra (full album) (Greenslade) (link to website)

295. Jeff Berlin - Gradually Going Tornado (full album) (Bruford) (link to website)

296. Jeff Berlin - Forever Until Sunday (Bruford) (link to website)

297. Jeff Berlin - One Of A Kind (full album) (Bruford) (link to website)

298. Vicente Archer - Free Style (Donald Harrison) (link to website)

299. Walter Becker - Florida Room (Donald Fagan) (link to website)

300. Jimmy Johnson - Home (Allan Holdsworth) (link to website)

301. Jeff Andrews - No Notice (Mike Stern) (link to website)

302. Jeff Andrews - After All (Mike Stern) (link to website).

303. Jeff Andrews - Four Shades (Mike Stern) (link to website)

304. Jeff Andrews - Time In Place - Full Album (Mike Stern) (link to website)

205. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - State Of Disarray (Panoply) (link to website)

206. James Jamerson - My Girl - charts in C and G (The Temptations) (link to website)

307. Jeff Berlin - Lien On Me (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

308. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Manifesto (Panoply) (link to website)

309. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Riding The Wave (Panoply) (link to website)

310. Jeff Berlin - Marabi (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

311. Jeff Berlin - Constant Comment (Chambers et al) (link to website)

312. Robin Phillips - Love Is Coming (Solstice) (link to website)

313. Chris Squire - Siberian Khatru (Yes) (link to website)

214. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Paradigm Shift (Panoply) (link to website)

315. Chris Squire - Close To The Edge Full Album (Yes) (link to website)

316. Colin Bass - Long Goodbyes (Live) (Camel) (link to website)

317. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Later (Panoply) (link to website)

318. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Five Steps To Nowhere -(Panoply) (link to website)

319. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - A Walk In The Park (Panoply) (link to website)

320. Victoria De Angelis - Zitti e Buoni (Maneskin) (link to website)

321. Andy West - Hereafter (The Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

322. Robin Phillips - Stand Up (Solstice) (link to website)

323. Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Terra Firma (Panoply) (link to website)

324.  Kevin Fitzgerald/Mac Hines - Inflection Point (Panoply) (link to website

325. Jaco Pastorius - Round Trip (Pat Metheny) (link to website)

326. Dave Pegg - Level Pegging (Dave Pegg) (link to website)

326. Martin Briley - The donkey's Ears (Greenslade) (link to website)

327. Martin Briley - Gangsters (Greenslade) (link to website)

328. Anthony Jackson - Alien Chase On Arabian Desert (Al DiMeola) (link to website)

329. Martin Briley - Time and Tide Full Album (Greenslade) (link to website)

330. Mark Egan - Misturada (Airto/Flora Purim) (link to website)

331. Jack Bruce - Boston Ball Game 1967 (Jack Bruce) (link to website)

332. Robert Hurst - Little Joy (Ellis Marsalis) (link to website)

333. Pat Metheny - The Search (Bridge theme) (Pat Metheny Group) (link to website)

334. Ellis Marsalis - Cochise (Ellis Marsalis) (link to website)

335. Paul Chambers - Ease It (Paul Chambers) (link to website)

336. Paul Chambers - Strong Man (Abbey Lincoln) (Link to website)

337, Robin Phillips - A New Day (Solstice) (link to website)

