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  1. Releasing a cover as a single?

    Apologies in advance; I don't have any knowledge of the licensing situation. Great cover though man, the arrangement is super nice!
  2. I think, possibly, I should have put more of the quote in: it tries to explain why you would need to use a 7b5 chord symbol, rather than 7#11/b9/#9 etc. (all of which could contain 1/3/b5/7). If you specifically wanted the voicing to contain C E Gb Bb with no upper extensions or alterations, C7b5 would be one way of writing it. I would argue that chords do imply scales, particularly those with multiple extensions. Surely this is one of the main principles of chord/scale theory? @GerdO you are right that tonal context & taste are also equally, but if you play a C7b13#9 chord, a C altered tonality is implied, as this is the scale from which those notes are drawn. It's nice to do a but of thinking on a Sunday (in between looking after my kids!) Thanks dudes 👍
  3. I like this! I guess the problem is the chord symbol doesn't definitively imply (?) one particular scale (I think I'm just saying what you said, again ). I found this on jazz-guitar-licks.com (best/worst domain name ever): "Dominant 7b5 chords imply only 4 notes, unlike 7#11 chords (which) are made up of 6 notes... the ninth and the perfect fifth will be omitted" It seems that it's generally thought the correct chord/scale relationship is 7b5=altered, but the chord is sometimes (wrongly?) used interchangeably with 7#11 and 7+. So... back to the start?
  4. Yeah, you're right about the whole-tone thing. I was trying to think of examples of scales where the naturally occurring 5th degree is flattened... I might have to go and do some reading!
  5. In terms of chord/scale relationships, C7#11 would usually imply a Lydian dominant scale: C D E F# G A Bb (has the #4 and perfect 5 above the root) I believe C7b5 implies a whole-tone scale: C D E F#/Gb Ab Ab (only the b5 above the root, no perfect 5). I guess it could also imply a super locrian/ altered scale (C Db Eb E(Fb) Gb Ab Bb) although you'd usually denote altered chords using C7#9 or CAlt. Is this any help? @Joebass is good at explaining this stuff!
  6. I'm selling a few bits from my board, as I'm getting most of squelchy sounds from playing keybass at the moment. All prices include UK postage. Markbass Super Synth- the earlier, less boxy version. I'm sure most of you will know that this pedal kicks donkey- infinitely tweakable with the option to choose between synth sounds and (super gnarly) octaver. In very good condition- a couple of little marks near the foot switches. Comes with the official power supply, no box & velcro on the bottom. The power supply cable has a tiny nick in it, which I've repaired with electrical tape- does not affect functionality at all. Looking for £120, but open to reasonable offers. Dr Green Octadose- this has been my main octave pedal for a couple of years. Does a very decent OC2 impression. Really kicks when run through a big rig! I've still got the box & velvety bag it came in. In good condition (a small paint chip on the top edge, velcro on the bottom. Looking for £30. Bass Synth Wah- just bought from the infamous @CameronJ- great pedal with loads of squelchy options. Unfortunately it's sent me down the slippery envelope filter slope... Excellent condition, no box, velcro on the bottom. £65 posted. Not really looking for trades at the minute. Now with pictures!
  7. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    This is it! I really feel like this is a keeper (early days I know). It's funny, I was weighing up between this a trip to Bass Direct for an MTD. Close call to be honest- they are both super-flexible, light & beautifully designed.
  8. Warwick players...

    Dude, that is sick. Great playing.
  9. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Sold both of my basses to fund this monster Elwood L (from MrTCat). Sounds immense. I think, what I've been hearing for years in my head. Feeling pretty blessed right now
  10. Feedback for mrtcat

    Bought Tom's Maruszczyk Elwood. Picked up the bass, had a nice chat & a brew- great guy to deal with. Many thanks dude!
  11. *SOLD* Sandberg Electra VS4

    ... and SOLD
  12. *SOLD* Sandberg Electra VS4

    Sale pending...
  13. *SOLD* Sandberg Electra VS4

    @jahfish just legged it round to use my in-law's scales- weighs 3.9kg. Stick it on a chunky strap and you hardly know it's there! @CameronJ you are a leg end. Good taste in basses too.
  14. For sale is my Sandberg Electra VS4. I bought this on here about 5 months ago and have gigged it regularly since; it has a great punchy sound and excellent balance. The satin finish is glorious (I don't think they sell them with this any more) and the neck is super slim & playable. It is currently fitted with a hipshot drop tuner, but I will also include the original Sandberg tuner in the sale. It has a few cosmetic imperfections which I've tried to picture: a couple of dings on the headstock, a mark on the neck, one small knock on the back of the body and a little discolouration on the pickup poles, none of which affect playability. I've recently (2 weeks ago!) had it fully set up by an excellent local luthier. 'Cos I'm a nice guy, I'll throw in a free fretwrap too (in an almost matching colour ). For anyone not in the know, a link to the specs: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_ELECTRA_Vs_Black.html I'm looking for £350 including postage in a slightly tatty, but very well padded MTD gig bag. If you want to collect, or meet up, I'll knock of £25. I live in Leicestershire and would be happy to drop off around the East Midlands. Thanks for looking!