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  1. Earthquaker Avalanche Run? I don't actually own one (too many $$$), but a student of mine had one and it sounded outrageous.
  2. Sorry for the spam. More Doobie, for you when you want your mind to be bent out of shape.
  3. I've got to throw some Doobie in the mix The feel is immaculate.
  4. I met with Sam to buy his lovingly upgraded P-bass. Lovely guy & a total pleasure to deal with!
  5. That's pretty great. She can SING too.
  6. I'm a bit on the fence too. I really love his playing and musical ideas, but I find his approach to education can be lacking in insight or subtlety. This video is a good example- it seems like most of the script is 'then it's this chord then this chord and then it changes key and I'mlikewhaaaaaaaaat!'
  7. Kicking myself that I didn't bag this!
  8. Bought a bass neck from Sean- no fuss & quick communication. Solid guy to deal with.
  9. Just because I love this pedal sooooooooooo much: bump. Fuzz= utter filth (or sensible, if you want) Octave= great tracking, loads of possibilities
  10. At the risk of sounding annoying, I honestly think the best thing to do is to transcribe/steal/learn some licks from guys you want to sound like. Even in the most ubiquitous funk tunes there will be some cool ideas for the taking (all those great Bernard Edwards lines in Chic/Sister Sledge). In terms of the vocabulary/theory, perhaps the rhythmic content is more significant than the melodic- it's really worth listening to and working syncopation and accents. When you mentioned 'taking the funk out', that's what I immediately thought of! In terms of chord/scales, there is a lot of pentatonic stuff, with or without 'blue notes' and use of the dorian mode (e.g. Good Times). I do reckon it's better to learn/copy/trascrirbe ideas first, then rationalise/theorise afterwards- that way you'll be able to learn how to use scales in a musical way.
  11. Tell me about it! That's the open secret of instagram... Whatever way you did it though, it sounds mega!
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