338. Robin Phillips - Cheyenne 2020 (Solstice) (link to website)

339. Robin Phillips - Sia (full album) (Solstice) (link to website)

340. Jeff Berlin - Road Games (Allan Holdsworth) (link to website)

341. Jeff Berlin - Reggae Ricardo (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

342. Jeff Berlin - Johnny Joker (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

343. Anthony Jackson - Egyptian Danza (Al Di Meola) (link to website)

344. Anthony Jackson - Casino (Al Di Meola) (link to website)

345. Anthony Jackson - Señor Mouse (Al Di Meola) (link to website)

346. Anthony Jackson - Casino (full album) (Al Di Meola) (link to website)

347. Jon Poole - Altitude (Lifesigns) (link to website)

348. Jon Poole - Altitude (full album) (Lifesigns) (link to website)

349. Jon Poole - Gregarious (Lifesigns) (link to website)

350. Jon Poole - Ivory Tower (Lifesigns) (link to website)

351. Jon Poole - Shoreline (Lifesigns) (link to website)

352. Jon Poole - Fortitude (Lifesigns) (link to website)

353. Jon Poole - Last One Home (Lifesigns) (link to website)

354. Jon Poole - Kings (Lifesigns) (link to website)

355. Jon Poole - Carousel (Lifesigns) (link to website)

356. Chuck Rainey - Doctor Wu (Steely Dan) (link to website)

357. Dik Cadbury - Everyday (Steve Hackett) (link to website)

358. Andy Gonzalez - Butcher's Death (Astor Piazzolla) (link to website)

359. Tom Hill - Going Down (Geordie) (link to website)

360. Tony Reeves - Gettysburg (Dave Greenslade) (link to website)

361. Dave LaRue - Pompous Circumstance (The Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

362. Mike Rutherford - Alone Tonight (Genesis) (link to website)

363. Bert Ruiter - Sylvia (Focus) (link to website)

364: Anthony Jackson - Suite Sandrine Pt. III (MIchel Camilo) (link to website)

365. Jerry Peek - The Whistle (Steve Morse Band) (link to website) 

366. Wally Lowe - The Teacher (Magnum) (link to website)

367. Jeff Berlin - Freight Train Shuffle (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

368. Jeff Berlin - Pump It (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

369. Jeff Berlin - Pump It (full album) (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

370. Esperanza Spalding - Bird Blue ( Mike Stern) (link to website)

371. Anthony Jackson - The Suitcase (Steve Khan) (link to website)

372. Andy West - What If (The Dixie Dregs) (link to website)

373. Geddy Lee - Cygnus X-1 (Rush) (link to website)

374. Zev Katz - A Long Time Ago (Bob Mintzer Big Band) (link to website)

375. Harvie S - Small Day Tomorrow (Janis Siegel) (link to website)

376 Geddy Lee - Cygnus X-1 - Book Two - Hemispheres (Rush) (link to website)

377. Geddy Lee - The Trees (Rush) (link to website)

378. Geddy Lee - Hemispheres (full album) (Rush) (link to website)

379. Isreal Cachao Lopez - Al Fin Te Vi (Israel Cachao Lopez) (link to website)

380. Gerrit-Jan Bloemink - Across The Rubicon (Silhouette) (link to website)

381. Dave LaRue - Zig Zags (Steve Morse Band) (link to website)

382. Geddy Lee - The Analog Kid (Rush) (link to website)

383. Alphonso Johnson - Black Market (Weather Report) (link to website)

384. Geddy Lee - The Color Of Right (Rush) (link to website)

385. Alphoniso Johnson - Elegant People (Weather Report) (link to website)

386. Anthony Jackson - Ritmo De La Noche (Al Di Meola) (link to webiste)

387. John Wetton - In The Dead Of Night (UK) (link to website)

388, Dave LaRue - Derailleur Gears (Steve Morse) (link to website)

