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  1. Cory Henry's Funk Apostles. Sharay Reed on bass. They are rad.
  2. Ceebass

    First synth

    Likewise, I thought this would be a big deal when I bought my first hardware synth... However if you spend a bit of time getting to know the instrument and the basics of synthesis, I reckon you can make a preset-less synth work in live situations. I just finished doing a run of musical theatre shows using my Minibrute- I had three patches that I used, which took about 5-10 seconds to dial in. I do the same thing on most other synth bass gigs- just set up the patch on the fly! Do you play in situations which require a lot of patch changes/ very specific sounds? I honestly wouldn't let this put you off the above! I only ever play 25 key synths for bass duties (and quite often as part of my 'proper' keyboard rig). There have been occasions when it would have been nice to have a couple of extra pitches... but it's pretty rare (and usually when I'm playing too many notes). The Ultranova sounds pretty mega though.
  3. Ceebass


    Pm'd you matey.
  4. Ceebass

    DB with audio interface?

    Ah okay, that's interesting! What kind of patches do you use on the B3? Do you use it to shape the tone at all or do you rely on your amp E.Q to do that?
  5. Ceebass

    DB with audio interface?

    Haha, worth a shot! I don't think I can justify a whole new instrument at the minute 😞
  6. Ceebass

    DB with audio interface?

    Thanks @TheRev, that's really helpful.
  7. Hi all, I've got a few DB gigs coming up which I'll need to be amplified for: I was wondering if I could get away with using my Scarlett 2i2 interface/Macbook setup into my amp, rather than buying a dedicated DB preamp? Have any of you folks done this before? I use this rig quite regularly on electric, but I would be interested if anyone has any thoughts on it r.e. the big bass. I'm using a Shadow SH951pickup, if that has any bearing on it! Any advice would be much appreciated! Ta
  8. Ceebass

    The Greatest Showman

    I think it's Adam Blackstone on bass- he's a monster.
  9. Ceebass

    Confess yo' sins!

    Interesting how Mingus polarises opinion- I was hooked from the first listen! What I hear in his work is absolute artistic conviction and an beautiful, organic melding of African-American musical traditions. Check out the composition/form again- it's not a regular blues (definitely not 12 bars!) Cool melding of blues and jazz harmony, irregular phrase lengths, modulation to an unrelated key... more than meets the eye/ear. Great bass playing as well, he rocks a 6/8 metre.
  10. Great find man, love this! The band is on it 😍
  11. Ceebass

    Confess yo' sins!

    In full agreement- the best of Mingus' soul jazz jams. No-one like him! Do you have Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus? There's a killer cut of Haitian Fight Song on there.
  12. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Probably about £300... I'm pretty taken with the MiniBrute as well... so many choices! Thinking about it, when I play synth bass I generally have one sound that I tweak on the fly, so maybe presets aren't essential for what I need it for.
  13. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Thanks for your answers @BassTractor & @Quatschmacher, really helpful. I definitely have thought about it! I was a little unsure about how the routing for the mod & pitchbend wheels would work (I think you have to configure them through some software). I think I'm probably looking for something with presets/ memories however, so I kind of discounted the Model D. Any recommendations? I've got the usual suspects (delay, chorus, grit, filters & wahs) hanging around!
  14. Ceebass

    Korg Monologue

    Has anyone got any opinions/ experience using the Monologue as a synth bass? Some of the youtube demos I've heard sound really promising, but some of the guys on Gearslutz etc. seem a bit sniffy about it's bass potential. I'd really love a mono synth I could use for leads in my keys rig as well as a bass synth & I'm almost sold on the Monologue, but I just thought I'd see if there was any wisdom on BC.
  15. Ceebass

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    Whether you're a fan or not, check out June Lee's transcriptions of JC's stuff. Amazing works of scholarship & musicality.