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  1. Ceebass

    Confess yo' sins!

    Interesting how Mingus polarises opinion- I was hooked from the first listen! What I hear in his work is absolute artistic conviction and an beautiful, organic melding of African-American musical traditions. Check out the composition/form again- it's not a regular blues (definitely not 12 bars!) Cool melding of blues and jazz harmony, irregular phrase lengths, modulation to an unrelated key... more than meets the eye/ear. Great bass playing as well, he rocks a 6/8 metre.
  2. Great find man, love this! The band is on it 😍
  3. Ceebass

    Confess yo' sins!

    In full agreement- the best of Mingus' soul jazz jams. No-one like him! Do you have Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus? There's a killer cut of Haitian Fight Song on there.
  4. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Probably about £300... I'm pretty taken with the MiniBrute as well... so many choices! Thinking about it, when I play synth bass I generally have one sound that I tweak on the fly, so maybe presets aren't essential for what I need it for.
  5. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Thanks for your answers @BassTractor & @Quatschmacher, really helpful. I definitely have thought about it! I was a little unsure about how the routing for the mod & pitchbend wheels would work (I think you have to configure them through some software). I think I'm probably looking for something with presets/ memories however, so I kind of discounted the Model D. Any recommendations? I've got the usual suspects (delay, chorus, grit, filters & wahs) hanging around!
  6. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Has anyone got any opinions/ experience using the Monologue as a synth bass? Some of the youtube demos I've heard sound really promising, but some of the guys on Gearslutz etc. seem a bit sniffy about it's bass potential. I'd really love a mono synth I could use for leads in my keys rig as well as a bass synth & I'm almost sold on the Monologue, but I just thought I'd see if there was any wisdom on BC.
  7. Ceebass

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    Whether you're a fan or not, check out June Lee's transcriptions of JC's stuff. Amazing works of scholarship & musicality.
  8. Ceebass

    Markbass Super Synth programming

    I made the same decision when I got mine! After one gig, I decided I wanted my other octave back though. One is never enough.
  9. Ceebass

    Bass synth?

    Not necessarily... It is quite common for guys doing 'the big time' pop gigs to double, but I don't think that should stop anyone else from doing it! Letting your bass hang on it's strap while you press keys is no more or less complicated than stomping pedals while playing, in my book at least... Anyway, now that you've been converted to the Church of Dave Smith you'll just have to do it! I've been using MainStage for all my live synth bass needs- spend a few hours playing with the stock synth engines and you can get some great timbres.
  10. Ceebass

    Bass synth?

    Have a look at this interview with Alex Al- he plays Moog and electric at the same time on some of the songs on This Is It😮 https://www.bassplayer.com/artists/men-in-the-mirror-the-bassists-of-michael-jackson-how-alex-al-and-his-predecessors-pumped-up-the-king-of-pop Loads of pop guys are doing this these days!
  11. Ceebass

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I had this model from Bass Direct for a very short time (couldn't afford it & had to give it back)- just a great instrument. Bit me baaaaaad with the Maryszczk GAS!
  12. Ceebass

    T Rex bass juice mod?

    I'll have a look...
  13. Ceebass

    T Rex bass juice mod?

    I was wondering if any of you clever mod-ers out there might be able to help me with something (before I start unscrewing things ). My T Rex Bass Juice has got a boost switch, which the manual helpfully says 'switches between moderate and high-gain'. Might it be possible to control with amount of gain the boost adds (either a trim switch or, even better, adding a dedicated boost control)? I'm no dirt connoisseur, but I like this pedal a lot: I just thought it would be cool to have the extra flexibility. Thanks!
  14. Ceebass

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    Talking to my class of GCSE music students about favourite artists/albums the other day, the general consensus was that they didn't really have them! They seemed to have a list of songs they liked (that autoplay/spotify had helped them stumble across? I'm making assumptions), but no really affinity for/allegiance to any particular albums, artists or to some extent, genres. Interesting times.
  15. Ceebass

    New Wingbass

    Do you think a violin or a ukulele case might do the job? I'm sure I've seen a swanky Mono uke bag around somewhere...