389. Dave LaRue - Busybodies (Steve Morse Band) (link to website)

390. Dave LaRue - Delicate Balance (Steve Morse Band) (link to website)

391. Geddy Lee - Subdivision (Rush) (link to website)

392. Geddy Lee - Losing It (Rush) (link to website)

393. Geddy Lee - The Weapon (Rush) (link to website)

394. Geddy Lee - Digital Man (Rush) (link to website)

395. Geddy Lee - New World Man (Rush)(link to website)

396. Geddy Lee - Signals (full album) (link to website)

397. Jeff Berlin - Chasin' Jason (Jeff Berlin) (link to website)

398. Dave Holland - Candlelight Vigil (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

399. Dave Holland - Four Winds (Dave Holland Quartet) (link to website)

400. Geddy Lee - Tears (Rush) (link to website)

401. Geddy Lee - Lessons (Rush) (link to website)

402. Geddy Lee - The Twilight Zone (Rush) (link to website) 

403. Alphonso Johnson - Cucumber Slumber (Weather Report) (link to website)

404. Geddy Lee - A Passage To Bangkok (Rush) (link to website)

405. Geddy Lee - Something For Nothing (Rush) (link to website)

405. Geddy Lee - 2112 (full album) (Rush) (link to website)

406. Glenn Tollett - The Devil/The Demon King (The Enid) (link to website)

407. Chad Stocker - The Luck You Got (The High Strung) (link to website)

408. Phil Curtis - I've Got The Music In Me (The Kiki Dee Band) (link to website)

409. Alain Caron - Simple Pleasure (Alain Caron) (link to website)

410. Morten Strypet - Child (Meer) (link to website)

411. Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs (Paul McCartney and Wings) (link to website)

412. Geddy Lee - Best I Can (Rush) (link to website)

413. Terry Pack - Humouresque (The Enid) (link to website)

414. Race With Devil On Spanish Highway (Al Di Meola) (link to website)

415. Geddy Lee - Beneath, Between and Behind (Rush) (link to website)

416. Lincoln Goines - 6th Street (Mike Stern) (link to website)

417. Gerald Cannon - Style (Wynton Marsalis Septet) (link to website)

418. Robert Hurst - Juan (Skip Mustaad) (Wynton Marsalis Quartet) (link to website)

419. David Hood - Whale Meat Again (Jim Capaldi) (link to website)

420. Dusty Hill - Shiek (ZZ Top) (link to website)

421. Dusty Hill - Master Of Sparks (ZZ Top) (link to website)

422. Charlie Haden - Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme) - (Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden) (link to website)

423. Reginald Veal - Brother Veal (Wynton Marsalis Septet) (link to website)

424. Robert Hurst - In The Afterglow (Wynton Marsalis) (link to website)

425. Dave Holland - Vicissitudes (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

226. Dave Holland - The Leak (Dave Holland Quintet) (link to website)

227. Reginald Veal - Flamingo (Wynton Marsalis Septet) (link to website)

228. Reginald Veal - Skylark (Wynton Marsalis Septet) (link to website)

229. Benjamin F. Frankin - Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear From Me (Lena Horne) (link to website)

430. Kermit Driscoll - No Moe (Bill Frissel) (link to website)

231. Larry Sims - Peacemaker (Loggins and Messina) (link to website)

432. Jeff Andrews - Bait Tone Blues (Mike Stern) (link to website)

433. Anthony Jackson - Butter (Tribute to Quentin Jackson) (link to website)

434. William Parker - Corn Meal Dance (William Parker) (link to website)

435. John Giblin - Rhesus Perplexus (Brand X) (link to website)



Where to start?


How about a full transcription of Jeff Berlin's '20,000 Prayers'.




20,000 Prayers - Jeff Berlin.pdf

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Acknowledgement, Resolution, Puruance and Psalm from A Love Supreme - John Coltrane. This is a transcription of the saxophone parts for the whole LP (not Jimmy Garrison's  bass parts). For study rather than learning to play.



A Love Supreme Acknowledgement Pt 1 bass clef.pdf A Love Supreme Psalm Pt 4 bass clef.pdf

A Love Supreme Resolution Pt 2 bass clef.pdf A Love Supreme PursuancePt 3 bass clef.pdf

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I don't know if I inadvertently  started this thread (?) but many thanks.

Raindrops went well once the  keyboard player realised that the previous keyboard guy who was on before him had transposed to D and not returned it back to normal. We played a few bars, stopped and started again, once changed  back.

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